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[ROM] [N910PVPU1BOB7] [100% Stock, Root, Odexed/Deodexed, No KNOX/Itson] [3/20/2015]

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Dec 12, 2013
i flashed the oj6 through twrp twice but still stayed 0b7 but went from 5.01 to 5.1.1 weird. If i used Odin do you think it would possibly get rid of ob7 and change 0j6?


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Dec 12, 2013
But i do that will it take me to the oj6 rom i want? That is eventually where i want?


Easiest thing to do is odin the oj6 tar.

Get it here:


Then flash one of @tx_dbs_tx 's oj6 roms.

i downloaded the zip extracted it and put in odin and after i hit start it says odin stopped working . i have tried aa couple different Odins and they both do the same. anybody know why?

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    I bring to you completely stock builds of Lollipop (N910PVPU1BOB7). Built from the official Samsung tar. The rom will self root upon flash and it has init.d/busybox support. Knox and Sprint Itson has been removed completely. There will be four versions of this base rom. The first two roms will be completely stock with all of the original factory installed apps included upon flash. They will be available as odexed and deodexed . The second two roms will be "Naked" and be stripped of all pre-installed Google/Sprint apps except for essential apps which I feel should be left in the rom. These two "Naked" roms will also come as odexed and deodexed. Also included in every rom in this thread is the BOB7 modem and HLOS patch to ensure you have the latest modem with this rom. (the HLOS patch is the factory Samsung modem patch and I simply added it in just like the official tar. I have no other details, it is official from Samsung and apparently has an important purpose.).

    Other than the removal of Knox, itson and several pre-installed "bloat" apps (in the de-bloated versions), these roms are all stock in every other way. The roms are stock and will stay that way. Please don't ask for mods, changes, etc in this thread. These roms are intended for those people who want the stock roms in their original form with the addition of root and removal of Knox & itson as well as other members who need a good solid base for their rom project. I give permission for other dev's to use this rom as your base and I highly recommend that you do so because it is bug-free and built from the official Samsung .tar. However I do expect credit if you use this rom for any other project. If you like my work please press that Thanks button. Enjoy!

    Important Note: Before flashing ANY Lollipop ROM. including this one, you MUST first have done one of the following: Taken the Lollipop ota update OR odin flashed the stock N910PVPU1BOB7_N910PSPT1BOB7_SPR rom tar. If you are still on KK based rom (including any KK AOSP/CM based roms) then you MUST first update to Lollipop by one of the two methods I mentioned BEFORE flashing this ROM.

    Flashing instructions: ***Before beginning the flash/setup process MAKE SURE your battery has at least 50% charge and/or connected to the charger!!!***

    1. Backup anything you don't want to lose off your internal storage to another location.

    2. Download the rom using your pc. (downloading with your phone has a much higher risk of file corruption. Not recommended with large files).

    3. VERIFY the md5!!! Once the download has finished, compare the AFH md5 using a md5 tool on your pc. (Google is your friend).

    4. Put the downloaded rom onto your internal storage or external micro sd card.

    5. With phone powered off, reboot into recovery by pressing and holding volume up, power and the home button until you see the samsusung logo then release all buttons.

    6. Once in recovery choose the wipe button and do a factory reset three times. Optional but recommended is to do a "Data" wipe. This will wipe all of your internal storage so MAKE SURE you backed up first like i said in step #1 above! Then go to "advanced wipe" and select all of the partitions EXCEPT micro-sd card and internal storage. Internal storage is optional but recommended on first time flashing Lollipop.

    7. Choose the "Install" option and select the rom "Stock_Rooted_NoKnox_N910PSPT1BOB7_xxx" from either your internal or external micro-sd card. It will flash the rom and give a confirmation once completed.

    8. Press "Reboot" then "reboot system".

    9. Initial rom setup will take several minutes and remain on the yellow Sprint Spark screen for at least 13 minutes (definately much longer than what you are used to). Let the phone setup/optimize for at least 15 minutes and the screen WILL eventually turn off once it finishes.

    10. When you see the screen turn off, you can proceed with the setup wizard. Once finished with setup wizard wait a few moments and the phone will automatically install the sprint apps. You must either "accept" or "disagree" with each and every google prompt for these apps or else the installs pause untill you do so.. Also you will be prompted for the "connections optimizer". Quickly set it to what you want and close it. That's it! You're done!

    flashing anything on your device is done at your own risk. There is no way myself or any other developer can guarantee that flashing this ROM or any other file will not brick your device or otherwise cause some other type of damage. This is just a standard warning. I am not responsible for anything that you do to your device.

    "Naked" bloat-free roms will follow very soon.​
    This rom is now public. OP has been updated. Thanks for helping test this rom. Look for a debloated version and my X-Series rom in the near future. Enjoy.

    I am giving permission to use this rom as a base for other dev's roms. If you use this rom for your base olease give me credit. I highly recommend that you do use this rom for your base as it's bug-free and pre-tested.

    I was wondering if you could perhaps explain the advantages and disadvantages of deodex over odex. Especially considering all the changes lollipop has created in deodexing. A Google search can give most people an explanation on what the difference between the two is http://http://www.addictivetips.com/mobile/what-is-odex-and-deodex-in-android-complete-guide/ but I'm more curious on how the two will differ on your lollipop rom, especially since you mentioned it's a type of hybrid deodex. Also, given that you are working toward mods now (thank you soooooo much Btw) how will odex vs deodex affect the usage of mods if at all? Is theming really the only main benefit of deodex if we plan to run your base? Is the deodex, for a non themes, just a better base to build off for other custom ROM's?


