[ROM][MIUI][20/10/12] cMIUI 2.10.19 [4.1.2][AOSP][OTA][Aroma][Multi]

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Sep 10, 2010
But it's not the same as advertised on mine?


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you must swipe down with two fingers for new desktop look
just like this:
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Feb 15, 2012
Guys, I have a question for you... If I come from 2.3 OS do I simply need to follow the instructions in the main post? Or I have to do something else?


Exactly :) but FULL WIPE must be done !! (Also don't forget to wipe system partition too)

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Jan 3, 2010
wanna try this out, im coming from Paranoid Android jelly bean :)
Should i flash gapps after i flash the rom or are they included?

Google Apps are already included.

When will be the release of JB CM10 Based MIUI. Any estimated time of relese? I could be a beta tester though if there will be any :p

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News & Interesting Stuff
- Working on first cMIUI version based on CM10 (no ETA)
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Mar 23, 2012
Just a small enquiry regarding the battery life on this rom.
Good? Amazing? Better than RR? I'm just looking for a great rom with a great battery life!

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    News & Interesting Stuff
    - You are looking for a MIUI v4 theme? Visit droidviews.com

    - based on CM10 [17.10.12]
    - based on Nexus S MIUI [2.10.19]
    - Multilanguage
    - Aroma-Installer
    - OTA Updater
    - Control-Panel
    - 4-Way-Reboot

    Video Showcase



    cMIUI 2.10.19 Multilanguage*

    MD5: 742612b12c2b0b3dc0206aa28a39222a

    This ROM is only compatible with the included kernel and with one of the kernel which are available via OTA Updater!

    *Contains following languages:
    English, German, Chinese, Polish, Dutch, Italien, Korean, Spanish, Danish, Russian, Arabic, Ukrainian, Hebrew, Hungarian, Slovak, Czech, Greek, Turkish, Vietnamese, French, Portuguese

    Installation Instructions
    1. Do a full wipe (recommended but not always necessary)
    2. Go to recovery and flash the ROM
    3. Reboot (this might take some time due to app optimization)
    4. Wait few minutes and reboot again
    5. Enjoy MIUI and JB

    Known Issues
    - CM10 Bugs [Link]
    - Audio via Bluetooth

    Old Versions

    - Xiaomi [MIUI]
    - CM-Team [CM10]
    - MIUIAndroid [Crespo Base]
    - All Translators [Multilanguage]
    - Gerrett [Collaboration]
    - lenny_kano, fusionjack [Control-Panel]
    - fusionjack [4-Way-Reboot]
    - amarullz [Aroma Installer]
    - acquariusoft [UpdateMe]
    - Kenishi, Loc2262 [Hosting]
    - WongKit [Banner, Bootanimation, Thread-Design]
    - fire_fist [Video Showcase]
    - -BioHaZard- [Support]

    Donators :good:
    KroonBerg, abumhmmd1, ****motions, kartoffel1212, lombyzgz, toadnode48, forumx, juanjospain, destiny007, yntnm, gomezzz, JR-i9100, yay101, albertholl, Ali I Hagen


    Changelog MIUI 2.10.19

    - Fix call answering interface flashing issues
    - Fix setting a selected number for automatic call recording, if an unknown call is received may result in FC error
    - Fix automatic redial of numbers including extension prefix. Extension prefix will be lost when attempting to redial
    - New, contacts list page now supports long press menu operations (View, Edit, Delete, Send to Desktop)
    - Fix Google Contacts cannot be found in search
    - Fix number attribution information flashing issues
    - New, you can now save a single picture when you are reading news from mobile
    - Optimise the SMS list page opening speed
    - Fix, MMS loading status icon position is incorrect
    [Lock screen, status bar and notification bar]
    - New, Front camera models support for Face Unlock security
    - Fix in some cases, Face Unlock setting does not take effect
    - Fix the security screen, entering password when the page is offset upwards
    - Optimisation of desktop layout switching
    - Fix in some cases, using multi-touch gestures may lead to FC errors
    - Fix when dragging in editing mode misalignment issues
    - Add new variety photo frame widget, will replace the old photo frame style
    - Add new "button" element to perform cancel operations
    - Optimise 720P devices photo frame widget display
    - Fix, viewing album list page, the load order is displayed incorrectly
    - Fix album thumbnail downloads when incomplete will lead to being unable to delete items
    - Fix cloud album downloads, some pictures failed to download
    [Account Setup]
    - Fix issue in the accounts list page, turning on/off sync switch will result in non-stop synchronisation
    - Fix, when Xiaomi account is deleted from accounts will still display causing problems
    [File Explorer]
    - Fix, when decompressing file(s), the prompt is not displayed
    - Fix, cannot select file(s) from the category page
    - Fix flickering display problems
    - Optimisation of the search button within the address bar
    - Optimise desktop widget style
    - Fix when sharing a note containing more than 20 pictures will lead to FC errors
    - Fix in some cases, image cannot be displayed in note(s)
    - Add a new version of user feedback application
    [Alarm Clock]
    - Optimise "Snooze" alarm in the notification bar, clicking to cancel the alarm and improve pop-up alert
    [Video Player]
    - New online video streaming capabilities
    - Optimisation of video decoder, now supports MJPEG (Motion JPEG) format

    Changelog cMIUI 2.10.19
    - updated: CM10-Nightly [17.10.12]
    - updated: MIUI-Base [2.10.19]
    - updated: GoogleApps [11.10.12]
    - removed: unneeded files
    - typo: German strings added
    [font='Trebuchet MS, Arial, sans-serif']Update: cMIUI Preview Build

    The time has come... the wordwide first MIUI JellyBean Build for our SGS2 is ready! :)

    - based on CM10 Experimental Build [15.08.12]
    - based on MIUI 2.8.17
    Download cMIUI Preview Build

    - Preview Build! No Support!
    - many functions like Control-Panel, Volume-Mod, 3-Way-Reboot are be missing, they will be included in next releases
    - video records work only with lowest quality setting
    - no dpi-changes allowed

    This was a lot of work and there is a lot in front of us! So be patient! Thanks! :)

    Don't forget to hit the Thanks-Button! ;)

    -= In progress =-
    I have decided to stop the development for some time. The reason is simple. The creation of this port cost me (since the introduction of JellyBean) far more hours than are available to me. A further complication is the growing number of bugs and this takes a lot more time. Since I currently have overcome some personal challenges, I decided to make this step, even if it's not been easy for me.

    I hope you can understand and accept my motives.

    Bye for now

    Forget these words! Life is really boring without this project! :laugh: