[ROM][New Sense][02 apr]RCMixHD v3.6, DATA++/D2EXT/A2SD+, Rotating or DeSensenized

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Oct 24, 2007
After 3.6.1-desense without working BT is useless for me, i flashed 3.6.1d-Rot-CM7 from Reef2009. In this version is a bug on the GPS fastswitch in the statusbar. If i activate GPS via fastswitch i get a notification in the statusbar "sdcard writeprotection is applied"...:confused:
Activating GPS via Settings or via Navigon it's working fine. Is this a global bug in the 3.6.1 Version or only in the Reef2009-Mod?

Additional And there is still my request for the libbluetoothd.so file of the older 3.5.1 version to fix the BT-bug in the 3.6.1.desense...
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Jun 13, 2010
First I want to say thank you so much with the work on this ROM! Works at once, easy to install. The biggest reason that I needed a custom rom was to get unlimited app storage. And that worked without much hassle.

But after I installed the rom I got some major issues with battery usage. Ive searched this forum, and some said that the Data++ versjon should use less battery, but I dont think I wanna try that as it is experimental. I have turned off 3G, WiFi etc. And even with that turned off, it drains really fast. With 3G/WiFi on it drains within maybe 3-4 hours.

I got the RCMIxHD v3.5 Rotating versjon on a HTC Desire.

Also, I have not installed any new kernels, because it seemed to work fine on my standard kernel. Could this problem be as simple as that? Just to change the kernel? Maybe I'll do a full wipe, and install v3.6 rotating then, but witch kernel should I go for?

Custom RCMix kernel
RCMixHD Custom kernel -

Also, do I need to upgrade the radio?

Is there any other solutions to battery problems? Ive tried all settings I can find :)
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Feb 16, 2011
Cape Town
So after using every ROM that the Desire DEVS had to offer and I mean all of them, from Ginger Villain, Cyanogen, MIUI to all the Sense builds that there are only with RCMixHD 3.5++ I truly a ROM that I will keep on for more than 3 days because that I literally how frequent I would switch. I can vouch that the ++ version of this ROM has the best battery life I have come across period. With JD I get almost 48hours on a single charge. At some point I was thinking ok… when is the battery gona die it kept doing its thing and there is really something magical about CM7 HBOOT. I updated to RCMixHD 3.6.1++ last night and I have noticed the same “bug” if I can call it that because my thinking is that maybe this bug is related to the CM7 HBOOT configuration or I am doing something wrong.

The bug is, when I install Sense 2.0 skins, if I reboot the phone all installed skins are GONE, don’t know if anybody has found a work around, the fix is simply reinstalling them. Other than that, this is one awesome piece of ROM and will remain the daily driver either the Sense 3.0 ports come or the RCMixS get ALL the kinks worked out, which in due time is going to happen I am sure but once again AWESOME work RC TEAM.


Oct 20, 2008
Links broken

The download links in the first post are broken
it seems that the desire folder on the server is out

Any miror link please.?


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Nov 7, 2010

Not sure why the link on the OP does not work, the files are still available ---> here


RCMixHD_v3.6.1_DeSense++ still running really well for me with no real problems. Loving it still
Thanks yet again Robo
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Mar 30, 2011
A thank a bug a solved bug and a question

A thank a bug a solved bug and a question ... in order.

A thank you because after few months I still love this ROM (3.6 D2EXT Rot).

A bug is that when the phone goes off because the battery is dead most of the times it comes back without the wallpaper (well it switches back to the default HTC one).

A solved bug is about speed. Coming out from idle was extremely slow at times (even a full minute to see the home). I have finally realised it was due to the chosen wallpaper. The animated one with the leaves that comes with the phone. I have reverted back to the standard one and now the phone is always very responsive.

A question on battery life. I would like to increase it and apparently ++ is the way to go. I am quite ignorant about it ... would somebody please point me (or tell me) the differences between that rom and my current one (full sense 3.6.1 D2EXT Rot)?



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Nov 7, 2010
A bug is that when the phone goes off because the battery is dead most of the times it comes back without the wallpaper (well it switches back to the default HTC one).

A question on battery life. I would like to increase it and apparently ++ is the way to go. I am quite ignorant about it ... would somebody please point me (or tell me) the differences between that rom and my current one (full sense 3.6.1 D2EXT Rot)?

The only suggestion I can make about data loss when the battery is totally discharged is do not fully discharge. Not only will his solve the data loss issue but (if I have research correctly) fully discharging these batteries will kill some of the cells and decrease battery life.

