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[ROM] [N900PVPUEOC5] [100% Stock, Pre-Rooted, Busybox, Deodexed, No KNOX] [6/11/2015]

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Dec 31, 2013
I have done quite a few mods! Nothing has been released to the public yet but I have something brewing! ??

As you can see from the screenie, I've done a couple things.

And that's just the statusbar!!
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Never seen bad battery life since i have been on lollipop this rom gets me 2 days of moderate to heavy use.....


Hmmmmm... Interesting.

Well i cleared the cache and fixed permissions under the recovery and it seems to be better now. Still a faster drain compared to KK though.

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Anybody used this for TMobile? (Unlocked Sim users)

TM note 3 should already have their own stock LP rom. Did you check their own forum?

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    I bring to you 100% stock fully deodexed builds of Lollipop 5.0 (N900PVPUEOC5) for the Sprint Galaxy Note 3. The ROM is built from the official Samsung tar. It will self root upon flash and has init.d/busybox support. Knox has been removed completely. There are two versions of the stock deodexed ROM. The difference is one uses a normal edify recovery script and the other uses aroma installer. Both ROMS are identical otherwise. The purpose of the aroma installer is for future rom chefs to customize their rom builds using aroma installer if they so choose. This stock ROM includes all pre-installed Google & Sprint apps. Nothing has been removed or modified from stock. Also included is the OC5 kernel and modem & HLOS patch to ensure you have the latest kernel and modem with this ROM upon flash.

    The ROMs are stock and will stay that way. Please don't ask for mods, changes, etc in this thread. These roms are intended for those people who want the stock ROM in it's original form with the addition of root and removal of Knox as well as other dev's/chefs who need a good solid base for their own ROM project. I give permission for other dev's to use this rom as your base and I highly recommend that you do so because it is bug-free and built from the official Samsung .tar. However, I do expect credit if you use this rom for any other project. If you appreciate my work please press that Thanks button and consider making a kind donation. using the link under my profile pic. Enjoy!

    Important Note: Before flashing ANY Lollipop ROM. including this one, you MUST first have done one of the following: Taken the Lollipop ota update OR odin flashed the stock N900PVPUEOC5_N900PSPTEOC5_N900PVPUEOC5_HOME.tar. If you are still on a KK based rom (including any KK AOSP/CM based roms) then you MUST first update to Lollipop by one of the two methods I mentioned BEFORE flashing this ROM.

    Flashing instructions: ***Before beginning the flash/setup process MAKE SURE your battery has at least 50% charge and/or connected to the charger!!!***

    1. Backup anything you don't want to lose off your internal storage to another location.

    2. Download the ROM using your pc. (downloading with your phone has a much higher risk of file corruption. Not recommended with large files).

    3. VERIFY the md5!!! Once the download has finished, compare the AFH md5 using a md5 tool on your pc. (Google is your friend).

    4. Put the downloaded ROM onto your internal storage or external micro sd card.

    5. With phone powered off, reboot into recovery by pressing and holding volume up, power and the home button until you see the samsusung logo then release all buttons.

    6. Once in recovery choose the wipe button and do a factory reset three times. Optional but recommended is to do a "Data" wipe. This will wipe all of your internal storage so MAKE SURE you backed up first like i said in step #1 above! Then go to "advanced wipe" and select all of the partitions EXCEPT micro-sd card and internal storage. Internal storage is optional but recommended on first time flashing Lollipop.

    7. Choose the "Install" option and select the ROM "STOCK_DEODEXED_N900PVPUEOC5" from either your internal or external micro-sd card. It will flash the rom and give a confirmation once completed.

    8. Press "Reboot" then "reboot system".

    9. Initial rom setup will take several minutes and remain on the yellow Sprint Spark screen for several minutes (definately much longer than what you are used to). Let the phone setup/optimizes and the screen WILL eventually turn off once it finishes or show the setup wizard.

    10. When you see the screen turn off or the setup wizard, you can begin setting up your phone for first boot.. Once finished with setup wizard wait a few moments and the phone will automatically install the sprint apps. You must either "accept" or "disagree" with each and every google prompt for these apps or else the installs pause untill you do so.. Also you will be prompted for the "connections optimizer". Quickly set it to what you want and close it. That's it! You're done!

    flashing anything on your device is done at your own risk. There is no way myself or any other developer can guarantee that flashing this ROM or any other file will not brick your device or otherwise cause some other type of damage. This is just a standard warning. I am not responsible for anything that you do to your device. However I do my best to ensure all of my roms, mods, etc are 100% safe and fully tested before allowing public access.


    XDA:DevDB Information
    STOCK_DEODEXED_N900PVPUEOC5, ROM for the Sprint Samsung Galaxy Note 3

    tx_dbs_tx, Chaz187, evilvoice, Josephigloe, SupermanTW
    ROM OS Version: Lollipop
    ROM Firmware Required: OC5

    Version Information
    Status: Stable
    Current Stable Version: 1.0
    Stable Release Date: 2015-06-11

    Created 2015-06-11
    Last Updated 2015-08-02
    Just a quick hello to all of the Note 3 users. Links to this rom are in the OP#1


    Mr blaze and i doing some secret stuff!!!! Heheheh


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    Nope I'm on 5.0 OC5. I will be releasing a Rom soon. I'm just trying to touch up a few things
    Johnny is going to put out a rom and i have been helping him with some things.... i am so busy at work so i can't get mine done.... but trust me guys it will be nice!!!!