[ROM] [MOAR v2.1] [ULTIMATE Note5 Hybrid] [N920PVPS2AOK3] [updated 3/14/2016]

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Dec 8, 2011
I'm running the latest QC1 update (which was OTA), am I eligible for this Rom?

Thanks in advance!
You're on Marshmallow, this ROM is Lollipop. You can still run this ROM but you should downgrade to Lollipop OK1 in order to follow the OP install instructions. Read the install instructions carefully; it's recommended to backup your internal memory keepsakes and wipe it. You could do this before and after stock tar but keep reading to determine if that's what you want to do.

Some may say the very least you should do is downgrade the bootloader to OK1 so you're not losing Wi-Fi connectivity and camera focus. But I only used bootloader downgrade method to restore an existing backup.

Best to follow OP for maximum compatibility.

You can backup your current partitions with TWRP in case you want to return to Marshmallow with TWRP and the bootloader upgrade method. If installing TWRP, just know that flashing a full stock tar will require installing TWRP again. The TWRP thread is in the original development thread for Sprint Note 4. Follow install instructions carefully so stock recovery doesn't restore itself after fishing TWRP. Numerous duplicate posts instruct users complaining of the issue.

There's a bootloader baseband thread in development forum for Sprint Note 4. You'll find the stock tars with md5 for verification in the general thread for Sprint Note 4. These threads could be helpful to easily downgrade or upgrade with TWRP backup restore or having a quick download when flashing full stock tar.

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Oct 3, 2010
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hey guys can someone help me when some calls it sends them to voicemail the a logo popups disable silence mode and dont want to miss calls or cancel . Can someone help with this all my calls are going to voicemail and i received no messages

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Dec 8, 2011
hey guys can someone help me when some calls it sends them to voicemail the a logo popups disable silence mode and dont want to miss calls or cancel . Can someone help with this all my calls are going to voicemail and i received no messages

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Did your follow the OP install instructions, particularly the activation on stock steps? And post ROM install verification?

Debloating may cause issues; freezing unwanted system apps is recommended. You could troubleshoot by defrosting system apps frozen.

Check your phone, voicemail and WiFi settings. You may have to open dialer to see extended call settings in the 3 dot menu options that include voicemail number; not sure on the access, I'm on Marshmallow right now. Verify your voicemail number is correct and that voicemail is setup. Default settings should not interfere with answering calls or voicemail answering service.

Does long press of 1 key in dialer launch voicemail? It should.

Do you have an alternate calling service that forwards unanswered calls to an incorrect number?

Are you using a recommended kernel with this ROM? Sprint subscriber?

Just some things to check. Questions are rhetorical; asking yourself may help to self diagnose the issue.

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    [M]other [O]f [A]ll [R]oms ..aka.. MOAR
    Take control of your phone

    As promised, I bring to you THE Official MOAR ROM for the Sprint Galaxy Note 4! Built from my stock Ultimate Note 5 ROM
    which can be found HERE.
    This is an exact replica of the original MOAR rom developed by @rompnit and @tdunham for the Sprint Galaxy Note 5.
    Please visit the original MOAR rom thread to learn more about this Awesome rom and get the latest updates, tips, help and other useful information.

    The rules for this thread are as follows:​
    1. All port related discussion such as issues, updates and fixes must remain in this thread and not posted in the original N5 thread. This is to keep the original rom's thread clear of needless posts unrelated to the original rom.
    2. All features, tips, guides, theming and other MOAR specific discussions can be done in the original rom thread as long as it does not contain issues or other types of posts that are strictly related to the port rom. Use common sense.

    About ROM:
    This build is based on the stock Sprint OK3 5.1.1 Lollipop build for the N5. It's creators @rompnit and @tdunham have long collaborated with other projects. I have recently joined the team and i'm excited to be a part of a very talented group. Together we can conquer all things that make your smartphones Amazing! I have taken on the task of properly porting and fixing various issues that arise from this type of project. A lot of time and work goes into this rom before the porting process even begun! So please giveThanks here as well as the original thread linked above. We hope you enjoy your MOAR experience!

