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[ROM] [N910PVPU4COG5] [Hybrid-X Pre-Rooted, Mods, Odexed, Deodexed] [8/14/2015]

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Jan 19, 2009
Texas, USA
FYI: I tried the new 5.1.1 AEL kernal (v2) with this rom and could not get WIFI to work.
Interesting. I'll have to test Wi-Fi I'm on AEL v2 also and I've only used hotspot so far. Please keep me posted on your findings with this issue.
Any big differences from the first stock roms posted in this thread?
Well if you read the OP and look at the list of things done to the rom then you can see exactly what is modded in this rom vs the 100% stock rom. I personally think this rom is perfect for most people who like a stock look and feel but has mods under the hoodand less bloat apps to deal with.


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Oct 3, 2009
I also can confirm wifi is working on ael 5.1.1 v2


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Jul 12, 2007
Just to be clear, if you flash the ROM with the AEL kernel, is it still pre-rooted or does the basic ROM need to be flashed first? thanks in advance.
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Jul 12, 2007
Yes. tx states that the first rom has beast mode kernel, so it is pre-rooted. So 3.0 has AEL, is it also pre-rooted somewhow?
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Nov 15, 2007
Ditto AEL kernel v5.1.1 v2 working great here on this ROM (deodexed version). Another plus: I have yet to see the fingerprint lag issue come up again after flashing this kernel. So this setup is working perfectly for me. :good:

Flashed AEL v2 kernel...everything working so far, hotspot, wifi and have not seen fingerprint lag
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Jan 19, 2009
Texas, USA
Yes. tx states that the first rom has beast mode kernel, so it is pre-rooted. So 3.0 has AEL, is it also pre-rooted somewhow?
Yes. AEL kernel has root restriction disabled. The new TW kernels for 5.1.1 have root restriction in place. It has to be turned off for root to be able to work. So there's no need to wipe or reflash the basic Hybrid rom or anything... just flash the AEL kernel in TWRP and it will be fine.


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Sep 16, 2011
TW Home rotation

Hi would you be able to have TW Landscape Home Screen rotation in your new rom, if it is too much work never mind. I thought I will ask just in case.
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Mar 14, 2011

Love.your deodexed ROM and thank you for all that you do.

Can I ask what advantage does the AEL_5.1.1 v2 kernel have vs The freeza Beastmode Stock 5.1.1 that allows root?

Just curious

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Color manager

What is color manager, is it like Moar and alliance, where u can change system colors?


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Jan 19, 2009
Texas, USA
This ROM thread will be merged back into the original Hybrid ROM thread

Thanks for the answer...

I have decided to merge this ROM thread back into my original Hybrid ROM thread found here...

All further discussion needs to be posted in my original thread
that I linked above. This thread will soon be closed and/or removed.
BTW, a new release will be uploaded later this evening!
Thank you.
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    I bring to you a Hybrid Sprint N910PVPU4COG5 ROM. Built from the official Samsung OG5 tar ball. The initial ROM release is available in Odexed and Deodexed. Both are identical beside being odexed or deodexexd. The ROM will self root upon flash and it has init.d/busybox support (to be determined once we have a kernel that supports it). Knox and Sprint Itson has been removed completely. The "Basic" ROM includes the stock pre-rooted OG5 "Beastmode" kernel provided by @freeza

    Other than a few small mods and the REMOVAL of Knox, Sprint Itson and several pre-installed "bloat" apps, this ROM is stock in every other way. I spent a lot of time with root and the updater-script to make it flash and pre-root as it should with no hassles. I DO NOT give permission for ANYONE to use this ROM or any future version of it for your own ROM base or any other derivative of my ROM. So don't do it! I will build a stock base ROM soon and it can be used for other peoples' projects. Thank you. Enjoy!

    About ROM:
    Hybrid-X "Basic" (Initial release)
    • Removed Sprint Itson and Knox
    • Pre-Rooted and SuperSU is pre-installed
    • Odexed version has the stock fully odexed frameworks utilizing ART (Android Runtime)
    • Deodexed 100% system and frameworks (best for future mods and Xposed, if and when it gets updated for Android 5.1.1)
    • Official OG5 modem and APN's included in the ROM zip
    • Updated all system apps (deodexed version only)
    • Ability to change view type in settings
    • Hotspot enabled by default
    • Voice call recording enabled
    • Camera shutter sound option enabled
    • Disabled usb connect/disconnect screen wake
    • Disabled auto-correction patent. (Thanks to "Crapple")
    • Call/Message blocking enabled in settings
    • Application permissions in settings
    • That's about it for this first release... more to come!!!!!

