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Mar 25, 2022
Help Me Out Guys!!!
my phone poco f1 got lost so i am using j7 as my primary phone..
first i was using Stock rom it was very laggy accoding to current apps in 2022..so i flashed this rom on my phone Samsung Galaxy J7 2015 J007F...
Every Thing is working Fine and Great except
Calling...the person calling me or to whom i call is facing Echo in call...
i dont hear any echo but other person listen to its own voice again and again...please help i dont want to leave this rom and go back to stock rom...
Do reply soon parth sir..or other experts
Best Rom I have ever seen for Samsung J700H 2015.
It is a rom of combination of Google Stock
Rom + Samsung Experience, which will give you both stock and samsung rom experience.

There is no major bugs but there are some small bugs which can be mentioned-
1. Data Usage Option is not working
2. Image Cropping/Editing option is not working in its Gallery
*Fix(BY_ME): Download Photo Editor for Samsung
3. Magisk Root is not working totally (Update Isssue as far I know)
*Fix: Use SuperSu Root or install magisk root additionally
4. Ram Management problem
*Fix(By_ME): Use Grenify Old version to hibernate/stopping apps from Background
5. Mobile Data Problem (idk, is it for me only)
*Fix(By_ME): Set APN of your SIM operator (It works for me in Bangladesh)

Thats all the issues as far I faced, hope you will now enjoy this rom........😀

Also, Thanks @parth111999, the developer for develop this awesome rom
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    *Keep IMEI/EFS Backup Ready If you lost your IMEI and Blame us, We are Not Responsible

    *If you Altered System Files in any way then dont report bugs

    *Dont Report Bugs Which Are Caused Due to Third Party Apps, Only Report if there is any problem in this rom

    *Battery life will get better over the time, at first few days it may be awful

    *Feel Free To Post Fixes if you have a Solution to it

    *Use Of Xposed is Your Choice, " Dont Report Bugs on using Xposed "

    *Please use the Search button, as I have answered for almost all queries

    *Finally, Don't Ask for ETA's, We will update you if we make any update to Rom



    *** Read Post #1 For Main Post ***

    *** Read Post #2 Download links ***

    *** Read Post #3 For Credits ***

    *** Read Post #4 Video Review ***


    -Based on A 2016 Nougat
    -Android Security Patch Level - August 2017
    -Powered By Infinity Kernel
    -Aroma Supported
    -Knox Removed
    -Removed few Google Apps
    -Removed few Bloatware Apps
    -Added Navigation Bar Colors
    -Magisk Root
    -SuperSU Root
    -Multi CSC Supported
    -Added CSC Tweaks
    -Added UPSM Tweaks
    -Added Build.prop Tweaks


    -3 UI - Black Aosp - Gray Aosp - Oreo White Aosp
    -Settings App Themed Oreo
    -Aroma Supported
    -90% Bloatware moved to Aroma ( Choose what you need in Aroma, when installing ROM )
    -Stock Camera
    -Stock SystemUI
    -Aroma Supported
    -Stock SystemUI
    -Advanced Reboot Menu (Aroma)
    -Google Camera
    -Google Ambient-Display (Aroma-Untouchable)
    -Google Pixel Launcher (Pixel_UI)
    -Google Pixel 2 Launcher (Pixel_2_UI)
    -Google Calculator
    -Google Calander
    -Google Chrome
    -Google Clock
    -Google Dialer
    -Google Gmail
    -Google Velvet
    -Google Messages
    -Google Assistant
    -Phonograph (Oreo Themed)
    -Google Keyboard
    -Google Wallpaper Picker
    -Google Apps = More Free RAM
    -SamsungSans 1060 Fonts
    -SamsungSans 1060 Fonts
    -Sound Mod ( Medium )
    -MultiUser support
    -Custom Sound Mods
    -Custom Camera Mods
    -Samsung Apps in aroma (Samsung Account, Cloud, Store)
    -Multi CSC Supported
    -Added CSC Tweaks
    -Added UPSM Tweaks
    -Added Build.prop Tweaks
    -Floating Message
    -Ram Bar & Blur in Settings
    -Smooth Interface

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    XDA:DevDB Information
    [ROM][7.0][AQI7][J700F/H/M] Alpha Centauri Google ROM
    KERNEL SOURCES - https://github.com/parth111999/INFINITY_KERNEL_J7_15_NN
    @parth111999 @ghost
    ROM OS Version: 7.x Nougat
    ROM Kernel: Linux 3.10
    ROM Firmware Required: Samsung Galaxy J7 SM-J700F/H/M 6.0.1, TWRP Recovery

    Version Information
    Status: Stable
    Current Stable Version: v3
    Stable Release Date: 2018-2-17

    Created 2018-2-17
    Last Updated 2018-2-17



    Alpha Centauri Google ROM

    Note - Go to Settings/Application/Default application
    and Set Google Phone App as Default Calling App(Or Else You dont Get CallUI)



    ME @parth111999 @ghost @OhayouBaka
    @By Zonik
    @Ticklefish -Tickle My Android APK Tool
    @topjohnwu - Magisk
    Samsung - For Galaxy Firmwares
    To All The Rom Users - Both XDA & Non XDA Members

    Youtube Review
    After Updating EnigmaUx Next Would be Alpha Centauri ;)
    Consider an Update Soon :angel: