[ROM][N5][NMF26O] Fake nexus rom for Nexus 5. [Dec/06/2016]

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Oct 28, 2014
[ROM][N5][NMF26O] Fake nexus rom for Nexus 5. [Dec/06/2016]

This is an Android 7.1 custom rom for Nexus 5 that fully integrated Gapps. (Pixel Launcher, Google dialer, Contacts, Webview, backuptransport, etc.. )







  • Almost same as Pure Nexus Stock image.
  • Enabled SEAndroid, No Rooting feature provides for security reason.
  • All build scripts are opened on github
  • Mobile data is disabled as default for user that has cheap data plan. But you can enable on data setting menu.
  • Stock rom users can use this rom without perform reset userdata partition. (In theoretically, it can be applied to other custom rom users, but not tested. )
Known Issues
  • Nougat version is still unstable. Please use at your own risk.
  • Some apps can be crashed (ex: firefox, games using unity, etc...)
    No more crash on debuggable build. But some credential apps might not work.
  • Recorded video can contains green flicking.
    Video recording feature in Google camera is still unstable.
    Footej camera is recommaned
  • Google Play Movies cannot play movies because DRM issue.
    [*] User switch feature is not working. It should be fix in next release.
  • ETC...

Installation instructions

1. power down
2. press power and volume down button, and your nexus 5 will go fastboot mode
3. connect usb cable with your PC
4. run fastboot for flashing

If you are using stock factory image or already use this rom.
$ fastboot update hammerhead-img-20160922.zip

Or if you are using other custom roms, you might perform clear userdata partition.
$ fastboot -w update hammerhead-img-20160922.zip

After flashing, it needs several (about 5-10) minutes to complete booting.

Dec/06/2016: 20161206 (testing)

Nov/08/2016: 20161108 (deprecated)

Nov/03/2016: 20161103 (deprecated)

Nov/01/2016: 20161101 (deprecated)

Oct/25/2016: 20161025 (deprecated)
  • Integrate Wallpaper picker on Settings
  • Integrate Google Backup & Sync on Settings
  • Integrate Google Storage Manager
  • Add Gesture menu on Settings
  • Enable color temperature setting in developer options
  • Use Ustwo wallpaper as default
  • Stub apks can show round icons
  • Google assistant is working, now.

Oct/21/2016: 20161021 (deprecated)
  • Update to NDE63P(android-7.1.0_r4)
  • apply pixel bootanimation, sounds, white navbar
  • apply latest pixel launcher, wallpapers
  • apply rounded icons for launcher
  • Note: it is not capable to use google assistant. :p

Oct/11/2016: 20161011 (deprecated)

Oct/10/2016: 20161010 (deprecated)

Oct/05/2016: 20161005 (deprecated)

Oct/04/2016: 20161004 (deprecated)

Sep/30/2016: 20160930 (deprecated)

Sep/28/2016: 20160928 (deprecated)
Sep/27/2016: 20160927 (deprecated)

Sep/26/2016: 20160926 (deprecated)
  • switch to userdebug build
    Almost issues related FC dialog will be resolved. But it might have security issue. :(
  • sign with release-key (actually same key :p )

Sep/22/2016: 20160922 (deprecated)

Before you ask something about this rom
  • Please read this article at first..
    If you cannot read English well, it's okay. There are many translations of this article.
    This is a very famous article for beginners that want to solve their problems.
  • Please DO NOT ASK via Private Message or Mail as described as upper article.
    I cannot reply all messages and I may not understand all your problems.
    If you post your question in this thread, any others can tell about your problems.
  • If you want to report your issue with this rom specific, please share bugreport data.
    You can gather bugreport data with following methods.

    Turn on USB debug feature, connect with PC, and run this command
    $ adb bugreport > bugreport.txt
    Go to Developer options, select Take bug report. After several minutes, notification will be shown to share data.

Testing (Dec/06/2016): https://www.androidfilehost.com/?fid=385035244224403837

XDA:DevDB Information
fake_nexus, ROM for the Google Nexus 5

Source Code: https://github.com/ganadist/vendor_fake_nexus/tree/nougat-dev

ROM OS Version: 7.x Nougat
ROM Kernel: Linux 3.4.x
Based On: AOSP

Version Information
Status: Testing
Current Beta Version: 20161206
Beta Release Date: 2016-12-06

Created 2016-09-22
Last Updated 2016-12-06


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May 28, 2012
Inbox by Gmail is not working on this ROM, which is a huge deal for me. And some other apps too. Otherwise looks like the best N for N5


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Sep 26, 2011
Google Pixel 5
Saw this in logcat:

09-23 10:37:48.663 E/DataBuffer(1432): Internal data leak within a DataBuffer object detected! Be sure to explicitly call release() on all DataBuffer extending objects when you are done with them. (internal object: [email protected])


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Oct 28, 2014
Inbox by Gmail is not working on this ROM, which is a huge deal for me. And some other apps too. Otherwise looks like the best N for N5
Thanks for reporting, and I found solution.
Rom must be signed with "release-keys", but this rom was signed with dev-keys.
In next release, I'll sign with "release-keys".

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