[ROM][MM][LB/UB] 23.5.A.1.291 | Z2 | FINAL | eXistenZ Marshmallow | v5.6.5 | 27/09

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Recognized Developer / Inactive RT
Sep 8, 2007


Here's the Marshmallow eXistenZ :laugh:

Usefull features and stability are the main goal of this new rom.


  • Status Bar
    • Various batteries status styles (Sony, Icon Landscape, Icon Portrait, Circle, Text).
    • Clock (Color, Alignement, AM/PM indicator, ...).
    • Date (Style, Format, Color, ...).
    • Network Trafic Monitor (Color, Outgoing/Incoming, Display Unit, Update Interval, ...).
    • Network trafic.
    • Battery Bar.
    • Double Tap to sleep.
  • Notification Panel
    • Status Bar Header
      • Carrier Text.
      • Weather.
      • Long Pressing on Setting is opening edition of quick toggles.
      • Long Pressing on Weather is opening CLock App.
    • Quick Settings
      • Quick Pulldown (Off, Right, Left).
      • Complete Cyanogen OS Quick toggles management.
      • Tiles diplayed in Paged View.
      • Show/Hide Brigtness Slider.
      • Enlarge first Row.
      • Unlimited Quick Toggles Number.
      • All Quick Toggles With Long Press Options.
      • Wifi and Bluetooth Quick Toggles.
      • Brightness Quick Toggle (Long press to switch between Auto and Normal mode).
      • Tri-state Location Quick Toggle.
      • Mobile Data Quick Toggle.
      • Network mode Quick Toggle.
      • NOT WORKING! Reboot/Recovery Quick Toggle (Press to select Reboot or Recovery, Long press to apply your previous choice).
      • Screen Timeout Quick Toggle.
      • Heads Up Quick Toggle.
      • eXistenZ Settings Quick Toggle.
      • Compass Quick Toggle.
      • Volume Panel Quick Toggle.
      • Music Quick Toggle.
      • Caffeine Quick Toggle.
      • ADB over network Quick Toggle.
      • Battery saver Quick Toggle.
      • Color inversion Quick Toggle.
      • Screenshot Quick Toggle.
      • System stats Quick Toggle.
      • USB tethering Quick Toggle.
    • Heads Up
      • Heads Up on/off
      • Heads Up Timeout.
      • Expand all Notifications on/off.
    • Notification Panel:
      • Blur Notification Panel background.
      • Expand all Notifications on/off.
      • Xperia X style (Full Width).
  • Recent Menu
    • Show/Hide Search Bar.
    • Show/Hide Close All Button.
    • Show/Hide Small Apps.
    • Enable Multi-Windows.
    • OmniSwitch.
    • Slim Recent.
  • Navigation Bar
    • Resize Navigation Bar Height.
    • Resize Navigation Bar Width.
    • Cursor Control (Add arrows to control cursor when keyboard is used).
    • Disable Google Now gesture.
    • Long Press Recent go to last task.
    • Force show menu button.
    • Power menu.
    • Swap Back & Recent buttons.
    • Swipe To Sleep.
    • Softkeys Fade mod.
  • Lockscreen
    • Double tap anywhere to sleep.
    • Xperia X lockscreen.
    • Force See Through Clock (Transparent clock while playing media and with all themes/wallpapers).
    • Enable/Disable Voice Assist Shortcut.
    • Full Screen Album Art.
  • Volume Rocker
    • Volume key cursor control.
    • Volume to wake.
    • Volume music control.
  • Various
    • Fully Deodexed.
    • Datas On/Off Warning Dialog removed.
    • Overflow Button animation bug fixed (The 3 little dots).
    • Email Attachment fully work in Email app.
    • National Data Roaming added to Network Settings.
    • Use only 2G added to Network Settings.
    • eXistenZ Theme.
    • eXistenZ Boot Animation.
    • eXistenZ Widgets (Music, On/Off tools).
    • Xperia X themes.
    • Xperia X Wallpapers.
    • Xperia X Icons Pack.
    • AOSP Sony's internet Browser.
    • Search panel removed as first pane of app drawer.
    • Swipe down gesture to open search panel removed from desktop.
    • Rooted with latest SuperSU.
    • Latest TWRP recovery pre-installed.
    • Locked and Unlocked Bootloaders.
    • And more...



