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[ROM][MIUI 17.12.2010] Milestone

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Jul 4, 2009
Today it is released the latest miui for Milestone.

Here you can find a very fast mirror for latest official MIUI for Milestone.

http://www.madaweb.org/repository-android-rom/motorola-milestone-rom/ (At bottom of the page)

Wipe before flash if you have used a language pack.

English Language Pack can be found here http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=850276

First installation require 2.2.1 sbf to be flashed before.

First installation instruction

  1. Flash 2.2.1 sbf from RSD lite (Linux users can use sbf_flash)
  2. Wipe all (data, dalvik, cache) from OR
  3. Apply update.zip
  4. wipe again
  5. Apply language pack (be sure to use one for MS or change build.prop and framework-res.apk from original miui MS chinese rom)

OTA Update - Experimental, pls report feedback.

  1. Do a nandroid backup to be safe
  2. Apply update.zip
  3. Apply new language pack
  4. Reboot

CHANGE LOG for 0.12.17

- File / Folders can be encrypted and hidden in FileExplorer.apk
- *NEW* Telephone and Internet Monitoring apk (Keep a check on internet activity etc)
- MiuiMusic apk fixes for folders
- SMS Group (Mass messaging) Force Close error (Treated as important bug to fix by the devs)

CHANGE LOG for 0.12.10-11

- FileManager support (BETA)
- Enhance export contacts options to sim card
- Milestone optimisation for Desktop
- Bug fixes and other optimisations
- Milestone IME (Standard IME supported added)

CHANGE LOG for 0.12.03

- Add numbers from phone book to white and blacklist (Thanks to them for adding this as I suggested it)
- Document Management (Pending)
- Flashlight support
- Milestone LED for power
- Fixed can't change notification / ringtones.
- Fixed SMS changing font color

CHANGE LOG for 0.11.26

- Optimization of long messages by a single operation.

- Optimization of contact groups to display and edit mode.
- Optimal distinction between landline landline home and office landline.

- New desktop shortcut for the themes.
- Optimize operational processes for the subject.
- Optimization of graphics power mode, charging display little lightning.
- Can see the theme wallpaper repair wallpaper selection.

System Compatibility:
- Messaging Widgets 1.5.3 Gmail icon disappears repair fixes Messaging Widgets 1.5.3
- Multipicture Wallpaper Repair Multipicture Wallpaper

- Added support NICAM setting.
- Added support for OTA upgrade.
- Fixed return to the desktop, the desktop refresh problem again.
- Unlock the screen after wake-up too slow repair the problem.
- USB connection after repair, there are two USB pop-up problems.
- Fix default setting is not overclocking.
- Desktop memory footprint fix the problem.

Other notes
- Network disk, added more mirror sites and OTA upgrade support HTTP.
- Add network disk Download Manager page.
- Added support to switch the menu display style in Settings - individuals modified.
- Screenshots color (Fix colour issues).


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Dec 25, 2008
in the miui web site there is also an upgrade file from 19-11 to 26-11, it is a 5mb file....

does it means that I can use it instead of the full version, without wipe and keeping the language I have in the old version??



Senior Member
Jun 1, 2008
You can use app update from desktop, click to check update --> find a date --> click to download then apply now. done

//Oh sorry after restart phone gone to open recovery and i do not know what next LOL
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Jul 29, 2010
Wait a minute. So it is totally safe to flash the english language Pack for MS for this? With the build.prop and framework file? And the apps? Doesnt that mean that we actually replace possible new and fixed files with the old ones from the language pack? If so, what is the point besides having it translated if older bugs maybe come back to life? Well, gonna try it anyways ...


Senior Member
Jan 22, 2010
You can use app update from desktop, click to check update --> find a date --> click to download then apply now. done

thx. I found out in meantime...:)

EDIT: ok, I can download, but I am unable to apply in OR...think, it's due to the German language pack and defferences to original version from 19.11.
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    Issue with GMAIL ...

    I have encountered this issue on both 11.26 & 12.03:

    I am unable to send the reply on emails received from my GMAIL account.
    The native GMAIL app keeps showing as sending ....
    I have tried rebooting and restarting the application.

    I have checked this with both versions (11.26 and 12.03)

    Any assistance....
    Please check the English Language Pack thread.

    All of these issues have been solved there.