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[ROM] [N910PVPS4COK1] [100% Stock, Root, Odexed&Deodexed, No KNOX/Itson] [12/15/2015]

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Feb 28, 2016
Because I can...lol
Just letting ppl know that txdbstx is EXTREMELY close to a public beta release of his Sprint Note 7 port...and he said that I could post a screenshot of the About Device section of Settings in the ROM. I am one of the testers of the port...any other questions?

Nice, was hoping TX would return as he has made some of the best ROMS for this device. Along with Freeza who I believe is long gone.
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    [ROM] [N910PVPS4COK1] [100% Stock, Root, Odexed&Deodexed, No KNOX/Itson] [12/15/2015]

    Once again I bring to you two completely stock builds of Android TW-Lollipop 5.1.1 (N910PVPS4COK1) for the Sprint Samsung Galaxy Note 4.. Both ROMs are built from the official Samsung tar ball. The ROM will self root upon flash and it has init.d/busybox support. Knox and Sprint Itson has been removed. Both ROMs are completely stock with all of the original factory installed apps. Available in odexed and deodexed. Both ROMs are identical other than one being odexed and the other deodexed. Also included in both ROMs in this thread is the stock OK1 modem and APN patch to ensure you have the latest modem & APN's from the latest OK1 software.

    Other than the removal of Knox and Sprint Itson, these roms are 100% stock in every other way. They are stock and will stay that way. Please don't ask for mods, changes, etc in this thread. These roms are intended for those people who want the stock roms in their original form with the addition of root and removal of Knox & itson, as well as other members who need a good solid base for their rom projects. I give permission for other dev's to use this rom as your base ONLY if you contact me prior to using it. If I find users using my work without proper credits I will report you and make you look like a fool I promise. Do the right thing and give credits to people for their time and work. It's a curtesy and respect thing nothing more. With that said, I highly recommend other rom chef's/dev's to use this base rom because it is bug-free and built from the official Samsung tar ball. Last but not least, if you appreciate my work please press that Thanks button, rate this thread and consider a kind donation! Enjoy!
    Mods and fixes will be in post #2 below.

    Important Notes: Before flashing ANY Lollipop 5.1.1 TW-based ROM, including this one, you MUST first do one of the following:
    1. Take the Lollipop OK1 ota update on your phone. (Start by being on the stock unrooted OJ6 rom then take the OK1 ota update)
    2. Odin flash the stock OK1 rom tar using odin on your PC. Thanks @samep

    Once you have correctly updated your Note 4 to Lollipop 5.1.1, software version N910PVPS4COK1 DO NOT... I repeat, DO NOT attempt to root your phone with CF-auto root or other methods. It will soft brick your phone. Instead, you ONLY need to flash the latest TWRP recovery using odin on your pc. Nothing else. The ROM zip will automatically root your phone.

    If you are still on any KK or Lollipop 5.0 TW-based ROM such as NIE, NK2, OB7, OE1 , OF5, OB7 or OJ6 (including any KK AOSP/CM-based roms) then you MUST first update to Lollipop 5.1.1 OK1 by one of the two methods I mentioned above BEFORE flashing this ROM. Failure to properly update your device partitions to 5.1.1 OK1 firmware absolutely WILL cause problems. You have been warned. Please don't ask for help if you did not follow my simple instructions and warnings.

    Flashing instructions: ***Before beginning the flash/setup process MAKE SURE your battery has at least 50% charge and/or connected to the charger!!!***

    1. Backup anything you don't want to lose off your internal and external storage to another location just to be safe.

    2. Download the rom using your pc. (downloading with your phone has a much higher risk of file corruption. Not recommended with large files).

    3. VERIFY the MD5!!! Once the download has finished, compare the androidfilehost MD5 using a MD5 tool on your pc. (Google "md5 checksum windows") for a good MD5 tool for your pc.

    4. Put the downloaded rom onto your internal storage or external micro sd card.

    5. With phone powered off, reboot into recovery by pressing and holding volume up, power and the home button until you see the Samsung logo then release all buttons.

    6. Once in recovery choose the wipe button and do a factory reset three times. Optional but recommended is to wipe "Data". This will wipe all of your user data such as google accounts so MAKE SURE you backed up first like I said in step #1 above! Next go to "advanced wipe" and select all of the partitions EXCEPT micro-sd card and internal storage. Internal storage is optional but recommended when first updating to a major software revision such as 4.3 to 4.4 or 5.0.1 to 5.1.1. The reason is to remove left-over data from previous version of Android and start with a clean slate.

    7. Choose the "Install" option and select the rom "Sprint_Stock_N910PVPS4COK1_XXX" from either your internal or external micro-sd card. It will flash the rom and give a confirmation once completed.

    8. Press "Reboot" then "reboot system". You will get a prompt warning about not having root. Please IGNORE IT and DO NOT allow TWRP to apply root! If you do then you MUST wipe everything and start over at step 5 above and reflash the rom in order to get rid of the traditional root system binaries. ***Please pay attention and DO NOT let TWRP install root. Ignore the "No Root" warning.***

    9. Initial rom "optimization" will take several minutes for the deodexed rom while ART builds its cache (the odexed rom takes much less time for first boot). The phone will remain on the yellow Sprint Spark screen for about 10 -13 minutes during this time. Let the phone optimize for at least 13 minutes (for the deodexed rom) and the screen will eventually turn off or show the setup wizard once it finishes. When the screen turns off, simply turn it on and proceed to setup your phone.

