[ROM] Myn's Warm TwoPointTwo By Incubus26Jc [RLS5.3][2/9/2011] Browser\Hosts Update

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Nov 15, 2011
JoelZ update:

Myn's on vacation incubus is off for the holidays i am always here kinda lol and steelh i believe is also off for the holidays so maybe new years sorry guys

Im keeping my chin up, new years was only a week ago. Would really love to see this as one of the last Inc roms. 2.2 was my jam in the old days.

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    Myn's Original Thread for the Evo is HERE

    If you like the rom, hit the Thanks button and Rate the thread.


    The Sprinkles:

    Some of the features in RLS 5.3 (01-12-2011) include:
    • Swapped Kernel and modules back out to use Ziggy 12-19

    Some of the features in RLS 5.2 (01-11-2011) include:
    • New Kernel (Lou's #4) Thanks Lou :)
    • Internal Music Fix Added
    • Other Minor Fixes
    • Hopefully This will solve any bootloops etc..

    Some of the features in RLS 5 (01-07-2011) include:

    • Updated to official Sprint base 3.70.651.1
    • Fixed Notification Power Control. Indicators now keep in sync with actual state of services (Thanks JsChiSurf)
    • Data throttling governor removed (Thanks BThomas22x) (Optional Install) Note this mod will disable the Menu | Wireless & Networks | Mobile Networks settings (force close). An unfortunate side effect of this mod.
    • Ad-Free Hosts file added (No more advertisements)
    • Updated Darktremor Apps2SD (
    • Added custom SpareParts
    • Added GingerBread Calculator (HTC Calculator Widget remains)
    • Added new Warm Themed Gmail (2.3.2) (Thanks scarfacedag)
    • Added new Warm Themed Market (2.2.7) (Thanks thebowers and scarfacedag)
    • Added mod to sustain volume when in car dock (Volume level does not decrease when the phone is in dock) (Thanks 1gr8ftoy) (Optional Install). NOTE: This mod will break FM Radio.
    • Added GingerBread menu / submenu (Optional Install)
    • Added Nexus S LiveWallpaper
    • Added flash_image (Thanks cavediver)
    • Updated SuperUser / su (
    • Updated Hulu to support latest Flash update ( (Optional install)
    • Updated Themed LauncherPro for Warm TwoPointTwo (0.8.2) (Optional install)
    • Updated Flash (
    • Updated VoiceSearch (2.1.1)
    • Updated Maps/Navigation (5.0.0)
    • Updated Google Search (
    • Updated RomManager (
    • Updated Wireless Tether (2.0.5)
    • Updated YouTube (2.1.6)
    • Fixed Power Menu Icons, now full color. (Thanks roscoenr)
    • Removed unnecessary DRM services and Logging introduced in 3.70 base
    • Converted update-script to updater-script to support ClockWork Recovery 3.x
    • Minor theming changes
    • More performance tweaks
    • Other minor bug fixes
    • And much much more..

    Community Downloads can be found in post 2
    Full Changelog / feature list can be found in post 3
    FAQ can be found in post 3

    On first boot it will tell you unable to determine your current country automatically. Hit ok, then back button

    Other Optional Downloads:
    (Flash these just like how you flash roms)

    Alternative BootAnimations:

    • Ziggy 12/19/10 Kernel Included in Rom



    • As always, I’m not responsible for anything that happens to your phone while using these files.


    • Thanks to Myn, Heyitslou, All The beta testers (you guys rock!)
    • Thanks to thatdudebutch for the original Port
    • Thanks to Stoney666 For all your help and also Doing The "INC" Graphics
    • Thanks to DJZager for Helping with the Dialer. Your The Man
    • Thanks to 1gr8ftoy, ariel, chris7os, Calkulin, deficitism, DJZager, drama2747, dsixda, HeyItsLou, jerdog, joeykrim, JsChiSurf, incubus26jc, kfree, lowetax, luniz7, manup456, MobGod, Mrono, onicrom, parad1gm, rujelus22, sampson, scarfacedag, Sibrphrek, snq-, thermus, ToAsTcfh, wrx4memp, wsantiagow, Ziggy471, All of the beta testers (you guys rock!) and #[email protected]

