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Should we continue releasing MIUI ROMs specifically for XDA?

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May 8, 2010
Thanks for answer! But i don't understand very much about this. Could you please tell me what modem must i flash?



Senior Member
Mar 17, 2010
Does any one still use this rom? How comes no one has posted in this thread for 9 days?

What version of MIUI is the best?


Senior Member
Aug 20, 2011
I am on stock JVS and want to try this ROM. Can someone give a brief pros and cons as this forum is too large for me to search every post. My main concern is backup and restore of data. Does data restoring works fine ? and how's is the overall performance and battery life of this ROM.


Senior Member
Nov 21, 2010
I am on stock JVS and want to try this ROM. Can someone give a brief pros and cons as this forum is too large for me to search every post. My main concern is backup and restore of data. Does data restoring works fine ? and how's is the overall performance and battery life of this ROM.

you could just read the last 10 pages and find out, just because i doubt that anyone will give you the pros and cons.
why not just flash it, well not this, this is outdated, mintberry miui rom and find out ;)


Senior Member
Aug 20, 2011
you could just read the last 10 pages and find out, just because i doubt that anyone will give you the pros and cons.
why not just flash it, well not this, this is outdated, mintberry miui rom and find out ;)

JUst tell me about the restoring of apps through titanium backup. Does it work fine ? And secondly can i easily un-install by flashing through ODIN ? I don't wanna do factory restore. Thanks


Senior Member
Nov 21, 2010
JUst tell me about the restoring of apps through titanium backup. Does it work fine ? And secondly can i easily un-install by flashing through ODIN ? I don't wanna do factory restore. Thanks

you can restore trough titanium back-up, but not data, only apps, though it can be a little risky, after that, sure , if you don`t like it, you can just flash with odin whatever base you want, but with pit file,repartition, which means factory reset :)
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    (thanks for the logos amitmiz + ragin + Galnet + rahulrulez!)

    NOTICE: ALL ROMs will be uploaded to Galnet's server. For more information please check his post: MIUI Galnet

    New IRC Channel thanks to hogreb: http://webchat.quakenet.org/

    Channel: #miui

    Please consider DONATING to us if you appreciate the amount of work put in with these builds and maintaining the OP. Links soon, if you want to donate to us, check Galnet's user page or mine. Thank you.

    NEW Guide by Rahulrulez: MIUI Installation Guide Revamped


    Also check: MIUI ModRoms
    "The first rule of CyanogenMod release dates is you do not talk about CyanogenMod release dates...
    ... the second rule of CyanogenMod release dates is YOU DO NOT TALK ABOUT CYANOGENMOD RELEASE DATES!" <-- the SAME applies to this! MIUI is based on CM7, so CM7 bugs REMAIN. Please acknowledge this (thanks to Zach for suggesting i put this up!)

    Right, so after lots of trial and error, i finally got MIUI booting on our phones (the new compiled Gingerbread one for Nexus S).

    Now to the good stuff :)



    *Internal SD Card
    *Home button
    *Volume keys
    *Theme Manager
    *Camera (NOT choppy anymore + 720p, fixed thanks to CM7 Devs!)
    *File Manager
    *EXT SD! BIG thanks to Zygame!
    *Market works fine
    *PC Sync in file browser now works (Thanks BlackDino for pointing both out)
    *Search Function works
    *Battery Drain - mixed results!


    *SOME bugs from CM7 (INCLUDING: Battery drain, TV OUT, choppy MKV playback, etc.)



    31/03/2011: Please visit Galnet's website AND itskapil's site, follow the instructions there, they are much more concise, updated and it is noob friendly:

    Also, a very detailed Video Tutorial by itskapil:

    HUGE thanks to them! Hit their thanks button if they helped :).

    0: Be sure that you're based on a Froyo FW! CRUCIAL.

    1: Load these files:
    a) galaxy-efsbackup.zip / Mirror
    b) cm7-galaxys-initial-kernel.tar / Mirror

    d) speedmod-kernel-k13c-500hz.tar / Mirror

    (thanks to creative59 for mirrors!)

    2: Copy all files except:
    speedmod-kernel-k13c-500hz.tar & cm7-galaxys-initial-kernel.tar

    3: Flash speedmod-kernel-k13c-500hz.tar via Odin, wait for reboot and after that shutdown

    4: Start via 3-button-combo in recovery mode and install galaxys-efsbackup.zip

    5: Pull out battery and in again, start via 3-button-combo via download mode and flash cm7-galaxys-initial-kernel.tar via Odin BUT DON'T check repartition and auto reboot

    6: Pull out the USB cable and start (in download mode) with 3-button-combo in recovery mode (waiting until samsung logo appears)

    7: Choose "mounts & storage" and format system, data, cache

    8: Flash MIUI MCGv5.3.





