[Rom]N910T MR. KLEAN 1.0 [COG2]

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Sep 6, 2010
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can anyone who's running xposed run a benchmark and post the results?

Here are some benchmarks: Geek Bench 3, Antutu and 3DMark Extreme.


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May 25, 2014
For anyone who wants the full action menu support i pulled the needed apks from a different ROM.

Download the below link:

Extract the file folders. Move them to your System Apps and set the permission correctly.

It's 3 apps that are needed. Screen shot below.

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can you please reupload the package since the link is no longer available thanks a lot

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    ● Before I begin, I have received permission from rmarinella to use his cog2 base and post this in my own thread. With that said thanks to rmarinella for allowing me to post this.

    ● This rom is nothing more than rmarinellas S6 Express lite rom, except i have gone a few steps further to lighten it even more by nearly 300mb to a grand total of a 731mb zip file.

    ● If you are looking for a full featured note 4 rom this is not it. If you are looking for a rom that gives you just what you need with out bells and whistles with excellent battery life and speed than this is the rom for you.

    ● Keep in mind that there are certain things in settings that if you try to enable them you will get force close popups, these items are just simply not installed.

    ● I have been running this for 2 days with ZERO problems. Please inform me if any basic functions of the note 4 do not work. Wifi calling, etc.

    ● Wipe three times for extra cleanliness, Use latest twrp, flash and enjoy!

    ● COG2 Based and must be on COG2 bootloader and baseband

    Link to dev-host:

    N910T_S6_Express_Mr_Klean_1.0.zip - 731.24 MB
    Xposed Instructions. ☆☆☆PLEASE DONT THANK ME, THANK TEKHD☆☆☆

    ● Flash this file first in twrp:

    2_xposed-sdk21-arm-20150430-arter97.zip - 5.24 MB

    ● Flash this file second in twrp:

    1_TEKXnesis_N4_NE_Xposed_APK_TEKHD.zip - 493.10 KB

    Wanam lollipop works great and dvfs disable works as well.
    So you cut about 550 mb is size of of the stock TW firmware.

    Does anytime who had this running have a screen shot of the RAM usage. And a battery screen shot. Would love to see what it looks like running.

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    Basically cut almost 1gb from stock firmware as the stock firmware is around 1.8gb. Took rmarinellas 1gb rom and cut it down to 731mb with his permission.
    Hey buddy, do you think you could put it on another hosting service? the download is going really slow and then just fails.

    Give me some time

    Here's a link to my drive https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B4qYa0JLAsBGRmp6V20wSEVmN0k/view?usp=docslist_api