    Hybrid-X 3.0 coming soon...
    • All features from Hybrid "Basic" ROM
    • N4_AELKernel_5_1_1_NA_Ed_v2_190815 by: friedrich420
    • 5-way reboot w/safe mode
    • Flashlight toggle
    • Enable/disable brightness slider in notification panel settings
    • High-Volume warning disabled
    • Added more volume controls to volume popup window
    • Added "Advanced utilities" section into settings for the built in utilities below
      Viper4Android audio
      Galaxy Tools
      Color Manager
      Bitdefender antivirus
    • Long press volume to skip music tracks (currently not working for 5.1.1. Still working on it)
    • more to come...

    Important Note: Before flashing any Android 5.1.1 TW ROM. you MUST first have done one of the following:
    1. Take the Lollipop OG5 ota update on your phone.
    2. Odin flash the stock ROM tar below.
    If you are still on ANY KK or Lollipop 5.0 based rom ( such as OB7, OE1, OF5 including any KK AOSP/CM based roms) then you MUST first update to Lollipop 5.1.1 OG5 by one of the two methods I mentioned above, BEFORE flashing any of these 5.1.1 ROMs. However, if you are still on the first TW Lollipop 5.0 OB7 ROM or a stock/custom KitKat ROM and you have NEVER updated to Lollipop 5.1.1 OG5, then I highly recommend flashing my custom OB7/OG5 rom tar found HERE. It will allow you to keep your old OB7 bootloader and still fully update to OG5 Android 5.1.1. Read that thread for more information.

    Flashing Instructions
    ***Before beginning the flash/setup process MAKE SURE your battery has at least 50% charge and/or connected to the charger!!!***

    1. Backup anything you don't want to lose off your internal storage to another location.

    2. Download the rom using your pc. (downloading with your phone has a much higher risk of file corruption. Not recommended with large files).

    3. VERIFY the md5!!! Once the download has finished, compare the AFH md5 using a md5 tool on your pc. (Google is your friend).

    4. Put the downloaded rom onto your internal storage or external micro sd card.

    Before you go any further you need to odin flash the latest TWRP (recovery). Uncheck the "auto-reboot" option in the Odin tool before flashing TWRP. Once it finishes flashing, press and hold the home button, volume down and power button for several seconds until it reboots then QUICKLY press and hold home, volume UP and the power button and it will reboot to recovery without the need to do a battery pull. Otherwise continue to the next steps below.

    5. With phone powered off, reboot into recovery by pressing and holding volume up, power and the home button until you see the samsusung logo then release all buttons.

    6. Once in recovery choose the wipe button and do a factory reset three times. Optional but recommended is to do a "Data" wipe. This will wipe all of your internal storage so MAKE SURE you backed up first like i said in step #1 above! Then go to "advanced wipe" and select all of the partitions EXCEPT micro-sd card and internal storage. Internal storage is optional but recommended on first time flashing Lollipop.

    7. Choose the "Install" option and select the rom "Hybrid_Sprint_N910PVPU4COG5_Deodexed" from either your internal or external micro-sd card. It will flash the rom and give a confirmation once completed.

    8. Press "Reboot" then "reboot system".

    9. Initial rom setup will take around 10 minutes and remain on the yellow Sprint Spark screen for much longer than what you are used to. Let the phone setup/optimize for at least 10 minutes and the screen WILL eventually turn off OR show the setup wizard screen once it finishes.

    10. When you see the screen turn off, you can proceed with the setup wizard. Once finished with setup wizard, you will be prompted for the "connections optimizer". Quickly set it to what you want and close it. That's it! You're done! Setup your rom as usual. Enjoy![/B]

    WARNING: Flashing anything on your device is done at your own risk. There is no way myself or any other developer can guarantee that flashing this ROM or any other file will not brick your device or otherwise cause some other type of damage. This is just a standard warning. I am not responsible for anything that you do to your device. However I do take great time and effort to ensure all of my work is tested and verified good before releasing to the public.