    I will be taking a short break this week to concentrate on real life jobs! My warm thanks to Galnet for helping out and creating future builds. I'll be back soon, if i don't reply to PM's this means i will do once i am back. Also, please do check the FAQ here, if a PM is MIUI related and it's stated in the FAQ you will be directed there instead :) thanks!

    NOTE: IF anyone has an issue with the builds we create and think we shouldn't be using CM resources contact me directly.

    As of 28th March: MIUI has gone official, thanks to plane501 AND zygame (for being supportive in this matter as well) for letting everyone know! It seems they have used our port as a base It is a LOT better and more refined, more fixes, and the phone actually reboots once you apply a theme :D The official is made with CM sources and that MIUI-Dev team have made it. Kenia has worked very hard on RC2 and it is now AVAILABLE. We don't just deodex the ROM etc, it's customized and has a custom Kernel.

    UPDATE 24/03/11:

    Important Announcement:

    I have spoken to Kenia and will speak to jblanc, but as the official MIUI Port has started by MIUI.cn, we will only release Beta 6 as a final stage.

    This does not mean we will stop development, but there will not be any further quick updates as most of the issues have been ironed out EXCEPT External SD, which we are hoping the official team can fix.

    We'll be keeping track of the official port and post it here etc, customizing it for XDA'ers, but for now it seems unreasonable for us to do something that the official devs are working on.

    This is not finalized yet, but i thought i'd let you all know anyway. We are also very busy and cannot keep track all the time, but we will keep things going and not ditch this like the previous devs :). We've all come a long way with this project and it hasn't even been that long! Some astonishing work by my team mates.

    As of 24th March: It seems like it is our port on MIUI.cn, but i need to get in contact with them. If anyone can help in this matter please do let me know. Also, we will continue with updates but not so frequently, we have day jobs too ;). Basically whenever MIUI.cn release a new version, it'll be implemented, for sure. Please PM me if you can help in any way with this project, it can be anything, from GFX to coding.

    As of 25th March: New MIUI Update 1.3.25 was released today, and has been successfully ported :) Internal SD card is now working once more (thanks to Segnaro!) Beta 7 is on it's way!

    NEW TWITTER: http://twitter.com/#!/MIUI9000

    Stay tuned anyway. Original Post.

    Theme Information/Screenshots.


    Adding/Removing TouchWiz from ROM.

    MIUI Jblanc


    If you would like to show more appreciation of the work we've done, you can always donate to us. Links will be added soon, it's not necessary but a coke or a pizza would help ;)

    MIUI MCGv7.6



    Official Change Log of 1.6.17 available at http://www.miuiandroid.com


    - New Lockscreens Removed
    - Applications that require SD Card Fixed
    - Kernel Reverted to NEO 7 (DON'T USE NEO 8 on this install)


    Faster, Smoother and More Refinded.

    - Kernel Updated to Neo 8 version 2 (thanks zach for app fix)
    - UI Tweaked for Speed
    - Modem Signal Issues (Week Signal) Fixed
    - Light Sensor More Responsive
    - Lockscreens translated into English (By Galnet Team)
    - Wifi Signal Improvements (thanks zach)
    - Other small issues fixed


    - Issues with Chinese Language fixed (Thanks to MIUIANDROID TEAM)
    - 720p Recording and Play Back Resolved
    - Audio Improvements
    - Other small fixes to many to recall...!

    Known issues:

    On loading in MIUI Updater.apk will FC' this doesn't cause any issues with the rom and should be ignored.

    Install Notice

    Upgrading from pervious MIUI Versions, Simply Wipe System and Cache Then Install.





    - The patch includes call settings lan fix
    - Theme Manager FC fix
    - Other quick fixes


    Simply Install From SD Card... DO NOT WIPE ANYTHING...!