    Well first off the changes in Lollipop's odexing is keeping me from running a 100% odexed rom. There is currently no odexing tool that is compatible with Lollipop. Therefore any modifications to any apk/jar that requires smali edits obviously requires deodexing. Normal theming of the apk's resources does not require deodexing therefore you can make whatever changes needed for theming but if you need to edit smali for modding purposes then you must deodex first then edit smali then rebuild the apk. Once you do this though, you can't reodex the apk. So if you want to make a mod like 4-way reboot or change the settings apk so you can choose the view type, this requires smali work, hence it must be deodexed first. Once i deodex and modify smali in classes there's no way to reodex the file. So i plan to modify only what i have to and only use those deodexed files that i have to for the mods i want to do. Anything that can be themed/modded without deodexing will be done. the advanced mods, etc must be deodexed. no exceptions.

    As for benefits/dissatvantages of deodexed & odexed in Lollipop, and if you should run one or the other, I can say this.. There's really no reason to not run a fully odexed Lollipop rom because you can flash odexed or deodexed themes & mods on either.. Minor theming of an odexed apk does not require altering it's odex file... meaning a themer can theme just the odexed apk, and you can flash it without the need to include it's odex files. But If the theme requires modifying smali then it must be deodexed. For the most part, when flashing an odexed theme your exhisting odex files remain untouched. However, flashing a deodexed theme on top of an odexed system is a different story. Currently Lollipop doesn't allow permission for recovery script to delete the system odex files (from my experience) of the modded apk's/jar's, so if you're on an odexed rom and want to flash a theme/mod that is deodexed, you will have to manually delete the corresponding odex files for each modified apk/jar in the zip. Otherwise the odex files remain and will conflict with the newly flashed deodexed classes. You will have classes in the main apk as well as the classes in the odex files which will contradict one another. So in this scenario a deodexed rom is the best option if you plan to flash deodexed themes or else you will need to manually delete the odexes yourself after flashing the deodexed theme. Even if the dev/themer includes a script to delete the odex files, Lollipop doesn't seem to allow that permission anymore. (at least from my experieces so far.) Also it should be noted that there's typically only a small handful of apk's/jar's that make up a theme and if you're running my new custom odexed rom (when I finish it), it will most likely already have those common files deodexed anyway. So it will not matter if you flash a deodexed mod/theme if your rom currently has some mixed in deodexed files of those most commomly themed apk's such as systemUI, SecSetting, framework-res, twframework-res, etc. I know this all may sound confusing and I may not be explaing it in the best way, but it really doesn't matter if you go with odexed or deodexed. Right now all mods requiring smali work will have to be deodexed. Period. I, however will only deodex what i have to and leave everything else odexed... even themed items will remain odexed. If you are wanting to flash any type of mod or theme on your Lollipop note 4, then you need to get specific detaild from the developer before flashing. you will need to know wether the zip contains note 4 BOB7 system files and exactly which files are included in the zip so you can delete your odex files after flashing it. Very simple actually. So to sum it up, my opinion is that running the fully odexed rom and flashing whatever theme/mods that are deodexed will only account for a very small percentage of deodexed files in your system leaving the majority of your system odexed and much more suited for ART optimization. Just pay attention to the files you flash and know that you need to delete the corresponding odex files because even with a script to delete the odexes, it's not working on Lollipop. I have another idea on accomplishing this so i'll test and see what i can come up with. Any mods that i put out will either include a script to delete corresponding odexes or it will be deodexed and full details as well.

    As of right now I'm not noticing much if any difference between my fully odexed & deodexed roms. I haven't been a power user lately and haven't really tried to bog the phone down or anything so from my mild usage I don't notice much difference.Maybe if you put two identical note 4's side by side with one having odexed and the other deodexed you might be able to tell the difference.

    Edit: Sorry for the long post. Trying to explain this isn't easy.
    Since the last couple of pages seems to be mostly discusion about this theme app, could you guys please start a new thread for this? There's really too much distraction from the actual test rom itself. I really wanted to focus on the actual rom itself so I could get feedback from the testers without off topic discussions such as theming, modding, etc... which is really getting in the way and slowing things down for an actual public release. I really need more feedback and reports from all of you testers who have been running this rom continuously for the past couple of days. PM or post here ONLY if you are a tester and have appropriate input. Thanks for understanding.

    I will build a debloated version once I get enough feedback from the testers and feel is ready to go.
    The Final version of stock deodexed BOB7 is now uploaded and the new link has been updated in the OP. I updated all of the system apps in the deodexed rom and it is now ready for prime time.

    For those of you who want stripped down bloat-free roms you'll have to wait a few. I would also encourage those of you wanting debloated roms to do this yourself. You have root so the only other things you need is a root file browser (root explorer is my favorite) and a little knowledge of the apps' names that you want to exclude from your rom. If you can root your phone and flash a rom then you are more than capable of de-bloating your own rom. You can do it two ways... on device after flashing the rom or before flashing the rom by extracting the rom zip and manually removing the apps/folders that you don't want. Just know what the app names are before you do anything. The Sprint installer is responsible for downloading & installing most of the unwanted Sprint bloat so that's the first thing you might want to remove from the rom zip before flashing. Once you flash the rom you can still get rid of the bloat just as easy. A tip... go into application settings and wipe data & cache for each app that you want to delete before you delete it from the system directory. Until i debloat & upload the other roms this is what i am suggesting to those asking for bloat to be removed from the rom.

    Once again, if you use my roms in other projects, please give me credit and most of all... Enjoy!!!