[ROM][N910C][6.0.1] Ditto Note 7 ROM v0.1 from Electron Team - 11/17/2016

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Feb 10, 2013
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Since this thread has been brought up again, may I ask if anyone knows how to fix sending short codes messages for DN7? It's the only bug I've encountered while using it before.


Jun 30, 2018
NCan anyone please help me with my lock screen there is a blue bar at the bottom of my lockscreen can anyone help me


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May 9, 2011
Guys please help. Everything works as it should but sometimes, all of a sudden my screen becomes unresponsive and only removing battery helps. This usually happens after receiving a call. Please help me, very annoying bug, is there a simple solution without reinstalling the rom?


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Sep 30, 2018
Hi guys,sorry for the question, i just ordered a note 4 n910f, I wanted to put a note 5 port/s7 rom on it,the one from electron team.could somebody please tell me where i can find it and secondly,i was thinking putting a note7 rom on it is too much and the phone is gonna be slow,do you agree? I just wanted the note 5 fonctions on my note 4 but if somebody know the better or stable rom pleaaasse tell me.I looked and looked all the forums and posts but Im lost sorry.Thanks


Jul 25, 2012
links not working

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links not working. plz help

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    Hi all, Here you for our first Ditto Note rom for Galaxy Note 4 from the E-Team.
    Some of you know us from Note 2 thread where we made the first Note4 port.
    For now it just includes few mods but to plan to improve in the feature.
    It works only for Note 4 N910C​



    *Compiled from N910CXXU2DPCB sources
    *SELinux permissive
    *Private mode fix
    *Wifi password fix
    *Screen mirroring fix
    *ADB insecure


    Added with v0.1:

    *Based on Note7 N930FXXU1BPH6 firmware
    *All Edge features from Note7
    *N7 Theme Engine
    *N7 Video Editor
    *N7 Photo Editor
    *Spen support
    *N7 Air Command
    *N7 Keyboard with handwriting mode
    *N5 Writing buddy (Direct pen input)
    *N5 Camera with sdcard support
    *Air message (floating message)
    *Toolbox added
    *Torchlight settings added
    *AppLock added
    *Keylight duration option unhided
    *Outdoor Mode unhided
    *Tethering works
    *All apps in multiwindow
    *AOD (Always On Display) and NightClock works (if not, change the screen resolution to FHD and then back to QWHD under display settings)


    *Fingerprint for lockscreennot fully works (still works perfectly for all web-sign, private mode, etc …)
    *Camera modes: Live Brodcasting stuck at “starting broadcast”, Wide selfie stuck at “saving photo” and also some pro options

    Older versions

    DN5 v0.6
    *Android Marshmallow 6.0.1
    *Based on S7 Edge G935FXXU1APC8 firmware
    *All Edge features from S7 Edge
    *S7 Theme Engine
    *S7 Video Editor
    *S7 Photo Editor
    *Spen support
    *N5 Air Command
    *N5 Writing buddy (Direct pen input)
    *N5 Camera with sdcard support
    *5 ways reboot menu
    *Air message (floating message)
    *USB notification removed
    *Toolbox added
    *Torchlight settings added
    *AppLock added
    *AutoStarts added
    *Keylight duration option unhided
    *Outdoor Mode unhided
    *Tethering works
    *Opening at once/Always button back
    *All apps in multiwindow
    *Upday set as default ZeroPage (swipe to right app in launcher)

    DN5 v0.5
    *Android Lollipop 5.1.1
    *Base ROM N920CXXU1AOH2 and N910CXXU1COH4

    Initial release v0.1:
    *All Note5 Apps and features
    *Rooted thanks to Chainfire
    *5way reboot
    *Call Recorder added
    *Delay message
    *Scheduled message
    *Save/restore message
    *External sdcard write fix
    *Shutter camera sound toggle
    *Standalone flashable zip (no aroma)

    Added with v0.2:
    *Note 5 framework
    *Multiuser feature added
    *Sim Pin unlock fixedy
    *Direct Pen input now works perfectly
    *Video editor removed (64 libs issue)
    *Fixed cosmetic issues related to status bar
    *Updated SNote & fixed FC when adding a page in SNote

    Added with v0.3:
    *Added weather to the lockscreen
    *Fixed auto-brightness
    *Smart Manager with Widget
    *Spo2 added to S Health
    *Fixed Photonote in S Note
    *USSD codes fixed
    *A bit better S View Experience
    *Knox apps and containers removed
    *Kernel built without Knox Kap and without TIMA Trustzone
    *"Camera app based on Project Super Camera on Steroids" (thanks to kevinrocksman from xda) and modded from there
    Maybe something else...