    XDA:DevDB Information
    Hybrid X 3.0, ROM for the Sprint Samsung Galaxy Note 4

    tx_dbs_tx, @freeza
    ROM OS Version: 5.1.x Lollipop
    ROM Kernel: Linux 3.10.x
    ROM Firmware Required: OG5 or newer!
    Based On: ALL_SPT_N910PVPU4COG5_N910PSPT4COG5_CL5303209_QB5691107_REV00_user_low_ship_MULTI_CERT.tar.md5

    Version Information
    Status: Stable
    Current Stable Version: 3.0
    Stable Release Date: 2015-08-14

    Created 2015-08-15
    Last Updated 2015-08-22
    I agree. I want all of you to know that I am working on this rom for the next few days and I will have most of these mods done by then. Don't sweat the small stuff. I'm doing things the way I like for my rom to be and I'm sure most of you will like it as well. I will have all of the mods that have been asked for including the popup warnings disabled, 5-way reboot is done, high-volume warning is done, etc, etc. Just be patient. I'll post a big patch when I get things finished. Yes V4A and MORE will be built into the rom. I have a few cool ideas. If necessary I will just build a new complete rom and upload it with all the new features.

    If you want to post your "handy work" here in my rom thread then that's fine but you should also know that people will be asking "how and where" to get them. LOL I just wanna say that there's really no need in posting the mod screenshots here because I am already including these mods and many more in the days to come. I want everyone to understand that this rom IS currently being updated with the most common mods & tweaks and that has been the plan from day one. I just don't want to release new roms or patches until I get nearly everything done to keep the updates to a minimum. I think I had too many updates with my previous roms causing people to have to flash too frequently. I don't like that. So give me a few days and I will have a big update. Thanks for the support!
    I've been doing mods and discovered that apktool is causing some glitches in SystemUI either during the decompile or the build process. I think it's being caused byan xml in resources because if I decompile classes only then build the glitch isn't there. So this goes to show that you really have to pay close attention to apktool as well as the Lollipop deodexers because things can get broken inside the apk/jar and you won't even know it. So i'm now going to do things a bit differently when decompiling & building apk's and jar files.

    I've been trying to get a couple of mods working for 5.1.1 but it's being difficult and causing FC's. Long press volume to skip music tracks and the flashlight toggle are both giving me a hard time. I'll keep working on them. All other mods are working fine. I hope to be able to release an update in the next few days. I will be asking for a couple of testers when that time comes.
    Enough about that. He simply copy& pasted and left out a space in the quote containing the exact line he needed to edit and if you pay attention to what you're reading you can figure it out quite easily. No need to drag it out.

    I'm working on audio mods right now. I already got the advanced utilities section in settings along with the apps & icons resized prefrectly. It's coming along.
    First off i really love this rom man and really appreciate the time and effort you have put in to make this radical rom. Just wondering will the update include double tap to wake?
    I had plans to include this mod but it sounds interesting. However I would expect that it would definitely impact battery life. I'll look into it. Thanks for inquiring.

    Has anyone tried to use the enhanced messagin setup in thr stock messaging app? For some reason its stopped working between Saturday and last night. Moved from Freeza's Rom over to see if its some how Rom related or can be reset after clearing system/caches. Has anyone experienced this?

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    It works perfect on my phone. I enabled it and it verified and all that good stuff.

    Please add the Russian language in the next update !! I will be very grateful to you!
    If I can I will. Should not be too much trouble. however I don't want to add "unnecessary" languages that will take up space on the phone's memory. I'll look into it.

    3 thoughts:
    1) with the release of the note 5 and it's lack of ext-sd, removable battery, or any other significant upgrade over the note 4, TX's work has much more significance for a phone coming up on its 1yr mark. I think a lot of people like myself plan on holding on to this phone for a while. With the 5.1.1 update, freeza's work, and TX's ROM, I'm going to trademark the term Note 4 1/2! It really does feel like a new phone and I get to keep my 128gb ext-sd!

    2)At 8:40 am, I'm at 30% battery. That's after I was unable to charge last night and moderate to heavy use the day before. Impressive!

    3)@Tx_, I think it may be difficult outside of exposed, but is it possible to get a mod to disable waking the phone from the home button? I mean, I don't wear skinny jeans or anything, but sometimes the phone is on when it's in my pocket and I'd love to disable it.
    Thanks for the awesome feedback! Yes I can disable screen wake with the home button but I would rather make that a flashable zip since not everybody will want that mod. I've done it before so it should be no problem. The catch is that I have to do that mod AFTER I finish all of the other mods that are in the same file. the reason is because if I do the mod "disable screen wake home button" mod I will also have to make a separate flashable zip to re-enable it. So it only makes sense to do this once every other mod in the same file is done so not to break anything or miss out on any future mods.

    We have very bad weather today so I'm stuck inside working on this ROM. I thought this news might make some of you happy. LOL!