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Nov 28, 2011
West Palm Beach, FL
I'm new to this miui Rom section. What gb Rom version is stable enough to run as daily driver? I've downloaded 1.12.23 and 1.12.30 and others and I can't make phone calls they keep force closing on me. Thanks for your time.

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You'll see the download link soon it will be 2.30gb miui

that stoner works at circle k


Mar 19, 2008
Phone app force close with incoming call

You got to be more detailed on what's going on with your phone. If its fcing on you, you might downloaded the wrong gapps, and or didn't fix permissions.

that stoner works at circle k


I get force close on when a Call comes in. I cannot receive calls.. I formatted everything before flashing. Did not change kernel from rom ....HELP....

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Sep 16, 2010
"Soon." ummm I might be a little confused I was thinking gb link would come up in a few hours??? so I spent all night and all day refreshing...nothing.
I don't want to sound ungrateful...but c'mon son!!!


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Sep 27, 2010
Lakeside CA
Sinistertensai dropped a bomb and fell out long ago. there will be nothing new from him. the links are dead because there is nothing there. :confused: such is life, no guarantees.


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Sep 16, 2010
Turns out Sinister is a cheat!!! He didnt develop, he just stole Swiper's wonder that gb link didnt show up...I dont think Swiper made 330!!


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Turns out Sinister is a cheat!!! He didnt develop, he just stole Swiper's wonder that gb link didnt show up...I dont think Swiper made 330!!

Wow. Make sure you no for sure that this is true. If it is I got your back. Why dont devs just say the truth and give credit. I don't understand why they Have hide that it is not there rom....

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Oct 18, 2010
Turns out Sinister is a cheat!!! He didnt develop, he just stole Swiper's wonder that gb link didnt show up...I dont think Swiper made 330!!

To be fair (as fair as can be in this case, I guess), Sinister only stole one ROM from Swiper, not multiple ROMs. Why he would steal Swiper's ROM as a way to stop his port is beyond me, but Sinister's theft only extends to his most recent offering.


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Sep 16, 2010
To be fair (as fair as can be in this case, I guess), Sinister only stole one ROM from Swiper, not multiple ROMs. Why he would steal Swiper's ROM as a way to stop his port is beyond me, but Sinister's theft only extends to his most recent offering.

Oops sorry for the previous post was in haste. It's just that I've been a big follower of Swipers roms and It is very frustrating how things went down between him and was actually excited to learn that they recruited an official porter for the evo, and now weeks later.... this debacle.


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May 11, 2011
Has anyone seen a Gb release for the evo with working lock screen customize. Where you can add Gmail notifications to the lock screen.??

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May 14, 2010
Running MIUI 2.4.6 ICS, and I can setup my exchange email. But only partially syncs up and does't syn up to date. I did a search and didn't come across similiar issues. Any fix or suggestions? Already wiped cache and Dalvik cache several times.


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Sep 2, 2008
MIUI 2.2.6

I've tried ice cream sandwich miui and it's just way too sluggish with bugs I can't use as my daily driver. I've been trying to find the 2.2.6 gingerbread build but all of the links I find are dead. Can someone please hook me up with the 2.2.6 build? Link? PM? I'd really appreciate it.

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    Presents the Official


    Donate to the man responsible to the EVO Gingerbread Build: StiffSpliff

    StiffSpliff NEVER asked me to do this but we have to show some respect for his time. Donations keep Dev's from having to charge for sites and other things you see other Dev's doing now a days

    I am not connected to these Paypal account's at all in fact I've only donated to it! Linked straight to StiffSpliff aka the man behind this​


    Welcome to the Original XDA support thread for the MIUI HTC EVO 4G and the Official XDA support thread for the MIUI.US version of the HTC EVO 4G port!

    MIUI is an extraordinary ROM presented and ported all over the world. We are a worldwide family and this thread supports all HTC EVO 4G MIUI global users. Recent changes have led to the development of two separate HTC EVO 4G MIUI ports. In the interest of providing the most relevant and highest quality support, this thread offers specific support for the ORIGINAL version of the MIUI HTC EVO 4G ROM, which resides at MIUI.US. We will continue to discuss and support general questions about MIUI, however; if you are using the MIUI-devs version of the HTC EVO 4G port and need specific help with that port, we recommend posting your questions in the MIUI-devs home thread. Of course we would welcome you to join us on the Original port here at XDA or at MIUI.US.

    As this XDA thread is comprised primarily of original MIUI users running the MIUI.US port it may be difficult for most of us to trouble shoot for a different version. With that stated, MIUI.US is built on cooperation, community and inclusion and we will do our best to assist any and all MIUI enthusiast regardless of port version, release date or handset. MIUI.US is the continuation of a tradition and a new beginning for MIUI on the HTC EVO 4G. Welcome to our community, we are glad you are here and hope you will join us in building the best community on the net!

