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Oct 27, 2007
So ive tried the phronesis note 5 v5,sm-n9005 ran a twrp 2.8.7 4.4 version and that worked fine love it,but really want to flash the note7 v7 i tried same twrp version and it jumps back to twrp recovery not sure why it worked for note 5 v5 but not note 7v7 anyone got a solution or am i running wrong twrp version?
Use the specified twrp version


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Oct 24, 2010
Samsung Galaxy Note 3


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Mar 7, 2016
hi, friends of phronesis, i activated the rom again yesterday. twrp thanks! I installed xposedmodule app settings and swipeback 2. Really great, just leave the screen on per app. On launcher nova, simply the best, the screen turns off after 15 seconds. Completely automatically! In all apps I can now swipe back from the left or right edge of the screen or down, depending on my preference. and that in android 6! Oh yeah, it really doesn't get any smoother than that. After experiences with various roms on android 7,9,10,11 & 12 I can write that with certainty. It was worth it again.
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Feb 21, 2021
I really don't recommend using this ROM today.
'cause this Rom has a few bugs.

I recommend AOSPs like LineageOS pr CrDroid.
But if u want samsung themed Rom, I think AryaMod is the best right now. and if u installed AryaMod, request the Fix AddOn file.


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Dec 22, 2022
Yes, our roms are rooted. Without root you will loose a lot of rom functionality. So it's needed. You need root to install the rom anyway.
Thanks for the good answer.
It's been 10 years since I retired and using the same phone. But now my bank requires at least android 6 and without root. banking app will not function with a rooted phone. Can I turn the SuperSu on/off after flashing it in order to use the banking app or what do you advise me to do?
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Oct 6, 2010
Thanks for the good answer.
It's been 10 years since I retired and using the same phone. But now my bank requires at least android 6 and without root. banking app will not function with a rooted phone. Can I turn the SuperSu on/off after flashing it in order to use the banking app or what do you advise me to do?
It's hard to answer, without testing the app. You should remove the super su by unrooting. Then test the banking app.
I would install latest magisk and try to use it's zygisk function. Read xda how to hide magisk from your banking app. It's possible. Just needs some third party modules.
Maximum use the rom without root. That's not really a good option. I am not sure that it will work.
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Feb 21, 2021
I think it's technically impossible to get the bank app usable on this or any unofficial stock ROM.
I think lineageOS will work, but only on the official Android 11 version. It sacrifices Samsung faetures but gives u a fast and smooth UI + I think the bank app will work on LineageOS. U can install it like this ROM.
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Dec 22, 2022
one flu last November and again in January Excuse me for being an old nub. Whether it fits a specific model of a smartphone or any model. I realy would appreciate it if you guys could point me to where can I download this "official Android 11 version" of LineageOS ROM.
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Feb 21, 2021
one flu last November and again in January Excuse me for being an old nub. Whether it fits a specific model of a smartphone or any model. I realy would appreciate it if you guys could point me to where can I download this "official Android 11 version" of LineageOS ROM.
You can download it here:

Remember to use the latest version
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    [Rom][N7 Port][11.09.2017] [Multi-DPI] Phronesis Rom N7 v7.0 Feature Rich & Smooth


    Phronesis Rom Series, Here we go again....we are known for our professionalism and excellence because "We Know How"

    Phronesis rom series has become a household name to owners of N3 over the years and we are known for our feature rich and stable rom. You're about to enjoy yet another of our masterpiece.

    This Port has been in development for some weeks now and great effort has been made to bring you once in a life time experience with your Note3 again. I and the
    team have been working hard behind the curtain to make it one of the best ever. It's stable, solid, feature rich and full of customization you will ever need.

    As before, this Port and other MM ports probably wouldn't have been possible without the tremendous effort of my dear friend @darkera13 who has been a great person and a good friend. You sincerely have our respect. Thanks for your assistance, really appreciated.

    This rom could be seen as collections of best goodies around put together by the capable expertise of the Phronesis Team in the person of my very dear friends
    @filchi756, @DaOldMan and @Logel

    This thread should be seen as family thread where our aim is to spread love and respect. Always be courteous to others and ask for help in a manner that
    people will be willing to help you. Please respect my team members as we are doing this for fun spending countless hours to make things perfect and not
    requesting any financial support, we will never ask you...