The RCMixHD_v3.6.1_DeSense++.zip I find gives me better battery life than others roms I have tried, I think simply because it cuts out a lot of Htc bloatware.
As for the ++, this (from the OP) --> ++ Roms: Check here really says it all. The only thing I could add is that after months of using the rom, I still have about 700mb of free space on my 1gb sd-ext, so it appears I could of used 512mb sd-ext.
Do, not forget though, this is for s-off only.

Hello all, how can I download RCMixHD v3.6 A2SD+ ?
I did not find here: http://rom.robocik.mobi/Desire/RCMixHD/v3.6/
No, i don't think there was one made for 3.6(.1) and I presume Robocik would have deleted the 3.4 versions to free up space in his storage.
Try searching this thread for somebody with a working mirror.


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Apr 13, 2011
sorry bros
i have 2questions
1:i have rcmix hd3.6 d2ex rom, is there a arabic or persian language for this version???
2:where can i find rcmix hd 3.6.1 is it better than 3.6??


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Nov 15, 2010
what are the differents between 3.6 and 3.6.1 versions????

The answer is in this topic, so you could search... Or look in topic around the date on 3.6.1
From memory (risky), the 3.6.1 was only for one of the versions (i think normal hboot), to correct something that was wrong...the other type (++) didn't need correcting....(or vice versa)....

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    Hello Flashmaniacs :)

    Lightning quick ? hehe i just had to! lol


    have to pick up my son now, so have to run!

    This rom is based on ORANGE WWE RUU

    RCS Team presents

    RCS MixHD
    --- No screens, but nice movies by Invade, nice man, thanks! ;) ---

    and below, some screens of The Very FAST DeSensenized ;)


    • Base - WWE 1.84.661.1
    • Deodexed
    • RCMixHD kernel, lightning fast, #39 Thx Coutts and Neo !
      Overclock with SetCpu
    • Screen on Smartass 384-998 MHz
    • Screen off Powersave 245-384 MHz
    • DSP Manager
    • Busybox, Root, Superuser...
    • Cyanogen A2SD script, moves both apps and dalvik to ext
    • Ownheres newest Data2Ext script v8.8 *New
    • Melethrons Data2Whatever script
    • Camera and camcorder working.
    • Zipaligned
    • 720p playback works
    • Video streaming works fine too Thanks to ownhere
    • Gingerbread IME
    • HD IME without arrows.
    • Added handwriting
    • Modded Power Menu Thanx seo
    • Custom Semitransparent Notification area
    • Rom Manager
    • ext4, tun, cif, etc... all modules are there, insmod when needed.
    • Host file from 13th january. Moved to data/etc/ should be good to update. *fixed permissions for that too.
    • Moved bootanimation/downanimation to data/local for easier change... is it easier?
    • Languages supported:
      [B]English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch, Danish, Polish,
      Portuguese, Slovakian, Russian, Romanian, Hungarian, Norwegian, Finnish,
      Swedish, Czech, Greek, Turkish, Chinese, Thai, Japan, Korean, Vietnam,Bulgarian 
      [COLOR="DarkSlateBlue"]Slovenian, Croatian, Serbian[/COLOR] [/B]
    Notes: *Read this part!! ;)
    • The RCMixHD v3.0 D2WE uses melethrons data2whatever script, which need one ext partition, can be ext2/3 or ext4. Recommended 1-1.5GB ext3/4
    • The RCMixHD v3.0 D2EXT uses ownheres data2ext v8.5 script, recommended partition layout is (works without swap and with one ext partition too):
      Fat + 1GB Ext4 + 0.3GB Ext4 + 0.1GB Swap (ext partitions will by formated as ext4 automaticly)
    • The first boot takes long time due the data2ext setup process, it stays on the first splash screen (why so serious or htc) for couple of minutes, stay calm ;)
    • Nandroid backup isn't working with 2.0.0 or older Versions of Amon Ra. There is a newer Version available in this post. Clockwork does also work. Thanks melethron for that info. *New
    • If you are curious of what your phone is doing, if it has freezed or if it is still alive, connect your phone to usb and do adb logcat from terminal, then report what is going on...
    • In the begining the rom can feel laggy, it is caused by all your app beeing downloaded and synced
    • Overclock with SetCpu, overclock widget from market.
      Be cautious when overclocking, do it always with small steps!
    • If you have problems installing the rom, try to repartition your sd card, make a full wipe and try to install it again.
    • Restoring a titanium backup may cause some FC, use with caution.
    • More FAQ and info in 2nd post, (working in progress there, hints appreciated ;))

    Known bugs:
    • Everything should be fine! :)

    • Full wipe required due different structure of the rom.
    • A2SD version - Fat + Ext3/4, 0.5-1.5GB recommended.
    • D2WE version - Fat + Ext3/4, 1-1.5GB recommended.
    • D2EXT version - Fat + Ext4 + Ext4 + Swap (fat+1GB+0.3GB+0.1GB) recommended, but works without swap and with one ext partition too.
      Check this post how to partition your sd-card
    • DATA++ version - Fat + Ext3/4 1-1.5GB recommended. (custom MTD needed)

    Changelog (click for older changelog and downloads):

    • Fixed broken apps (navigation, phone...)
    • calling hopefully fixed
    • flash fixed
    • ...