    Your XDA-MIUI.US HTC EVO 4G support team [Stiffspliff, Tyzing, EndlessDissent, Jasonk75 and Just_s & Manup for his amazing graphics, themes and our banner]

    Kernel Info: Generally MIUI uses the CM7 stock kernel. Of course others can be used. For more info on the CM7 kernel and CM7 visit:

    [BUGS] Official Bugs Report Thread [GB][Fresh Start]

    Unable to download from market

    Solution: Open the "downloads" app from your homescreen, hit menu, and select download using wifi network. Then hit menu again, and re-select download using mobile network.

    No 4G

    Stop Asking, its in the works :) PS Stop asking :)

    The illegible text bug (3rd party apps)

    Solution: This is due to the Chinese devs at slowly implementing the new UI.
    (using root explorer as an example)
    Go to menu - settings - programs - manage applications - root explorer
    Scroll down to "Compatibility mode" and toggle.
    This will make root explorer usable.
    This workaround may not work on all apps!
    It's annoying, yes, but it's what we have at the moment.

    Screen flashing black/white when scrolling

    Solution: Toggle compatibility mode for that app. If it's on, turn it off. If it's off, turn it on.

    No 720P video

    Waiting for the Chinese to implement this. Or for CM to implement this. Currently not available on any cm7 or miui supported phone.

    Some apps force closing i.e. Engadget,, (tried uninstalling and re installing from market)

    Solution: try running in compatibility mode, some apps are not 2.3 ready.

    No FM Radio App

    Solution: None Yet

    GPS Menu Settings GPS Fix (Just_s Guide)

    menu-settings-personal-my location
    use wireless networks - ON (your wifi must be on, doesn't have to be connected)
    use gps satellites- ON
    see of gps works, if not, go back to same menu
    go to gps configuration
    in NTP server address, add a 0. in front, to make it
    supl server address:
    supl server port: 7276
    hit ok

    **If you are in the US you can alternately set the NTP SERVER ADDRESS to Elsewhere in North America should leave it as stiffspliff recommends above. Other countries should see this link: and note the 4th paragraph.

    GPS Status & Toolbox Fix

    Download 'GPS Status & Toolbox' from Market
    Enable GPS
    Open GPS Status & Toolbox
    Menu > Tools > Manage A-GPS state > Reset
    Menu > Tools > Manage A-GPS state > Download
    Menu > Tools > Compass calibration > follow popup directions

    I know that these have helped several users and are much simpler and faster than the ##GPSCLRX# fix so they can be a good place to start.


    The last ROM you will own

    Proceed To Download

    MIUI RELEASE Evo Official Release

    Available add ons:
    MIUI Rom Downloader
    Market Link
    Huge thanks to Mish!!

    MIUI Screen Lock Widget
    Download apk - Thanks BixBix78 for grabbing this from appshare and translating the string in it as well!
    Push to /system/app with adb or root explorer (with correct permissions)

    Market links for FullHDMI for HTC EVO by Shinzul/TeamWin:
    Free version
    Donate version