    MD5: 5fc0e898c240138a13fe0531028c6dd5
    Size: 33.8MB



    - Custom Decline Lockscreen
    - Additional Icons and New MIUI Logo in About Phone
    - Other additional tweaks to Load Lockscreen Quicker

    Simply copy on External SD Card and use File Explorer to install it. ;)


    *MIUI dev team
    *CyanogenMod SGS team (codeworkx etc for the amazing CM7 base)
    *jblanc for reviving the idea
    *bilboa1 for the kernel
    *g00ndu for helping users selflessly and creating fixes!
    *Kenia1234 for assisting and creating a new build with fixes!
    *g4rb4g3 about how to make it boot. Thanks!
    *Segnaro and west-siiiyyde for testing on the Vibrant
    *Zygame for the EXT SD fix
    *Plane for revealing the official MIUI
    *Our dedicated users
    *The Chinese testing community
    *HUGE thanks to all donators!
    *SourceForge for hosting (please donate to them if you can!)
    *ragin for the main logo.
    *Galnet for helping whilst i've been away with a LOT!
    *itskapil for the guide and video!
    *zacharias.maladroit for creating a great Kernel!
    *BIG thank you to everyone who has contributed in any way, like the new FAQ's!
    *Tk-Glitch for the custom Kernel
    *Rahulrulez for the new guide and logos!
    *runedrune for helping new users out!
    *Beta testers
    *Lippol for the Ultimate Cleaning Script
    *And lots more!


    MIUI MCGv5.3:

    *Includes Juwes Ram Hack (Stable and Works)
    *Includes Modem Switcher (Switches to JV4)
    *Includes Proper 3D Fix intergration
    *Kernel Switched to TK-Glitch PE v10
    *Video Improvements
    *Camera Improvements
    *Sound Tweaks
    *Better 720p Recording Support
    *Improved Battery Life
    *Latest Translation Pack Included (Thanks Mark)
    *Other fixes to improve UI response time


    *Still using old Theme Manager as new one still FC's
    *Cleaner Install Script
    *Faster Bootup
    *Faster Scanning Of Files (Music and Photos etc)
    *Removed Ram Fix (Causing Unwanted Issues)
    *Other small tweaks


    *Fixed Bootloop Issues
    *Fixed Theme Manager
    *Juwe's Ram Fix in place
    *Removal of unrequired files
    *Improved Signal Fix and Strength (UK Tested Only)
    *Market Fix Correctly Implemented in build.prop
    *Tweaked Framework.jar
    *Tweaks to UI for further speed through menus
    *Camera Autofocus tweaks (Still working on Video AutoFocus)
    *Media Scaning Optimised for correct scanning of files
    *Sensor Tweaks Rapid Accelerometer & Magnetic Sensors
    *Other fixes in place


    *Updated packages to 1.6.3 (NO new theme manager, using the old one due to FC issues)
    *New v10 Kernel thanks to Glitch! [Faster, stable, new boot splash)
    *Added XDA app - removed MIUI Dev app
    *Using MIUI.us Translation packages - thanks to them!
    *Small tweaks
    *Removed TouchWiz entirely
    *Scrolling in settings is smooth!


    *TouchWiz Framework Re-Added
    *AOSP Camera Removed
    *Official Framework Classes Added
    *Sound Improvements Framework and Driver Side
    *BCM4329 Drivers Fully Supported from Kernel and System Side
    *Auto Focus and Burst Mode within MIUI Camera Now Working Correctly
    *Bug With Files Reappearing After Rebooting Now Fixed
    *Light Sensor & Auto Brightness Fully Working
    *Modifications in Framework and Services for Magnetometer
    *Modifications in Framework and Services for Accelerometer
    *Issue with MIUI Music Player Opening After Call Is Ended Using Headset Is Fixed
    *FM Radio Drivers, Framework and Kernel Support Added (Simply Require MIUI Devs to Implement this into APK Framework). (Thanks to TK-GLITCH & GALNET)
    *RIL Still using OLD RIL as New One Causes Data and Other Issues
    *3D Fixes
    *Market Fix (Should display your local market)
    *Small Tweaks to Brightness Levels within Framework
    *Power Tweaks within Framework
    *MMS FC is NOT fixed yet.


    *Updated to Language Pack 1b
    *Edited themes and the xmls to show theme names in English/Replaced stock icons with a full icon set to match the ROM
    *Clean up
    *Fix updater script
    *Build.prop is fine!


    *Custom Kernel for XDA MIUI by TK-Glitch (with thanks)
    *New Bootscreen Display
    *RIL Fix (Now implemented correctly)
    *Other small additions and tweaks


    *TK-GLITCH v9a2
    *Other Tweaks and Additions


    *Updated Package to 1.5.13
    *Battery Fixes
    *New Kernel Quorra-R8 (Thanks to CurryDude & Zach)
    *AOSP Camera Removed (Miui Camera Fixed to 720p)
    *UI Speed Improvements
    *Cleaner TWLauncher Abilities (Still in Beta Though!)
    *Removed Themes (DarkUI and DarkBlueUI due to call issues etc..)
    *Sound Drivers Improved (Sounds Amazing...!)
    *Wifi Scanning Improved (Speed improvements)
    *Picture Quality Improvements within Music Player

    Changelogs for MGv2,3,4 will come later.


