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[ROM][MILESTONE1] d3rpG2 & BarebackG2 [ZVA][3/27/14]

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May 16, 2010
Google Pixel 6 Pro
Just showing we are working :D

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Feb 16, 2014
I think i had an orgasm with tht pick I CAN NOT WAIT!!!! I hope its released soon :):D:eek::screwy:

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Jun 30, 2007
Relax guys, they were just giving us an update, they didn't say release soon ;) it's nice to get an update on these lately quiet dev forums

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Man, I been waiting too long for this rom, no idea what is taking @youdug and @ilduce so long if they have screen shots.

This some boooooo sheeeeet!

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    Welcome to the team d3rp ROM for the LG G2. Please read the whole first page of this thread!


    team d3rp:
    myself, il duce, pstevep, thoughtlesskyle, vanessaem, Ajthescot, hockeyfamily737, diestarbucks, Gumby63, mrrogers1, solver404, and harfainx.


    - Android 4.2.2 JB, Optimus UI, OTA LS980ZVA, DeOdexed.
    - All LG, Google, and Sprint apps up to date.
    - Latest busybox and superSU.

    - ZVA Base
    - Optimized JPEG files in every system apk with jpgoptim.
    - Optimized PNG files in every system apk with PNGout, ZoptfliPNG, and Median Cut Posterizer.
    - Advanced Power Menu.
    - Smaller nav and statusbar.
    - Fixed Roboto fonts.
    - Init.d support.
    - Added sqlite, zipalign, and fstrim.
    - Added smooth scroll mod.
    - Split View. (thanks bigfau)
    - Wireless Tethering. (thanks metalboy94 and justinswidebody)
    - Changed Quick Memo to QMemo, Quick Remote to QRemote, and Battery Saver to BattSaver in quick settings.
    - USB connection default is media sync.
    - Notifications are completely themed.
    - 18 hand-picked wallpapers.
    - Redesigned Weather widgets.
    - Enabled Dolby Digital Plus in LGMusic.
    - Set Cinema Sound as default in LGVideos.
    - Themed Settings.
    - Added banner in Settings/About Phone/Software Information.
    - Themed Phone.
    - Gesture input for LG keyboard enabled.
    - Battery mods.
    - Fixed zoom buttons.
    - Themed alert dialogs.
    - Made hidden nav bar dots smaller.
    - Added transparent folder in launcher.
    - Custom app drawer icon.
    - Black LG keyboard theme has black background.
    - Changed default wallpaper.
    - Increased max QSlide windows to 5.
    - Browser to QSlide.
    - Moved date bar in notifications above quick settings.
    - team d3rp boot animation.
    - team d3rp shutdown animation.
    - team d3rp wallpapers.
    - Changed "Sprint" in dropdown to d3rpG2 logo.
    - Black in-call statusbar.
    - Bolded clock in statusbar.
    - Changed No Recent Apps icon to team d3rp logo.
    - Themed quick settings icons.
    - Changed "Android is updating..." to "Optimizing System...".
    - A LOT more...
    - Approximately 300 MB off total ROM size without removing a single file.
    - A LOT of the blue from the stock ROM.
    - A LOT of bloat.
    - Debugging info in almost every system apk.
    - Unneeded languages in every system apk.
    - Spark icons.
    - ADB debugging notification.
    - QSlide guides.
    - Gradient from nav bar in home.
    - Gradient from home dock.
    - Gradient from nav bar in camera.
    - Gradient in camera view.
    - Nav bar circles.
    - Volume slider in notifications.
    - Keyboard switch icon.
    - Alarm clock icon in statusbar.
    - Low energy charging notification.
    - Battery full notification.
    - Vienna Boys Choir and other terrible sounds.
    - Some stock wallpapers.
    - A LOT more...

    - Power Menu
    - Flashlight
    - ROMdb Dev Tool (thanks joeykrim)

    - team d3rp - you are all amazing!
    - AOSP, LG, AOKP, cyanogenMOD, superSU, apktool, and VTS for pretty things, tools, and the base for all we do.
    - ALL the themers and devs we see on the site or hangouts regularly, and everyone on XDA.
    - We used MANY guides and tutorials to do this stuff, if we have left your name off send a PM and we'll add you.
    - Real_JESRadio for the many excellent reviews of our ROMs. Always very much appreciated!
    - secret.animal, That_Guy0505, and lowpro3210 for being our awesome lab rats and testing all the things for you guys.