    MIUI Changelog's

    [B][U]7.8 Change Log[/U][/B]
    [Recommended] this week
    1. Applying themes appx 100 times faster now
    2. Browsing through single images 5 times faster
    3. Contacts support the use of cloud storage for pictures - support individually or in bulk to set contact picture
    New Milestone application - resident memory function (settings> program)
    Lockscreens causing random reboot fixed
    Optimization of call recording - while recording the status bar icon will prompt to end the call recording
    Optimized to increase the priority of the 3G only and 3G optional mode
    Optimized filter for displaying call records, to increase dialed calls and received calls filtering items
    Repair to restore mistakenly answering calls from the sensor
    Fixed call forwarding enabled status bar icon disappearing after reboot
    Fixed issue where dial list can not delete a new contact record
    Repair bug from dialer - enter contact details, delete the contact list to return to dialer, the contact remains in the list
    Repair to restore the list of inbound and outbound dial-up icon
    New contact picture support the use of online picture storage, set up to support individual or bulk.
    Added support for SIM card contacts to add, edit and delete (the contact list menu - import and export - import from sim card)
    Optimize send contacts via SMS using MIUI format (contact page - menu - send a contact - text messaging)
    Repair bug when contact details page name is too long
    Recent contacts can be quickly added when writing new SMS 
    Optimized to enhance the message list scrolling fluency, reduced memory usage
    Optimization of the first call to the recipient will be prompted to join mass edit title, then repeat prompt
    Quick Search Box to optimize the recipient automatically hide after 3 seconds
    Repair some cases lead to memory overflow problem of FC
    [Lock screen, the status bar]
    New Variety lock lock screen music control screen support (need theme makers to update mtz package; does not support album art display)
    Added support for custom lock screen by subject under the status bar display
    Repair FC for unlocking directly to app that is not installed 
    Optimization Music widget
    Camera repair DHD720P issues
    Optimize the use of the new format theme packs, theme packs nearly 100 times faster application (OTA will be reset to the default theme, back up the current theme! Legacy application transformation theme packs prompt will pop up, only after conversion application)
    Theme led to a continuous application of repair items are not properly updated in some local problems
    Repair theme details page showing wrong information when browse around the theme and applying
    Rehabilitation package does not include the subject of the application icons desktop icons after the problems of different sizes
    Optimization of single picture browsing 5 times faster (before the library's settings will be reset, please reset)
    Optimize the page layout and display UI 
    Repair time and magnified image blur problem
    SD Card repair tab, not the media library scan to view the pictures can not be paddling the problem
    Inconsistent with the larger repair led to the thumbnail display unusual problem (need to clear the library cache: File Manager -> SD card -> Menu -> Show hidden files and point files, then delete the SD card / MIUI / .cache directory The "Gallery" folder)
    [Download Management]
    Download the source added according to the classification 
    New slide Select the file volume
    [Traffic control]
    1 day per month fixed SMS and other statistical problems of inaccurate data
    Click the channel display area to support new direct input radio frequency jump
    Added support for new radio station list, remove the radio, edit, and name of the radio frequency
    New menu support to add the current channel to the station list
    Optimization will be replaced by putting the button switch button
    Fix some problems Defy search radio FC
    [B][U]MIUI 1.6.17[/U][/B] 
    by stiffspliff  Published on 06-16-2011 12:21 PM
    These were google translated and just polished up quickly, original credit goes to
    The list is not final and is subject to change before official release.
    Looks like we are getting a lot of bugfixes besides the new lockscreens 
    【Recommended Updates】 
    Variety lock screen
    Optimize UI compatibility with third-party applications
    Fix issue where call log shows wrong details in some cases
    Sleep repair mobile phone text messages repeatedly reminded failure caused the problem 
    Fix slow SMS issues
    Optimization of text selection
    Optimized to increase the text messages flying letter notification
    Add Batch Delete by slide gesture
    Optimized support for merging duplicate contacts from different accounts (see menu - Merge duplicate contacts)
    Repair group contact list
    Repair Google contacts authentication failure issue – failing to sync contacts
    【Lock screen, the status bar, notice board】
    Add Variety lock screen (theme style -> change the local style -> Lock Screen style) 
    Optimization of the lock screen, status bar, text messaging and other local items - do not have to restart launcher, speed increase
    Optimize application and toast for successful applied theme
    Repair some cases of FC’s
    Fixed issues when using themes with inconsistent ID’s
    Fix memory overflow issues when browsing online themes
    Optimization of I9000, T959, Defy models - support touch screen focus, focus is always in the center of the screen (these models do not support touch focus in other areas)
    Fix some cases lock screen music interface not displaying song information
    Repair FC’s on lock screen music control when music library is scanning
    Fix issue where in some cases music player would not show ring tone audio files
    Repair issue when using backup/restore desktop icons will overlap
    【Traffic monitoring】
    Optimize the speed of switching to firewall mode
    Repair issue where some apps were not shown in the list for firewall
    Repair some of the details of the interface
    【Authorization management】
    Optimize permission confirm/deny function
    1. New/improved 2.0 T9 Dialer
    2. Time scheduled automatic online backup
    3. Notification Pulldown USB switch 
    Repair i9000 - upgrade the kernel, headset microphone issues resolved, keyboard light always on resolved
    HD2 fix the sound problem in call
    Optimization of the new dialer -T9 2.0
    - Significantly improve the search speed
    - Reduce database size and support search contact name for any length, multi-tone words (6.6)
    - Optimization of HD2, T959, NS call an emergency number to dial the area code when reminded (6.8)
    Fix the SMS session cache error causing contact problems (6.6)
    Fixed a bug where downloading message, and hitting the replay button, select an invalid volume problem (6.6)
    SMS contacts fix - delete a session, not from the phone records of people send text messages to this problem (6.6)
    Repair ordinary SMS text messages and letters flying rendezvous problem for a session
