Development [ROM][MIUI 21.12.8/] EliteRom A12-Miui13 for POCO X3 Pro

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Hello Hassan, I would like to take my hat off to you! Thanks to people like you, we users always have an alternative to get the most out of the smartphone of his choice. Unfortunately, far too little is rewarded for the immense work you do. I have not yet installed your ROM, but I will do so in the next few days.

Many greetings from Germany

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After using it for 2 weeks, I really love your rom. I have a question. Is ' nearby share ' option is not available in this rom, cause I couldn't find it in the settings. Search also didn't show the nearby share. How I can update the rom. Do I have to format and start all over again or dirty flash. Thanks for awesome rom. 🤗🤗

Edgar SC

Aug 18, 2017
Calls not working at all , sometime i try calling and simple gets silence
Netflix show Widevine L3 but DRM Info show L1 and primevideo app work perfectly on 1080p.


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Mar 14, 2014
hello i loved ur rom since i used poco f1, and now i have poco x3 pro, and want to try this rom as well.. which kernel can be used together with this rom to activate the amoled module?


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Nov 29, 2012
Xiaomi Poco X3 Pro
I just realized this is the only MIUI based custom ROM available for Poco X3 pro.

DEV/OP, I'm not sure of the reason why you moved from using Global stable release to China stable realease but there are things in the current version of this ROM that only works in China but still included in the ROM. Would you consider going back to using Global MIUI stable release?


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NEW Update:
2022-03-01 EliteRom 12.5.9-A11-Miui12.5:
- Base updated to China beta 12.5.9 GLOBAL rom
- No more chinese apps, Mi Video, Calendar, Gallery, all updated to MultiLanguages
- Screenshot frame feature for many devices
- Permissions are not more visible/popup asking for permissions for apps
- Apps installing is not a big issue now, degrade/upgrade/diff signatures, all installable
- Smart Networks full menu available now, Please choose SIM number with fresh brain, critical
- Data Tile works fine on China build
- Gloves Mode added in display to use device wearing gloves
Previous ones inside too:
- R/W system
- Enforcing Build
- Deodexed ROM.
- Disable system apps
- Downgrading apps possible
- MultiLanguage support
- Background effects of different types on notification panel
- Colored notification icons choice
- PiP size choice
- PiP corners choice
- Many new gestures for launchers on double tap and swiping up to user's choice
- Many famous languages are added
- Removed system updater,
- More animation scale values
- Disable global dark mode for all apps at once choice
- Choice of selection for number of toggles in Old minimized shade notification bar.
- Choice of selection for number of toggles in Old expanded shade notification bar.
- Choice of selection for number of rows in Old shade notification bar.
- Ability to Install system apk downloaded from third-party sources.
- Totally Debloated, No useless crap there. Super wallpapers removed, install apks if you need.
- No magisk preinstalled.
- Safetynet passed by default
- MIUI patched package installer instead of Google,
- Mi Dialer and Messages app.
- Preferred Network Types selection. choose from various options not present in normal roms.
- Disabled annoying low battery notification
- Dynamic Number of Notification Icons, you can select instantly how many icons to show in statusbar.
- Lockscreen Notifications will show always if unread.
- Signature verification disabled in totally. Install lower versions, different signature apps possible.
- Gorgeous charging flow animation with customizations now
- System apps will be updated to latest versions
- Amoled Colors module, need kernel support.
- Encryption disabled by default. Now Elite works with both encrypted/decrypted storage ;)

Above changelog doesn't contain Xiaomi/ rom's Changelog, its included in roms and can be found on their web!
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Jul 3, 2016
I tried your rom, but I can't change the wallpaper and can't hide other icons

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