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[ROM][N6][6.0.1_r62][MTC20F] Chroma 08/02/2016 | Substratum Support

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Senior Member
Jun 29, 2010
Desoto, Tx
i didn't really like nougat...of course that's one of the only real problems with custom roms...trying to find all the settings...trying to remember how you set up this, that...anyway, i made a backup...so i will prob play around with it some later...but happy with chroma...i had the gnex and had to live with that stuck forever on what, 4, until the n6 came out because i'm on verizon and i don't like phones i can't root/unlock...and the pixel is the ugliest looking phone and way to expensive...i can live with my n6 for another year...running chroma if i need to...


Senior Member
Mar 24, 2009
For the most part did what we all did, moved on to the next Android version, or purchased a new phone. Since I like Chroma, need xposed, and still haven't found a phone I like more than the 6, I figured I would pose a question I didn;t know the answer to. Thanks though.


Senior Member
Dec 31, 2016
I have updated my bootloader and radio to the latest Nugent. Do I have to downgrade anything in order to flash 6.0.1?


Senior Member
Nov 22, 2012
What android version to pick when using substratum?

What Android version are we supposed to pick when using substratum with this ROM? Version 6, Version 6 OMS?

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