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Jul 1, 2022
Hi, After installing the ROM, and gapps,
I constantly have the problem, that Google play stops working. Any fix for this ?


Feb 13, 2021


New member
Jul 1, 2022
OK, thanks. I don't really need gapps. I just need the tablet for Lego building instructions for my daughter :)
ie. pdf reader, and lego app which I will download separately.I will the re-flash the tablet but without gapps.


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    KatKiss ROM

    MarshMallow 6.0.1 Release​
    Asus TF101​

    Please note that this version is made for and tested on the TF101 model.

    This rom is an aosp based rom with my own additions on top of it.

    The main motto of the rom being Kiss. Even though the Meerkat could give you a kiss, it stands for Keeps it Sweet and Simple too
    Which means that just like the other K.A.T stuff, the rom's main goal is efficiency, speed/res ponsiveness,
    while not adding bloated features that will slow things down :)


    Install Instructions:
    These builds are designed to be installed with a recent recovery.
    TWRP 2.8.1 is recommended: available here
    Older versions of TWRP like 2.3.x won't work.

    • Backup everything !
    • Go to recovery

      [*]The first time you install: Format /data (full wipe doesn't format)
      (you can skip this step if you're already on the same main version of KatKiss, if ever you encounter a problem redo a full clean install and format /data and try again before reporting )

      Then *EVERYTIME* flash (all together):
    • rom zip
    • SuperSU zip
      [*]gapps zip

    • Wipe cache/dalvik
    • Reboot

    Rom Main Features:
    MultiWindow Support with 2, 3 or 4 panes setup
    High speed and responsive oriented
    High performance and overclocked KatKernel included
    Dock keyboard Support with full special/function keys support
    Global Keyboard Shortcuts / KeyOverride Macro association (See post #2 for more info)
    HDMI Support
    Battery Level Indicator & Dock Battery support + Mods (icon/Text/%)
    CIFS, ext4, NTFS, ExFat support
    RRO Theme Engine - Themes & more info
    Native Android FSTRIM + Manual scripts for Database optimization and fstrim (see post #2)
    Media Scanner Filters
    Navbar with left, balanced (PixelC like) or middle aligned buttons.
    All Wifi channels support
    Integrated cpu & io performance settings panel
    Custom Navbars buttons long press actions
    Advanced power menu with reboot options.
    User Immersive mode and actions with automode when docked setting
    Advanced per application permission management (AppOps)
    Ethernet-auto support
    Misc utils Busybox, rsync...
    Custom Quick Settings tiles

    ChangeLog: http://public.timduru.org/Android/KatKiss/6.0/ChangeLog.html
    Rom Source: https://github.com/timduru (branch katkiss-6.0)
    Original banner concept by i9apps, Bootanimation by mgeniusm, original drawing by BBF
    Chainfire for SuperSU

    How to report
    What to include in the report

    Disclaimer: The usual ;)
    Use at your own risk, I won't be responsible for any damages caused to your Transformer or to yourself.
    In most cases if something breaks, flashing a rom on top should fix it.

    XDA:DevDB Information
    KatKiss-MarshMallow, ROM for the Asus Eee Pad Transformer

    Source Code: https://github.com/timduru

    ROM OS Version: 6.0.x Marshmallow
    ROM Kernel: Linux 2.6.x
    Based On: AOSP

    Version Information
    Status: Stable

    Created 2016-02-19
    Last Updated 2018-10-19

    First Install
    Make sure you do a format /data the first time you install the rom
    (backup your internal storage first if you want to keep something)

    The first boot after a rom flash can take a few minutes as ART is slower than dalvik to optimize the applications, but is faster after the 1st time.
    (First boot takes ~4-5 minutes without gapps and 10+ minutes with gapps)
    Also keep in mind that after a fresh install, it might take a bit of time to get up to full speed as media scanner & google are checking/scanning and restoring stuff.

    Bluetooth might require to be turned on twice before it scans and displays the available devices.

    Wallpaper Modes
    Different Wallpaper modes have been added in Settings => Display
    ** Normal (regular android mode)
    ** Disable System Wallpaper rendering (set as default)
    ** Disable Wallpaper service

    2nd setting will prevent the wallpaper being rendered by the system making things faster and also freeing resources
    That's the recommended setting you want to use if you are using a launcher that has internal wallpaper rendering
    The Default included Launcher3 has internal rendering
    For Nova: Go to its Settings => Desktop => Wallpaper Scrolling => Force, then set a wallpaper.
    (You will see a black wallpaper if you're not using a launcher that can do internal rendering, If wallpaper is important and that you want to keep your current launcher, then switch back to the 1st setting)

    Depending on your network and tablet load, 720p videos might not play or take longer to buffer.
    Switch to 480p in that case.
    Some videos are also 720p60fps so you might need to switch back to 480p for these too.
    You can also try an older youtube version and disable auto updates: youtube-v5.0.21

    Google Play Movies
    Our current Widevine DRM libs are not compatible in MM.
    So you can't play a movie on the tablet with Google Play Movies as it requires that.
    Starting a movie to play on chromecast should be fine as the drm will be the chromecast one in that case.

    Now On Tap
    Now On Tap requires the nano opengapps version, however our default /system partition is too small to accommodate them.
    So if you want to install the nano or bigger opengapps version, you'll need to repartition the storage space first using Bigwheelie for extended partitions
    Then activate Now on Tap from google now settings

    Hardware keyboard layouts
    More languages have been added in the default asusec keyboard
    Set the keyboard layout through Settings => Language & Input => asusec => setup keyboard layouts
    These also allow live switching without reboot with ctrl + space

    Global Key Override/Shorcut Mecanism
    Available in Settings => Dock => Add Key Override Actions

    This will allow you not only to redefine function keys assignment, and other special keys actions,
    but you'll also be able to assign global macro actions / app launch to any key + Meta key combination (shift Left or Right , ctrl..)

    You can also add multiple actions to one key combination, simply click again on the "+" button for the same key combination.
    For example if you want to assign to one key combination a list of action to run before going to bed for example, like: turn wifi off, Bluetooth off, mute sound, and turn screen off, you can do that :)
    Note that starting multiple applications with one key is kinda a miss and hit for the moment due to some mecanism in android that seems to prevent applications to start too close to each others.

    Storage (fstrim) and Database optimization:
    Fstrim is native since 4.3 and will happen in the background if your tablet is idle / sleeping and that your battery is > 70%
    There is also a script to run it manually in the rom: /etc/kat/optimizestorage

    To optimize the Database: /etc/kat/optimizedb

    To run both, open a terminal and run:
    New Version #026

    New rom version available: KatKiss-6.0_026.zip

    Note that since the SuperSU app is updating, if it's missing you need to install it back from the playstore (even after flashing the supersu zip with the rom).


    - Upgrade to Marshmallow-MR2-release
    - Update to May Marshmallow release
    - Update to June Marshmallow release
    - Soft Keyboard: disable physical ALT Key mapping by default
    New Version #029

    New rom version available: KatKiss-6.0_029.zip

    Note that since the SuperSU app is updating, if it's missing you need to install it back from the playstore (even after flashing the supersu zip with the rom).

    - Update to August Marshmallow release
    - add more optimization flags
    - Launcher3: use better icon ratio based on native icon size to avoid fuzzyness.
    - Launcher3: use higher res for app drawer icon on mdpi
    - Launcher3: materialize icon
    - av/audiopolicy: squashed support for pre-kitkat audio blobs
    - native/egl: bring back EGL_WORKAROUND_BUG_10194508
    - local_manifest: misc cleanups & reorg
    - EmojiAltPhysicalKeyDetector: kill logspam
    - art/dalvik: misc fixes & optimizations
    - webview: add google webview support
    - add back org.apache.http.legacy.jar for compat with apps not updated to API23
    - update BookmarkSync
    - TF700T: dedicated build with new aapt res
    - TF201/TF700T: fix default bluetooth device name
    - TF201/TF300T/TF700T: misc obsolete flags cleanups & fixes

    Multiwindow allows you to split the screen in 2, 3 or 4 panes
    you can switch an app back and forth between multiwindow mode and regular mode while it's running


    - To switch between full screen and split View you can use the
    NavBar Buttons
    The app that currently has the focus (or the latest used app if you're on the Desktop) will be used for the main pane (left and/or top depending on the mode and rotation)
    And it will lay the remaining most recently used apps in the rest of the available 1-2-3 panes depending on the icon you click

    - If you press a multiwindow icon again when in splitview mode, it'll bring the focused app back to fullscreen mode.

    - To swap the 2 latest focused apps location / pane , long press on the
    NavBar Button

    - To change focus simply Tap on the app or use the
    NavBar Button
    That button can also be used in non multiwindow mode to switch quickly between the 2 most recent apps.

    Global Actions:
    Actions to switch the app between fullscreen / splitview 2-3-4 panes, swap, or switch between the 2 most recent apps have been added
    so you can bind them to a key / key combination with the Global KeyOverride or long press on navbar button too.

    Note: Most apps works ok in splitview mode, but some of them might crash or not refresh correctly sometime.

    To manually position an app in one of the pane:
    For the moment either reorder your apps before clicking on an auto mode icon,
    or you can also activate the default Marshmallow Multiwindow mode to get extra icons to positions an app in a specific pane (activate it in developer options )
    Then position the apps with the icons from the Recents screen. (default MM recents icons are for 2 or 4 panes)