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[ROM][MOD]OnePlus One Official AOSP Unofficially flappified! v4.4.4 Updated 9/1/14

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Senior Member
Nov 16, 2011
I tried installing AOSP stock one and this one, I am getting successful installation but as and when home screen comes the phone gets rebooted everytime. Any solution guys [emoji21]


Senior Member
Sep 7, 2011
Northern Ireland
It doesn't. This ROM basically turns your phone into a Nexus 5.

It does work on the N5 though.

Most likely not as this really is an incomplete bare bones version of aosp

Yeah probably the reason why it doesn't work any chance of adding it?

Side note swell the gravity box that comes pre-installed won't update to a newer version guess I should just use root to pull it as a system app and re-install?


Senior Member
Apr 8, 2009
Somewhere, FL
It does work on the N5 though.

Yeah probably the reason why it doesn't work any chance of adding it?

Side note swell the gravity box that comes pre-installed won't update to a newer version guess I should just use root to pull it as a system app and re-install?

I would be able to add features if OnePlus released more than just kernel source. They claim their device trees etc are all proprietary. So when/if they release anything more than kernel source, what we have is what we have


Senior Member
Feb 17, 2011
Ah that would be awesome man. I love this stock rom so I can use 100% gravity box but like I said i miss double tap to wake so much

This rom is rocking but I agree only thing I am missing is double tap to wake .. Otherwise I can rely on gravity box for basic tweaks. Only bug I noticed is after turning off hotshot, WiFi is broken. You have to restart to make it work. That's it . Other than that all good

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    What this is:
    Official OnePlus AOSP CWM/TWRP Flashable .zip for the OnePlus One Unofficially Modified by me
    This is OnePlus' very vanilla AOSP build with a few tweaks and fixes.
    It will not goof up your baseband or recovery. I removed those items.
    I may add more features in the future. We shall see!
    Original thread with kernel source link

    Vanilla build of AOSP 8/23 Build by OnePlus One Developers
    Improved installer(Should have no issues at all installing this)
    Rooted - SuperSU
    XPosed Framework Installer
    APNs added so your data should be enabled by default(You shouldn't have to manually put in APN now)
    Does NOT flash baseband/modem
    Does NOT flash recovery

    MTP data transfer enabled by default
    Minimal GApps included (Play Store and Search)
    Stock Launcher3 replaced with Google Now Launcher
    CM Keyboard and browser replacing stock AOSP items
    CM 11s CameraNext as well as stock AOSP camera(Now includes 13mp support)
    Other minor odds and ends I forget... It was late so cut me some slack!

    1. Download to your device (OnePlus One ONLY)
    2. Reboot to recovery (TWRP2 Preferred and known to work)
    3. Do a backup
    4. Wipe data/Factory Reset (If you manually wipe the system partition, YOU MUST reboot recovery or it will error)
    5. Install the ROM zip file in recovery(Install bigger GApps package if you like but not required)
    6. Reboot
    7. Install and enable Xposed and GravityBox with the included Xposed installer and reboot again
    8. Come back to this thread and complain

    Download AndroidFileHost Mirror Here
    Download DevHost Mirror Here
    Download goo.im Mirror Here
    Download rootdev.org Mirror Here
    signed_aosp-One-ota-20140823-FJ9.zip md5sum = 6da14cb53b940f738ffd18658c140dd7

    Google for Android
    OnePlus for their awesome device and determination to be different
    Chainfire for SuperSU
    rovo89 for XPosed Framework
    TxRedneck for the build machine
    Everyone else in the world even the flaming douchies out there... now I haven't forgotten anyone :D

    Q: This won't flash on my phone...HALP!!! WHY???
    A: I don't know. Give me some info like what rom is currently installed. What custom recovery are you using and what version?? I use official TWRP2 and it has worked fine for me every single time!
    *If you have manually wiped your system partition, you absolutely must reboot recovery or it will error*

    Updated to latest official build by OnePlus developers compiled on 8/23/14
    Updated Gravity Box
    Improved/faster installer, should have no issues flashing this
    Changed default wallpaper
    Various other bug fixes

    Updated to latest official build by OnePlus developers
    Reduced file size by about 100mb
    Minimal GApps instead of full GApps included
    Updated Gravity Box
    Included shipped camera as well as CM11s camera

    Initial release
    possible to build anot rom without gapps in?

    I can't promise anything but if I get time I will see what I can do. As well I am working on something even better so stay tuned!! :D

    Sent from A VAN DOWN BY THE RIVER!
    Added another download mirror!
    This will flash on whichever models are compatible with the ROM posted in the original thread. I've only flashed it on my own 64GB International version

    Sent from my One using XDA Premium 4 mobile app