[ROM][MOVED] ICS 4.0.4 BCM RC4.1U2 GSM/CDMA <2012-07-03> (Bravo CM9 HWA)

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Oct 19, 2010
Google Pixel 3 XL
Google Pixel 6
Are there any flashable themes for this rom? Theme Chooser is great but i dont see any reason to have alot of themes when just one kickass flashable would do the trick.. ;) thanks


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Any idea regarding my issue?
Try this in adb shell:

mkdir -p /data/tigps/{aiding,etc,logs}

Also, under location settings, make sure gps source is set to internal. L

Could this solve my problem?
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Sep 6, 2011
can someone recommend good cpu-frequencies?

now i use and are very happy with:

NORMAL - SMARTASSV2 - 245-1075
SLEEP - SMARTASSV2 - 245-806


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Feb 8, 2011
I know, but I still was hoping that there was coming a CM9 for the desire.

This Rom you are posting this in, the BCM. IS CM9. We have it. It's might not be official but it's the same CM9 as for other officially supported phones. And the tweaks and mods by DK is so we can use it and make it faster and more smooth.


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May 24, 2011
Hi, I apologize in advance if I'm asking a question already made​​: there is way/ tricks/settings to extend battery life? Until the screen is off consumption seems normal, but when switched on the charge falls fast and is a real pain. I guess I'm not the only one to have encountered this behavior, in which case some kind soul can share the best solution? Thank you.


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May 16, 2010
I've been using this for around a week now and I get a couple of random reboots a day, I searched this thread and only found mention of the radio possibly causing a problem. I was using a really old radio, I then flashed the one prior to the latest radio as people had said the latest radio could be the cause of the reboots.

No change, any ideas? :eek:


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Aug 6, 2006

I don't know if it is a harware or a software issue but I can't use my phone with my car's BT in car entertainment system.

I can BT to the hands free kit and it works, but when I try and stream music to the speakers as if they were ADP2 headphones I get no sound at all.

The handset recognizes the car as a headset with phone and media functionality but there is no sound produced. Any ideas? Anyone else have this issue?

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    - Ice Cream Sandwich from CM9 Source


    Special Credits to
    • cayniarb, Rapmv78, rmcc, shaky156 & texasice/drewis and more.
      Also to the CyanogenMod team whose source this ROM is based on.

      Any donations should go to the people on this list.

    Also thanks to
    • Meaple and xxsashixx for hosting download mirrors
    • BigWhoop for lending me time on a much faster compile server

    • If your phone boots fine the first time after flashing the ROM, but get stuck on boot after the first reboot. Remove battery or press "Vol-down+trackpad+power" and hard-reboot the phone. After this it should work just fine.

    Missing Features
    • Stable Video Recorder (The correct hack works, but needs a bit of work)
    • The CM9 source is still under development. Some things will be missing, and others might at times be unstable. Do not post questions about missing CM stuff or empty settings placeholders. And remember that this ROM, like the source it's based on, is not a final release.

    Bug Reporting
    • This is how you do a proper report on a problem. Do not go to the thread and write "My phone does not work". It is useless information that can be used for absolutely nothing other than for us to respond "To bad".

      Instead you should provide proper information about what your issue is about, how/when it happened and possibly provide a logcat and/or partition/mount information when this seams needed.

      We do not have access to your device, we cannot see what you see, so without proper information we have no way of knowing or finding out what caused your problem. Only you have the possibility of accessing the necessary information.

    Known issues
    • Device seams ded. It does not wake when pressing the buttons?
      1. Go to Settings->Performance->Processor and change Governor to SmartassV2
    • Certain apps does not show in app drawer?
      1. Go to app settings, locate your missing app, force close, delete data/cache and reboot.
      2. Type "fix_permissions" and reboot.
    • Some google apps gives permission problems?
      1. Look for a notification about granting permission, grant this and restart the app. Some times 2 or 3 restarts are needed.
    • Market download problems?
      1. Open app settings. Go to Market, force close, clear data/cache, reboot to recovery, clear dalvik-cache.
    • Market payment problems?
      1. Delete your credit card information for your google account and re-add them.

