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Jun 15, 2010
Installed Nokia Z Launcher - now I'm in a boot loop

So I installed the Nokia Z Launcher, and it worked well until I rebooted the phone. Now I'm in a boot loop. Removing the battery didn't help.

Is there any way to get out of this without reflashing the ROM?

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    1. Disclaimer
    Trans Nebula Team or any of its members WILL NOT be held responsible for anything you do to your device. This includes but is not limited to flashing this rom or any modifications done by the team/members or any other developer. Modifications to this rom can lead to bootloops, as well as features not functioning. If you brick your device, loose IMEI, Loose Baseband, Loose Internal Storage, Loose hardware model, or anything else in between due to you not reading or creating proper backups, it is your responsibility. As well before flashing this you must install the updated MJ9 firmware package VIA ODIN. I will not provide support for mobile ODIN or Recovery updates. MODEM/TZ/PARAMS FIRMWARE MUST BE UPDATED THROUGH ODIN

    2. Redistribution
    Redistribution of this rom and its contents are STRICTLY prohibited. No parts of this rom or its files may be used without consent from the creators. If any VZW MJ9 rom with Note 3 features become available they will be checked for my(Deckoz2302's) signatures. This ROM shall only be mirrored on our servers and should only be downloaded VIA links in the original post.

    3. Consequences
    If any features of this rom are found to be in another, you will be reported. If this ROM or any contents are released or redistributed, you will be reported. If you post a mirror of the rom, you will be asked to remove it and reported. Reporting can and will lead to bannishments of the forum and or restricted access. Not following these rules will lead to discontinued development and removal.


    • @Deckoz2302 - Note 3 Features coding & port work into MJ9, Theming, Aroma
    • @lacoursiere18 - Note 3 port work into MJ9, Theming, Artwork
    • @Dwitherell - All his awesome mods and help
    • @krowley3 - NEW partner, MODs and Knowledge
    • @Beanstown106 - for the ROM Base
    • @Team Electron - Original Note 3 Mods(Libraries, and Permissions)
    • @ravijani - Secondary Air Command
    • @Didact - Settings tabs
    • @kahvitahra - 4 way reboot
    • @jovy23 - Tethering wifi/bluetooth/usb
    • @shellie03 - GPS issues fix that got us in the right direction!
    • @losersk8ter - Patched Google Wallet
    • @fkfmfz - general help
    • @WarockLord -Testing shizzzz





    • VZW MJ9 Official Base
    • Stock Tethering Wifi, Bluetooth & USB
    • Note 3 White Theme
    • Note 3 Apps
    • Note 3 Software Features
    • Choice Xposed framework modules
    • Debloated
    • On the Fly Rom Control


    Before installing this rom you MUST FLASH THE MJ9 OTA firmware released by beans for ODIN ONLY.
    This will ensure proper functionality of your phone and this ROM.
    We will not support or help troubleshoot things not working if you have only flashed the modem via recovery.
    This rom requires an updated pit, TZ, Hidden, params and modem to function the way it was meant to.
    The only way to get these updated is via odin flash.
    Also well before flashing this rom, please remove all files you would like to keep a copy of from internal storage.
    Switching to 4.3 from 4.1.2 changes quite a bit, including the location of the internal SD cards memoryblock.
    You will need to wipe Internal SD​

    Instal Steps
    1. Boot to recovery
    2. Wipe Dalvik, Cache, System, Data, and FORMAT Internal Storage
    3. Install the rom. Its a very straight forward Aroma
    4. You may skip the setup by taping 4 corners of the screen, starting at the top left and going in a clockwise fashion. You will then be prompted for dropbox setup if you installed dropbox. At this point(haha oops) you will more than likely have a hard reboot. Once your rebooted all will be good
    5. Before doing ANYTHING go settings, click the menu hard key and switch to tabbed view, goto controls, and enable Air command and Air View WITHOUT PULLING THE PEN OUT BEFORE ENABLING THESE. Once they are enabled pull the pen and make sure Air Command works. If it does not work. Simply reboot into recovery and reflash the rom making sure to select to only wipe Dalvik & Cache NOT DATA.
    6. Enjoy​

    We have included Ultimate Dynamic Nav Bar XDA edition with the rom. It is an Xposed module, which allows you to use your S Pen with greater ease being as we do not have wacom compatible buttons. Watch the Video of the rom to see how it works!

