[ROM] MLIGN-HeroV2.5.5 (10-16-09) (5:16AM CT) I See The End..

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Sep 7, 2009
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MAJOR NOTE: If You Don't Like The Way It's Themed Then Do Not Flash My ROM... That Simple.. My ROM Is Built For Rosie Speed Okay?

What I Am Running..
500MB EXT3
96MB Swap

Before Using My ROMs Always..
*Reformat EXT3
*Then Flash .. Enjoy..

-Fixed Browser..
-Added Old Flash..
-HTC Scenes..
-Full Build..
-Rosie Just Perfect!!
-Want This Go To My Twitter..

-Removed Scenes..
-Fixed The GMail Icon..

-Slim Build..
-Browser Does Not Crash..
-Coming From Browser To Home You May Get Loading Screen..
-New Flash Is Back..

-Almost Completely Optimized..
-Have Two Versions MT3G and G1 Now!!
-Lots of Other Things..
-Known Issues People Search FC and No Sound On Recording Video..
-If You Have Problems On The MT3G Version (Send Me One, So I Can Test, or Shut Up)..

MLIGN-HeroV2.1.5 (Birthday Work)
-NO MT3G Version..
-Removed Voice Search..
-Removed HEROLED.APK..
-{New} Hybird Weather.APK (Best I Could Do Right Now Will Try More Later)..
-Old Battery In Status Bar (Personal Like)..
-Just What All I Could Do On A Busy Day..

MLIGN-HeroV2.1.6 (Birthday Work)
-Kept The Old Style Battery
-Old Browser Back
-Flash Works For Ya'll

-Fixed YouTube (I Think)
-Added My Own Spice To It..
-New Rosie For Me..
-No BFS (Kills Rosie)..
-No RAM Hack (Not Jumping On Board, Yet)..
-Did Some More Stuff To Framework... But This Time Browser And SuperUser Work.. Lol
-New Lock Screen..

MLIGN-HeroV2.4.5 (Supporting Breast Cancer Awareness)
-Changed The user.conf To 80 Swappiness!
-Slimmed Down The Media Files Thanks To YourTravelBoy
-Did Alot Of Framework Editing
-Fixed Flash Player
-Added Blur Animations
-Supporting Breast Cancer Awareness "Pink"
-Please Donate To The Site To Keep It Running!

-All Fresh APK. Besides "Rosie"..
-Alot of Framework Change..
-Change The GMail.apk For A Better Notification Icon.. :)
-Still Have The MLIGN-Speed..

-Pink Is Back! More Pink Than Before! <(^^,)>
-Lots Of Framework Changes..
-Transparent Status Bar Background Thanks Too brianv3ntura
-Lots Of Pulse, Working On Blur Tho..
-This Is The Best I Could Do In One Night..
-New Wireless Tether V1.6P3
-A Few Edits With Rosie..
-Other Things Too..

-One Of My Final Builds..
-Fresh Set Of APKs.. :Smaller:
-A Few Of The APKs I Edited..
-Fixed Rosie <(^^,)> If You Can Notice..
-It's A Regular Hero Now
-It Is Also Fast! <(^^,)>

-Most LEDs Are Working..
-Nice Statusbar Background Thanks To JesterDroid!!
-Fixed The Weather APK File.

-All New APKs..
-Faster Than All My Previous Ones I Think..
-Changed Swappiness To 45..
-Don't Know Who Made The Rosie I Just Edited It..
-A Few Other Changes..
-Final Build Will Be My 3.0..

Where is the download at? Get it here!


Want The Old Builds? Just Hit Me Up..

**I AM Not Responsible For Any Damages Done To Your Phone**
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Feb 18, 2009
Loma Linda
The Rules Of This Thread
1.Stay on topic.
2.Keep it a friendly thread.
3.Please do some reseach before you post.
4.Enjoy the ROM!

*Always Run A Nandroid Backup Before Flashing Anything You Download On My Posts*
What You Will Need Is..
-3 Partitions (Fat32,EXT3,Linux-Swap)
-Cyanogen's Recovery
-Class 6 SD CARD!!

*My Swap Is 96MB, So Try This and Don't Complain About It*

V1.0 - Only For Daily Use..
-Based Off Modaco's 1.5.1
-Fixed The Boot Screen
-Removed Some Apps That Daily Users Don't Use
-It's About 75% Optimized
-A Few Other Things I Can't Think Of Right Now:cool:

G1 - MLIGN-HeroV1.0

**I am not responsible for bricking your G1's if, (you) do something way wrong**

ooh cool. have you tried kingklick's rom? would you say this is faster?


Senior Member
Sep 2, 2009
Dallas, Texas
Nice work boss.

Glad to see you on here too.

I would flash this if I didn't just jump on-board with Evil's latest build. His **** is ill.

Build a ROM based from MoDaCo 2.2 - and create some hybrid ROM w/ a bunch of Drizzy's stuff...it'll be a WRAP! GAME OVER! :cool:


Senior Member
Sep 2, 2009
Dallas, Texas
@Drizzy - Pitch MLIGN a bit of assistance with the maintenance for future upgrades...and you guys will have one hell of a following.

MoDaCo / Drizzy Hybrid ROM? Can we say, 1337? :rolleyes:
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