[ROM] [MIUI] MIUI 1.3.11 Porting effort to the D2 (not working yet)


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Oct 25, 2009

I do not have access to a Droid2 right now so please do a NAND backup BEFORE and then try to flash my MIUI D2 ROM[/URL]

Make sure you have a .sbf file to restore the phone to factory state if this rom does not work as intended,
remember I DO NOT own a droid2 (and with the lack of donations it doesn´t look like I will be able to afford one anytime soon)
so unfortunately I can not test whether the rom works correctly, partially or not at all.


make sure you have root and clockworks recovery installed
Warning!!!! Make sure you are on 2.3.320 or 2.3.340!!!
-boot into recovery via clockworks bootstrap
-select "wipe data/factory reset"
-select "Yes -- delete all data"
-go back "powerbutton"
-select "install zip from sdcard"
-select "choose zip from sdcard"
-find and select alphaXX-signed.zip


If the rom does not work to perfection (or at all) and you want to help with the porting effort please carry out the following steps:

1) Install the latest alpha (in this thread)
2) (optional if you want to produce a debug log but can not do so)
Before rebooting apply the following patch to enable debugging

3) From a terminal enter these commands:
adb shell stop
adb shell setprop log.redirect-stdio true
adb shell start
and in a separate terminal
 adb -d logcat
Now reboot the phone so we get some logs (hopefully)

4) Repeat the process of point 3) with
 db -s ? bugreport
5) check the contents of /sdcard/clockworkmod/ for .log files

Get me the resulting output logs... (under /sdcard/clockworkmod/ )


If you encounter errors please be as specific as you can in the error report
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Sep 13, 2010
As promising as this looks. After downloading twice and copying over twice I can't install it. I get E:Error in /sdcard/miui-d2-alpha-signed.zip (Status 6) Installation aborted.

Any ideas?


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Oct 25, 2009
Open the .zip from the first posting and rename

to update-script

and the content with:

show_progress 0.500000 0
delete_recursive SYSTEM:
format SYSTEM:
format CACHE:
copy_dir PACKAGE:sdcard SDCARD:
copy_dir PACKAGE:system SYSTEM:
copy_dir PACKAGE:data DATA:

## droid2 froyo MIUI permissions ##
set_perm_recursive 0 0 0755 0644 SYSTEM:
set_perm_recursive 0 2000 0755 0755 SYSTEM:bin
set_perm 0 3003 02750 SYSTEM:bin/netcfg
set_perm 0 3004 02755 SYSTEM:bin/ping
set_perm 0 1001 04770 SYSTEM:bin/pppd-ril
set_perm 0 2000 06750 SYSTEM:bin/run-as
set_perm 0 0 06755 SYSTEM:xbin/su
set_perm_recursive 1002 1002 0755 0440 SYSTEM:etc/bluetooth
set_perm 0 0 0755 SYSTEM:etc/bluetooth
set_perm 1000 1000 0640 SYSTEM:/etc/bluetooth/auto_pairing.conf
set_perm 3002 3002 0444 SYSTEM:/etc/bluetooth/blacklist.conf
set_perm 1002 1002 0440 SYSTEM:etc/dbus.conf
set_perm 1014 2000 0550 SYSTEM:etc/dhcpcd/dhcpcd-run-hooks
set_perm 0 0 06755 SYSTEM:etc/install-recovery.sh
set_perm 0 2000 0550 SYSTEM:etc/init.goldfish.sh
set_perm_recursive 0 0 0755 0555 SYSTEM:etc/ppp
set_perm_recursive 0 2000 0755 0755 SYSTEM:xbin
set_perm 0 0 06755 SYSTEM:bin/busybox
set_perm 0 0 06755 SYSTEM:bin/busybox2
set_perm 0 0 06755 SYSTEM:bin/sysinit

set_perm 0 0 06755 SYSTEM:etc/init.d/00banner
set_perm 0 0 06755 SYSTEM:etc/init.d/01sysctl
set_perm 0 0 06755 SYSTEM:etc/init.d/02firstboot
set_perm 0 0 06755 SYSTEM:etc/init.d/05modules
set_perm 0 0 06755 SYSTEM:etc/init.d/06defaulttheme
set_perm 0 0 06755 SYSTEM:etc/init.d/99complete

set_perm 0 0 06755 SYSTEM:xbin/zipalign
set_perm 0 0 06755 SYSTEM:xbin/zipalign_apks

show_progress 0.2 10

Then I am not sure if you need to sign the resulting .zip or not (try without and see what happens, if it works, or a different error)
Make sure you edit the update-script file within linux or using something like ultraedit or notepadplus

(remember guys I am working blind here as I am not likely to have a droid2 for a couple of months, I need people able to flash the different alphas and report on errors)
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Apr 3, 2010
New download link doesn't work, check your pm's btw.

In the first version you forgot to add an updater-script and the other thing that is usually in that folder.... I'll add it for you and then test it out, if it works I'll upload it.

Really nice work.

Update: just finished fixing the updater-script and am testing out now
Update #2: never mind, something is just wrong with the zip and it's not working for me. I didn't end up fixing it.
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Nov 19, 2010
Update: just finished fixing the updater-script and am testing out now
Update #2: never mind, something is just wrong with the zip and it's not working for me. I didn't end up fixing it.[/QUOTE]

agreed lol


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Apr 3, 2010
I'll try and make another zip thingy.... I think just taking the files from the original zip and then putting them in a new signed one should work out

Update: FML, the rom still doesn't work so I know it is not a zip problem. I am getting a problem on clockworkmod and the log says this happened:

ClockworkMod Recovery V2.5.0.8
--Wiping DATA....
Formatting CACHE...
Formatting SDEXT...
No app2sd partition found. Skipping format of /sd-ext
Data wipe complete.

--Wiping cache...
Formatting CACHE...
Cache wipe complete.

-- Installing: SDCARD: NewMiuiAlpha.zip
Finding update package....
Opening update package...
Installing update...
E:Error in /sdcard/NewMiuiAlpha.zip
(Status 6)
Installation aborted.
I don't really know how to fix a status 6 problem but supposedly it is a problem with the updater-script and I think I know how to fix that. I am going to try one more build and if that doesn't work I'll leave it to the creator of the rom....

I hope this works...
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