    Recommended settings for UDN:
    -Configure buttons to be the same as the hardware buttons as well as secondary interaction
    -Themes and behavior, set the theme how you like. However to match the status bar size - Height of panel should be set to 23dp
    -General Settings: Please select the method to activate panel as - Swipe. This will prevent accidentally toggling when not needed.
    -General Settings: Check Hide panel after action, Check Hide on outside touch, Check Toggle Mode. This will allow you to keep it up while the Spen is out, and when your done simply swipe your bottom left corner

    As well the custom apps/Xposed can be reached by switching to tabbed view in Settings and going to Device tab.

    Another app to note that we've included is Notify Clean. This will enable you to remove any notification whether ongoing or momentary. For example when you boot Ultimate Dynamic Nav Bar, you can get rid of this. As well, we have left all stock notifications such as wifi, keyboard, lockscreen, ect ect as stock enabled. This will give each user the ability to remove notifications as needed to thier liking.

    Titanium Backup/Root Explorers. System Apps are a no-no to touch. Some apps that some may deem as bloat I have left to ensure complete STOCK functionality of all features. Freezing or Uninstalling any system apps may cause issues of some minor all the way major features not working. If you have modified any system apps leading to features not working, I will not provide support for your issue.​

    So here is what I need in order to help. Download a logcat application from the market. Do what you have to in order to reproduce the issue. Load the logcat to either pastebin or drop box and paste the link. We cannot fix issues based on pictures (unless theme related). We also need the following information.

    -Clean or dirty install?
    -Recovery used?
    -Stock app?

    We will be updating the OP of both the Rom thread and this Q&A thread with this information. Without this information we are shooting blind and it slows down the troubleshooting process. This should be a prerequisite for any bug report


    Build 3.9 CHANGELOG
    OTA Release
    Updated N3BULA Add-Ons
    Updated AIO Black Base Theme
    Updated App Additions xModule
    Added XUIMods Animation Module
    Added R3Ds Boot Animations to Add-Ons

    Build 3.8 CHANGELOG
    OTA Release
    Updated N3BULA Add-On
    Rearange Add-On Menus
    Added More Custom Mods
    Added More Weather Choices under Add-Ons
    Updated XPosed Framework Installer
    Updated GELauncher Settings Module
    Updated Application Additions Module
    Updated Application Settings Module
    Updated Notification Clean Module

    Build 3.7 CHANGELOG
    OTA Release
    Updated Settings Info
    Added N3BULA Add-On to Custom Apps
    Added Network Speed Module
    Added Adaway Blocker App
    Added APN Backup and Restore App
    Fixed DSP Manager
    Added Google Launcher
    Added GEL Settings Module
    Added LMT Launcher ( aka PIE )
    Added No-Frills CPU Manager App
    Added Quick Shortcuts App
    Added Rescan Media Fix App
    Added Master Dual Key Fix Module
    Added Disable Samsung Lockscreen Notification Module
    Removed Help Icon from Drawer ( Use Icon Glossary Under About Device )