    Add in the contact details screen, press and supports copy an entry (6.6)
    Optimization of multiple phone contacts, click "Phone" button to pop recently identified contact number (6.6)
    Add the function for users to set spam filter keywords
    Add blacklist numbers can be added to note the name
    【Lock screen, the status bar, notice board】
    New notice board USB control switch, support notification bar on and off USB storage (does not support moto models) (6.7)
    Fix the case of password-protected, horizontal screen after screen lock unlock the exception problem (6.6)
    Repair status bar icon hiding third party app notifications (6.7)
    Optimization of notification bar and status bar icon (6.7)
    Optimize download experience theme, click on download progress bar notice in the download manager can view (6.6)
    Repair in some cases failed to load or load a list of topics the problem of slow (6.7)
    Optimize thumbnail loading speed (6.6)
    Fix some cases of sleep mode failure problem (6.6)
    Repair in some cases failed to download online music problem (6.6)
    Add automatic online backup, and can be set to automatically back up only in Wifi (6.6)
    【Traffic monitoring】
    Open repair for the first time traffic monitoring, traffic monitoring switch does not effect the problem (6.5)
    Enter the correction flow restoration, the question does not support decimal (6.6)
    FC under the will fix the problems defy (6.6)
    SMS and call time repair statistics do not show the problem
    Optimize the power consumption of the weather widget
    [B]MIUI Changelog 1.6.3 (Preview)[/B]
    Of note this week:
    Optimized system to enhance fluency on settings pages and reduce lag
    A new "desktop" option in the theme application module
    Optimized the theme app code to greatly enhance the speed and experience of applying themes
    Increase the authorized management switch optimization, should help reduce authorization popups
    [Optimized] Optimized to enhance fluency on settings pages and reduce lag (5.31)
    [Optimized] Optimization reduces the memory usage on the settings page
    [Fix] FC when receiving incoming and outgoing non-digital calls (5.30)
    [Added] Message timestamp details in the SMS messages (5.31)
    [Added] A new "desktop" option in the theme application module (5.31)
    [Added] Theme maker can set the theme of the cover page as the list of preview images (5.31)
    [Optimized] The theme app code to greatly enhance the speed and experience of applying themes (6.1)
    [Added] Support for batch modifying ID3 information for album name/artist name (see page album/artist page menu item) (5.31)
    [Optimized] The menu options (5.31)
    [Fix] ID3 song information was garbled (5.31)
    Lock Screen/Status Bar
    [Optimized] The standard Android notification icons to white, waiting for feedback (6.1)
    [Fix] FC problem when exiting camera (6.1)
    [Fix] Camera viewfinder screen appearing wonky at times (6.1)
    [Fix] Focus function is disabled on I9000, T959, Defy (these base models do not support AF) (6.1)
    [Added] Tab to support mass selection operations (5.31)
    [Optimize] The loading speed for folders and pictures (5.31)
    [Fix] The issue with cropped images not being saved (5.31)
    [Fix] Fix the issue with lost aspect ratio when setting a picture as wallpaper (5.31)
    [Fix] Fixed issue with wrong image size showing when sending pictures (5.31)
    Traffic monitoring
    [Optimized] Improved the monitoring interaction, enhanced traffic reminders
    [Added] Volume control according to the output mode control, the volume indicator panel, the icon displays the current output mode (6.1)
    [Fix] The flip phone to mute option (6.1)
    [Fix] Tthe third party app to turn off SMS notifications of vibration, vibration causes the problem (do not use third-party app off notice vibration) (6.1)
    Authorization management
    [Optimized] Increase the authorized management switch optimization
    Fully translated and edited weekly. Courtesy of stiffspliff!  As always, subject to change pending Friday's Official release
    [B][SIZE=4]MIUI Changelog 1.5.27[/SIZE][/B]
    Of note this week:
    Support for customizable toggles in the notification dropdown
    I9000 package has been released
    New Mute/Vibration settings and customizable sound settings
    [Added] Third-party permissions/privacy settings for applications using SMS, telephone, address book (5.25)
    [Optimized] Telephone menu items, including support for filtering displayed unknown callers
    [Added] Support for copy and pasting phone numbers into Dialer (5.23)
    [Optimized] The status bar displays a special icon, 'SOS', when no signal operators are available, but you can make an emergency call (5.25)
    [Fix] Issue with some themes that led to in-call sound issues (5.24)
    [Added] Support for reading and importing vcard attachments in messages (5.23)
    [Optimized] Composing a new text message (5.23)
    [Optimized] Faster Contacts search, UI and performance optimized(5.23)
    [Fix] Vibration setting for SMS and the reunification of vibration included in the global settings (5.23)
    [Fix] Some MMS media types were unable to be opened (5.23)
    [Added] MMS now supports the OGG multimedia format (5.23)
    [Fix] Inability to switch to landscape when writing a new SMS message page (5.24)
    [Fix] Coversation being covered up by the attachments menu when selecting attachments (5.24)
    [Fix] MMS display size error in the message details (5.24)
    [Added] New version of DND privacy settings (5.25)
    [Added] You can now add a photo when adding a contact to the phone book (5.24)
    [Added] Support for previewing and importing vcard files (5.24)
    [Fix] The bug that caused FC when importing contacts from some SIM cards (5.24)
    [Fix] The bug that returned an error message when selecting multiple e-mail addresses in Contacts (5.24)
    [Fix] The bug that showed the incorrect info in the call log for contacts with multiple numbers (5.24)
    [Fix] FC issues when sorting/adding group contacts (5.24)
    [Optimize] The SMS sort animation has been optimized (5.24)
    [Optimized] When browsing ringtones, the source and name of the default ringtone is shown (5.24)
    [Fix] The status bar displays incorrect WiFi signal information on some themes (5.24)
    [Fix] Where clicking the middle of the page to cancel a theme download returned an error message (5.24)
    [Optimized] Music player priority strategy where the first player displayed in "Default Music Player" is the default player (5.24)
    [Fix] Issue where selecting Menu -> Exit didn't really exit (5.25)
    [Fix] Issue with Music player not close by long pressing the return key even with proper settings in (System Settings -> System -> Button Settings) (5.25)
    Lock Screen/Status Bar
    [Added] Support for customizable toggles in the notification dropdown!!! (5.24)
    [Added] White balance, focus mode, scene mode settings (5.25)
    [Optimized] The SD card can disable the shutter state to avoid FC (5.25)
    [Fix] Camera zoom failure problems (5.25)