    • Fully optimized, fits into internal memory

    • New safer Data2Ext script by ownhere v9.3
    • Weather update should work now
    • some updates on the libs

    • New base
    • Rotating as the Z rom
    • Updated Data2Ext script
    • ...sorry dont remember :/

    What is what:
    • Rotated = HD rom with rotating home as in the Z rom
    • DeSensenized = HD rom without rosie (the sense launcher) and all sense widgets, clean and fast as a aosp rom, but with all sense goodies left, as HTC Facebook integration, Locations, dialer, DLNA functions etc.etc.





    Thank you:
    • Capychimp, the C in RCTeam;)
    • snq- for fixing the Camera and other things, You are the MAN!
    • Ownehere for his great work and great scripts!
    • Pyr0x64 for deodexing all roms :)
    • m-deejay
    • Frozen-GPU
    • xangma
    • Villain Team
    • Dsixda for a great kitchen
    • 7ymekk and mozarcika for QtADB, a great tool for those without ADB knowledge... Greate!
    • Danne_jo hehe
    • Everyone else i forgot now... (PM me if i forgot you:))

    Very special thanks for the donators :):
    Please PM me if the name is wrong or if i forgot to add someone, so i can give proper credit.

    Antoine, Colin, Adrian, sp00ge, osi666, Peter, Dariusz, Chris, colin, phillipenzo, skippy68220, Petar, Barnabas, paulove x2, jeroenpico, rodus, christopher, Tjard, Mikhail, beanbean50 x3, 160bpm x2, dcfowler, Martin, Petar, Grzegorz, Jesper, Henrik, Rumball, Josch, Stian, xfalax x2, Paweł, Mario, alphaola, Mitsuru, Sascha, Trevor, Norbert, follettoverde, olesys, Tsuneku, andrew, Jari, Dominic, andi3g, tma24, Marco, Flashmaniac, gasik7, Lars v H, Andreas, Jann, Sternmann1, Markus, Nosrulz, jeandujardin, Jiri
    * * * THANK YOU GUYS !!! * * *

    For older roms, check post 4.

    If you like the rom, give it a star ;)
    if you're planning to get dropbox for android,
    please be one of the first 24 that use this link,
    if you use that link both me and you will get 250mb space extra! (its free)
    Vodka shots/donations appreciated ;)
    Data ++ version

    RCMixHD v3.5 ++
    S-OFF Only

    Read more about the concept here

    This is highly experimental, use at own responsibility, dont blame me for any brick.

    Short info:
    This is how i understand it ;) hehe, so if it is wrong, please correct me ;)
    In deodexed roms, the apk it self is like a container for the app, when it installs it runs actually from dalvik-cache, so this rom is designed to, store the apks on ext and run the dalvik from internal phone memory (data partition)
    When all apks are moved to ext, the rom it self is under 130MB big, so there is no need for a bigger system partition.
    So what we need to do, is repartition the internal phone memory to fit the rom better.

    Originally your internal space is divided like this:
    250.0 MB - system
    147.6 MB - userdata
    40.0 MB - cache

    What we need or want for the ++ rom is (in RCMixHD case):
    130.0 MB - system
    302.6 MB - userdata
    5.0 MB - cache

    I have maked a zip package to make the process easier, here i what i used, you can also read more about it. Thanks Firerat for that :)

    Ofcourse to flash this you have to be S-OFF, dont think the patcher works on S-ON...

    Here is what you need to flash this rom:

    First of all little adb and fastboot knowledge, in case anything goes wrong.

    It works on my phone, so here is little info about what i have/use,
    the patch is patching the recovery, it should work with Clockwork 2.x, dont know about the 3.x, but it works for sure with the one i have, Ra recovery 2.0.1
    My setup:

    You need at least 1GB big ext partition.

