[ROM][N910C/H/U]Glamour ROM S6[27/8/2015]

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Post #377 (Nice rom!!! Works on my N910S-SKT...i just flash the rom then flash n910s modem & stockrider kernel...reboot then fix perm...thats it .)
If you follow that process, but use the modem and kernel from a stock 910U it may work. Its worth a try, just do a backup. Good Luck

I have N910S by chance. Not many ROMs available for this variant. Saw ur post that i may able to flash N910c Rom by flashing its own Kernels and Modems. Where can i find them. Googled a lot.

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    Glamour ROM S6 is a fully ported S6 Edge ROM for the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 (N910C)

    -Android 5.0.2 Lollipop
    -Baseband: BOC3
    -S6 Framework
    -All S6 apps are ported, including Phone, Contacts and SMS.
    -Fully working S-Pen features (Airview, Smart Select, Pen Select, S-Note, etc)
    -Working S6 Music Player
    -Quick Glance
    -Fast and responsive
    -Battery Friendly



    1) Put the zip file in your SD Card
    2) Reboot in Recovery Mode
    3) Wipe Data, Cache, Dalvik Cache and format /System (If running Philz Kernel use the "Clean before install a new rom" option)
    4) Install the ROM
    5) Fix permissions! *
    6) Reboot.

    How to fix permissions in Team Win Recovery Project
    1) Boot your device in recovery mode.
    2) Tap "advanced" tab

    3)Tap "Fix Permissions" Tab

    4)Swipe the button to the right

    5) Reboot!

    Image sources: Here!

    Note: First boot may take a while, that's normal. Once it booted setup your device and reboot again to ensure the full performance of the rom.​


    -Some Camera mods do not work
    -Youtube starts to lag while playing 2K video
    -Touchscreen freeze might occur, then use your pen to reboot the phone, doesn't happen often
    -Found one? Tell me!

    1.0 Link



    V4 Patches: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=62612376&postcount=3145

    MD5 v1: D8DCD61B912A4291AE70A45D25EE91BA
    MD5 v3.1: 00c6559a755d10a4cf10da0a019d1d4f

    E-Team -- for letting me use their kernel
    Samsung -- for software

    XDA:DevDB Information
    GlamourS6, ROM for the Samsung Galaxy Note 4

    ROM OS Version: 5.0.x Lollipop
    ROM Kernel: Linux 3.10.x

    Version Information
    Status: Stable
    Current Stable Version: 3.1
    Stable Release Date: 2015-07-15
    Current Beta Version: 1,0
    Beta Release Date: 2015-06-16

    Created 2015-06-17
    Last Updated 2015-09-01​

    GlamourROM S6 (15 July)

    Based on the newest S6 Edge framework and apps

    Additions & Updates
    Since V2 had no official release nor changelog, I'm gonna list them anyway.

    • Ramdisk from the S6 Edge
    • Fixed thumbnails of recent apps
    • Every Unlock Effect does work, including the new Waterdroplet one
    • Image Clip FC fixed
    • New RAM Management framework from the S6 Edge with adjusted values for a more buttersmooth experience
    • Video glitches, flickering elliminated completely
    • New written from scratch SecSettingsProvider database, with added Air Gesture and S-Pen functionality
    • Completely working Toolbox from the S5
    • Odd crashes with Themes completely fixed.
    • Latest S6 Edge Graphics modules and drivers
    • Folders cleaned from the unneeded ballast
    • Photo Editor FC fixed
    • Rare FC while watching photos or videos fixed
    • Video thumbnails fixed
    • Fixed resolution for the S6 Camera (16MP back, 2MP front (sadly) )
    • Universal Switch errors fixed
    • Settings fully working, nothing crashes there and are shown properly
    • Direction Lock fix
    • Fixed Private Mode thanks @Wuby986 for the guide
    • Fixed ID mismatch issues in framework
    • SMS special characters FC fix
    • Added newest libraries from the SM-P355 DUMP
    • Fixed rounded alert window
    • Modded Keyguard to support new Zero Concept
    • Many-many CSC Tweaks
    • Themes now Install properly without a hitch
    • Adding some widgets caused crashed on some launchers, now fixed :)
    • Added PeopleStripe Edge bar, will glow when someone's calling
    • Automatic brightness fully fixed and manual steps also
    • Google Apps updated to the latest
    • Many system apps ported from the latest S6 Edge build
    • Removed Multi Window toggle since it got no function
    GlamourROM S6 (27 August)

    Based on the newest S6 Edge/Note 5 framework and apps

    Additions & Updates

    • Latest binaries and libraries from the 5.1.1 of Note 5, Galaxy Tab A, Galaxy A8
    • Added Note 5 Launcher
    • Fixed playback of "Over the horizon" while removing the pen from its slot
    • CSC and some fixes from BOE3
    • Fixed statusbar animation
    • Fixed statusbar Multiuser icon dimensions
    • Galaxy Note 5 SecSettingsProvider
    • Unlocked many hidden options in the settings
    • Many apps updated to its latest versions, pulled from 5.1.1 firmware
    • Added Note 5 Wallpapers
    • Removal of few unneeded apps
    • Private Mode fixed
    • Fixed Edge Glowing bar notifications
    • Added Sparkling Bubbles and Colour Droplet Lockscreen effect (sometimes works)
    • Fixed Wi-Fi localization and ID mismatch issues
    • Fixed rare crash with Settings while using OTG and trying to access IME settings
    • Note 5 Memory optimization
    • Logging on by default, non-market apps install without needing to tick
    • Added RIL and modem from the N4 5.1.1 build
    • Removed Note 4 Quick Settings
    • Added new UI sounds, Ringtones, Alarms, fonts etc from the Note 5 build,
    • Optimized and zip-aligned dex files
    • Xposed ready, only need to install appropriate apk
    • New transition effects
    I think i found a fix for the screen freeze...
    I dunno if its going to work on N910C, coz m having H variant.

    1. Turn off all motions and gesture, as said before by someone i dont remember.
    2. Clean Dalvik cache and cache through recovery (may be it is not required but i pretty much doubt its required).
    3. Auto brightness (may be its also not required).
    4. Turn off the power saving mode or any app helps to improve baterry perfomance.*
    5. Set the lock to pattern mode only.*

    I personally used the rom for atleast a month now i guess and i dint had any screen freeze issues just following the points with asterisks.
    Although its having a little bit high baterry consumption but with such a great rom its very much affordable to have bit more battery consumption then Freeze.
    Saving modes and battery perfomance app either stock or third party tend to kill something which cause freeze. I havent had any freeze for weeks and while switching to fixes mentioned before i played with the tweak and got the freeze back and then again switching to this methods i havent had a freeze for 2 week.

    I think may be its important and would help thats y m sharing it to all of u.
    Pardon for my bad english and such a long post.
    Have a great time.
    AND ATLAST...THANKS TO THE ROCKSTAR @henrylife..u made the exynos lover feel proud
    Don't worry a major update will be live in a couple of hours ;)
    These may be the longest "couple hours" of all time.. why say something that will not happen ?
    Because life made incredible turns... I got a call that it's the last day of after answering in the school and since that I was 4 days awake with practically no sleep... I also had to support my friend every possible way, because he had hard time struggling with the life.
    Anyways now I've got 16hrs of sleep and trying to pack the ROM...