[ROM] MOONRAKER v7.0 | INFINITE edition | Full Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0.4 | DHD\4G


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Jan 17, 2013
Rom details

Complete IceCreamSandwich 4.0.4
Beautiful and modern
Very Stable and Fast
base AOSP master
Android Version 4.0.4
Final release
Best sound quality
Bitdefender Full
Camera Jelly Bean 4.x.x
xperia Movie and Album
Sense 5 Theme
Facebook Home v1.1
Google Home KitKat
Motorola HomeScreen
Beautiful and modern
Keybord 4.2.2 AOSP
live wallpaper Galaxy s 3 Jelly Bean

Supported Devices

Desire HD & Inspire 4G


MoonRaker v3.0

[COLOR="Red"][B][FONT="Arial"]v 7.0[/FONT][/B][/COLOR]

[B][FONT="Arial"]added kernel lordmodUEv10.0-ICS-BFS
added ability to update applications
added ability to remove programs
fixed the problem of failing and unstable font icons
add a lot of modules
performance improved
added and fixed Launcher motorola
youtube last version work
fixed Google Home KitKat
added xperia Home
fixed Facebook Home v1.1
added and fix sony ericsson permissions XML
added and fix sony ericsson framework JAR
added and fix xperia lib

orginal app, not update. not uninstall

add Facebook Home v1.1
add Document Viewer
add Moto AtLauncher
add Moto HomeScreen
add Dhd Proximity Recalibrator
add Lost Alarm
add WiFi xManager
add PhotoWidget
add xperia PhotoEditor
add xperia Video
add xperia SocialEngineCore
add xperia engineFacebookPlugin
add xperia Album
add xperia Movie
add xperia wallpaper 
add xperia ClockWidgets
add xperia MusicWidget
add xperia NoteWidget
add xperia OnOffTools
add xperia RecentCallsWidget
add xperia SemcNote
add xperia torch
add xperia WeatherWidget
add xperia WallpaperPicker

Ability to list, update. uninstall

add Google Home KitKat
add Bitdefender AntiTheft
add Bitdefender Clueful
add Bitdefender IQ Finder
add Bitdefender Mobile Security
add Bitdefender Parental Control
addBitdefender Safebox
add Bitdefender Smart Battery
add Bitdefender TuneUp
add Bitdefender USSD Wipe Stopper
add ae Player
add Apex Launcher
add Clean Master
add Clock JB plus
add ES File Explorer
add FaceBook
add FaceBook Messenger
add Flash Playerics
add Gmail
add Google Maps
add Google PlayMusic
add Google PlayStore
add Google QuickSearch
add GoPower Master
add GoPower Master ProKey
add side bar MA
add Smart Rotate
add Sound Hound +
add Spirit Free
add Voice Search
add YouTube OG
add chainfire PerfMon
add Defrag +
add Easy Tether
add Fast RebootPro
add Loader Droid
add Mi Xplorer
add Super Beam
add Performance Tuner

remove Apollo
remove orginal Launcher Ics
remove DeskClockIcs

and many more.....[/FONT][/B]

[COLOR="Red"][B]v 6.0[/B][/COLOR]

[B][FONT="Arial"][COLOR="Red"]v 5.0[/COLOR]

Change all the icons and icon miui & sense 5
remove OTA updater on settings

Added and Fixed Inspire 4G MOD
Added new updater-script
Added new update-binary

edit  boot
Improved apollo music 
Fixed latinimegoogle.so

Added FaceBook app
Added and Improved FacebookHome
Added and Improved FaceBookMessenger
optimize Facebook Messenger with Chat heads & SMS 

Zipalign all apk
optimize all apks

Fixed icon miui
Fixed icon sense 5
Fixed Bootanimations
Fixed and Improved Settings

update flash player 11
update file explorer miui 

Added and Fixed android keybord 4.2.2 aosp
Added and Fixed DeepSea live wallpaper Galaxy s 3 JB
Added and Fixed LuminousDots live wallpaper Galaxy s 3 JB
Added and Fixed PhotoWall live wallpaper Galaxy s 3 JB
Added and Fixed SecDandelion live wallpaper Galaxy s 3 JB