    Credit to the following wonderful friends:

    - @filchi756 - You will surely want to have him as your right-hand man. Always truthful, understandable, committed and very friendly. You're such a
    wonderful person and a perfect gentleman. This Phronesis Rom Series wouldn't have been in existence without you, always encouraging me to start something. Thanks for all your assistance my very good friend.
    - @DaOldMan - Thanks for all your effort.
    - @Logel - A gentle and amazing individual. Thanks for making sure that Phronesis rom series are always bug free through effective testing and technical
    support. And especially for your support on the thread, you're the best support provider ever.
    - @lss1977 for his kernel and working together with the team to make his kernel more compatible
    - @6h0st for his help and Phantom Kernel
    - My dear friend @daxgirl. You're just amazing person, always willing to help and very friendly. Thanks for your toolbox, Rom Control, addtoggle, swipe apps
    and so many more out there. You and @wuby are just amazing individual and a wealth of knowledge. Words are not enough to thank you both.
    - @tdunham - thanks for your effort in making this community a better place. Everyone should be eternally grateful to you. Your wisdom surpasses all. And to all uses who has in one way or another contributed to troy thread
    - Thanks to the Aurora team for their support
    - @thereassaad - For assisting the team. What a great friend you are.....
    - @gharrington for his wonderful work on 3minit mod. The thread can be found here
    - @Chainfire for the SuperSU app
    - @amarullz for the aroma installer
    - @tamirda for his guides
    - @ikrom for his guides
    - @asc1977 for the AOD brightness control. Assisted by @DaOldMan - Well done guys, you rock.
    - @topjohnwu for Magisk SuperSU. Well done friend
    - @josete_197601 for TouchWiz Launcher setting mods. You can visit him here
    - @karkasss for assistance with bluelight - well done my friend
    - @Patrick.H and - @develoid ALT and F4 for the AOD Touch - very well done
    - And sincere credit to Aurora for their inspiration for the finger swipe. Thanks Team
    - And most especially to all the users here. You're the best

    Having said all those and considering that this is the first release of this Port, there could be features which were not tested during development stage. As
    you know us, we always strive for the best and thereby making all effort to fix reported issues to the best of our abilities.

    Below will be issue log. As you know, this is a port rom and you don't expect everything to work 100%. If for any reason you are not happy
    using this port, you can try our LL v6.5 which still remain the best Lollipop Port around. If that did not meet your requirements either, you might want to try the Note 3 stock rom. No offence will be taken.

    Issue Log:
    1. Some modes in Camera might not work due to hardware limitation

    Rom Installation:

    1. Download Phronesis rom and save it to your phone memory or sd card
    2. Get a good recovery. TWRP recovery recommended, Newer versions are not supported
    3. Boot into recovery, factory reset (full wipe, clean install is recommended). Make choices in Aroma.
    4. Optional flash kernel of choice if you're
    4. Reboot after successful install and wait for best rom in town to build. Allow about 10 - 15 minutes for first boot.
    5. Your phone will reboot once after the first boot to complete customizations..
    6. Sit back and enjoy

    For full wipes Rom Releases:

    1. Boot into recovery (say TWRP
    2. Select wipe in recovery menu
    3. Select Advanced Wipe
    4. From the resulting window, select to wipe system, data, cache and dalvik cache (of course after backing up your rom / data)
    5. Swipe to wipe the selected partitions.

    That's recovery wipe completed.

    In Aroma menu when you get to option to wipe, select:

    1. Select "Full Wipe" radio button
    2. Select "Full wipe 1" radio button
    3. Select your CSC as desired
    4. Continue making other choices as you like....

    Kernel Installations: VERY IMPORTANT

    The team has been working with developer of lss kernel to bring out the best of both world. And the kernel has performed very well during testing. The dev is also committed to improving the kernel. The rom is bundled with LSSKernel 3.5UX.

    As I usually say, our Note3 device sometimes behaves differently and usage is different too. For these reasons, I will also advice that you try other kernel and decide which is best for you.