    Community Mods for Warm TwoPointTwo

    Mods For Warm TwoPointTwo From The Community:

    Boot Animations

    Boot Splash Screens


    Launcher Pro Themes



    Power Bar And Notification Graphics

    Other Mods

    Titlebar Mods

    Lockscreen Mods

    Rosie Mods

    Splash Screens and Wallpapers


    RLS4 (11/25/2010)

    • New Base - Official HTC 3.30.651.3 (Forgot To Change # in build.prop)
    • Total overhaul of framework optimizing for speed. The fastest release yet!
    • Added Power Controls in notification pulldown (Thanks JsChiSurf, DJZager and HeyItsLou)
    • Added Hulu (Optional install)
    • New Warm themed Market
    • New default keyboard - Warm themed EVO HTC_IME (With arrows) (Thanks to DJZager - This guy is on fire)
    • HTC_IME_MOD from RLS 3 is available as optional install
    • New Overclocked Kernel designed for Warm TwoPointTwo by Ziggy471 (Thanks Ziggy471)
    • Browser modified so text reflow is disabled when using pinch-to-zoom (Thanks Calkulin and SNQ)
    • New font DarkStar/Coconut (Available as optional install)
    • Brand new custom Boot Animation and dropped the boot sound (Thanks wrx4memp)
    • WarmDesire FlipClock by Gomorrah (Available as optional install)
    • Faster boot time
    • Updated Rom Manager to
    • Fixed debug icons appearing in Calendar app while using LauncherPro
    • Updated Wireless Tether to 2.0.5 Pre14
    • Sync / Charging titlebar icons now animated
    • USB Debugging titlebar notification icon removed
    • Updated Adobe Flash to
    • Rom update now forces recursive delete of CACHE during install/update
    • Updated Google Maps/Navigation to 4.7.0
    • Removed Verizon Hotspot - Added Hacked Sprint Hotspot
    • Other minor bug fixes

    RLS3 (11/05/2010)
    • New Base - Official HTC 3.30.651.2 With #10 Kernel
    • Lots of performance improvements
    • Brand new HTC themed dialer (Thanks DJZager - Keep your eyes on this guy folks)
    • Sense (Rosie) launcher buttons now configurable through new application, "Rosie Settings"
    • Major Rosie upgrade - Compatible with new Rosie Settings application - "Sexier Rosie" (Thanks deficitism)
    • New WarmUpdater app providing OTA Updates for Rom, Addons and Themes
    • Added new Desire HD FlipClock (This can be removed, moved or readded on homescreen)
    • New button visual enhancements
    • Updated Wireless Tether to 2.0.5 Pre11
    • Updated BusyBox to v1.16.2
    • Fixed isolated issue where Titanium Backup wasn't able to backup properly
    • Updated DSP Manager
    • Updated audio library to support new DSP Manager and to resolve static noise issue some users were experiencing
    • Updated YouTube to GingerBread release 2.0.26
    • Updated Google Maps/Nav to v4.6
    • Updated Sprint Visual VoiceMail to T.
    • Updated Google Voice Search to 2.0.1
    • Fixed finger touch calibration tool force closing in HTC_IME_MOD
    • Added support for ## Programming Codes (ex ##775#)
    • GPS icon in titlebar now only visible when GPS is enabled (Thanks JsChiSurf)
    • Fixed "USB debugging connected" message appearing in Calendar app
    • Sped up iPhone animations/transitions by 50% (Thanks deficitism)
    • MMS Limit and Compression Fixed
    • Added Verizon VVM
    • Fixed Music Read on Internal Storage
    • Fixed Internal Storage Mount To PC (Thanks HeyItsLou)
    • Fixed Homepage - Changed To Google
    • Added "INC" Graphics. Also Added To The Transparent Notification Bar (Thanks Stoney666)
    • Added Verizon 3G Hotspot
    • Fixed Voicemail Notifications. Flash Update Below
    • Lots of little bug fixes
    • And much more..

    RLS 2 – (10/15/2010)
    • Added More Performance tweaks
    • Fixed HTC Music Widget crashing upon adding to Home Screen.
    • Transparent titlebar (optional)
    • Brand new custom Boot Animation and sound (Thank you wrx4memp)
    • Crazy fast "Hot Restart" option added to reboot options. Now have the ability to restart in under 10 seconds.
    • Sprint Hotspot added and unlocked so it is now free :)
    • Added DSP Manager (Digital Signal Processing) to boost audio and equalize sound for Headset, Phone Speaker and Bluetooth devices.
    • Added RomManager and OTA update support for ROM. Pro users will now get notified of updates automatically.
    • Fixed issue where not all titlebar icons were transparent
    • Changed battery indicator in titlebar to use less *bright* colors making the % indication more readable
    • Updated Google Maps/Navigation
    • Updated Google Search
    • Added official EVO HTC_IME (With arrows) (Optional)
    • Added USB Tethering mod disabling Sprint Authentication (Thanks Calkulin)
    • Raised available MMS size Limit to 5mb (Default is still 2mb) (Thanks Calkulin)
    • Added MMS Compression mod eliminating image compression unless it's over the limit (Thanks Calkulin)
    • Changed confusing titlebar CDMA signal icons (no more coat hanger!!)
    • Lots of little bug fixes
    • And much more..

    RLS 1 – (09/27/2010)
    • Based off of my 3.29.651.5 OTA base
    • Fully Deodexed for full theming support
    • All apks optimized (ZipAligned)
    • Major battery saver enhancements
    • Performance improvements
    • Slick IPhone like transitions / animations
    • 3 Reboot options (Normal, Bootloader, Recovery)
    • Battery represented in 1% increments in titlebar
    • Full unlocked FPS
    • Custom Wallpapers in HTC Wallpapers
    • Latest StageFright
    • Apps2SD
    • Context font
    • Heavily Modified Sexy Rosie (Translucency modifications and Launcher button order/position changed)
    • Manup mods
    • Wireless Tether/Router
    • Google Maps / Navigation
    • Astro File Manager
    • Themed Swype Metamorph
    • Skinned HTC_IME
    • 270 degree rotation
    • Removed the following Sprint loaded bloatware apps available as optional installs in /sdcard/Warm_2.2_Optional1/ : amazonmp3.apk, com.htc.StockWidget.apk, Facebook.apk, HtcFootprints.apk, HtcFootprintsWidget.apk, HTCMobileGuide.apk, Quickoffice.apk, SprintTVWidget.apk, SprintZone.apk, Sprint_NASCAR.apk, Sprint_Navigation.apk, Sprint_NFL.apk, Sprint_Qik.apk, Sprint_TV.apk, Stock.apk, WifiRouter.apk
    • And much more..


    • Q: I've applied the transparent titlebar mod and am running Launcher Pro but the titlebar isn't transparent?
      A: At this time, this is currently a limitation of Launcher Pro.

    • Q: What's the best kernel?
      A: As ever device is built differently with different thresholds for undervolting the best option is to try each one with your phone. What may work well for one persons phone, may not be ideal for yours.

    • Q: Sometimes after I flash a new rom my Market downloads stall. Is there a fix?
      A: Please see this.

    • Q: How do I install your Swype theme?
      A: The method documented here has proven to have repeatable results. A video by transitoyspace is also available here.

    • Q: How do I enable and configure APPS2SD?
      A: Use this well documented method here.

    • Q: Do you have any tips on conserving battery life?
      A: See this great EVO Battery Saving Tips thread here.
    Warm TwoPointThree Release One is Coming :)

    Stay Tuned!
    sometimes the times stamp on the received texts are an hour behind the actual time and it messes up the order of the convo.

    anyone else have this problem or know a fix?

    Look for an app in the market called SMS Time Fix

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