XDA:DevDB Information
[ROM][MM][LB/UB] 23.5.A.1.291 | Z2 | FINAL | eXistenZ Marshmallow | v5.6.5 | 27/09, ROM for the Sony Xperia Z2

ROM OS Version: 6.0.x Marshmallow
ROM Kernel: Linux 3.4.x
ROM Firmware Required: none
Based On: Stock

Version Information
Status: Stable
Current Stable Version: 1.0.0
Stable Release Date: 2016-04-28

Created 2016-04-28
Last Updated 2016-09-27


Recognized Developer / Inactive RT
Sep 8, 2007

All is include in the ROM, no need to flash SuperUser fix or Kernel.

D6502 users, see this: http://forum.xda-developers.com/xperia-z2/development/baseband-d6502-baseband-patch-t3385567

Fresh installation:

From Stock Sony Marshmallow:

  • Reboot in recovery.
  • Do a factory reset.
  • Flash the rom.
  • Flash update if available.

From Lollipop:

  • Reboot in recovery.
  • Do a factory reset.
  • Flash the rom.
  • Flash the Bootloop fix.
  • Flash update if available.

From anything else (CM10, PAC, ...):

  • Do a fresh install.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How to get best battery life.

A: Follow this: https://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=3516705

Q: I feel that the system is slowing down after some time.

A: If you need a little boost, use Restart SystemUI app that you will find in your apps ;)

Q: How to flash the DRM fix and avoid loosing of recovery


Q: Hey, that thing doesn't work!

A: Check if there isn't an (*) at the right of setting description, that means that you must restart SystemUI.

If it is not the case, try to enable/disable option a few time and reboot or read thread to find an answer.

Q: Why is there greyed options in eXistenZ settings!

A: These otions aren't available yet.

Q: Weather isn't working on lockscreen or in expanded status bar...

A: Go in settings/eXistenZ/Notification Panel/Weather Settings;
Press on Weather panel icon, then on Display weather switch;
Select OpenWeatherMap as Weather source;
Use Custom Location;
Set your Location
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Recognized Developer / Inactive RT
Sep 8, 2007

If you are enjoying my work, don't hesitate to press my different Thanks buttons ;)

Also if you want to pay me a coffee or something else, feel free to give me a small donation,it will be only used to buy Developpement Devices.


eXistenZ Marshmallow v1.0.0 (mega): https://mega.nz/#!VQd0FSYI!72gdQy3kz-b4HN5_3_E9SfPshT6Jxudw5Bzis4xLZoU

eXistenZ Marshmallow v1.0.0 (mediafire): http://www.mediafire.com/download/dkr1etyrhdlc36b/Z2_eXistenZ_Marshmallow_v1.0.0.zip

eXistenZ Marshmallow v1.0.0 (Dropbox): https://www.dropbox.com/s/7nxm5i96d0uiqfz/Z2_eXistenZ_Marshmallow_v1.0.0.zip?dl=0

eXistenZ Marshmallow v2.0.0 (mega): https://mega.nz/#!cZUElSQJ!8t7lTbuM13aP39ybADiB6eSH6geMjgln04BKauug48Q

eXistenZ Marshmallow v2.0.0 (MediaFire): http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?p=67069107

eXistenZ Marshmallow v2.0.0 (Trainbit): http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?p=67069965

eXistenZ Marshmallow v2.5.0 (Mega) UPDATE ONLY: https://mega.nz/#!JJlECaaD!-JIIrMcNwKSHZxGCT559OSoDIyc_eLdG8BFJNcr7kfY

eXistenZ Marshmallow v3.0.0 (mega): https://mega.nz/#!odlSUZhI!a-K31Sz3Ln01Yp5QkEj5_49kAOsCqma3-Q1DtwS7P70

eXistenZ Marshmallow v3.0.0 (Drive): http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=67128211&postcount=1251

eXistenZ Marshmallow v3.5.0 (Mega) UPDATE ONLY: https://mega.nz/#!lJV1yKYb!cM2zSNz48jQ3UYMWBanarGoKIB8ASwi95PMGvnXSkCM

eXistenZ Marshmallow v3.5.0 (Drive) UPDATE ONLY: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?p=67152344

eXistenZ Marshmallow v3.9.0 (Mega) UPDATE ONLY: https://mega.nz/#!1ZV0TRqD!YI-_dHQMCy3PipJFOyideHeq4BHqmNgxUdU6jRa1ubs

MD5: A90FE1F92B5F57D7F2E0163CCDBC4E6C

eXistenZ Marshmallow v4.0.0 (mega): https://mega.nz/#!pUUWTBTY!m5oEIkDVRa-aIfJxZQrXEM2hSL5gMYizHqkb8Db0GQE

eXistenZ Marshmallow v4.0.0 (mediafire): http://www.mediafire.com/download/bcvplwb9abhg68b/Z2_eXistenZ_Marshmallow_v4.0.1.zip

eXistenZ Marshmallow v4.0.0 (debfile): http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=67508541&postcount=2173

eXistenZ Marshmallow v4.5.0 (Mega) UPDATE ONLY: https://mega.nz/#!NQUlkboa!jDhXeuvDKO5TOr934rQ2axTfht8xRku5TB1LGxX-Tuo

eXistenZ Marshmallow v4.5.0 (Drive) UPDATE ONLY http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=67749704&postcount=2595

eXistenZ Marshmallow v4.7.0 (Mega) UPDATE ONLY: https://mega.nz/#!AAMFHKJK!Ou34cIhcGTgiueeBxpwIa8f6_Lp-OUkOHHKRPiotQNg

MD5: E7CCD27AE2E0839668DC9ABB25D40274

eXistenZ Marshmallow v5.0.0 FIX to flash in recovery after v5.0.0 (MediaFire): http://www.mediafire.com/download/r0rz6b8n7ddua7r/Z2_eXistenZ_Marshmallow_v5.0.0_FIX.zip

eXistenZ Marshmallow v5.0.1 (Mega): https://mega.nz/#!BJN1iLhZ!-07ZnUYpdAJT-apobdFVXt7_UsBaOMClim4TQLKZaNU

eXistenZ Marshmallow v5.1.0 (Mega) UPDATE ONLY: https://mega.nz/#!5UM2TIiJ!wDXmsXIH8TjbpknZ2nf1EEsIO1O9TDIYVPlXiDUiP6U

eXistenZ Marshmallow v5.5.0 (Mega) UPDATE ONLY: https://mega.nz/#!UQ8yACCZ!CTdTwa4km3pROKIN5tOgFm_GVVaoH-qcc-bobO7qH6w

eXistenZ Marshmallow v5.6.0 (Mega) UPDATE ONLY: https://mega.nz/#!wNVGwSCJ!wpCjsIGKRCeKXrhlWSAk6b4PMs1nBxdiqDymvaacW_M

eXistenZ Marshmallow v5.6.5 (Mega) UPDATE ONLY: https://mega.nz/#!FUlzXKKD!zM9vs9PTe4ob8JQRSoEyauAnAlZvGkxwiI0Ltw1Eu44


eXistenZ Marshmallow v1.0.0

  • Initial build.
  • See main features.

eXistenZ Marshmallow v2.0.0

  • Based on BETA 6.0.1 23.5.A.1.151
  • 23.5.A.0.575 Kernel.
  • Fixed issue with the status bar clock.
  • Quick pulldown is now working normally.
  • Fixed issue with navigation bar keys.
  • Edit Stamina code to work with .575 kernel.
  • Allow animations with Battery Saver and Stamina.
  • Implement all Xperia X boost features.
  • Reworked all Quick Tiles management.
  • Add Lockscreen Weather.
  • Add Landscape Rotation option to lockscreen.
  • Add Quick Torch (Long press power buton when screen off).
  • Add Middle Shortcuts to lockscreen.
  • Add App Sidebar to Slim Recent.
  • Add Blur Recent panel option.
  • New Blur Notification panel code with Blur Radius and Blur Scale settings.
  • Latest Xperia X SystemUI and Lockscreen.
  • Stamina and Ultra Stamina.
  • New Power Menu and Ringer mode Quick Toggles.
  • Removed Reboot Quick Toggle.
  • Xperia X Animations and Framework.
  • Xperia X Settings.
  • Xperia X apps (Conversations, InCallUI, Clock, Home launcher, ...).
  • And many more...

eXistenZ Marshmallow v2.5.0

  • Fixed Ambiant Display enabled by default with Switch off.
  • Fixed Power Controller Bug (by Sony).
  • Reworked Notification Panel code.
  • Revert to previous Blur engine with modifications.
  • Remove some Boost enhancements.
  • Xperia X Smart Cleaner is now fully supported (I hope ;) )
  • Add Animations speed settings.

eXistenZ Marshmallow v3.0.0

  • Based on BETA 6.0.1 23.5.A.1.203
  • 23.5.A.0.575 Kernel.
  • Xperia X Smart Cleaner is finally working.
  • Add Xperia X Smooth Scrolling.
  • No more permanent notification when Stamina is activated.

eXistenZ Marshmallow v3.5.0

  • Reworked MTP, Mass Storage and all USB modes to speed up access when connecting to PC.
  • Fixed USB On The Go issue.
  • Fixed all access to SD by apps.
  • Xperia X Memory Management added.
  • Some more optimizations.

