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How To Guide [ROM][MIUI][star/mars] Xiaomi.eu ROM for Xiaomi MI 11 Pro / Ultra

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Senior Member
Sep 26, 2010
Don't forget to change the .zip to .img or it won't flash or wouldn't in my case anyway
In my case zip worked without issues, either in xiaomi eu and on official EEA firmware
I saw on xiaomi.eu that a lot of phones already got it but no idea what's in it

Should be coming for us pretty soon
I'm not interested in xiaomi eu, it is badly optimized for mi 11 ultra,at least on global device, I'm interested in official global


New member
Oct 18, 2012
Hi! I'm new here. Can you help me?

I live in Mexico and I want to buy a Chinese Mi 11 Pro; I have no trouble with the bands supported by the device.

-Mi 11 Ultra uses the same ROM as Mi 11 Pro?
-With this guide, installing xiaomi.eu, my Mi 11 Pro will have all languages supported in MIUI global versions?
-Installing xiaomi.eu, my Mi 11 Pro will receive OTA updates with no problem?
-My Mi 11 Pro will have Play Store and all Google Services?

Thank you! And congratulations for the great post and community!


Senior Member
Sep 26, 2010
To have Google apps and services you will need to unlock your bootloader and install a different firmware (global) or the unofficial xiaomi.eu rom (based on chinese rom)


New member
Jun 19, 2021
Hello all, i habe the Xiaomi mi 11 pro with Xiaom.eu 12.5.4 stable version. Updating the rom with zero is not running, because it will not find the zip file on the storage from the phone. What can i do?


Senior Member
Jan 2, 2007
Could someone kindly show me how to get to the super wallpaper customization page in settings? When I go to wallpapers it just takes me to the wallpaper/themes app.
I'm trying to change the landing site for the earth super wallpaper.
Thanks in advance.

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    Does anyone have root access with magisk? I need a instruction on how to update the Rom while keeping magisk root. Thanks guys.
    - Disable activated Magisk modules,
    - Flash stock boot.img
    - Update Rom
    - Patch new boot.img
    - Flash new patched boot.img
    - Re-activated your Magisk modules
    Nothing is easier than the command line, people just want a software because using the command line looks a pro thing
    I have no more issues with Santander app after deleting the TWRP folder so not sure if I can provide you with anything.
    All good then. Glad you are sorted
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    How to install Xiaomi.eu ROM for Xiaomi MI 11 Pro / Ultra

    We will release fastboot ROM versions until TWRP for star/mars is released TWRP RELEASED

    Steps to install xiaomi.eu ROM for first time from China ROM (All your data and files on internal storage will be deleted!)
    - Update your stock ROM to the latest via updater app first..
    - Unlock your bootloader by Mi Unlock tool https://en.miui.com/unlock/
    - Download our ROM zip file BETA or STABLE
    - If you are on Windows: Right click on downloaded zip - Settings - Unblock zip content

    - Unpack downloaded zip file in the PC
    - Reboot your device to fastboot mode (press volume down + power)
    - Connect to PC via original USB cable
    - Run fastboot installation script as administrator from unpacked zip according your PC operating system

    For Windows OS ./windows_fastboot_first_install_with_data_format.bat
    For Linux ./linux_fastboot_first_install_with_data_format.sh
    For MacOS ./macos_fastboot_first_install_with_data_format.sh

    - After reboot its done (first boot may take up to 15min)

    Steps to install update of xiaomi.eu ROM (All your data and files on internal storage will NOT be deleted!)
    - Download our ROM zip file WEEKLY or STABLE
    - Unpack downloaded zip file in the PC
    - Reboot your device to fastboot mode (press volume down + power)
    - Connect to PC via USB cable
    - Run fastboot installation script from unpacked zip according your PC operating system

    For Windows OS ./windows_fastboot_update_rom.bat
    For Linux ./linux_fastboot_update_rom.sh
    For MacOS ./macos_fastboot_update_rom.sh

    Update guide on the video

    - After reboot its done (first boot may take up to 10min)

    Update via OTA:
    Installation via OTA is currently not possible due to missing TWRP
    Updater will notify you about new version and download it to your device for you
    You have to copy it to your PC, unpack it and run fastboot_update_rom sctipt

    Enjoy.. :)

    -----------EDIT 20.5.2021--------------

    Since weekly 21.5.20 and Stable, we are releasing TWRP version of our ROMs for MI11Pro/Ultra..

    TWRP install via fastboot command
    fastboot boot twrp.img
    To change TWRP language to English, press bottom right button and select English..

    TWRP for MI11Pro/Ultra mars/star

    For install ROM, just select in TWRP - Install - ROM zip - reboot

    Enjoy.. :)
    For me installation of xiaomi.eu ROM on Chines version Mi11 Ultra was very easy.

    - unlock bootloader in MiUnlock
    - unpack xiaomi firmware file "xiaomi.eu_multi_MI11Pro_MI11Ultra_V12.5.3.0.RKACNXM_v12-11-fastboot.zip"
    - reboot and connect phone in fastboot mode
    - run script inside unpacked ROM folder "windows_fastboot_first_install_with_data_format.bat"
    - wait till ROM will be flashed, that's it :)
    I just also managed to flash my Mi 11 Ultra (CN version), using the instructions from the below post:

    I went from CN 12.5.2 to .EU 12.5.3. Don't know how important the slot setting commands were (they felt quite important), but I managed to avoid bricking, so can't have hurt.

    First impressions:
    - V nice and smooth - feels as refined as I'd hoped
    - Google integration seems perfect
    - GPay still working. Haven't re-installed bank apps yet, but no reason to think they won't work.
    - Google Discover now working if I swipe left from home screen (had to change a setting to enable) - v happy about that
    - Calendar app icon now a lot neater (day doesn't stretch right to each edge of the icon)
    - Only quirk so far (as reported elsewhere): Google Maps is using its old app icon - I can live with that..!
    yes, com.xiaomi.misubscreenui is rear display..
    Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra (512Gb Chinese variant) successfully flashed from 12.5.30 to latest XiaomiEU 12.5.40.
    I was following this steps (Link) (Using ORIGINAL 67W cable)

    PS: What I did additionally.
    After bootloader unlocked (the phone will wipe everything by it self due to the process of unlocking bootloader) however after bootup I log in to MIUI account, after activated developers settings, I saw Oem Unlocking is ON and my phone is Unlocked.
    I factory reset it one more time ! Log in to my MIUI account., activated developer settings., activated debuging mode, authorize devices to PC. Restarted to Fastboot.

    cmd: fastboot devices (my phone is there)
    cmd: fastboot getvar current-slot
    current-slot: b

    cmd: fastboot set_active a

    Back to extract file folder XIaomiUE rom.

    Press SHIFT and right click on windows_fastboot_first_install_with_data_format.bat runs as Administrator.

    DONE !

    PS Little advice if your phone sending superimg 1/8 too long , just press Y.


    I LOVE the ROM! Thank you devs !!!
    I'm flash xiaomi.eu with less job to do:
    -After unlocked bootloader, phone boots up, when you get to home screen, reboot to fast boot and connect to PC (didn't login to miui account, and didn't factory reset again)
    -unzip xiaomi.eu ROM package, run "windows_fastboot_first_install_with_data_format.bat " as Administrator
    -wait till everything will be flashed, no need to set_active slot, as this is already done by script.

    Don't know why nobody fallows original tutorial from xiaomi.eu here in first post: https://forum.xda-developers.com/t/...mi-eu-rom-for-xiaomi-mi-11-pro-ultra.4260617/

    Also very happy from xiaomi.eu ROM ;)