    • Build 2 1/12/14
    • --------------
    • Rethemed SystemUI
    • GPS Fixed
    • Option for Note 2 or Note 3 Accuweather for Gear
    • Blue theme
    • Optical Reader
    • 5x6 Drawer and Desktop w/7 icon dock modded Touchwiz Launcher
    • Multiple Versions of Accuweather widget
    • Full Screen Caller
    • Unlimited Lockscreen pages/widgets & all widgets allowed
    • Updated Google Frameworks
    • Updated Samsung Apps
    • Most Stock Widgets adjusted to fit 5x6 layout properly
    • Optional Flash Support
    • Zip Aligned on every boot
    • Fixed Double Action memo(old & new) on screen double tap
    • Fixed Polaris Office 5
    • Fixed S Health no more sd install
    • Added Ringtones, Alarms, and Notification sounds
    • Added XDA Power Fonts
    • Disabled Power On/Off Sound
    • Ad Blocking Host file
    • Disable Scrolling Cache across OS
    • Changed Home Button Delay/Lag
    • Removed SMS/MMS/Email from Call logs
    • Removed System Update
    • Added Find My Mobile to Settings
    • Added Call/Message Block to Settings
    • Added Predefined Text to MMS Message box
    • Misc MMS Tweaks
    • Misc Launcher Tweaks
    • Changed System wide timeout delay
    • Disabled Google Reporting Services
    • Zero Wake Lag
    • Full color emoji's
    • Updated Custom Apps
    • Added Changelog
    • Removed Air Gestures
    • Disabled Signature Checks
    • Disabled SysScope
    • Added Native App Ops
    • Added OTA Rom Updater
    • Rom Control
      -Music Controls
      -Ear Protection Toggle
      -Volume Cursor Control Type
      -DSP Manager
      -Double Press Home Svoice/Voice Search
      -Long Press Menu Search SFinder/Gnow
      -Long Press Kill Back/Menu/Disabled
      -Keyboard Press Delay Long/Short Toggle
      -Launcher Scrolling Wallpaper Toggle
      -Launcher Infinite Scroll Toggle
      -Launcher Hide/Disable Apps Toggle
      -Home Upswipe Target Gnow/Magazin Toggle
      -Home On Home Disable/Enable Magazine
      -AOSP Lockscreen
      -AOSP Vibrate
      -Lockscreen Custom Carrier Text & Color
      -Quick Pin/Pass Unlock
      -Secure Lock Widgets Toggle
      -Lockscreen Power Menu Disable
      -Lockscreen Torch(home)
      -Custom Lockscreen Timeout Picker
      -Custom Ink Effects
      -Stock/Unlimited Multiwindow Apps Toggle
      -Stock/Unlimited Pen Window Apps Toggle
      -Multiwindow Type Stock/Floating/Docked/Quad/Combo
      -Phone Steady Ringer Toggle
      -Call End Screen Enable/Disable Toggle
      -Show Call Icon In Contacts Toggle
      -Call Recording Incoming Toggle
      -Call Recording Outgoing Toggle
      -MMS Smiley as Enter Toggle
      -MMS Time Stamp Phone Received/Carrier Sent Time Toggle
      -SMS/MMS Logging Stock/Prevented
      -Low Battery Notifcation Toggle
      -Full Battery Notification Toggle
      -Low Power Screen Dim Toggle
      -Wake on Plug/Unplug Toggle
      -Status Bar Hide Toggles
      -Status Bar Reset Toggles(Shows hidden toggles)
      -Number of Toggles
      -Custom Toggle & Text Color
      -Show Brightness Slider Toggle
      -Clock Position (Normal/Center/Left)
      -Clock Color
      -Clock Style (AM/PM/Small am/pm, no am/pm, no clock)
      -Clock Day of Week (None, Large, Small)
      -Data Icon Type Toggle (Accurate/Stock)
      -Persistent Data Icon Toggle
      -Show Dbm Toggle
      -Show Dbm Label Toggle
      -Dbm Color Options
      -Hide Signal Toggle
      -MIUI Battery Bar (Regular/Mirrored)
      -Batter Bar Animation Toggle
      -Battery Percentage Toggle
      -Battery Bar & Percentage Color Options
      -Hide Battery Toggle
      -Battery Icon Type
      -Custom Notification Background Color
      -Date/Clock Color
      -Hide No Notifications Toggle
      -Hide Ongoing Notifications Toggle
      -Show Clear (Stock/Header)
      -Hide Latest Notifications Toggle
      -Custom Carrier Label & Color
      -Custom Status Bar Color
      -Hide NFC Icon toggle
      -Hide Smart Screen Icon Toggle
      -Hide Blocking Mode Notification Toggle
      -Hide IME Notification Toggle
      -Hide Alarm Icon Toggle
      -Hide Bluetooth Icon Toggle
      -Hide Sound Icon Toggle
      -Hide No Sim Notification

    • Build 1 12/24/13
    • --------------
    • Insecure Boot.img
      [*]Native Wifi & Bluetooth Tethering
      [*]Floating Windows launched from multiwindow
      [*]Quad View Multiwindow
      [*]Pen Window Manager
      [*]Multiwindow Manager
      [*]Custom Reboot Menu
      [*]Fixed Screen Mirroring on root
      [*]Fixed Video Player Crash
      [*]Added Gear Manager & proper dependancies
      [*]Added S Health & Accuweather 2013 with proper dependancies for interaction with Galaxy Gear
      [*]Port Core apps from Note 3 MJ7
      [*]Updated Stock MJ9 apps to fix some N3 features
      [*]NFC Library Fixes & Wallet Baked
      [*]3 Styles Swipe Lockscreen & Matching Sounds
      [*]Added Samsung Apps