    10. Once finished with the setup wizard, wait a few moments and the phone will automatically install the Sprint apps. You must either "accept" or "disagree" with each and every google prompt for these apps or else the installs pause until you do so.. Also you will be prompted for the "connections optimizer". Quickly set it to what you want and close it. That's it! You're done!

    One last bit of important information... If you allow any system update or Samsung security update to install it WILL break root. I advise everybody to disable automatic updates which is located in Settings/System update.
    You can allow an update to install but you will then need to flash the beta systemless SuperSU packages located in HERE in order to regain systemless root.

    @Chainfire for root and SuperSU. Without him we would not have root. Thank you!​
    @TeamWin for TWRP recovery. http://teamw.in/project/twrp2 and here

    General disclaimer:
    flashing anything on your device is done at your own risk. There is no way myself or any other developer can guarantee that flashing this ROM or any other file will not brick your device or otherwise cause some other type of damage. This is just a standard warning. I am not responsible for anything that you do to your device. However, all of my roms, mods, etc are pre tested by myself and other testers prior to public release.

    XDA:DevDB Information
    Stock-Rooted-N910PVPS4COK1, ROM for the Sprint Samsung Galaxy Note 4

    ROM OS Version: 5.1.x Lollipop
    ROM Kernel: Linux 3.10.x
    ROM Firmware Required: N910PVPS4COK1
    Based On: SPR-N910PVPS4COK1-20151209172046

    Version Information
    Status: Stable
    Stable Release Date: 2015-12-15

    Created 2015-12-16
    Last Updated 2015-12-16
    Mods & Fixes
    Odexed-Deodexed-N910PVPS4COK1-Hotspot-Mod (This can be flashed on odexed or deodexed OK1 roms)
    N910PVPS4COK1-PrivateMode-Fix (This can be flashed on odexed or deodexed OK1 roms)
    Both stock roms updated

    Ok I updated both roms and reuploaded them. I replaced the kernel with the original stock kernel without root and I also updated supersu to the latest beta 2.65. As of today both roms are current with these changes.

    So what I know for now is that the new systemless root by chainfire requires a pure stock kernel in order for it to be able to properly patch the stock kernel for root. Therefore systemless root needs the untouched stock kernel or it will not work. Surely this will have an effect on custom kernels and will be a work in progress for chainfire ad these latest supersu betas are still a work in progress. Being that these roms here are stock builds they will include the stock kernel which is perfectly fine for most people for day to day usage. What all of this means is if you want to run a custom kernel such as AEL, Emotion, Freeza's Beast Mode, etc then you will need to flash the custom kernel of choice then flash an earlier supersu package that has system binaries prior to 2.50.

    One important thing to note is that installing the latest Samsung security update breaks root. So you have a couple of options. 1. Go into settings and turn off auto updates and do not install the updates OR... 2. Take the updates but know that you will need to flash the supersu package again to to regain root. So have the supersu zip on your sd-card/internal storage so you can quickly & easily get root again. Keep in mind that if you run a custom kernel you may want to use an older system root package that adds system binaries the traditional way unless the kernel dev has built the kernel to be fully compatible with systemless root. Check these things before you flash custom kernels. Another thing... once you root this rom with an older traditional system binary root package then you absolutely MUST wipe everything and reflash this stock rom before attempting to root again using systemless root. Systemless root requires a pure stock unrooted kernel and system. Period. Old root methods have not changed however. So that may be the easiest and most trouble-free option for custom kernel users right now until systemless root custom kernels are fully onboard with the latest systemless supersu by Chainfire.

    As far as I can tell there's not a huge advantage to systemless root right now. The concept is great and if it can cure the problem with samsung pay & android pay apps not working due to them detecting root, then that alone would be worth having systemless root. Otherwise the old traditional system binaries seems fine to me especially if running custom kernels. Speaking of which, kernel devs will need to work on making versions of their kernels compatible with the latest systemless root method and indicate if they are such or not.

    That's all I have for now. Sorry for the long post but I think everybody needs to know whats going on with yhe new beta root and its evolution moving forward along with Amdroid and Marshmallow and beyond.
    Update: I found a problem in my updater script that breaks supersu so i will have to fix that and reupload both roms one last time. I will remove both rom links for now and add them back with the new links asap. Sorry for the confusion.

    Edit: Both roms are now updated with links updated in the OP. ROM tester's initial flash test reported that root is good to go. However everybody needs to understand that you need to immediately disable system updates in settings/system update in order to prevent auto updates from breaking root. You can install samsung security updates but you will have to flash supersu again to regain root. More details are now available in the OP. Read the instructions again if you aren't sure about this stuff. Please report any issues if you find something. I see no reason for losing root anymore.
    I rooted my daughters phone back in March and left it stock. Didn't even put TWRP. She wanted some updating... Ao I flashed back the stock tar from ANIE (which is what she had on the phone)

    It downloaded 1 update. The cok1. 1.7 gb.

    So that phone should be good to go...?
    Yes sir you will be good to go with this rom or any OK1 base Touchwiz rom.

    I will try to start on a new custom OK1 rom soon. I gotta juggle my free time so not sure how much time i'll have to spend on it. I will have to manually redo all of the mods, etc.