    Useful Links

    Rom Feature

    Changelog Here:

    ROM Download


    Kernel source

    Rom Control Source


    View attachment 3877731 Screenshot_20160917-081354.jpg Screenshot_20160917-081400.png Screenshot_20160917-081411.png Screenshot_20160917-081424.png
    Screenshot_20160917-081444.png Screenshot_20160917-081451.png Screenshot_20160917-081602.png Screenshot_20160917-081607.png Screenshot_20160917-081620.png
    Screenshot_20160917-081625.png Screenshot_20160917-081637.png Screenshot_20160917-081642.png Screenshot_20160917-081657.jpg Screenshot_20160917-081730.png
    Screenshot_20160917-081746.png Screenshot_20160917-082230.jpg Screenshot_20160917-082100.png Screenshot_20160917-081940.png Screenshot_20160917-081831.png
    Download Section

    Phronesis N7 Port v7 | [Mega] [Androidhostfile] - md5 - 1e7db5819c0c745cc2190977ef5edc82
    Release Note
    Phronesis N7 Port v6 | [Mega] [Androidhostfile] - md5 - 8f4568ebc3cb12b357e8bac57065ccee
    Release Note
    Phronesis N7 Port v5.2 | [Mega] [Androidhostfile] - md5 - eeb1c66e51c53eed29cd6a46f208129d
    Release Note
    Phronesis N7 Port v5.1 | [Mega] [Androidhostfile] - md5 - cc3a024889eb3da0f4046652a844a3ad
    Release Note
    Phronesis N7 Port v5 | [Mega] [Androidhostfile] - md5 - dde9ba7331f470c35514ea446b0e798d
    Release Note

    Please see this note Here before flashing V5
    Phronesis N7 Port v4.1 | [Mega] [Androidhostfile] - md5 - b3b262de97c31f5b92fcd1bb45f189ee
    Release Note
    Old releases
    Phronesis N7 Port v4.0 | [Mega] [Androidhostfile] - md5 - bc0acc35ae2da87297ae06677d4279dc
    Release Note
    Phronesis N7 Port v3.1
    | [Mega] [Androidhostfile] - md5 - 081fc87aaf4e6078b63df483c11a66be
    Release Note
    Phronesis N7 Port v3 | [Mega] [Androidhostfile] - md5 - 28f91b7e973d32458b44e6282075e6fa
    Release Note
    Phronesis N7 Port v2 | [Mega] [Androidhostfile] - md5 - 7796a6aaf45755aadad62eba95384750
    Release Note
    Phronesis N7 Port v1 | [Mega] [Androidhostfile] - md5 - 01526F80CC49CF94FEB2A9898051E830
    Release Note
    Phronesis N7 Port Features

    0. Initial release i.e. An hybrid of N930FXXU1BPH6 and N930FXXU1APG7 N7 international firmware
    1. Cool and snappier operations
    2. Fully customised
    3. Smooth as butter. You will never find a smoother rom
    4. Call forward implemented
    5. Modded SMS app. Write a very very long text without the fear of your carrier charging you extra.
    6. Different level of animation made available for selection. 0, 0.25, to 1.0
    7. Beautiful frames
    8. Recent menu rounded for beautification
    9. CSC default to BTU. You could find other CSC files to use in the aroma
    10. All relevant toggles enabled...toolbox, Multiwindows etc
    11. High volume warning disabled
    12. Data toggle warning disabled
    13. Play with system files as you ever want...framework properly patched
    14. Latest apps, google search, Play Store and many more
    15. Ability to completely remove all google services and app and restore with a single click. See Phronesis settings for more customisation
    16. Fully multi-language
    17. Unknow app installation enabled by default
    18. Latest Smart Manager included
    19. Disabled app signature verification
    20. Samsung and Google apps updating
    21. Developer option enabled by default
    22. More device supported
    23. Color mods and corresponding global switches
    24. LED indicator settings fully ported
    25. All power menu enabled with toggle
    26. Screen Off flashlight
    27. All apps in Multiwindow enabled
    28. Init.d supported
    29. Sound mods. Beats, Viper, Atmos and SoundAlive
    30. Device backup and restore
    31. Soft button enabled for many actions
    32. Gesture anywhere on home screen
    33. USSD works
    34. Dynamic DPI change

    And many many more for you to discover......

    Rom Control - With Phronesis Rom Control, the power is in your hand to control and customise your device as you like. There is no limit to what you do with it. Just think about it and it is possible. A very special thanks to a true friend and lover of what Phronesis stands for in the person of @daxgirl and a her true partner @wuby for making the dream of RC a reality. Thanks to you both

    - Alarm display ON/OFF
    - Bluetooth ON/OFF
    - Volume ON/OFF
    - 3Minit Battery
    - Switch between stock battery / 3Minit
    - Stock battery removable from lockscreen
    - Network Speed Indicator with many options
    - Colour anything you want you color lovers
    - With a click, restore all statusbar colors to their default stock colors
    - Quick launch app on recent with possibilities of colors
    - Add button in quick launch
    - Custom clock toggle / stock clock with colors
    - Immersive mod - utilize the full screen
    - Battery bar implemented with animation
    - Customisable Clock
    - Possible to disable Power saving mode
    - Signal position switching
    - Immersive mode
    - Dynamic Statusbar color mod and many more.......

    - Choose from any image in your device to use as notification background image. Other settings available. There is file size restriction
    - Single swipe from the right hand side for full toggles display with option to set it ON/OFF
    - Colorize any lockscreen items to your liking
    - Notification text color
    - Notification background color
    - RAM display bar with toggle
    - Multi user avarter with toggle
    - Head notification ON/OFF
    - Ongoing notification made removable
    - IME notification removal with toggle
    - Memory cleaner
    - Single swipe to display all toggles
    - Roaming notification with toggle
    - Memory cleaner color
    - Quick launcher text color mod
    - Statusbar header panel color mod
    - Data usage color mod
    - Toggle circle custom shape and color
    - And so many many more
    - Clock mods with colors
    - Pull down full color mod
    - Toggle ON/OFF color mod
    - Full notification item color mod
    - Brightness panel full color mod
    - Data usage full color mod
    - Full stock color restore
    - Notification shapes mod
    - Notification text color mod
    - Device info full display
    - Quick PIN unlock
    - USB plug screen wake option with toggle

    - Quick PIN unlock
    - Modded clock on lockscreen with colour options
    - Revert to stock color with a single click. No reboot needed (Amazing)
    - Choose from many clock fonts on the lockscreen
    - Custom Carrier text
    - Enable or Disable Lockscreen rotation
    - Custom clock fonts select from many options
    - Next alarm with toggle
    - Custom carrier text
    - Carrier text coloration
    - Lockscreen timeout
    - Number of notification items to be displayed
    - Swipe help text
    - Lockscreen rotation with toggle
    - Clock scalling
    - Fully customise with color options and fonts
    - Clock itme display option
    - Global swith to turn off all color mods
    - Restore option to restore all color to stock within a second with a single click

    Advanced Phone Control
    - Auto call recording
    - Screenshot sound toggle
    - Caller flashlight with frequency control
    - Quick PIN unlock
    - Dial pad return frequency settings
    - Exchange security bypass option
    - TouchWiz Launcher animation
    - IME beautiful animation
    - ListView animation
    - Toast pop up animation
    - IncallUI custom image, gradient and solod color option
    - Lockscreen flashlight with toggel and durations
    - Advanced power menu. All items enabled
    - Possible to swith between LL and MM power menu
    - Reboot recovery added to power menu items
    - Bike mode added to power menu
    - Advanced function to view device information
    - USSD working and other options

    - Sound Panel
    - A single panel for all the device mods
    - Select from list of installed sound mods. Viper4Androis, Dolby Atmos, Beats Audio, Sound Alive and other combinations
    - High volume warning with toggle

    Advanced Device Mod - Personalize your device to your liking with following options:
    - Choose from modded frameworks (colored or stock)
    - Select SystemUI to liking - stock or Advanced SystemUI
    - Statusbar iconthemer
    - Left soft key shortpress option
    - Option to have full power menu with screenshot, record etc
    - Enable or disable boot sound
    - Volume slider sound
    - Low battery sound