      -Launcher 4
      -Note 3 Help
      -My Magazine
      -S Note 3
      -S Planner
      -S Browser
      -S Video & Hub
      -S Translate
      -Story Album
      -Action Memo
      -Screen Writer
      -S Finder
      -S Travel Widget
      -Voice Note
    • Added Galaxy Plus Apps
      -Sketchbook for Galaxy
      -Trip Advisor
      -Polaris Office 5
    • Location Settings
      -My Places
      -Tagging for:
      S Note
      Voice Note
    • Display Settings
      -Reading Mode
      -Day Dream
      -Edit after screen capture
      -Increase touch sensitivity
    • Air Command
      [*]Writing Buddy aka Direct Pen Input
      [*]One Hand all applications
      [*]Fixed Phone crash for S Pen Keeper
      [*]Custom App picker on launcher swipe up
      [*]TouchWiz Launcher 6x5 Scrolling wallpaper, 6 Icon dock, No rotation
      [*]Removed KLMS Agents for stability
      [*]Custom Wallpaper Collection added to /sdcard/N3BULA/Wallpapers
      [*]Backup of all data/apps(from rominstall) in /sdcard/N3BULA/apps
      [*]Wallet NFC Libraries w/Tap & Pay
    • Xposed Framework:
      -Ultimate Dynamic Nav Bar
      -Notify Clean
      -Multiwindow Manager
      -App Settings
      -App Hacking
      -ICS Alternate App Picker
      -Widgets on Secure Lockscreen
      -Play Store in App Info
      -App Opps Restorer
      -Google Music 2SD
    • Theme Note 3 White:
      -My Files


    • Air Gestures
    • Signature Unlock
    • Finger Air View
    • N3 Camera - not possible due to hardware limitations of the MALI 400 gpu. Please do not ask. We have had it to the point where the UI loads and all libraries, permissions and applications were ported, but requires OPEN GL SDK 27 or higher which our phones do not support..
      as we are on SDK 23


    BIG THANKS to galaxynote2root
    Check out other videos HERE


    Use DevDB at the top of the thread and goto the downloads tab

    PS. Sorry ed270....you will forever be known as that guy in the downloads picture

    BUILD 3.6 FULL ROM DOWNLOAD as of 4/24/14 @1958 EASTERN------------------------->>>> LINK


    MD5: 3ecc728decc718ac5c603423f0329b5f
    “On the fly battery mod”
    Stand alone Battery bar w/ options
    Clock status bar mod
    Custom Settings Tab
    AOSP Lockscreen
    Real time Status bar Transparency

    Screw IT! Just go to his page! Thank you DIDACT

    http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2488033 Thanks ficeto!

    My permission for N3 features..

    Our first ROM with Rom Control ALREADY introduced!

    XDA:DevDB Information
    [ROM] N3BULA 3[MJ9] [N3 Features][On the fly Rom Control], ROM for the Verizon Samsung Galaxy Note II

    lacoursiere18, Deckoz2302, fkfmfz, krowley3
    ROM OS Version: 4.3.x Jellybean
    ROM Firmware Required: MJ9
    Based On: MJ9

    Version Information
    Status: Stable
    Current Stable Version: Build 3
    Stable Release Date: 2014-02-24

    Created 2013-12-29
    Last Updated 2014-06-09
    Where I stand.