    Added with v0.4:
    *Based on Note 5 N920CXXU2AOJ5 firmware
    *Sound Alive FC fixed
    *Slow motion fixed
    *Wrong resolution in N5 camera fixed
    *SmartLock via Bluetooth FC Fixed
    *Toolbox added (7 apps max)
    *Side Key Panel added
    *Air Message added
    *N5 Photo Editor
    *Video Editor added
    *Heads Up Notification toggle added
    *Torch Settings
    *Keylight duration option unhided
    *Unlimited popup window apps
    *Lockscreen effects added – 7 Effects counting the None effect
    *More improvements to the quality of the camera
    *Live Video Broadcasting to Youtube with Camera app
    *Launcher mode settings
    *Outdoor Mode unhided
    *Air Gesture Added (Not all motions working, Quick Glance fully working)
    *Fast Charging toggle via DN Rom Control (DN Rom Control is not fully working)
    *Stagefright bug fully fixed
    *App Optimisation in Settings / Battery to improve the battery life
    *New features in Smart Manager app
    *Application Permissions (control the permissions of every single app using Smart Manager app)

    Added with v0.5:
    *Green embended Youtube video fixed
    *Scroll Capture fixed
    *Drawing mode and Smart Select FC in Message app fixed
    *Game Service and Game Tuner added
    *GearVR support added (You must flash GearVR pack on the post 4 for that)
    *Forward in Music player fixed

    *Camera modes still not working: Video Collage & Wide-selfie
    *Greyscale and black colour in UPSM


    You can get instructions and download link to the flashable rom zip from our website: http://electron-team.com/sm-n910c-3/

    Don't report bugs already known and if you have xposed installed
    Take file from the rom is not allowed


    *ROM created by Arsaw, GigiliNe, slink_59, titooo7 from xda-developers (E-Team members)
    *Special thanks to our friend sawdoctor from xda-developers for for the support, advices and tests
    *Special thanks to geiti94 from xda-developers for the tip to get the n5/s7 framework booting & the fingerprint fix (post v0.6)

    Post2: Screenshots and Video
    Post3: Bootloaders and Modems
    Post4: Add-Ons

    DN Rom 5.0.1:
    *Android Lollipop 5.0.1
    *Base ROM N910CXXU1BOB4_XEO

    Initial release v0.1:
    *Rooted thanks to Chainfire
    *Deodexed thanks to Joeldroid
    *5way reboot
    *Toolbox added
    *Call Recorder added
    *More lockscreens added
    *Themes and Festival themes
    *Delay message
    *Scheduled message
    *Save/restore message
    *Blocking mode
    *Multiusers enabled
    *External sdcard write fix
    *Shutter camera sound toggle
    *Standalone flashable zip (no aroma)

    Changelog of v0.2:
    *Floating messages added
    *Torch added to quick settings
    *Multiwindow is now compatible with Multiwindow App Manager
    *Now you can select in settings if you want Multiwindow on the left or right side
    *Removed bloatware and Fota app

    Changelog of v0.3:
    *TorchLight in settings
    *E-Team logo in info
    *Heads up
    *Multi-instance allow you to open some apps in two mullti windows at the same time
    *Air gestures enabled (including notification air gestures)
    *BusyBox added
    *init.d support added
    *Permissive Kernel (thanks to wanam for pointing me to the correct mkbootimg)
    PS: thanks to our colleague sawdocotor for several hints related to some build.prop fixes

    Changelog of v0.4:
    *Removed many knox files
    *Now you can minimize have several instance of the same app minimized
    *Ported Ambient Display feature(but it still doesn't work perfectly)
    *High quality Viper4Android driver preinstalled
    *Viper4Android FX preinstalled (thanks to ViPER520 )
    *Added "No sms to mms conversion"
    *Added exit button to internet browser
    *Disable Message in Call Log
    *Enable Camera during calls
    *Enable Call Button in List

    Changelog of v0.5:
    *Disable messages in call log fixed
    *SFinder/QuickConnect toggle to hide/unhide it added
    *Phone shorcut in Lockscreen added
    *ScreenPinning added (Hold Recent key to unpin !)
    *Signature app check removed
    *Secure mode in message settings doesn't fc anymore
    *Some musique features enabled (popping colour, Edit tags, ...)
    *Some various bugs fixed

    Changelog of v0.6:
    *Updated to Latest Samsung Firmware N910CXXU1BOC3
    *N910C modem inbuilt, so if N910H users want to flash this rom they must remove it from the zip before