    [Added] Backup information in the archives to show the details for multiple SIM cards
    [Optimize] Wifi backup process optimization: Wifi switch automatically opens, completes the process then automatically turns off Wifi
    [Optimized] Global backup process: prompted for the backup Root permission only on first use
    [Fix] The bug where going into the online backup issues no response
    [Fix] Failed backup post-processing problems (such as setting key backup failure)
    [Added] New Mute/Vibration settings, supports calls and SMS, can set vibration settings independently (System Settings -> Personal -> Sound) (5.24)
    [Added] Headphone and volume control customization and improvements (5.25).
    [B][SIZE=4]MIUI Changelog 1.5.20[/SIZE][/B]
    • Front facing camera support added to MIUI camera for those phones with FFC!!! Including support for Google Video Chat
    • Added support for Emoji picture perfect expression
    • NEW! Song fade effect when switching to new song
    • [Added] Support for Emoji picture perfect expression (5.16)
    • [Added] Restored SMS SP Number Display (banks, operators and other letters will display name) (5.16)
    • [Added] Quick click blacklist option when contact picture is long-pressed (5.17)
    • [Fix] Lunar Birthday Reminder display error 5.16)
    • [Fix] View Contact phone number was showing different prefix and display issues (such as 600,17951, etc.) (5.17)
    • [Optimize] View contact list shows the current letter positioning on alphabetical index (5.16)
    • [Fix] Line tone when selected to play in the background, ringing phone caused the issue (5.17)
    • [Fix] Gallery thumbnail rotation issue (5.17)
    • [New] Song fade effect when switching to new song (can toggle fade off in the settings) (5.17)
    • [Fix] Using a local picture as album art, in the player and the lock-screen display ambiguous (5.17)
    • [Fix] Equalizer no longer causing player to FC (5.17)
    • [Fix] "Now Playing" screen to delete the current song, next song to play a direct problem (5.17)
    Lock screen, the status bar
    • [Optimize] The efficiency of the lock-screen charging animation (5.17)
    • [Added] Support for front facing camera i.e. NS, I9000 
    • [?] Calendar, unknown change
    • [Fix] Lunar leap month, showed the wrong question (5.17)
    FFC Toggle upper right corner of the camera screen
    [B]New model added:[/B]
        Motorola Defy
    [B]Main features this week[/B]
        New I9000, Defy and HD2 kernels
        Fix for applying themes correctly after restarting
        Global text size adjustment options for Phone, Messaging, etc
        Added global text size adjustment option under Settings > Personal > Font size
        Fixed bugs in Screenshot mechanism
        Added HD2 kernel update to tytung_r10
        Added I9000 kernel update to fix slow camera, gtalk video chat (Front facing support)
        Fixed password prompt could not be seen
        Optimisation of Caller display functions
        Optimisation of call volume, if the call is not answered within 30 seconds the volume will steadily increase
        Optimisation of incoming caller name when contact has multiple numbers
        Optimised phone back button will not hang up the phone
        Fixed third party voice mail app FC (yes this means Google Voice!)
        Fixed issue with numbers containing – characters
        Fixed custom ringtones cannot be applied or heard issue
        Fixed T9 search delimiter “-” where contacts could not be searched
        Optimisation of UI
        Group sending and animation settings optimised
        Text selection and copying improved
        Fixed issue where third party tools could not import correctly
        Fixed lack of contact details page “Phone” and “SMS” buttons
        Optimisation for clicking on a contact with multiple numbers, popup shows improved number selection and option to select a default number
        Fixed issue where restarting would not apply new theme settings
        Optimised theme download information
        Repair browsing local themes FC due to network problems
        Gallery caching system re-designed (First load of app will be slow for new caching)
        Optimised UI for renaming photos
        Fixed FC when viewing more details of Photo
        Added new music equaliser
        Fixed issue where track list did not reflect the chosen display A-Z / Z-A
        Fixed issue in 4×1 desktop widget could not be used to control song
        Fixed issue copying songs from PC to phone, desktop showed currently playing song incorrectly
        Fixed album cover issue where users could not apply custom artwork
    [B]Status bar[/B]
        No-SIM emergency call text changed to “Emergency calls only”
        Repair issue where status bar was not visible on system startup
        Optimised photos to show information in pixels and size ratio
        Fixed issue where Camera was still active on lockscreen
        Playback mode fixed for Milestone, camera button will now exit playback mode
        Other optimisations and fixes for screen brightness settings, video playback, zoom and focus.
        Optimisation of Cloud backup system
        Optimisation of Cloud backup recovery and listing display speed
        Fixed issue with progress bar freezing part way through backup / restore
    [B]Sound recorder[/B]
        Added support for background recording, no longer requires open application to record sounds
        Added 3GPP audio option in addition to AMR format
        Added global search for notes using the SideKick interface
        Notes indexed in search
        Optimisation of Wallpaper settings
    [B][SIZE=4]MIUI Changelog 1.5.6[/SIZE][/B]
        Update ROM base to 2.3.4
        Added I9000 Kernel update
        Added one press dial functionality, quickly call up number with one press
        Fixed FC issue and Call forwarding number sometimes disappears
        Fixed issue with Emergency call would cause Phone to FC
        Caller ID fixes
        Fixed issues with Voicemail
        [B][U][COLOR=red]Mute call issue fixed[/COLOR][/U][/B]
        Added reminder notification of new messages
        Password restriction of Messages preview on lockscreen fixed
        Added Birthday reminder functionality, remind of birthdays 3 days before
        Optimisation of SIM Card contacts where duplicates are found on phone and SIM card
        Fixed issue when selecting group, the group was listing no members
        Added new notification system for new theme available for update of the currently selected local theme
        Fixed some FC issues
    [B] Music:[/B]
        Added swipe to delete or select all songs for editing or removal
        Playlist optimisation
        Optimised performance of lockscreen music controls, fixed some latency issues
        Fixed problem being able to browse music when phone is connected to computer via USB
        Optimised list mode, deleting last character no longer automatically moves cursor position
        Optimisation of Editing mode
        Optimisation of notes last note opened
        Fixed issued with Wallpaper banding, 10 original wallpapers can be downloaded separately from AppShare
    Core Features