Added clock jb+
Added Sound Hound
Added SpiritFree
Added new wallpaper for launcher ics
Added  snapdagon Advertising video on sdcard

[COLOR="Red"]v 4.1[/COLOR]

Fix the signal bar
Signal change based on signal strength[/B][/FONT]

[FONT="Arial"][B][COLOR="Red"]v 4.0[/COLOR]
 Fixed and Improved on and off screen
 Fixed and Improved auto-clear screen
 Fixed and Improved Kindle screen long
 Fixed and Improved sorting and continued on and off screen
 Fixed and Improved on and off screen while charging 85% to 100% 

 Added new wallpaper for launcher ics

 camera Jelly Bean 4.x.x 
 Fixed and Improved video quality hd 720p
 Fixed and Improved video qualitysd 480p
 Fixed camera Panorama Jelly Bean
 Improved picture size 8mp 5-3-2-1.3-1mp-vga
 Fixed focus mode auto
 Fixed focus mode infinity
 Fixed touch focus
 Fixed lib file camera Jelly Bean 
 Fixed camera Jelly Bean
 Added camera Jelly Bean
 Fixed soundbooster
 Fixed stream headset
 Fixed stream speaker 
 Fixed eqfilter
 Improved beatsnormal
 Improved beatsbass
 Improved ibeatspro
 Improved ibeatsstudio
 Improved ibeats x
 Improved ibeats solo 
 Fixed audioeffectif  
 Added soundfx  
 Added and Fixed musicFX   
 Added and Fixed dolbyMobile
 Added and Fixed audioEffectService
 Fixed awesomeBEATS
 Added awesomeBEATS white icon

 Added browser 4.0.4
 Added galaxyS4Wallpaper Fixed to 960x960
 Removed all added other programs 

 [COLOR="Red"]v 3.0[/COLOR]
 Kernel aospx 
 edit boot rom 
 Improved Kernel 
 edit build.prop 
 edit updater-script 
 fixed bluetooth 
 fixed wi-fi 
 removed aroma Installer 
 removed youtube not work

 Camera ICS 4.0.4
 720p video recording 6.0 mb
 720x480 video recording 4 mb
 Increased video recording quality
 Improved framerate stability
 8mp picture quality high
 Image Encoding quality 95
 Improved Quality of Images

 [COLOR="Red"]v 2.0[/COLOR]
 New instal
 AROMA Installer
 ADDED SCRIPT for aroma
 v aroma 2.51.120810.026
 Keybord farsi
 FARSI full support
 automatic zipalign
 custom bootanimation
 added new LatinIME.apk
 better 3d and benchmark
 added 17 picture wallpaper
 better sd card performance
 free ram 300 m up to 350 m
 small Changes In build.prop
 Kernel-LorDmodUE v10.1-ICS-CFS
 increased wifi scan rate to 50
 added flash player v11.1.115.36
 added clock jb and two new clock
 better camera image and video record

 [COLOR="Red"]v 1.5[/COLOR]

 Edit Kernel
 Edit Camera
 Edit Trebuchet
 Edit LauncherIcs
 Edit framework-res

 [COLOR="Red"]v 1.0[/COLOR]
 Initial ReleaseIcs 4.0.4[/B][/FONT]

Kernel details


v3.0 v4.0 v5.0[/FONT]

No Bug
The latest version does not have any bug

How to install

download ROM and place it on your SD card
boot your phone in recovery mode (vol down + power)
In main menu, select "install zip from sdcard"
Select "choose zip from sdcard" and browse to the location of ROM
After flashing process is complete, reboot the device

(((( Very Important Note))))
To complete the installation without any problems
it is better to manually do a full wipe ROM is fully optimized
***Rom the first boot takes 4.15 minutes or more...***


