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Feb 19, 2011
I've been using AOCP 4.4 captivate version on an old cappy. It works great and has excellent battery. Was looking forward to skyrocket version, but it won't download. Please fix link. Thanks

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    We Are Proud To Introduce Our Latest Efforts.
    AoCP 6

    Its a new source that we have put together based from CM.
    And we have thrown in our own modification.
    It is Android Open Collective Project.

    Its the First of many for many.

    We would like to Thank:
    Google for the base
    -> Cyanogen-mod, all other Android open source project teams
    for all the time, and efforts into showing us the way.
    And lets not forget the work on the lovely mods included here.
    With out you, our eyes would still be closed.

    This Is Android 4.3
    This is compiled from source.
    It is for i727

    Change LOG
    [ChangeLog 6.2]
    Add HALO Mods
    Change to Nexus 7 Transition Animations
    Add "Active Display"
    Include Sunlight Mode
    Fix holoLight theme when adding contacts to shortcut.
    Fix White on White in QuickContacts
    Added carrier text custom mod (user defined)
    updated APNs
    Fixed Icons For Sprint devices
    Remove redundant Krait optimizations
    Updated Filtershow
    Fix Pageview out of bounds
    Add Nexflix hack
    Network Provisioning update
    updated Bluetooth
    Add storage to array, and address some settings writes
    Add quick tile setting mod
    Update Music FX
    Add G+Photo icon to AoCP icon pack
    Various code clean up*

    [ChangeLog 6.0]
    Updated to Android 4.3
    Add sidebar
    New statusbar color changer mod
    New Square battery mod from CRT60
    Halo has been updated to support user defined color.
    ( it is very suttle and only changes the otter ring)
    New HALO icon from Ruger94.
    Set individual notifications in Contacts
    Advanced Camera functions
    Collective Icon Pack
    Call Black-list
    Animated quicktiles
    Pie functions w/ search key
    Alarm support of indivual selectable ringtone
    Notification row transparency
    User defined colors for Circle and Square battery
    Center clock and date
    User defined clock color
    User defined Statusbar color and transparency
    User defined Custom notification drawer background
    CM Privacy guard
    QuietTime, user defined phone silence timeout.
    (not to be mistaken for CM's QuietHours, this is completely diffrent)

    [Changelog 5.9.5]
    More custom hardware key actions
    Updated Dashclock to latest version
    Updated wallpapers
    Added MIUI sound recorder
    Updated kernel

    [Changelog 5.9]

    Many memory leak fixes
    Added some optimizations
    Added the ability to set individual notifications
    Added HALO support (Download from Google Play)

    [ChangeLog 5.8
    Add Hands free Capture Modes:
    - Voice Shutter: Voice triggered snapshots
    If one of the pre-specified hotwords is detected, fire the shutter
    and take a picture
    Add Smart Capture
    This adds ability to capture Photo/Video using the
    ambient light sensor on the phone. Hence alleviating the
    need to touch the device and cause movement in the
    *updated qcom-common
    Update files
    Allow sending/receiving of APK files over bluetooth
    Remove opaque check in GLRenderer
    Frameworks & SystemUI - additional DC-HSPAP support
    fix typo
    set notifaction number attribute for missed calls
    set notifaction number attribute for missed messages
    IconPack Added
    updated Linaro toolchain to 1304
    *Kernel MSM8660
    Bring in line with cms latest commit to try and
    fix rendom reboots and other issues

    [ChangeLog 5.6]

    Added animated quicktiles
    Added basic pie functions
    Added enable navbar to prop modder
    Added new Att apn
    Added the ability to change text color on quicktiles
    Updated the weather sync

    [ChangeLog 5.5.5 - incremental testing build]
    Added auto resize to text for quick toggles
    Added AoCP themeing to the slider lockscreen
    Fixed some "missed coloring with my crayola crayon" on android keyboard
    Fixed "Fix force close of hsupa" even tho no one seemed to notice it was broke
    Updated to bring inline cm10.1 - browser

    [Changelog 5.5]
    Added Quicktiles row count
    Added Advanced Reboot enabled by default
    Added notification row transparency
    Added HDR Camera mod

    [Change log 5.4]
    Added prop modder
    Merged audio call patch

    [Changelog 5.3]
    Added circle battery user select color
    Added center clock
    Added user select clock color
    Added built in weather
    Added dashclock
    Added user select custom notification drawer background
    Added Aspire launcher
    New theme support modifications
    Updated kernel
    Improvements closing null pointer exception faults

    1. Factory Data reset
    2. Install Zip from Sdcard
    3. Flash Gapps
    5. Wipe Dalvik cache
    6. Boot system
    7. Enter google info
    8. Enjoy while resisting the urge to fistpump like an idiot!

    Thank you and enjoy our work.


    Download the Gapps from your favorite location

    :pPlease Download AoCP HERE


    SigBanner for anyone who just wants to sport one attached to post!

    LiquidSmooth for the propmodder source
    Cyanogen-mod - For paving the way - and the gerrit review
    Team Kang - For the source
    TheCollective Team
    ruger94 and Fezzy102--for compiling apks in for me while i was doing other mods and apps.
    ee23hd2-- for themeing and providing apps i wanted done but couldn't find the time for.
    flappjaxx for the revised source code for the ota. and kernel source!
    joedv for starting the ota to begin with.
    ChameleonOS for original code for appbar
    Reserve AllDay Long!
    Ya'll be share to thank crt60 for all the long hours he put in on this. With out him this wouldn't be here now.

    I will do change log tomorrow.
    I gotz a major migraine.
    Get it from the OP or the OTA.
    Y'all have a great night.


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    Look for me tonight around in about 8 hours from the time of this post.

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    The skyrocket may receive a new build today. Just gotta check with CRT on it.

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