    Soft key and Virtual Button control
    - Select custom action for soft keys. Many options available. Kill app, search, screenshot, camera, Multiwindow, recent custom app so many more.
    - Select custom action Home button. Many options available. Kill app, search, screenshot, camera, multiwindow, recent custom app so many more.
    - Set custom actions for Left, Center and Right virtual keys with Longpress and Shortpress actions
    - Set swipe actions (left / right) on lockscreen. Many options available e.g. Kill app, search, screenshot, camera, multiwindow, recent custom app etc.
    - Set swipe actions (left / right) on device. Many options available e.g. Kill app, search, screenshot, camera, Multiwindow, recent custom app etc.
    - Gesture Anywhere on the Touchwiz launcher
    - Power double tap actions

    Backup and Restore plus Others
    - Backup and restore device permissions
    - Backup and restore entire device settings
    - Backup and restore Contacts, SMS, Call logs, Calendar entries, Wi-Fi, Keyboard settings etc. All within seconds
    - Revoke all granted permissions on device with a single click

    Useful Script
    - Netflix ON/OFF
    - Remove and restore Google applications
    - Custom DPI - Select from pre-configured DPI
    - Restore Global stock color
    - Disable or Enable device sounds
    - Selective restoration of Lockscreen item colors to stock
    - Selective restoration of Statusbar item colors to stock
    - Selective restoration of Notification item colors to stock

    Useful Application - Portal for application selection
    - SuperSU
    - Terminal Emulator
    - Root FTP
    - UPSM
    - Toolbox
    - Adaway
    - Dynamic DPI change
    - Caller Flashlight
    - Dynamic DPI Change

    Phronesis Rom Control Backup
    - Backup your Phronesis Rom Control settings in real time

    - Aroma Install options
    - Update your rom without having to do a full wipe
    - Clearer options
    - Option to keep current kernel during mods update or fresh install
    - Make selection to your preferences

    - Sound Mod - Choose from the following combinations. Your device sound couldn't be better and richer. You can easily switch between different sound mod
    - SoundAlive and Beats Audio
    - Dolby Atmos
    - Viper
    - Dolby Atmos + Viper
    - Dolby Atmos + Viper + Beats Audio
    - SoundAlive

    - Google App Updated to the latest
    - Google Play store updated to the latest version with material icon
    - SuperSU updated to the latest version
    - Samsung apps updated to the latest version

    And so many more for your enjoyment.....You will certainly be spoiled for choices


    Phronesis N7 v7.0 Port - Here

    Old releases
    Phronesis N7 v6.0 Port - Here
    Phronesis N7 v5.2 Port - Here
    Phronesis N7 v5.1 Port - Here
    Phronesis N7 v5 Port
    - Here
    Phronesis N7 v4.1 Port
    - Here
    Phronesis N7 v4.0 Port - Here
    Phronesis N7 v3.1 Port - Here
    Phronesis N7 v3 Port - Here
    Phronesis N7 v2 Port - Here
    Phronesis N7 Port - Initial release
    Useful Links, Mods and Quick Fixes

    1.Old Keyboard
    2. StockCamera Modes
    3. Keyboard secondary symbol switchable
    4. Visit Wanam Xposed thread for the latest version
    5. Keyboard with SubSymbol ON
    6. Fix Stock SystemUI Multiwindows Buttons
    7. Fix Screen Of Memo & Samsung Notes

    7. For Amazon video and likes not playing with encryption error or license verification error, change device name in build.prop to SM-A710F. The issue was cause because Amazon and the likes thinks you're abroad and as such not authorize to play the contents. This should also work for some users facing issues with Playstore. Your device might not be recognize because as far as N7 is concerned, it was dead to Google and Samsung.

    8. If for any reason your phone is not showing phone and sdcard storage on connection to your PC, just dial *#0808# and select the "MTP" or "MTP+ADB" in the second section of the resulting page, then click "OK" to save. No reboot require. Or you can use the "Advanced Phone Diagnostic Menu" in Rom Control