    • All custom features are controlled through the Moar Control Center application (pictured).
    • Based on Lollipop OK3 firmware // Knox free // ItsOn free
    • Mod Control with a ton of different mods! //
    • On the fly theming // Choose ANY color for a bunch of things!
    • Deodexed // Optimized and debloated apks & jars
    • Build.prop, battery, and CSC tweaks // Smooth as silk performance
    • Hacked Hotspot // Signature verification disabled
    • Modified and working Private Mode
    • PRL write enabled // MSL check removed
    • ASEC package security disabled
    • Device status "Official" // Syscope dependencies removed
    • All apps enabled for Multiwindow // All apps NATIVELY enabled!
    • Music Control // Customizable long press volume skip mod
    • Phone call and screen recording with toggles!
    • Tons of unlocked settings // AppOps permission manager, blocking mode, etc.
    • Modified default Animation Scales
    • High volume warning disabled
    • Wireless charging popup disabled
    • Hotspot wifi warning disabled
    • Application permissions added
    • Scrolling cache disabled
    • Protected features.xml from Xposed writes
    • Torch enabled volume buttons
    • Install from unknown sources enabled as default
    • Custom bootanimation support
    • Unlocked addition volume items
    • Max brightness for statusbar
    • Custom statusbar clock
    • 3minit battery/battery bar/text battery
    • Custom sound levels
    • Call/MMS Blocking
    • Custom carrier texts
    • Toggles for statusbar icons/charging/notifications and more
    • Custom button mappings
    • Back to kill mod
    • Custom extended power menu
    • Customize end call delay
    • Increasing ringtone toggle
    • System backup/restore feature
    • NFC always enabled features
    • Camera modified for use with low battery
    • Custom rotation toggles
    • Custom statusbar backgrounds
    • Custom quickpanel toggle colors
    • Custom quickpanel view settings
    • Mokee Listview Animations
    • Custom two line dateview for pulldown
    • Customizable third button shortcuts for pulldown
    • Fontpack with over a 1000 fonts. Credits @Winb33
    • Custom pulldown backgrounds
    • Next Alarm mod for lock screen
    • Expanded from 2 thru 5 viewable notifications on the lockscreen
    • Centered Lockscreen
    • Pedometer widget added to lockscreen
    • Most lockscreen components colorable
    • Floating Toolbox mod
    • Samsung Keyboard longpress mod - selectable values
    • Dual color volume slider changed to stock when headset plugged in
    • Lockscreen seconds mod
    • Lockscreen stock clock size scaling
    • Xtrememusic with V4A
    • Custom launchers
    • Custom SetupWizard introduction
    • Custom lockscreen clock mod with real numbers
    • Custom backgrounds on SD for ease of user access
    • Fullscreen dialer screen
    • Fullscreen caller screen
    • Aroma installer
    • And much, much, MOAR!

    Added the following apps:
    • Peel Smart Remote ( Why not? The Note 4 has a IR blaster unlike the note 5 )
    • Backup app
    • GifMaker app (is an add-on feature for the stock Samsung photo gallery and can be found in the stock gallery's menu)
    • Samsung fonts package (can be accessed from fonts settings. There's a lot so it takes a few seconds to load them all. when you open fonts settings be patient, they will load)
    • Video Editor full version (I fixed the internal linking from the stock samsung video app so it will take you straight to the video editor when pressing "edit" for a video)

    Added Features:
    • XtremeMusic v7.0 by: @androidexpert35 (insert thread link here)
    • Dolby ATMOS (overrides Samsung SoundAlive in stock Samsung music player as well as system wide audio)

    Known issues: (same as the stock UN5 rom)
    This is the list of known minor issues upon initial release. Some are beyond my control.
    I haven't had time to look at these issues and it's very likely that i will not have them fixed before Marshmallow is released.

    • Sprint Zone will fc during initial rom setup. it is looking for the bloat installer and ID apps which are removed.
    • FM radio is broken (I plan to finish solving this problem in the future as I have a good sense of direction to solve this )

    • [*]World clock tab in the clock app does not work. (I know the cause of this problem and will try to fix it another time)
    • Some Samsung apps (specifically 64bit versions) cannot be updated through Samsung galaxy app store. This is to be expected and they will fail to install. Please consider this before you remove any stock samsung apps!
    • S-View cover doesn't work.
    Did i miss anything? I think that's about it! Please report any issues or bugs if you find something. Also PM me so your report doesn't get overlooked.

    ***v2.1*** Initial release (rom features listed above)

    • Fixed stock samsung audio
    • Fixed highest volume audio bug
    • Fixed stock Samsung SoundAlive (however the bass knob in SoundAlive has a bug where bass will drop if you turn it to the left. Leave it centered for the best results)
    • Made major adjustments to XtremeMusic installation and removal via aroma. It will now work exactly how it needs to work! Removal process will return stock audio exactly as it was originally! This is custom tailored for this rom ONLY. DO NOT FLASH THE OFFICIAL XTREMEMUSIC REMOVAL ZIP!!! IT WILL TOTALLY MESS UP STOCK AUDIO. THAT REMOVAL TOOL WAS NOT DONE CORRECTLY!!! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!!
    • Fixed GPS issue
    • Fixed World Clock
    • Fixed various things in aroma
    • Replaced root package with the same version from UN5 Hybrid rom
    • Updated all apps
    • Added 32bit N4 camera modes
    • Added New options in aroma for N5 & S7 browser and new TW launcher (MM 6dock 5x5 app drawer)
    • Improved scripts in aroma to handle switching between the launchers and browsers. Expect a clean slate when switching between these apps in aroma. There should be no issues now.
    • Streamlined ROM Install section of aroma: Removed ability to skip certain features in aroma during ROM install, making them mandatory selections. This will prevent issues during initial ROM flash, making it more "fool-proof" in the event somebody decides to dirty flash on top of an existing system and in other situations. Once ROM is installed use the "Add/Remove Features" in aroma and you will have no problems.
    • I may have missed something... if so i'll edit this as needed.