    OK so just to give you guys an update at where we stand with the new build. Here is what has been done so far

    <*>Build 2 1/12/14</*>
    <*>Rethemed SystemUI</*>
    <*>GPS Fixed</*>
    <*>Option for Note 2 or Note 3 Accuweather for Gear</*>
    <*>Blue theme</*>
    <*>Optical Reader</*>
    <*>5x6 Drawer and Desktop w/7 icon dock modded Touchwiz Launchers(3)</*>
    <*>Multiple Versions of Accuweather widget</*>
    <*>Full Screen Caller</*>
    <*>Unlimited Lockscreen pages/widgets & all widgets allowed</*>
    <*>Updated Google Frameworks</*>
    <*>Updated Samsung Apps</*>
    <*>Most Stock Widgets adjusted to fit 5x6 layout properly</*>
    <*>Fixed Quad View Multiwindow(added app)</*>
    <*>Optional Flash Support</*>
    <*>Zip Aligned on every boot</*>
    <*>Fixed Double Action memo(old & new) on screen double tap</*>
    <*>Fixed Polaris Office 5</*>
    <*>Fixed S Health no more sd install</*>
    <*>Added Ringtones, Alarms, and Notification sounds</*>
    <*>Added XDA Power Fonts</*>
    <*>Disabled Power On/Off Sound</*.
    <*>Ad Blocking Host file</*>
    <*>Camera Low battery flash enabled, focus sound disabled, power as shutter</*>
    <*>Disable Scrolling Cache across OS</*>
    <*>Changed Home Button Delay/Lag</*>
    <*>Removed SMS/MMS/Email from Call logs</*>
    <*>Complete Aroma optional De-bloat including Samsung, Google and 3rd party applications. Install methods -Full, minimal, none, and custom </*>

    Here is what I'm still planning for this build if time permits

    -permanent disable ongoing notifications

    -change time out delay

    -fix pen detatchment for air command
    -fix face & voice lockscreen
    -fix signature lockscreen
    -enable native app ops
    -add flare effects
    -Toggle For AOSP Lockscreen
    -Toggle For Quick Unlock
    -Toggle For Widgets on Secure Lock
    -Toggle For LockScreen Torch
    -Toggle For LockScreen Sounds
    -On/off Toggle For Safe Ear Limit
    -on/off toggle for low battery notification
    -on/off toggle for full battery notification
    -Toggle For LockScreen Vibration
    -On/off Toggle For IME Icon
    -On/off Toggle For SmartStay Icon
    -on the fly battery icon
    -lockscreen music control
    -animated battery bar
    -On/off toggle for alarm
    -clock position
    -clock am/pm
    -clock day
    -crt animation toggle
    -CSC Controller page
    -Add Torch in toggles
    -redo sec settings from scratch
    add kasey and frankie in build info
    -enable apn editor
    -remove finger view from array
    -missing gesture files?

    Here are current side projects without ETA (but will eventually be done)

    -true HALO 2.0 integration into SystemUI/framework-res/settings tab(not xposed)
    -AOKP 8 target AOSP Lockscreen with settings tab for custom targets
    -5 target Google now ring with settings tab for to set customs targets
    -possible integration if AOKP ribbons

    I will discuss with the team about a release. Thanks for all the continued support and patience
    Started having a slight hiccup… contacts freezing up.. Force closing… any thoughts???

    Sent from my SCH-I605 using xda app-developers app

    we had alot of issues with contacts. I beleive we've fixed most of the issues (hd calls, freezing, contacts not loading properly, samsung contacts not importing)..... give me a couple more days and the new build should be ready.

    btw.....every time I write a new rom and building the aroma setup...ahhh worst part :p lol

    I've gotten damn near every "good" samsung app available for our phones...as well, there is an aroma option for damn near everything in this rom, so you can run all the way from bare bones upto packed out with everything you could want...

    Still working on a few more things...anyway soon young grasshoppas :p

    For those of you who Have a Galaxy Gear and want to sync weather!
    Unfortunately I haven't figure out what the interaction is between the widget and the gear. The only way to have weather update on your gear is to use the Note 2 weather widget...not the Note 3. So I will be posting a flashable zip momentarily that will move you to the note 2 4.3 widget and clear the data for the app.

    Download the Weather Widget for gear fix from the DevDB Downloads tab!

    For those of you that want to use S Health! And want to use it with their Gear!


    Now the bigger question, we all want custom apps in multiwindow, best way is to either use gravity box, OR set the apps you want then disable the module.

    Now then...I've included the Basic Launch APK of S Health from the note 3 with the rom....however?!? You all want the new update and features so download this and install as a regular APK!

    Download by clicking Downloads on the DEVDB Tab, S health apk

    Once this is installed you'll have all 3 widgets, as well the pedometer should work. And it will sync with your galaxy gear. Just remember - Multiwindow managers are a no no!