    Two-layer shortcuts and program icons are integrated into one-layer desktop.
    Long press on an icon to enter edit mode, open Widgets and drag it to the target screen.
    Drag the app you want to uninstall to the top of the trash box to delete it.
    Eight kinds of flipping screens effects are available with gorgeous animations.


    T9 dialer

    T9 dialer is applied for smart dialing. It supports searching by contact name and phone number, and the results are listed according to contact frequency.
    The default setting is to forbid any third-party app to monitor users’ calls.
    Currently, there are 230301 attribution logs. The attribution data will be updated continuously, codes of foreign countries are supported as well.



    Compared with native Android system, 7 major optimizations on SMS are made:
    Adding contacts in short messages;
    Adding names in group sending messages and automatically adding the names to Contacts;
    Easier taking of numbers, urls and email addresses from short messages;
    Optimization on mobile newspaper reading;
    Collection of important messages;
    Recommended messages for holidays;
    Quick reply and view window.



    Quick location of contacts;
    Faster to add new contacts;
    Contacts group management supported;
    Contacts' large images supported.



    The third edition UI loading engine makes it faster and easier to change themes;
    Partial theme customs are more flexible and comprehensive. Rich online wallpapers, ringtones, fonts and so on are available.



    Faster loading speed enables you to take photos immediately.
    More professional modes such as continuous shooting, timing and special effects supported.



    Faster picture browsing speed than that of native Android system;
    Brand new view mode supports to view the pictures by folder path.



    Simultaneous enjoying and downloading massive online music. Music chart live playing and bulk downloads supported;
    Automatic connection of lyrics and album covers. ID3 information editing supported;
    Changing songs by swinging the phone and sleep mode supported.



    After pulling Notifications and Toggles panel down, changing panels by sliding the screen supported.


    MIUI apps

    MIUI Net Disk, File Manager, Traffic Monitor, Backup, Notes, and Torch.

    Tips & Tricks

    Long Press:Long press on the icon in Toggles will launch the settings for that icon.

    Screen Shot:Press "Menu" key and "Volume Down" key at the same time to print a screen. The printed image is saved in the directory of MIUI in the sd card.

    Hold HomePress Home key at the first screen, you may preview screen thumbnails and add or move screens.

    Delete Message or Call Log : Slide from left to right to quickly delete a message or a call log.

    Edit Mode : You may hold down an icon by one hand to enter Edit Mode, and then use the other hand to slide the screen to move the icon to the target screen.