    • Fixed MOAR custom launcher not installing when flashing the rom
    • Fixed problem with updating SuperSU and losing root when flashing ad-ons in aroma.
    • Updated Dolby ATMOS (included with XtremeMusic Mod)
    • Added MaxxAudio (included with XtremeMusic Mod)
    • SoundAlive will now be removed when you install XtremeMusic mod (it interferes with other audio mods. It's not needed anyway if you're running better audio mods.)
    • Added options in aroma to install iOS or stock Samsung Emoji (can be found in AddRemove Features AOSP/TW section)
    I think that's it...

    Before you Flash!!!

    Before you flash this rom you absolutely MUST be running the latest OK1 software for the Sprint Note 4 with the latest bootloader as well as having your phone fully activated. While on the stock un-rooted OK1 rom, you will need to go to Settings/System updates and update PRL then update Profile. Reboot your phone and then go to Settings/Activate this device and launch it to properly activate your phone on the sprint network. Once this completes, make sure data, calls and gps works as it should. You must also download the latest TWRP v3.0 and flash it with odin on your PC. Aroma does not work right on older versions of TWRP so please update it before flashing this rom! Warning: DO NOT use Material theme in TWRP! It will cause you to not be able to read any of the text in Aroma. Once everything is activated and working and you have the latest TWRP installed, proceed with the flashing instructions below. If you ignore these requirements please expect issues and don't ask for help until you do these initial steps.

    Note: You can either take the ota updates in order on your phone via OTA updates, or use odin to flash the software in order of release until you are fully updated. OTA updates on your phone are installed differently than odin packages therefore you may only have to take one or two updates to become current. The OTA updates run scripts to patch your current rom unlike odin tar packages that completely write the entire partition replacing everything clean. I will not go into great detail about that here. I have covered this many times in my other threads so if you aren't sure then do some searching here in the Note 4 forums.

    ***Before you flash any rom, please make sure your battery has at least 50% charge***

    Flashing Instructions:
    Lets begin...
    1. Download the rom
    2. Check the MD5!!! Use a MD5 checksum tool on your pc or phone (Google is your friend)
    3. Copy the downloaded rom to your phone's internal storage or micro-sd card
    Note: It has become apparent to me that if you are coming from another custom rom, especially another port rom, that you MUST also wipe your internal storage. Left over data from other roms DO cause major problems! So if you want the best trouble-free experience with this rom, I highly recommend that you backup anything you need from you internal storage and wipe it in recovery. You should do this before placing this rom on your internal storage or else put the rom zip on your micro-sd card.
    4. Backup anything you need to backup from your internal storage and copy it to your pc or sd-card (DO NOT RESTORE BACKED UP APPS! INSTALL THEM FRESH FOR THE BEST TROUBLE-FREE EXPERIENCE!)
    5. Reboot to TWRP 3.0 custom recovery. Press "Wipe". Do the "Factory Reset" several times then go into "Advanced Wipe" options and wipe Dalvic Cache, System, Data, and Cache several times.
    6. Go to recovery home screen and select "Install" and select the rom that you have already copied to your phone in step 3. above.
    7. Flash the rom and the Aroma script will step you through the install process. Just follow the on-screen menu and choose the options you want and install the rom. Once it finishes uncheck the reboot checkbox and let it reboot to recovery. WAIT!!! DO NOT REBOOT YOUR PHONE YET!!!

    ***THE NEXT STEP IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT!!! It is done in order to clear the phone's current battery stats and prepare the phone for proper battery calibration***
    ***If you skip this step you will possibly have incorrect and misread battery capacity by your phone and will result in incorrect battery capacity problems*** Trust me. Do as I say and you will be perfectly fine.

    8. While back in recovery go to the recovery homescreen and select "Reboot" then "Power Off".
    9. With your phone powered off remove your battery. With the battery removed press and hold the power button for AT LEAST 20 seconds then release it.
    10. Replace the battery and power on your phone. If the phone reboots into recovery then simply press "Reboot" then press reboot "System".
    11. The initial boot process will take around 7 minutes. Just be patient. It will boot.
    12. Once the phone has booted and you see the setup wizard screen, select your language then press the botton to continue to the next step. STOP HERE!
    13. Stop at the wifi setup screen!!! Turn wifi off or leave it on, it doesn't matter. But STAY ON THIS SCREEN until your Sprint data has fully connected or else you will
    not be able to sign into your accounts and the setup wizard will not be happy.
    14. Once you have a data connection continue through setup wizard as usual.