    *720p (no spelling mistake) Now Working
    *Sensor Fixes
    *Other small features for further development.


    RC8vC Fixes

    *Fixed Camera (Now Zooms and Lines are gone!) Thanks CurryDude
    *Video now records alot higher and better quality - Thanks Mambo
    *Kernel Changed to Quorra-R6
    *Modem still JVK as I find this best for reception (Others can flash JVO using CurryDudes Link)
    *Other tweaks been added for future development on Rom
    *Once flashed it will reboot phone after flash automatically
    *Build Prop fixed Thanks G00ndu for tip


    RC8vB Fixes

    *Fixed 3D Issues
    *Fixed Startup Issues
    *Fixed Lanuage Issues
    *Included Ram Fixes
    *Dictionary Added For Keyboard



    *Tidy Folder Structure, and Tidy Update-Script..!
    *Improved Camera.
    *Battery Improvements (Removed unwanted Init.d files).
    *Bluetooth Transfer Fixed.
    *Updated all MIUI Packages to 1.5.6.
    *FTP Server now works in File Explorer.
    *Market Enabler Now Works & SGS Tools Market Fix.
    *Auto Brightness Fix (Goto settings - display settings - advanced mode and untick Use Custom).
    *DarkUI Added
    *BlueUI Added



    *Two versions once more - Stock MIUI and Dark Blu (credits to SubyWill)
    *Updated Gtalk!
    *Updated WiFi Driver to help battery drain
    *Two different keyboards (Orange for stock/Blue for DB
    *Other little things!



    *New CM7 Drivers Added (Compass now works).
    *Improved Camera.
    *Battery Improvements (Removed unwanted Init.d files).
    *Lag fix in place (UI is much smoother and faster).
    *Bluetooth Transfer Fixed.
    *Updated all MIUI Packages to 1.4.29.
    *FTP Server now works in File Explorer.
    *Market Enabler Now Works & SGS Tools Market Fix.
    *Auto Brightness Fix (Goto settings - display settings - advanced mode and untick Use Custom).
    *Sensors been refined and more responsive.



    *Reverted back to Antilon Kernel (the most stable kernel for now, i'm keeping this as the base, and you can choose other kernels if you wish.
    *Two new packages:

    - Stock MIUI (Orange themed) with project Vexillium theme, and all icons to date (added by me)
    - Minimal Blue MIUI (Blue themed) with MNMLd4rkr47z theme, kudos to r47z for this

    *Stock MIUI has Light/Orange keyboard
    *Minimal Blue (AKA MB MIUI) has the usual dark/blue keyboard used in RC6


    MIUI RC6:

    *Updated to 1.4.22
    *Updated to I9000 Language pack
    *3D Fix/EXT fix/SD card speed fix remains
    *Now using Vexillium theme as default (same thing more icons)
    *Now using CM7_SGS_platypus-kernel_20110421_22_twoface
    *New Keyboard (still needs to be themed orange but is darker, thanks to MinimalBread creator David)
    *Added Maxthon Browser
    *and other little things!



    *Replaced Keyboard
    *New Language pack
    *New kernel by Zach: CM7_SGS_platypus-kernel_20110413_19_antlion_conservative
    *GPU Fix (May not be working properly)
    *Android Camera removed
    *CM File Manager removed
    *JVK Modem
    *Special thanks to Boz for providing customized versions!


    MIUI RC5/b:

    *Updated all the packages to 1.4.15
    *Based on codeworx kernel (not on chinese's MIUI as I stated before just because this one is cleaner in my opinion) that smoothness wasn't dued to kernel!!
    *MIUI camera now works!!


    MIUI RC4c:

    *New translation pack implemented
    *New bootanim without miui-dev text (seems a bit laggish though compared to their one so may replace it)
    *SD Card speed fix
    *Now based on Zachs kernel which also means you can see EXT SD from PC but NO USB tethering!
    *and other little things!


    MIUI RC4b:

    *Upgraded all packages to 1.4.8 < No changelog at the MOMENT!
    *MIUI ROM downloader and new Android 3.0 music included
    *Some system tweaks added
    *Fast GPS fix!
    *Compatibility mode fix
    *WiFi fix


    MIUI RC3b-c:

    Thanks to Mark from MIUI-dev for the translation fixes + boot animation!