    • This ROM needs at least 180mb on the /system partition. Best choice would be AplhaRev Data++ as it leaves some space on /data as well.

    • Do not restore app data from old Gingerbread backups (APK's are OK but not the app related data)
    • Titanium backup can produce problems when used to restore apps. Make sure that this is not the case before writing bug reports
    • Do NOT setup your sdcard (Fat32) partition using CWM Recovery. This will produce a lot of different problems along the way do to a bug in the recovery. Use 4EXT Recovery instead
    • The sd-ext partition should be no more than max 1.5GB in size. More than this can produce issues

    A2SD Scripts
    • Mounts2SD
      • This is a highly costimizeable script that is made to work with any type of device with any type of ROM. It comes with both shell controlls and a GUI Settings menu with the native settings of this ROM

        You can use the commad "m2sd <command> <value>" to alter configurations from the shell. Use "m2sd help" to get all available options.

        The GUI Settings menu can be located at Settings->Performance->Mounts2SD

        Mounts2SD Home


    Kernel & Ramdisk
    • If you flash another kernel, do not flash an entire boot.img but only zImage. Otherwise you will break Wifi among other things as this ROM is build with custom modifications to the dhcpcd control which is build-in to the ramdisk.

    KSM Memory Management
    • Do to heavy memory load with OpenGL support, it is recommended to activate KSM to reduce the memory usage and avoid problems like random reboots.

      This is done by going to "Settings"->"Performance"->"Memory Management" and check "Kernel samepage merging"

      You can also activate zRam if you still encounter low RAM issues

    Git Repository

    ROM Downloads
    • RC4.1 Update 2 [BCM-RC4.1U2.zip] (Jul 3, 2012) (MD5: e36b5cb7abfb5048574466e1765c9a81)
      1. [Default Mirror] SourceForge.net
      2. [Hosted Mirror by Meaple] Comming...
      3. [Hosted Mirror by xxsashixx] Comming...

    • RC4.0 Update 1 [BCM-RC4.0U1.zip] (Jun 15, 2012) (MD5: 10e6ac19dc06b7a99b3aa6aed6e354c0)
      • You will also need to flash the old ril libs after flashing the ROM. Otherwise you might get mobile connection problems. After downloading the ril patch above, click the button to get access to the ROM download.

      1. [Default Mirror] SourceForge.net

    • RC4.0 Update 0 [BCM-RC4.0U0.zip] (Jun 09, 2012) (MD5: 737da6b714027d9c59cd5d39a54e628b)
      1. [Default Mirror] SourceForge.net
      2. [Hosted Mirror by Meaple] Viperbravo.info
      3. [Hosted Mirror by xxsashixx] Onedroid.net
      • CPU Governor might be set to USERSPACE during first boot. Change it to Ondemand or SmartasV2 to avoid laggy ROM!!!
    • RC3.7 Update 0 [BCM-RC3.7U0.zip] (Jun 01, 2012) (MD5: ebc9e10cec5db88faa34e5ff29e3ef31)
      1. [Default Mirror] SourceForge.net
      2. [Hosted Mirror by Meaple] Viperbravo.info
      3. [Hosted Mirror by xxsashixx] Onedroid.net
      If you get Market Issues, try flashing the CACHEFIX
    • RC3.6 Update 1 [BCM-RC3.6U1.zip] (May 29, 2012) (MD5: 5700b85346df85724b0560e72ed039de)
      1. [Default Mirror] SourceForge.net
      2. [Hosted Mirror by Meaple] Viperbravo.info
      3. [Hosted Mirror by xxsashixx] Onedroid.net
    • RC3.6 Update 0 [BCM-RC3.6U0.zip] (May 29, 2012) (MD5: 04fac7430b345a21abae0b7b585a4ee7)
      1. [Default Mirror] SourceForge.net
      2. [Hosted Mirror by Meaple] Viperbravo.info
      3. [Hosted Mirror by xxsashixx] Onedroid.net
    • RC3.5 Update 1 [BCM-RC3.5U1.zip] (May 28, 2012) (MD5: b47fdd1ff48ca5453f98090704f3196f)
      1. [Default Mirror] SourceForge.net
      2. [Hosted Mirror by Meaple] Viperbravo.info
      3. [Hosted Mirror by xxsashixx] Onedroid.net
    • RC3.4 Update 1 [BCM-RC3.4U1.zip] (May 21, 2012) (MD5: 849bd3e434c39157278766310a117093)
      1. [Hosted Mirror by Meaple] Viperbravo.info
      2. [Hosted Mirror by xxsashixx] Onedroid.net
    • RC2.2 Update 5 [BCM-RC2.2U5.zip] (Mar 27, 2012) (MD5: 954924bfbacee0ec2c2d432f457e303f)
      1. [Default Mirror] MediaFire.com
      2. [Hosted Mirror by Meaple] Viperbravo.info
      3. [Hosted Mirror by xxsashixx] Onedroid.net
    • b0.3.7 [BCM-b0.3.7.zip] (Feb 17, 2012) (MD5: e3beef70473c1b4154153b4f0044b392)
      1. [Default Mirror] GoogleCode.com
      2. [Hosted Mirror by Meaple] Viperbravo.info
      3. [Sponsored Mirror] Zokero.de

    Change Log
    • Code:
       * Removed some apps added by a mistake (Double notifications among others)
       * Rebuild Search Key recent apps function (Reports that the search action was still being activated)
       * Added Screen Off CPU settings in Performance->Processor
       * Added fresh old RIL's from the old BCM Legacy vendor repo (The once we have always used)
       * Fixed Aroma so that it no longer cleans out the (data/sd-ext)/app directory during install
       * Fixed mic issue on third party applications
       * Fixed Aroma so that the right kernels are now installed
       * Fixed market reboot issue (Permission fix)
       * Updated CM9
       * Updated Media Profiles
       * Updated GSM APN's
       * Updated BCM Kernel (Upstream/Evervolv)
       * Updated WPA Supplicant (Upstream/Evervolv)
       * Updated QCom Media Hardware files (Upstream/Evervolv)
       * Updated Mounts2SD (Note that logs and properties is now stored in /data/m2sd/)
       * Updated Browsers, Launchers, Gapps etc
       * Added fix to the BCM Kernel for Class 10 MicroSD Cards having problems initiating during boot
       * Added permission fix for market download/install issues (Needs testing)
       * Added CM Dummy Function to BCM Kernel which should fix issues with newer RIL Libraries
       * Added PDroid ICS Patch v1.32 to the source
       * Added PDroid App (To be sure to have a version compatible with the patch)
       * Added EAP-AKA and EAP-SIM Support (Needs testing)
       * Enabled WiFi Channel 14
       * Reverted RIL Libs back to the working old once
       * Changed powersave governor to Interactive in the screenstate scalling script. Should provide better screen off performance while providing better deep sleep power save and still keep the phone from dieing
       * Fixed Cam Recorder while using the fix from Rapmv78
       * Optimized build.prop to fix issues with some cariers when switching between WiFi and Data
       * Cleanedup /system/etc/init.d/05hostname
       * Removed old search app
       * Other small updates and fixes
       * Added default governor control to startup (No more USERSPACE on first boot)
       * Added gps library from CM7
       * Added newer HTC RIL libraries
       * Fixed CDMA GPS issue
       * Fixed broken AGPS Patch
       * Fixed MMS (Thanks to @kszaq for finding the build.prop issue)
       * Removed Setup Wizard from the Aroma options (To many problems)
       * Added most of the init.d scripts to the selections in Aroma
       * Added DSPManager as option in Aroma
       * Added SetupWizard/Initializer to Aroma (Not everone likes this)
       * Added fix to make sure that busybox is NOT replaced by non-working market versions
       * Added BCM Boot Annimation (By @EverSonny)
       * Removed the log disabling part from the Tweaks init.d script and placed it in a seperate script
       * Updated Mounts2SD (Now uses data or sd-ext for cache and tmpfs as fallback)
       * Updated AOSP to 4.0.4_r2.1
       * Updated CM9
       * Updated Drewis's hardware libs (Much better UI responses)
       * Updated Chrome Browser from market
       * Enabled WiFi Channels 12 and 13
       * Fixed Beats Audio
       * Fixed DSPManager
       * Fixed the cache script to handle market issues when de-selecting M2SD
       * Fixed music playback issues with the screenstate scaling script
       * Fixed UMS to only mount the Fat32 partition
       * Fixed USB Tethering (No hacks)
       Note: Both Beats audio and DSPManager needs players that uses their API's in order to have any affect
       * Updated CM9
       * Updated Mounts2SD (Cache fixes mostly)
       * Updated the Enanched init.d system (Added onservice)
       * Added Governor Screen State script to force CPU into Powersafe while in sleep mode
       * Replaced CM Music Player with Apollo Music Player
       * Rebuild Aroma to better integrade and fix 'kernel only' installation
       * Fixed ramdisk which provided 'stock in boot' issues
       * Fixed M2SD Aroma settings so that it now sets readahead and file system type during install
       * Fixed M2SD directory permissions which some times broke the M2SD UI
       * Fixed init.d on S-On devices
       * Fixed the threshold init.d script to fix market issues
       * Updated Mounts2SD (Enhancements and small fixes)
       * Added option to only flash a selected kernel in Aroma (Will not affect the update option)
       * Rewrote /system/bin/sysinit and it's init.rc parts
       * Removed Solid Explorer
       * Updated APN Lists
       * Updated CM9
       * Updated all additional apps and mods
       * Updated Gapps
       * Updated some gfx libs from @Drewis
       * Fixed additional apps not showing in app drawer
       * Fixed CM menubar settings so that they work with our option to show/hide the menubar
       * Resized the software menubar (A little bigger now)
       * Added Solid Explorer to the additional apps (Great file manager by @glodos)
       * Added system rw/ro command shortcuts sysrw/sysro 
       * Added new kernel by @shaky156
       * Fixed issue with Mms.apk
       * Converted /system/etc/init.d/90threshold into an extended init.d script to avoid the need for a reboot for the script to take affect
       * Updated CM9
       * Updated Evervolv hardware files
       * Updated BCM Kernel by @Drewis
       * Added ZipAlign and Tweak init.d scripts
       * Added [URL="http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1671670"]Enhanced Init.d[/URL] system
       * Added US Cellular to framework/eri.xml
       * Added CM9 Boot Animation
       * Reverted latest changes to Mms.apk
       * Fixed market download issue (Maybe)
       * Fixed remaining space on /system after install
       * Added new updated Adreno libs (Added to the kernel option in Aroma)
       * Added new default kernel (Forked from Drewis) to be used with the new Adreno libs
       * Fixed M2SD GUI Settings
       * Fixed M2SD Wifi issue when enabling r-mount after full wipe
       * Fixed Aroma. It now installes additional apps when selecting default install
       * Removed drewis kernel since the default is now based on the same source
       * Changed values for SmsToMms for the Mms.apk
       Processor Settings does of course again as the kernel source was changed
       * Updated CM9
       * Updated AOSP Revision
       * Updated Launchers
       * Updated Additional Apps
       * Updated Drewis Kernel (GSM devices only)
       * Added inline build kernel by worstenbrood
       * Added Theme Chooser
       * Added full camera support by Rapmv78 (Aroma option)
       * Fixed APN issues with Bravo CDMA (Not tested)
       * Fixed a lot of stability bugs in M2SD
       * Fixed Automatic light levels
       * Other fixes/changes (Can't remember all)
       * Updated some device specific System Apps/Framework files
       * Some small Aroma changes
       * Updated CM9
       * Updated Google Play
       * Updated Terminal Emulator
       * Updated YouTube
       * Updated Gmail
       * Updated Chrome
       * Rebuild the Aroma Script
       * Added fix to Updater Script to handle cases where /system is not properly formated 
       * Added temp solution for wifi not turning on issue
       * Added UpdateME which will help keep track of ROM updates
       * Enabled Dock Settings
       * Enabled Legacy Touch Screen
       * Changed the handling of additional apps in Aroma to take into consideration maually installed/updated apps
       * Changed the way the installer handles the update option in Aroma
       * Fixed Desire CDMA boot.img 
       * Fixed DNS issue with EAP networks (Thanks to Zephrem for pointing out the issue)
       * Fixed the hosts init.d script
       * Fixed where additional apps does not show in app drawer
       * Fixed some kernel related issues in the installer
          This issue mostly affects Passion devices. 
          If you already have an RC3.2U1 that boots successfully, then this is not needed. 
          This also fixes Wifi issues with Drewis's kernel
       * Fixed Lockscreen Rotation Toggle (Checkbox always checked)
       * Added toggle for Search Key accesses Recent Apps List ('Settings'->'System')
       * Added Drewis Kernel to Aroma (Bravo GSM and Passion only)
       * ADB is now started before init.d and boot.d during boot
       * Added HeadsetIcon app when selecting BeatsAudio
       * Changed the hight of the software navigation bar to make room for keyboard on small screens
       * Updated Apps/Launchers
       * Updated CM9 Parts
       * Updated Mounts2SD (Lot's of fixes)
       * Updated Camera Hal (Barcode Scanner might work now)
       * Added Recent Apps List to Search button
       * Added BeatsAudio to Aroma