    That's it! You're done!

    Enjoy the finest Note 5 port rom there is for the Sprint Samsung Galaxy Note 4! Please post rom feedback and support questions ONLY in this thread. Use the original MOAR thread for other general discussions that are not port related.
    Enjoy your new Hybrid Galaxy!

    Please consider making a kind donation for all of my time and hard work! Just click on the link right above. It is not required but is very much appreciated and it shows me that people do appreciate what I do for the community. Thank you!

    (some credits carried over from the original moar rom thread)​

    @rompnit original Rom Developer​
    @tdunham for the stock deodexed base rom and MOAR development. Thank you!​
    @Chainfire for root and SuperSU. Thank you!​
    @iBotPeaches for the continued development and support of apktool. Thank you!​
    @JesusFreke for smali/baksmali tools! Thank you!​
    @freeza for BeastMode-Kernel-2.2-N910P-RAGE. Thank you!​
    @androidexpert35 for XTREMEMusic v7.0 Thank you!​
    @viper520 V4A ViPER4Android​
    @rlmiller for his tireless support​
    @Goddly for the sound mods​
    @Chaz187 for keeping me sane​
    @willowmaker420 for the custom icons​
    @gharrington for the 3minit battery mod​
    @daxgirl & @Wuby986 for their work on the wonderful Rom Control App [App][Code project][5.0+]Rom Control app for devs​
    @remuntada78 and all the gang in the GALAXY S5 UNIFIED MODS THREAD - GUIDES & LINKS thread​
    @poppuri Full Screen caller mod​
    @thereassaad @androidwizzard Edge Features & Toolbox mods​
    @goody68 Floating Messages mod​
    @Morningstar Notification Panel Lollipop mod​
    @DaRk-L0rD Autostart mod​
    @carotix @stangdriver44 Lockscreen real numbers mod​
    @goddly @sshafranko Sound mods​
    @mrrobinson Adaway​
    @martillero @surghikov lockscreen seconds​
    @millerboy3 for some of the proper N5 apk .9 image conversions. Thank you!​
    @ Myself for being so determined, devoted and persistent with the making of this rom! )​
    If I have missed a credit to somebody please let me know so I can add them to this list!​

    ROM Port Development

    Testing & Troubleshooting team: BIG Thanks!
    (in random order)​

    Follow me on my google hangouts for current and up to date discussions on current and future rom projects! We have fun and talk about anything! Just PM me your gmail address and I can add you to my hangouts. Don't forget to introduce yourself with your XDA username so other people will know who you are. See you there!

    (Latest version will always be at the bottom along with an alphabetical extension)​

    XDA:DevDB Information
    MOAR 2.1 OK3 Port, ROM for the Sprint Samsung Galaxy Note 4

    tx_dbs_tx, @rompnit @tdunham
    ROM OS Version: 5.1.x Lollipop
    ROM Kernel: Linux 3.10.x
    ROM Firmware Required: N910PVPS4COK1
    Based On: SPR-N910PVPS4COK1-20151209172046 / N920PVPS2AOK3_N920PSPT2AOK3_SPR

    Version Information
    Status: Stable
    Current Stable Version: 2.1
    Stable Release Date: 2016-03-06

    Created 2016-03-06
    Last Updated 2016-03-20
    I have MOAR 2.1a ready but I have to fix the gps problem before i can upload it. I am working on the gps problem and it is my #1 priority right now. Please be patient.

    In the meantime, i have uploaded the new UN5 1.1 rom in the other thread. A new changelog is in the OP that lists the fixes, etc.

    Just a quick update on what I've been working on for those who aren't in my google hangout...
    I have been working on my new N5 Marshmallow port rom. I have no plans to continue working on this Lollipop N5 port once I get the Marshmallow N5 port going. This is the status as of right now. I have been putting all of my spare time into this N5 marshmallow port and it has new and unique challenges. Thanks for the support.
    FYI. Although this is MOAR v2.1, it is technically still v1.0 for the port. So if there happens to be a significant issue that needs to be fixed, i will edit any future releases with an alphabetical extension Ex. Ultimate_Note5_Hybrid_Moar-ROM_v2.1a.zip... Ultimate_Note5_Hybrid_Moar-ROM_v2.1b.zip, and so on. That's IF there is a need. Also, if and when the original MOAR rom gets updated and if i do port it, the version number of the original rom will be reflected on the port rom as well. But I can't guarantee i will port any future builds. There's just too many variables for me to make that commitment. But i will try. Enjoy the rom!