    *Optimised and improved boot animation quality
    *Fixed Chinese text in Edit contact mode in Contacts.apk
    *Added improved strings to Gallery.apk
    *Added improved strings to FileExplorer.apk
    *Added improved strings to ContactsProvider.apk
    *Added improved strings to Settings.apk
    *Added improved strings to Mms.apk
    *Added NEW MMS INTERFACE (3rd Edition UI) (Thanks g00ndu as well!)
    *Added improved strings to Notes.apk
    *Added improved strings to Phone.apk
    *ROM Deodexed (Thanks Segnaro)


    MIUI RC3:

    *Improved stability
    *Some clean ups
    *Updated package to 1.4.1
    *New fixes for certain apps (translation wise)
    *New Theme Manager
    *New Boot Animation!
    *NOTE: New MMS not included! It has not been translated, if you can do it please PM me.


    MIUI RC2:

    *Fixed WiFi
    *Maps doesn't crash
    *Removed Terminal Emulator (works ok if you download it from the market)
    *Theme manager/downloader now FULLY working#


    MIUI RC1:

    *Whole new package optimized
    *EXT SD recognition and media scanner (Credits to ZyGAME)
    *MIUI camera re-added
    *Front Facing Camera working (thanks to Bilboa's new kernel)
    *New redesigned theme


    MIUI Beta 8r2 (Release 2):

    *Battery icon fixed
    *Status Bar fixed
    *FC's fixed (ALL thanks to Segnaro.)


    MIUI Beta 8 Unstable: <- DO NOT FLASH.

    *Based on new Official package by MIUI-Dev team!
    *MIUI camera working
    *Packages updated to 1.3.25
    *File explorer doesn't crash
    *Smaller size
    *Cleaned up zip


    MIUI Beta 7 REPACK:

    *Removed MIUI Camera, added Nexus S one
    *Updated kernel to latest one
    *Added AIOFix
    *Replaced Keyboard with previous MIUI themed one

    Beta 7 CL Original Post


    MIUI Beta 7:

    *New Lockscreen
    *Fixed colours
    *New layout of pull down bar
    *Translated to English
    *Some more stuff i can't remember!


    MIUI Beta 6:

    *Applied fixes (Theme manager, Compatibility mode apps) by Segnaro (THANK YOU!!)
    *More Stable ROM
    *Camera fixed
    *Some packages included and some others updated
    *Fixed script of mounting sdcard.


    MIUI Beta 5:

    *Internal SD card media detection (NOT EXTERNAL)
    *Ringtones detection
    *Whole package updated to 1.3.18
    *New GUI
    *New bootup animation
    *Gallery works with internal storage
    *Music works with internal storage


    MIUI Beta 4:

    *Fully working internal AND external SD with new kernel and improved scripts (I'd just like to answer to some people who just want to criticize, that the fact that MIUI apps doesn't detect media IS NOT meaning that SD cards aren't working!) so that you can access BOTH internal and external SD by filemanager (internal = mnt/sdcard, external = mnt/emmc) <<Thanks bilboa1 for this!!
    *Setup wizard which allows you to change the language at boot!
    *MIUI weather (just EU database sorry for US user but it's just a BETA -EDIT by MAMBO04, you can get US versions as well, will post later.)
    *New scripts and cleaner installation
    *Minor fixes


    MIUI Beta 3 (Thanks to Kenia1234):

    Changed Package Structure (Better Scripts, more complete)
    *Working Kernel included
    *new boot animation (MIUI)
    *full english translation (just need to change language from the settings)
    *scripts completely renewed and rewritten
    *fully working external SD card
    *Updated some packages
    *Some MIUI apks that were still missing.


    MIUI Beta 2:

    *Fixed touchkeys
    *Fixed volume keys
    *Fixed home key
    *Fixed theme manager



    *Initial release.​
    Theme Information/Screenshots:

    Go here for Themes: MIUI Android Theme Section

    NEW THEME THREAD: [THEMES] Official MIUI Themes Thread! [Development/Discussion]


    New Themes from TweetyPeety and Boogieman911, check them out: TP Themes

    BM Themes Thanks to them, cracking themes!

    I edited and improved upon a new theme called 'GlowBuster', the original post is here if you want to download it:
    i2HD MIUI Theme by MAMBO04

    If you want the black animated clock go here: MIUI Clock

    If you want the Old MMS App back, check G's post: Old MMS App




    Spread the word!

    Please put one of these in your sig to spread the word of MIUI on SGS. Thanks to Ock + Galnet for these :)








    New YouTube Video:

    3333333333dddddddddddddddd :)

    Hey guys!!

    I know that many people don't think like this...but for me

    XDA = Share = community = helping each other

    Here's my 3d fix :


    It will work both on CM7 and on MIUI...

    If you like...just credit me when you use it...

    Thank you!!