[ROM]MIUI for Vision, formerly known as Q'n'D-MIUI (v1.7.22)


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Jul 22, 2009
First of all thanks to the guys from miui.us, I used their work as base for my rom. HTC G2 and Desire Z MIUI.us Presents Pure English AOSP MIUI
Also thanks to CyanogenMod and his team!

What is this and why do we need another MIUI Rom here?
This is a MIUI build based on the work from miui.us. I made this because every MIUI Rom I tried has an anoying bug if you select another language then english on the phone. They mix up chinese and english for the system and the installed apps show up in the selected language if they support it.

So if you select german the system will be in chinese/english and the installed apps will be in german if they support it (if not they are in english usualy).

This Rom is always in english (except when you select chinese in settings) and your apps will be in the selected language if they support it.

I added alot more language entries in settings, they won't change the system language (except for chinese) but they will tell your apps the prefered language.

Another thing is that I added the Android keyboard from CyanogenMod since it has support for much more languages then the original MIUI one.

What else? I restored the (almost ;)) original MIUI bootanimation since it looks alot better :), I removed the miui.us forum app and added one ringtone (ring_synth_02 alias Chimey Phone).

So this Rom is a "must have" ;) if you want your apps to be in your native language.

Maybe you would ask "why don't you use the german language pack for miui then?".
Because I don't like the translation, also it breaks the layout in some places. I like the english pack but I want my apps to be in german (also my keyboard).

Download here or in Rom Manager(MIUI for HTC Vision)

Thanks to everybody who donated already :)


  • fixed trackpad wake option not showing up

  • based on latest MIUI build + english pack from miui-dev

  • fixed contacts.apk translation

  • fixed wallpaper typo
  • replaced keyboard with the one from CyanogenMod
  • removed libkineot.so since wifi calling still doesn't work

I finally managed to port MIUI Rom to Vision!


Not working:

WIPE before flashing this for the first time!


  • fixed camcorder
  • fixed video streams (tried it with tvthek.orf.at which showed a greenish video picture before)

  • fixed camera layout
  • fixed some translations in backup app
  • fixed default launcher layout
  • fixed launcher lag when using 7 screens or more
  • updated kernel + modules (from latest cm7 nightly #31)

  • Removed AppShare and Updater

  • Notes app fully translated
  • fixed Music FC
  • fixed Settings FC
  • forgot to remove AppShare.apk and Updater.apk (just don't use them)
    If you want to remove them:
    adb remount
    adb shell rm /system/app/AppShare.apk
    adb shell rm /system/app/Updater.apk

  • based on latest miui.com build
  • notes app note fully translated yet, had no more time. will add it tomorow
  • Music FCing, will fix it tomorow

  • Fixed not working screenshot feature
  • Download

  • Fixed Twitter, TweetDeck... not showing up in Market

  • Fixed MMS FC
  • cleaned up build.prop
  • fixed Filemanager translation
  • Not really a bug, but I think I should mention it somewhere:
    Market downloads don't work without WiFi connection, Solution:
    Open Downloads app, press menu and push Download on 3G and WiFi.
    Default behaviour is that it will allow downloads on WiFi only.

  • based on latest MIUI build (2.3.3)
  • no more FM Radio since its not supported (yet?)
  • Known Bugs:
  • Some apps show white text on white background (like SetCPU), Solution:
    Goto Settings>Programs>Manage Applications, pick the app and enable compatibility mode
  • Screen won't turn on when overclocked, solution:
    Disable the TV animation for the lockscreen, Settings>Common>Display Settings>Lockscreen off animation
  • Turning on WIFI for the first time might crash the phone, after you enabled it wait for the phone to reboot. While rebooting pull out the battery. Put it back in and turn the phone on. (I had the same problem with CM7 too)
  • WiFi Calling doesn't work (force closes while starting)
  • Many themes are not yet compatible with 2.3 MIUI build

  • based on latest MIUI build (2.2.1)
  • updated to latest pershoot kernel
  • Download

  • Network diagnostic feature works! If you get a FC you have to wipe.

  • added ROM Manager
  • added Messaging themes (forgot them somehow...)
  • removed libkineto.so
  • Added 2 new add-ons as ROM Manager download:
  • Wi-Fi calling
  • Desire Z keyboard files (adds support for Desire Z keys like TAB, umlaute...)

  • can't fix network diagnose feature, so I removed it.
  • changing boot animation in theme manager works now

  • based on latest MIUI build
  • Network Diagnostics not nicely translated yet... and it FC's (will work later on it)
  • Dialer and Messaging buttons on lockscreen work again!