    XDA:DevDB Information
    [6.0.1][N910C] DN7 ROM from E-Team, ROM for the Samsung Galaxy Note 4

    slink_59, titooo7, Arsaw, GigilinE
    ROM OS Version: 6.0.x Marshmallow
    ROM Kernel: Linux 3.10.x

    Version Information
    Status: Beta
    Current Beta Version: DN7 v0.1 ROM N910C
    Beta Release Date: 2016-11-17

    Created 2015-02-15
    Last Updated 2016-11-17
    Bootloaders and modems

    N910C Bootloaders: Flash via ODIN in "BL" box (Included in zip)

    *N910CXXU1DPE5 Bootloader (6.0.1)(ONLY for N910C users)
    - Mega
    - MediaFire
    MD5: BEC929F247636AC7C1A45ABADB5850A7

    *N910CXXU1DPE5 Bootloader with E-Team Boot Logo (6.0.1)(ONLY for N910C users)
    - Mega
    - MediaFire
    MD5: 8A0825C53CB4F49A151D72BA5544CD42

    *N910CXXU1COH4 Bootloader (5.1.1)(ONLY for N910C users)
    - Mega
    - MediaFire
    MD5: 005C0F0AA6E04977F89197833F51F41E

    *N910CXXU1BOC3 Bootloader (5.0.1)(ONLY for N910C users)
    - Mega
    - MediaFire
    MD5: 9EFFE8435DC99BD147AB4B956D16DA58

    NOTE: Once updated your bootloader to XXU1BOC3, you can't downgrade to XXU1BOB4 Bootloader

    N910C Modems:
    *6.0.1 Modems:
    *N910CXXU2DPC1 Modem(ONLY for N910C users)
    - Mega
    - MediaFire
    MD5: C83F41C70C416C4A036488F4BCA513E2

    *N910CXXU2DPE3 Modem(ONLY for N910C users)
    - Mega
    - MediaFire
    MD5: 7C284D7341EF376AD5FABCEDC48008E4

    *5.1.1 Modems:
    *N910CXXU2COJ5 Modem(ONLY for N910C users)
    - Mega
    - MediaFire
    MD5: 8063805A449E4E1AE7CFB646195C9448

    *N910CXXU1COI4 Modem(ONLY for N910C users)
    - Mega
    - MediaFire
    MD5: 85D944FB82392297FB3536BA3583263B

    *N910CXXU1COH4 Modem(ONLY for N910C users)
    - Mega
    - MediaFire
    MD5: 2455E6B5FB89C02D66A78A2CAB2EA561

    *5.0.1 Modems:
    *N910CXXU1BOB4 Modem(ONLY for N910C users)
    - Mega
    - MediaFire
    MD5: A171C7A56A49AB0FFB3F129DD7E49269

    *N910CXXU1BOC3 Modem(ONLY for N910C users)
    - Mega
    - MediaFire
    MD5: F4943C15EE749E8BA46C588681823698

    Flash via Custom recovery

    Easy Chart and Idea Sketch for DN5v0.5:
    Download Easy Chart apk
    Download Idea Sketch apk
    *Install as normal app

    N4 Video Editor Full:(Thanks to sawdoctor for his link)

    GearVR pack for DN5v0.5:
    *Flash with custom recovery

    Themes: (for 5.0.1 DN roms)
    You can find some great themes from @IZI.Xav thread here

    S6 Apps: (for 5.0.1 DN roms)
    What's include in this pack: (thanks to @Albe95)
    S Note from S6 (At first launch it will ask you to download and install SpenSDK, do it !!)
    Stranslator from S6 (uninstallable)
    GeoLookout from S6 (uninstallable)
    S6 Theme (uninstallable)
    SmartSwitch from S6 (uninstallable)
    Optical Reader from S6 (uninstallable)
    MD5: 91CD7EE3B1A5460EB976456E780C1347
    Hi guys, i know you are still waiting for new update so here's the pre-changelog for DN5 v0.4:

    Toolbox added
    Air Gesture Added (Not all motions working)
    Keylight duration option unhided
    Doze option enabled but buggy, sometimes no way to screen on (*)
    Unlimited popup window apps
    Air Message added
    Slow motion fixed
    Wrong resolution in N5 camera fixed
    SmartLock via Bluetooth FC Fixed
    Heads Up Notification toggle added, toggle still not works (*)
    Lockscreen effects added - 7 Effects counting the None effect

    (*) = can be removed in final
    Some others things can be added

    Sent from my Note4 DN5 powered