       * Fixed Desire (CDMA) revert GSM settings on reboot issue?
       * Added Mounts2SD controlls in Performance settings (Settings->Performance)
       * Removed warning message from Performance settings
       * Updated Mounts2SD
       * Updated to latest CM9
       * Updated Drewis's QCom libs (Rotation 270° now works)
       * Enabled Tourch in Notification power settings
       * Fixed default check values for Trackball wake and Lockscreen rotation toggles
       * Changed lowest auto brightness value from 35 to 45
       * Added toggle in settings for Trackball wake (Settings->Display)
       * Added toggle in settings for Lockscreen rotation (Settings->Display->Rotation)
       * Added toggle in settings for Software buttons (Settings->Display)
       * Upgraded AOSP 4.0.4
       * Updated CM9
       * Updated Launchers
       * Updated Gapps
       * Updated Browsers
       * Updated Mounts2SD
       * Fixed light values on hardware buttons
       * Added Camera fix by Drewis
       * Added Multitouch fix by Thoemy
       * Changed dalvik settings to fix boot stuck issue (Heap debug errors)
       * Updated Mounts2SD to fix boot stuch issue not caused by dalvik
       * Changed default.prop values to remove red border issue
       * Added FOTAkill app to fix battery drain issue
       * Fixed applications not shown in app drawer issue
       * KSM is now enabled by default on boot (Will change it to CM defaults later)
       * Fixed mic issue on Passion devices
       * Fixed hosts control script so that it does not reset /etc/hosts on reboot
       * Fixed problem with small hboot running out of space during install
       * Updated M2SD with cache fix and additional cache options
       * Added fix for the market issue 'Not enough space'
       * Added Nexus One Support
       * Fixed Wifi on Bravo CDMA
        People with Bravo GSM that have already flashed RC2.2U2,
        There is no need to download and flash this as there is no changes
        to the GSM version at all.
       * Fixed Wifi not connecting
       * Fixed M2SD R-Mount issue
       * Fixed important bug in M2SD
       * Added CDMA Support (Not tested)
       * Added GooglePlay (Store/Music/Video)
       * Added latest Tiamat kernel
       * Updated CM9 Framework/Apps
       * Updated HWA stuff by Drewis
       * Updated Launchers
       * Updated Browsers
       * Updated all Additional Apps
       * Updated Mounts2SD (Now with Reversed Mount)
       * Fixed System Apps Linking when M2SD is deselected
       * Fixed issue when updating busybox from market
       * Fixed EAP Wifi issue (Not tested)
       * Fixed possible GPS issues
       * Fixed Black-screen-of-death (Above hwa update)
       * Fixed CM Custom Brightness Settings
       * Changed ROM fingerprint to be identified as ICS instead of Gingerbread
       * And more I can't longer remember
       * Updated CM9 Source
       * ReAdded SetupWizard.apk
       * Added ksm/zram support by Drewis
       * Added Drewis kernel from cayniarb with ksm/zram support
       * Updated Mounts2SD
       * Updated Chrome Browser
       * Updated Hardware Composer by Drewis
       * Rotation should no longer reboot phone (Drewis)
       * Other minor Drewis enhancements/fixes
       * Removed custom battery icon (CM9 part is now added to settings)
       * Fixes from RC2.0U1 is now build into source
       The CM custom lights is broken. It will FC. 
       Do not report this as it is known and hopefully fixed by next release. 
       * Disabled Data Roaming by default
       * Fixed SU Binary
       * Fixed Busybox
       * Fixed Bash
       * Fixed WiFi
       * Fixed Lockscreen
       * Fixed Power Menu
       * Fixed Buttons
       * Worked out the final touch for the HWA smoothness (Framework)
       * Updated Drewis HWComposer
       * Added Timiat's build of the HWA kernel by Drewis
       * Removed the GFX Hack version
       * Updated TreBuchet Launcher
       * Updated Apex Launcher
       * Updated Nova Launcher
       * Added Chrome Browser to installer
       * Updated some of the CM Framework parts
       * Updated some of the additional apps
       * Added Facebook Sync hack (If it does not work, then to bad)
       * Added in M2SD so that binded system apps are moved to sd-ext
       * Added fix to Google Music Streaming
       * And more...

    Over the last couple of days I have received a lot of credits for this ROM, which is great and makes the time and effort worth it. However it would be very wrong to except these alone as I am not doing this all by my self. Credits should also go to every developer modding and fixing stock source. The CM team for their great work in making the Android Framework what Google should have done a long time ago. Kernel developers trying to back-port drivers that vendors refuse to deliver. Devs porting hacks for camera, UMS and more. But also people contributing in any other way that they can, like providing mirrors for the ROM's, spending time flashing unstable products to provide helpful bug reporting and a lot more. To put it simple, any type of contribution. Without this type of community, custom ROM's would not be worth the time it takes to download. No single person can do all of this by them self.
    If DK has a new phone (nice one too) does this mean he has one more release then we no longer have support for this ROM?

    I know it's a petty thing, but it would be cool to have the ICS ROM fully stable and working with video recording even at low resolution and video playback working fully for the Desire before he puts it to rest. Does anyone know the full story?

    The only thing it means is that I can spend more time on testing do to the fact that I have another phone to use while the other is offline.

    So that's a big no, updates will continue.

    Sent from my HTC One X using xda premium
    Hey dk

    i know it pisses you really, when we ask, but about a week ago you announced to have a look in newer versions of the different parts...

    were there any bigger changes / are you working on a new build / will we get a new version within the next days / weeks / (hopefully not) months?

    You know, since i first used you rom in version b 0.3.4 or so, I'm addicted to installing new versions, i require a new shot for satisfaction =P

    So far

    Jellybean is the new in. This is what everyone, me included, is working on. When that is up and running, both jb and a new ics build will be released. But until then, jb is the main objective.

    Sent from my HTC One X using xda premium
    cm9 on desire isnt a device performance problem, its a driver problem, dk can not make miracles, without the right drivers, ics on our device will be unstable :(

    You are right, I am not a miracle worker. However Drewis are :)
    We are so close to having a complete stable ICS. The kernel and hwcomposer needs a little tweaking, but it has been finalized (Coming in new release).

    The camera hal by rapmv78 works great, it only requires some fixes in some libs which Drewis is close to figure out.

    Then we have the USB Tethering. This I would be able to live without, but drewis will take a look at this as well, once he has looked into the last problem with the video hw decoding.

    So who the hell needs HTC/QCom support when we have Drewis support :D
    And as long as CM keeps their source open, we don't need them to make the compile work. Building it our self also gives us the chance to fix some of their weird ideas like placing dalvik-cache on the /cache partition etc.

    Our last hope is that Motorola make ICS for Motoluxe phone (Adreno 200). But they still "planning" that :(

    see this: https://forums.motorola.com/pages/00add97d6c

    edit: or maybe not, Qualcomm MSM7227A-0 chipset

    Don't worry. SonyEricsson has a device with Adreno200. And they have started working WITH the dev's on XDA. So at some point we will get the missing drivers from them. Not sure what we would use them for since all of the problems will be fixed at this point, but it would not hurt to have them.
    Update is out. I finally got the USB Tethering fully working (Without any hacks). I will play with the MTP later.