    Call Activated : Your phone will vibrate when a call gets through.

    Activate Music from Lockscreen : Double tap the time zone to launch the Music Player when the screen is locked.

    Quick SMS/Phone Launch : In the lockscreen, hold down the icon of Call or SMS, and you can enter the responding program.

    Quick Launch Torch : Hold down Home key to quickly enable the torch when the screen is locked.

    Quick Launch Contact Options : Click the contact image in Calls, SMS and Contacts, shortcut menus will pop up.

    Long Press Search : Long press on Search button will launch search via voice recognition.

    Recovery Reboot : Click menu in “System Update” to reboot and enter recovery.

    % for Battery : The battery will display the percentage of left battery capacity by Settings>System>Battery>Notification Indicator Style>Percentage.

    Running Apps List : Long press on the Home button can go to “Program Manager”. Click the “Clear up” button at the bottom left to clear the extra processes in memory. And the system will inform you of the released memory and current available memory.
    Note: System processes will not be cleared so as to ensure the normal running of the system.

    IP Calling : . How to set IP dialing?
    MIUI ROM can add an IP prefix for the called number in a strange land. You may set it in Settings>Common>Calls.
    You may also long press the contact item before dialing, and choose “Make IP calls” in the pop-up menu.

    Reject Call : When you are not available to answer the phone, you may slide up the panel to reject the call and to send a message to the caller at the same time.

    Custom Ringtones : . How to set custom ringtones?
    Put media files into the Media/Audio/ringtones directory in the SD card, (If there is none of this directory, please create one manually) and then select in Sounds in Settings.
    Note: there are three directories under Audio, corresponding to the following tones:
    notifications--notification ringtones
    ringtones--incoming call ringtones
    alarms--alarming ringtones
    Supported formats: MP3, WMA, WAV, Midi, etc.

    Important SMS : As for those important messages you want to add to your favorites, you may long press the message in the pop-up menu and select "Favorites". You may switch to "Favorites" tab in the main SMS interface to view collected messages.

    720p Video : How to enable 720P to record a video?
    Turn on Camera and switch to Video, select "High", and select "720P" in the pop-up menu of video quality.

    Quick Delete SMS : How to quickly delete items?
    You may slide from left to right on the item and click on the red "Delete" button when it appears.

    Tether : How can I share my network to the PC or other terminals?
    Firmware of Android 2.2 and above support the sharing of mobile phones to other Internet terminal in the following method:
    Go to "Settings" -> "System" -> "Share mobile network", you may choose to share the Internet connection by USB tethering or setting up portable Wi-Fi hotspot.
    MIUI for Beginners


    Already flashed MIUI ROM? OK, pick up your phone now, let’s start our happy journey of MIUI ROM.

    The first step: selecting apps

    Various apps will greatly enrich your cell phone, so firstly let’s select the apps to your taste.
    Click Net Disk on the desktop, and you’ll see MIUI has prepared a variety of amazing apps for you, including notes, audios, videos and IM and so on. You are free to choose and install what you like! (Please make sure your phone is connected to wifi.)

    > You may also download more apps in electronic markets. You need to install the corresponding market (some can be downloaded in “Net Disk”), and then go get more apps.

    > I’d like to install apps downloaded from the computer, what should I do? First copy the downloaded file (.apk) into your SD card. Then pick up your phone, click “File Manager” on the desktop, find the file you copied and click to install it.

    Tip: How to copy files from the computer to the phone? First connect your phone to your computer via data cable, pull down the notification panel from the top of the phone, click “USB connected”, and then click "Turn on USB storage”.

    After copying, do not forget to select the option of “Turn off USB storage”, otherwise "File Manager” in the phone will not be able to find the sd card, as it is being occupied by the computer.

    Now I have a lot of apps, how to put them in order?

    All apps successfully installed are listed on the desktop, however, they may not be in the order you want, how to put them in order?

    > Long press an app icon and then you may move it freely. When it is moved to the screen border, the screen will automatically switch to the next screen.

    > How to add a screen? Use two fingers to pinch on the desktop to enter screen thumbnail mode. Then you may add or delete screens.

    > How to delete an app? Long press the app icon you want to delete, drag it on top of the trash box and click OK to delete it.

    The second step: let's make your phone different.

    A phone without style is nothing remarkable, so let’s make your phone different!

    > Changing wallpaper: Click Menu button on the desktop, select “Change Wallpaper” to replace the wallpaper. In addition to the existing wallpaper in the phone, thousands of pieces of wallpaper are also available online.

    > Changing theme: Themes make great changes to your interface style. Click “Theme Manager” on the desktop to select the theme you like. Also, more online themes are available online.

    > Selecting ringtones and more: click “Settings” on the desktop to set call and notification ringtones. In “Personalization” under “Personal” tab, you may find more options.