    - N/A

    d3rpG2_milestoneONE - DOWNLOAD
    md5: 873d594c1697491c75647908f288775d
    Size: 910 MB

    1. Boot into TWRP.
    2. Select Wipe.
    3. Select Advanced Wipe.
    4. Wipe System, Data, and Cache.
    5. Go back to main menu.
    6. Select Install.
    7. Select d3rpG2.
    8. Install d3rpG2.
    9. Boot d3rpG2.
    10. Love d3rpG2.

    To upgrade to ZVA radio and use Spark:
    1. *Flash TWRP with Flashify from the Play Store.(See below.)
    2. **Flash this ROM, reboot and make sure the ROM boots up. (See below.)
    3. Reboot to recovery and flash the ZVA radio. If it flashed without error then you can reboot to the ROM.

    *TWRP thread for more information: [RECOVERY][G2] TWRP touch recovery [2014-03-10]
    **If you are already running the ROM you can skip this step.

    More Information:
    You DO NOT have to downgrade to the ZV8 radio now to run AOSP based ROMs. To run an AOSP based ROM with the ZVA radio you MUST flash Savoca's or dr87's kernel immediately after you flash the AOSP ROM.

    - You must go to Settings/System Updates and Update Profile if you do not have Data after flashing this.
    - To restore Voicemate download and flash this: Voicemate Restore
    - Read mrrogers1 post about taking OTA updates: Here

    Just showing we are working :D

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    Just to keep everyone up to date, this ZVC is a headache and a half in certain ways. I know there has been some bitching and moaning going on around the ls980 forums. Ask LG to dev unlock this device instead of complaining here at XDA. It is indeed a worthy device that they manufactured to be unlocked.

    We are working on the KitKat update rigorously. youdug had a hard brick working on this device for the community, there are yet incalculable circumstances where a tot is needed... basically- a lot of BS downtime working on this for us/you. We are dedicated to this device and will deliver when it is feasible.

    Maybe future info/magic will reside here.


    This is a Optimus/Home free version of our d3rpG2 Rom that has been put on a serious diet. The goal of this was to strip down not only the "regular" bloat but also much of the extras that can be safely removed YET leaving the rom fully functional and d3rp Certified. Yes, the rom really is only 559mb of d3rp! :eek:

    See the OP for the very long list of what makes this rom series THE ONE to be on. :D Then.... look down below here for a few additional notes about Bareback.

    Rom includes Nova launcher (feel free to use any launcher you would like but Nova and Nova Prime are light weight and have tons of features and functionality) as the default, you can restore LG's Home with the zip below.

    We have also include the Lucent Remix Icon pack (can be set in Nova settings) with custom walls and AppGetter application for requesting custom app icons by Team d3rp's lovely @vanessaem who makes all things pretty. If you like the Lucent Color Icons in the screenies, they can be found in the Play Store or you can follow V's pretty things in her thread located here >>>>>> [ICON SETS, UCCWs, and More] Themes by vanessaem

    PLEASE thank @youdug for the guidance and patience needed to help me get this done. I worked on this in the shadows for the last couple months, hidden and he only spilled the beans once. Ha ha

    Also thanks are in order for @hockeyfamily737 who is the original d3rp with the idea to do a Bareback variant AND @diestarbucks who was the last maintainer of Bareback and the reason I got a chance to join this Merry band of d3rps! :p

    Last but not least, our trusty testing crew, @secret.animal, @That_Guy0505, and @lowpro3210 as they made sure everything was in order for this little surprise for you all.

    >>>>>>>> BarebackG2 M1 Download <<<<<<<
    md5: 0891118cbec2d53816078c513ee3a160
    size: 559mb

    Here are zips to restore what we felt would be the most asked for add backs. I can't image why anyone would want to fatten it back up BUT these are the fats and carbs that we'll serve you. If you want something else on the dinner table, just ask and we'll provide the recipe.

    Bareback Home Restore

    Bareback LGKeyboard Restore

    Bareback LGEmail Restore

    Bareback QMemo Restore

    Bareback QRemote Restore

    Bareback LGBackup Restore

    Bareback Live Wallpaper Restore