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[ROM]MIUI v4 2.3.23 HTC EVO 3D CDMA [03-27-2012]

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Aug 5, 2010
after a full wipe and flash of this rom I can't get wifi to turn on =(

If i go to the Wi-Fi settings page, it just sits on Turning Wi-Fi on...

anyone else getting this issue? any suggestions?


Senior Member
Mar 3, 2009
after a full wipe and flash of this rom I can't get wifi to turn on =(

If i go to the Wi-Fi settings page, it just sits on Turning Wi-Fi on...

anyone else getting this issue? any suggestions?

I know you at least read the last 10 posts and wouldn't purposefully ask such a nuubish question. Joel acknowledged it was broke. Could of saved yourself some time.

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Apr 21, 2010
Miami, Florida
Thanks for this Joel. I won't flash it as of now though, I have read through the thread and it seems to be very unstable and missing a lot of the things I need. Will flash as soon as you have time to come out with your next update if the main things can be fixed.
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Apr 14, 2011
well working on 3 things...this miui build a newer updated miui build that tmartin told me about and bamf s i hope to give u guys something usable by the end of the night though

Forgive my newbness right now though I'm not by a long shot but wtf is the difference between AOKP and AOSP.?????

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    Stop if your looking for this rom to work with 4G wimax It doesn't and NO ETA!! thanks for playing!



    Presents the Official

    MIUI 2.3.23

    This is a community support ROM only!
    The developers do not provide much support for this ROM on these forums
    Support is mostly provided on forums.MIUI.us
    New release come every Friday.

    If you haven't heard about this ROM yet then check out the videos in the 2nd post to see it in action!
    This is an excellent ROM if for no other reason than it introduces the first non-CyanogenMod/carrier/manufacturer framework overhaul of Android 4.0.3 and boy what an overhaul.​

    Changes from base ROM
    Removed: MIUI App Sharing | MIUI OTA Updater | MIUI Bootscreen | SIM Toolkit

    Added: Custom Bootscreen | English Translations | Google Maps | Google Voice Search | MIUI.us Forum app

    Download It Here


    Don't forget to follow me on twitter @joelz9614

    • Phone Calls
    • Audio/Sound
    • SMS
    • Data: 3G
    • Wi-Fi Updated Drivers
    • Bluetooth
    • GPS and AGPS Better
    • Touchscreen
    • Vibration
    • Charging
    • All sensors
    • Wired earphone/headphone
    • Data usage
    • Hardware Acceleration OpenGL
    • Hardware Acceleration
    • Software video codecs
    • Gallery
    • YouTube
    • MIUI Backup (don’t backup contacts)
    • Screenshot (menu+down volume)
    • MIUI Themes

    Not Working:
    • MMS
    • Anything Camera Related
    • WiMax or 4G Not going to happen

    1. Big Thanks to
    2. Tripnraver
    3. Chad.goodman
    4. Preludrew
    5. Scott951
    6. toastcfh
    7. bigrushdog
    8. warttack
    9. And many more If I missed you pm me and I will add you to the list
    mine :) :)

    joelz for developer of the year 2012
    So with Chad's new R14 kernel, will camera work now but just cant see the preview of what you are taking a picture of? Or is it still completely broken in this?

    EDIT, nm Ill go test this myself and see. lol. Ill report back later what happens

    i got a special 4.0.3 kernel coming out in a few days
    i gotta finish my kernel for this - i wanna run this, just refuse to use other kernels
    and my kernel had sdcard, bluetooth and stuffs working