    The third step: it’s time for some advanced techniques!

    Well, you are no longer a beginner now, so let’s learn some advanced techniques.


    > Adding widgets on the desktop: press the Menu button on the desktop, select "Edit Mode", and then click the icon on the upper right corner to access the interface of “Add Widgets”. Choose your favorite widget on the top, and then drag it to the screen below.

    > Using folders to manage desktop apps: in the interface of “Add Widgets”, drag [Folder] to the desktop. You may drag multiple apps into folders to classify them. After opening the folder, you may click the edit icon in the upper left corner to rename the folder.

    > Using toggles panel to improve efficiency: drag the notification panel down from the top, click "Toggles" to go to the toggles panel (It goes to the toggles panel in default of notice.) On the panel are listed the most commonly used toggles, you may click to quickly enable or disable a toggle. Long press on the icon will launch the settings for that icon.

    > Guest mode: enable the “Guest Mode” toggle in the panel, and your calls and text messages logs will be hidden, and all installed applications cannot be removed. You may have a try when you need to show your phone to guests or children.

    > Importing contacts or binding accounts: you may use some apps to import a batch of contacts, or bind Google account directly in "Settings"> "Personal"> "Accounts & Sync Settings" to sync contacts at any time.

    > How to print screens? Press "Menu" key and "Volume Down" key at the same time to print a screen. The printed image is saved in the directory of MIUI in the sd card.

    > How to copy files from the computer without using the data cable? In case of a wifi connection, enter “File Manager” on the desktop, select the tab of "Remote Administration" to start the service, and then you will get an address. Enter the given address on the computer, then you may copy files without using a data cable!

    MIUI Videos

    MIUI In The News

    MIUI is far from a "basement app" here is some news from MIUI:’s-miui-android-rom-teams-up-with-guess-who/

    Lei Jun is ex-Kingsoft CEO (like Microsoft), co-founder of (sold to Amazon), now Chairman of Great Wall Club and Angel Investor. His newer product, MIUI under his start-up Xiaomi, is stirring rumours about an OEM partnership.

    MIUI is a 3rd party Android ROM tailored for the Chinese market. Think about it like a layer on top of your Windows OS on your computer, to make it more customised and personal, but on mobile. From their website it says it enables faster dialling, better security and a big library of themes and skins.

    Last weekend at a developer conference there was some chatter about MIUI partnering with a big OEM. We can speculate it could be with Samsung, Motorola or LG because all are bringing their Android phones into the Chinese market. We have reason to suspect the OEM partner is Motorola because as an American based OEM, they know less about Chinese user behaviour compared to Korean based Samsung or LG. It has also been reported that Dianxin, another Android ROM incubated under Innovation Works is partnering with Sharp. Motorola needs to make a good impression to stand out in China, where competition with other Android phone’s is fierce

    Xiaomi is an iPhone/Android development company invested by Lei Jun, the board chairman of UCWeb, the leading Chinese mobile browser; ex-executive director of Kingsoft; co-founder of which is sold to Amazon at 2004. We used to report that,

    Xiaomi has raised another round of $35million from Morningside Venture and Qiming Venture partner. The valuation of Xiaomi is reported at $200million.

    $200million valuation?! Seriously, as an iPhone/Android development company, Xiaomi is able to attract that much of attention and money, which sounds insane. I could not get it, until yesterday two friends both confirmed with me, Xiaomi is not just about designing mobile applications, but designing a phone, I mean a real phone.

    Looking at Lei Jun’s recent investment, I am totally impressed,

    UCWeb – the leading Mobile browser (our previous coverage);
    Xiaomi – one of the most promising iPhone/Android development company which already released several applications including Xiaomi Reader (iBooks like) and Miliao (a copycat of Kik);
    MIUI – Android-based mobile OS;
    Xiaomi Phone?!
    So Lei Jun has the mobile operating system, the browser and the applications, once there is a nice phone, he actually is able to reach all the important sectors in future’s mobile phone industry. Smart!

    The rumor says that the phone will come into the market in Q3, 2011. Is Lei Jun building a Chinese Apple?
    Ok this is a pre-alpha build there is much work left to be done. If you are a developer and you would like to maintain this port for stiff let me know.

    What is confirmed working

    • Phone
    • Data
    • SMS
    • Bluetooth
    • Wifi
    • Camera
    • Sound
    • Video Playback

    What is not working

    • Lots of stuff its an alpha build
    • MIUI themes
    • Camcorder
    • Other things

    Please don't email or pm me if you have never developed for a major device. If you have the device and want to take over port please pm or email me my twitter is @MIUImods

    Download Link
    OK, here's 2.1.13 on my Mediafire, to lessen the drain on S8perman's and to update the links so people don't have to go back 10+ pages

    And here is GAPPS with the newest VVM that I modified last month