[ROM] Motorola Blur OS- V0.6 (Beta) [UPDATED - 10/11 - 10:45pm MountainTime]

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Jul 7, 2009
i wonder if this rom gonna kill MoCaDo and ZeroXd ROM cuzz their ROM are pretty damn fast for daily use. hope its the one imma stick with for more than a week Drizzy you the ****!
not only good songs but good at cooking roms too ;) haha

Props to all the Devs who makes Hero possible on G1!!


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Jul 28, 2009
damn just when i've finished setting up JAC's 1.7r2 for my liking ... yet another build come's up o_O i guess i can never make a day without flashing a rom


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Sep 16, 2007
New Jersey
hmmm, the linked file and the file in the directory have the same url yet the link only takes u to the list of devs...before anyone complains just click drizzy's name and go to ddr-Hero-v1.0.zip for ur download...he'll fix it in time.
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    hey drizzy i found a bug a wierd one i dont think anyone is having this problem

    i have the gps location but only when i use edge i cant get my loc on 3g any fix for this ???
    Is everyone else experiencing the setup part to be very slow? I'm still adding my social networks, and emails in the setup.

    Yeah. Dog slow.