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    MIUI 8 for OnePlus 3​

    This ROM it's the CHINESE version, not the GLOBAL!

    - Root:
    You need to have root access on your Oneplus 3 to flash Miui V8.
    - Battery:
    Charge your OnePlus3 85% so that you wont encounter any battery related problems while updating it.
    - Unlocked bootloader:
    You must have a unlocked bootloader on OnePlus 3 to flash this rom.
    - Recovery:
    You need a custom recovery like twrp installed on your device.

    Go here for an All-in-one kit for root, unlock bootloader, and flash recovery. Thanks to @ahmedradaideh

    How to flash:
    - Download MIUI v8 for OnePlus 3 and place it in a folder which can be easily accessible on device internal storage.
    - Reboot into TWRP using button combination and make a nandroid backup. (Optional)
    - Wipe cache,system and data partitions.
    - Click on install and select MIUI v8 rom zip file and flash it.

    How to install GApps:
    Google apps installer v2 (apk):
    (Create Google account, reboot, remove Google account, reboot, create Google account again) thanks @kickassdave



    Tweaks and Tips:
    - Xposed for MIUI: http://forum.xda-developers.com/xposed/unofficial-xposed-miui-t3367634
    - Module for Xposed and MIUI: http://forum.xda-developers.com/xposed/modules/xmiui-xposed-module-miui-7-tweaking-t3394130
    - SuperSU: http://download.chainfire.eu/supersu-stable

    Thanks to @siankatabg @t2jbird @LELBOT @thanhnvt194

    Source: http://www.oneplusbbs.com/thread-2841167-1-1.html
    - rep
    bad experience for me
    every google app fc for me sometimes
    cant understand Chinese stuff as whole rom is Chinese based
    open gapps pico didnt worked for me
    alert slider isnt working

    dash charge is working but not close to 3450 mah charges
    smooth stuff

    10/10 i wont recommend this ching chong stuff.

    Moving back to Hydrogen OS

    I'm kind of fed up seeing MIUI take a bad rep on XDA because of a butt hurt past. Your problems are not problems I have so you shouldn't be sitting telling everyone how awful it is because you don't know how to sort those issues.

    A: don't install Google apps from TWRP, you need to use Google apps installer v2
    B: apply a different theme, this will correct the Chinese text in the clock and status bar as well as lock screen (there is an "Android N" theme which works perfectly fine.
    C: don't use stock browser or keyboard. Both easily replaceable once you have Google apps working.

    P.s. Ching Chong sounds racist to me. This is not the place for that kind of chat.

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    Okay huge recap.

    I've been trying to get used to it for the last 10 hours.

    It's the chinesse port, not a GLOBAL port.

    Which means that every proprietary applications are in chinesse.

    Themes, music player, browsers etc.

    Themes wont let you see proper themes.

    Stock SuperUser doesnt work.

    I tried to install the xposed module to get the themes that are not verified to install, it didnt work neither.

    The whole experience is great and it runs great.

    But we need a global version of this, and the chinesse crap version.
    could someone upload this file to mega or drive?

    here you go

    my baidu acc:mohsen8 pass:1990123406 if any one want to download from baidu enjoy
    I have mod ROM base on miui 6.9.8 from dev Wu Lin
    since no more update from him. (his release diff. rom base on hydrogen) the rom become global and update to last official miui.eu v6.9.29.
    - camera still same with v6.9.8
    - first boot always popup error google keyboard, for fix use sogu keyboard, finish setup and go to google play, update the google keyboard.
    - another popup related to display setting (still find for fix it) but never show up after that.
    read first page, same procedure
    no need google installer, is already incl in ROM
    rom link:

    if any bug, error etc with this rom, please find the answer by google for solution or discuss with others members. Since i created this rom during spare time in working and not capable to discuss it. thanks.