  • based on latest MIUI build
  • Network Diagnostics not nicely translated yet... and it FC's (will work later on it)
  • Dialer and Messaging buttons on lockscreen don't work

2nd March 2011:
You can find this ROM in ROM Manager now!

  • reworked english translation
  • fixed battery monitor

  • based on the latest MIUI build
  • MIUI Camera included again
  • latest GMail app included
  • Gingerbread themed keyboard (got it from tun4f1sh release, THX)
  • Can be flashed with the latest CWM recovery (, get it from ROM Manager)

  • based on the latest MIUI build
  • contains english and chinese again
  • stock MIUI ROM, no MIUI Camera, no Gallery3D... just the way MIUI is providing it. (except for FM-Radio and Keyboard, removed AppShare.apk, CloudService.apk and Updater.apk)
  • switched to Pershoot kernel

  • based on the latest MIUI build
  • this rom is only in english now, no chinese things inside
  • updated MIUI Camera

  • updated MIUI Camera
  • themed FM Radio
  • removed Recommended section in SMS/MMS app again
  • removed Camera.apk

  • based on latest MIUI build
  • no 3rd party apps added, only what miui delivers is in here :) (except for AppShare and Updater which are deleted and MIUI-Camera which I added).
  • Seems like Desire Z is again the first device with english MIUI :D:p

  • based on latest MIUI build + miui-dev.com translation pack

  • fixed auto brightness (restored old behaviour)
  • fixed Settings.apk FC

  • updated to latest MIUI Build

  • fixed ThemeManager.apk FC (this seems to be a MIUI bug since the original MIUI file has the bug too)

  • based on the latest miui build + Miui 1.1.7 n1 language pack #1d
  • included MIUI Gallery and Gallery3D
  • MIUICamera instead of old Camera
  • fixed Launcher fc

  • fixed mms.apk fc'ing
  • added german lang. pack

  • updated to Miui 0.12.31 n1 english language pack #1e from miui-dev + packed all english strings in values folder instead of values-en. This means you can select every language and the system will stay in english (except for chinese).

  • based of the latest MIUI build + Miui 0.12.31 n1 english language pack #1c from miui-dev.com

  • fixed Theme Manager reboot issue.

  • fixed Launcher translation (Folder widget preview)
  • fixed Settings translation (Security & Privacy Settings > PIN and Password Keyboard)
  • cleaned up Security & Privacy Settings
  • reworked Traffic Monitor translation

  • updated to latest MIUI build
  • fixed MMS translations (if you still see some chinese strings wipe MMS data)

  • fixed Theme Manager translations
  • fixed MMS translations
  • added Theme Downloader
  • updated kernel to latest one from CyanogenMod 6.1.1 (GPS should be better, I got a GPS fix in a few seconds)

  • obvios I updated to the latest MIUI built ;)
  • reverted to stock MIUI Camera since it works everywhere
  • this time I fixed the language, if you switch to another language with MoreLocale2 (get it from market) the system will stay fully english. No chinese strings (hopefully ;)) anywhere. So you can use your native language with your apps and the system will be in english.

  • fixed Tweetdeck, Twicca and Foursquare (can be found and installed from market)

  • added CyanogenMod Camera just as Photo Camera and MIUI Camera just as Camcorder. 2 Icons, Camera = CM Photo Camera, Camcorder = MIUI Movie Camera
  • added German language, English is default, use Locale to switch to German.
  • optimized ThemeManager.apk (reboot still doesn't work)

  • Sorry but this doesn't work, Camera + Camcorder are fine but Gallery and Musicplayer are broken (no files are displayed) :(
  • replaced Camera with the one from CyanogenMod 6.1

  • fixed Themes
  • fixed Screenshots
  • added MIUI Bootanimation

  • fixed FC for Phone and Contacts
  • fixed Keyboard backlight
  • fixed Backlight sensor
  • inital release, many things didn't work ;)
  • replaced FM Radio with the one from CyanogenMod 6.1
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May 17, 2009
About to download it... not gunna wipe this time tho was a pain in the ass last time a miui rom came out

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Jun 29, 2010
I flashed it with only wiping cache and davlik. It booted to a force close msg that kept popping up, having to do with android.acore or something like that. Anyways, It wouldnt let me do much cuz whenever I tried to open apps, that force close would stop me. Anyways, im restoring my backup and making a new backup and giving it a try with a full wipe later today. For now, im going to bed. Its almost morning lol

Desire Z with CM 6.1 Stable
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Oct 18, 2010
I tested MIUI a few weeks ago on my Milestone (which I already sold ^^) and liked it, but battery life was horrible. WiFi had some serious problems, too.