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[ROM] Mostly Blurless Gingerbread


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May 10, 2010
With all the information I got in this community I've cooked up my own ROM. I decided to share it, maybe someone would like it.

I am no dev, so this isn't actually a true custom ROM.

What I've done:

  • I've flashed the latest Gingerbread leak
  • I rooted it
  • I installed Defy Bootmenu
  • I installed Busybox
  • I installed GApps (including new Talk with voice/video chat - working)
  • I deleted BLUR social capabilities

I haven't done anything fancy, such as overclocking/undervolting, multitouch enablers etc. If you want those, you should use MS2Ginger from Walter79... Or you can install those options by yourself offcourse :)

If you'd like the stock Gingerbread ROM from Moto, but without the "social" capabilities, I've got this option for. I'm not exactly planning on supporting it too much (Gonna take a holiday and preparing for final year of study...)

However I might try to get rid of annoying bugs if they occur. The Euro key doesn't work by the way. I know that but I forget to fix it every time :D

As far as I can tell everything works fine on my UK Milestone 2.


  1. Extract the archive on your SDCard: sdcard/clockworkmod/backup/DeBlurred
  2. Reboot in CWM (Via BootMenu you should choose custom recovery)
  3. Go to backup and restore
  4. Go to restore
  5. Select the folder which contains the Nandroid: /sdcard/clockworkmod/backup/DeBlurred
  6. Confirm installation
  7. Wipe dalvik-cache
  8. Reboot
If you're already on Rooted Gingerbread, you could only restore the system.img from the download.

By the way: even though it isn't necessary, I suggest a cache wipe from Motorola Recovery after you've installed the Nandroid. If you don't, the first boot might take a while and some compatibility issues might occur, as this ROM has Blur completely disabled.

Note to FroYo users:

You can't simply install this Nandroid and expect your Milestone 2 to boot! It will not work that way.

If you're on FroYo you should do the following after wiping the dalvik cache(Step 7):

  1. Reboot into Bootloader mode
  2. Flash FixedSBF: http://www.multiupload.com/KL6LSHIRCS
  3. After this the phone will reboot automatically. First boot can take a long while if you didn't wipe data/cache.
Thanks to walter79, r2beta0, dangpzanco, Endless7 and everyone else who helped me cook this up :)

Btw: Everything you do is on own risk :D Have fun!

Changelog said:
  • Translated some Blur apps (Thanks to walter79)
  • SHOP4ALL shortcut in app drawer replaced with Android Market (Thanks to spear1403)
  • Remove Moto Input Method Completely
  • Add extra dictionaries to Multitouch keyboard
  • Remove loose blur social apps
  • Settings.apk with TTS settings (Thanks to stargo and n3ptun3)
  • Undervolt by default. Change settings in /system/bootmenu/init.d/99overlock (in case of trouble or if you'd like to tweak it ;) )

  • Deodexed, optimized and zipaligned
  • Fixed hardware camera button
  • Bootmenu and SU updated
  • Installed Overclock kernel modules.
  • Upgraded Android Market

  • Initial Release
Known Issues said:
  • When dialing in or out, sometimes Chinese characters appear in Dialer screen.
  • Sometimes when being called, the phone can't link the number of the incoming phone call with someone in the contacts list. E.g. the number +31612345678 isn't recognized as the 0612345678, even though it's the same.


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Dec 27, 2010
I think you don't need to do a full data wipe (even when upgrading from froyo), a Dalvik cache wipe is just fine. Wipe some buggy apps data if they are force closing or reinstall them.

@Milestone 2 (Finnaly on Gingerbread!)


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May 10, 2010
@will5: Yes, I used the Build.prop edit to deactivate Blur. Most of the Blur Social apps also have been removed, except for exchange, yahoo and e-mail.

With a clean install you'll get to choose which of those accounts you want to add.

A clean install used about 150MB after boot. Right now I've got 15 apps installed and now it uses about 210MB of RAM

@imakdevries: You can try! Booting might take a while in that case and you might find that some apps/configuration doesn't work well, but that shouldn't be the case.

If it doesn't work, you can do a factory reset, after which your phone will boot this ROM clean.


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May 10, 2010
I have added an installation guide to the OP.

As for your question about framework-res.apk: this ROM will completely overwrite MS2Ginger, including framework-res.apk.

It will revert back to the way Motorola intended (sans Blur Social capabilities offcourse ;) )


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Sep 15, 2007
I didnt understand pretty well the way morelocale works. It only shows english and chinese, but you can enter PT, FR, SP and languages changes (partially). it's the proper way to use morelocale or im missing something?
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Mar 6, 2011
No, you have to flash the GB fixed SBF after restoring the nandroid.
Edit: You don't need to do a factory reset, just wipe Cache and Dalvik Cache

@Milestone 2 (Finnaly on Gingerbread!)
hahahahaha late... I did the factory reset... for now 0 problems... Of course, thank you for the help :D
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