eXistenZ Marshmallow v3.5.0

  • Reworked MTP, Mass Storage and all USB modes to speed up access when connecting to PC.
  • Fixed USB On The Go issue.
  • Fixed all access to SD by apps.
  • Xperia X Memory Management added.
  • Some more optimizations.

eXistenZ Marshmallow v3.9.0

  • All fixed and features included in v4.0.0, v4.5.0, v4.7.0 made for the beta.

eXistenZ Marshmallow v4.5.0

  • Fixed statusbar icons color with apps who are using a light statusbar (Google agenda, SoundCloud) and with themes using dark icons for lockscreen.
  • New clock and date management.
  • New battery status management.
  • New double tap to sleep on Lockscreen management (Now you must double tap on top third or bottom shortcuts area of lockscreen, no more issue whith notifications).
  • New color options for the statusbar header and the quick settings.
  • No more system slow down or lag after some time.
  • Huge cleaning of code.
  • Reworked eXistenZ default theme.
  • Redrawed Wifi and Signal Icons to fix vertical misalignment.
  • Add lonpress option to various quick settings tiles.
  • Replaced Email app.
  • Home launcher updated.

eXistenZ Marshmallow v4.7.0

  • Redraw Wifi and Signal Icons to fix vertical misalignment.
  • Revert vibration level to default value.
  • Remove all notification related to Stamina.
  • Enable Mobile Data quick setting on lockscreen.
  • Add Auto Start to eXistenZ settings.
  • Revert to Xperia X email app.

eXistenZ Marshmallow v5.0.0

  • Based on latest official 23.5.A.1.291.
  • Allow window animations when Stamina is on.
  • Allow vibration when Stamina is on.
  • Removed permanent notification and icon when Stamina is on.
  • Fixed all USB otg issues.
  • Xperia Home Launcher 10.0.A.0.63 modded for eXistenZ (with swipe down gesture desactivated, support Beta Icon pack)
  • Font Selector (by Igor Eisberg) modded for eXistenZ (Lockscreen vertical clock and Home widget clock aren't affected by the font selector)
  • Stock Call Recording (by Serajr)
  • Add Power Menu settings:
    • Advanced Reboot options (Reboot, Recovery, Bootloader, Restart systemUI).
    • One click reboot.
    • Global actions selection (Power Off, Reboot, Voice Assist, Settings, Users, Screenshot & Screen recorder, ...).
    • Advanced Silent mode with all Zen modes.
  • Add Leds settings:
    • Allow With screen ON.
    • Disable led according to Zen modes.
    • Notification led color.
    • Notification pulse on and off time.
    • Battery charging led.
    • Charging colors.
    • Low battery pulse color.
    • Low battery pulse on and off time.
  • Add Toast animation.
  • Add Toast icon.
  • Add init.d support.
  • eXistenZ Memory optimizations.
  • Add Assertive Display optimizations.
  • Add eXistenZ Copper Brown theme.
  • A lot of code optimizations.
  • And many more...

eXistenZ Marshmallow v5.1.0

  • Weather isn't hided anymore on lockscreen when an alarm is set.
  • Add disabling of clock and date on lockscreen (Weather, shortcuts and alarms are also hided).

eXistenZ Marshmallow v5.5.0

  • Xperia XZ Stamina with new settings.
  • Xperia XZ Ultra Stamina.
  • Xperia XZ Smart Charger.
  • Xperia XZ Smart Cleaner.
  • Xperia XZ Home Launcher.
  • Xperia XZ Lockscreen analog clock.
  • Xperia XZ Volume dialog.
  • New Lock app in recent panel.
  • New Lockscreen settings:
    • Enable or disable transparent lockscreen clock.
    • Force see through clock.
    • Hide the status bar.
    • Add Status bar clock.
    • Light tint or Dark tint clock.
    • Hide carrier label.
  • Some code improvement.

eXistenZ Marshmallow v5.6.0

  • Xperia XZ Wallpapers.
  • Removed Stamina icon and notification when Stamina is activated.
  • Storage warning threshold set to 95%
  • Add Android N style drawer settings.
  • Add Notifications settings:
    • Background form.
    • Background color.
    • Background transparency.
    • Text color.
  • Removed Multi-Window from systemUI and settings.

eXistenZ Marshmallow v5.6.5

  • Settings force closing while editing color fixed.
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Nov 9, 2013
Brutal... You've done it again... Flashing it this evening as soon as I return home. Really appreciate your work, thanks master

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