Full Wipe & Easy Wipe by mero01

For HTC Desire HD S-OFF ---> [TOOL] One click ENG S-OFF
For HTC Inspire 4G S-OFF ---> [GUIDE]Inspire 4G, Rooting, Flashing, Softbrick, Fixes, Sideloading
Radio S-OFF in order to flash new radio ---> [TOOL][VIDEO] One click Radio S-OFF, SimUnlock (Easy Root Guide)
4EXT Touch Recovery by madmaxx82

auto-rotate screen
MoonRaker version 5.0 down
MENU button displays the menu options above
Then we went into the preferences menu options general option in.
Do not see the auto-rotate screen option

Important Note


If you enjoy rom MOONRAKER
If you want to say "Thanks
ways to show your support to the developer. You can:

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2.Sharing policy

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I used the graphic issues, particularly the monopoly banners designed for me.
Other parts of my job is going to be used by others without permission
Please let me keep my theme unique design.

Inform me about using my work by sending me a message XDA or Facebook.
I do not have permission, just let me know.
I'm sure you can do something much better quality


If you have any questions about the ROM or anything else .....
Subject to relax and put my related post on Xda or Facebook
According to the daily problems of life may be slow to answer questions, so

please be patient

I'll try to give you best answer as soon as possible
I spend extra time on my ROM cooking time.......

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Special Thanks

Flow-Wolf for review youtube
sszemtelen for Desire HD user bars
lmk263To bring up the signal problem v4.0


Desire HD\Inspire 4G

INFINITE edition
Download: MR v7.0 INFINITE
Released: Fri - 2014 09 May 03:20:00
MD5 Sum: 606cb9b7b9a9e946cd08f7c3351828cb

Latest version
Download: MOONRAKER v5.0 Full ics 4.0.4
Released: 2013-08-06 14:31:38
MD5 Sum: 213828fee47cdfb36a24fe334e38316e

Previous versions

Only Desire HD
Download: MoonRaker 4.1 small updates
Released: 2013-06-08 17:43:47
MD5 Sum: 260cb8cda641ea0faa0ea429de6c92e4

Download: MOONRAKER v4.0
Released: 2013-06-04 13:50:51
MD5 Sum: e7b4996673eeea5549c4d71eeb653523

Download: MOONRAKER v3.0
Released: 2013-02-26 14:39:51
MD5 Sum: 78cab4cf8c3a39f2c173f8f16d67d1e1

Fixed youtube for all version rom moonraker Desire HD + Inspire 4G
Download: Youtube for Rom MOONRAKER
Released: 2013-08-08 14:10:11
MD5 Sum: cced6e8c9ba61ed0bed8a69496e71399

Only Inspire 4G
For moonraker v3.0 and moonraker v.4
Download: MOD For Inspire 4G
Released: 2013-03-03 05:50:20
MD5 Sum: 147cf244ec732f170b0fcc4e33a79ff4

Tp Productions 2009-2014



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Apr 12, 2011
Did you mean "high quality" in the title?
Although english isn't my mother tongue, "high quietly" doesn't make much sense.

May I ask why you decided to offer an ICS ROM? I personally liked ICS but it never really ran as smooth as JB did - nonetheless I think I'll give it a shot ;)
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Jan 17, 2013
Did you mean "high quality" in the title?
Although english isn't my mother tongue, "high quietly" doesn't make much sense.

May I ask why you decided to offer an ICS ROM? I personally liked ICS but it never really ran as smooth as JB did - nonetheless I think I'll give it a shot ;)
I'm sorry
This entry was written 02:16 am:silly:
For this problem, there

I think the old ROM better and have fewer bugs:confused:
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Apr 12, 2011
I'm sorry
This entry was written 02:16 am:silly:
For this problem, there

I think the old ROM better and have fewer bugs:confused:
You might have a point there :D
Especially considering that my desire hd yet again went into bootloop after rebooting for no reason while not using :-/
Though I trust the developers will get rid of this ;)
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Mar 10, 2011
hi, it is a great rom that very very fast~ i love it thanks!!!
one question about the lockscreen, can i change the lockscreen shortcut? if yes, where to set?
thanks again
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