    Package to patch your MTD to proper sizes:

    • [*]Custom MTD sizes, 130MB system, 5MB cache, rest data, you dont need this, if you already have alpharev Bravo CM7 on your phone.
      [*]Original MTD sizes, 250MB system, 40MB cache, rest data *You will still have the patched recovery, which is not recommended to flash radios with, to flash radio, you will have to flash original recovery before.
      removed until proper tested :/ sorry for that...
    • Or use Alpharev method and flash the Bravo CM7 hboot
      You can use this tool to flash Alpharevs Hboot, should be easy, not tested myself tho.

    The ++ roms:

    Stepps to flash this rom:
    1. Copy the MTD files and the rom to your sd-card
    2. Reboot to recovery
    3. Make a nandroid backup (optional)
    4. Do a full wipe (to be sure)
    5. Flash the Custom MTD zip and wait for the recovery to reboot
    6. Do a full wipe again (to be sure)
    7. Flash the rom and reboot
    8. Now just wait, the phone will reboot twice more again, but dont worry, it is a step of the A2SD installation ;)
    9. To revert to non ++ rom, flash the Original MTD sizes patch, or if you are on Alpharev Bravo CM7, flash the Bravo Stock 1.8oo

      Attention, if you after all get a no boot after flashing the rom, please repeat the steps from step 4.

    How to flash batterymod from UOT kitchen:
    1. Bake your battermod, download it and unzip it
    2. take this ++ battery mod package (the same as in the first post)
    3. open it with winrar
    4. replace the framework-res.apk in the ++ package with the one you unzipped in step one
    5. close winrar
    6. turn off verification in recovery (not needed if you use clockwork, it is disabled by default)
    7. flash and reboot

    Thank you:
    • Firerat
    • daedelus82
    • ClassicalDude
    • Coolexe
    • Baadnwz

    This is highly experimental, use at own responsibility, dont blame me for any brick.
    Great work guys! :)
    Please tell me if the camera issue is fixed.

    Sent from my HTC Desire using XDA App/ Sorry for my bad English. :)
    Instructions and FAQ

    Here will i put some instructions and FAQ it seems to be needed... ;)

    MAKE A BACKUP OF YOUR PICS/MUSIC/DOCUMENTS/BACKUPS (simply copy them over to your computer ;))...
    I recommend partitioning using either Amons recovery or boot a GParted Live CD.
    If you want to use Amons recovery. (If you dont have it on your phone, search a guide for how to flash it)
    Turn off your phone.
    Press and hold volume down button and turn on your phone holding the volume down button all the time, until you see a white screen with some info and a menu.
    Scroll down and choose RECOVERY, you are scrolling with volume upp/down buttons and accepting with power button. (you maybe have to wait few seconds before be able to scroll)
    Now your phone has rebooted to your recovery.
    Scroll down to Partition sdcard (this time you are scrolling with D-Pad)
    Choose Partition SD and confirm it, then choose those values.
    Swap-size = 0MB
    Ext2-size = 2048 (thats what i use, you can choose 1024 if you have small Sd-card)
    rest will be FAT32 (for your storage)
    Press D-Pad to confirm and wait.

    Here is a part related to partitioning

    Paxtons great movie, should work for all users ;)

    GParted live cd:

    Here is a small how to by MasDroid, Thanks man.

    You can use an Ubuntu live cd of GParted, or use it from within Ubuntu

    1) Connect your phone to your computer (or use an SD Card adapter...., in this case skip to 4)
    2) Pull down the notification bar and mount the phone
    3) Start Gparted
    4) Gparted will search available drives. (Your phone should show up as a USB drive, and will be something like /dev/sdb1 or /dev/sdc1, etc..)
    Warning: double-check you've not selected a hdd by mistake!
    5) In the upper right corner, select the correct USB device for your phone. (i.e. check to make sure it is correct size for your SD card)
    6) Right click on each partition and select 'unmount'
    7) Right click on each partition and select 'delete'
    If you know what you are doing, you can re-size the partitions and add a new 2nd partition formatted as ext2/3/4
    8) Right click on the big gray bar (should say unallocated x.xx gb) and click 'new'
    9) Enter configurations
    Free Space preceding = 0
    Create as = Primary
    New size = [don't touch]
    File system = fat32
    Free Space Following = 512 (or whatever you want)
    10) Click add

    11) Right click on the big gray bar (should say unallocated x.xx gb) and click 'new'
    12) Enter configurations
    Free Space preceding = 0
    Create as = Primary
    New size = [don't touch]
    File system = ext2/3/4 (recommend ext4)
    Free Space Following = 0 (or ~32 if you want swap)
    Click add

    13) Click edit, then 'Apply All Operations' to write changes to disk
    14) Quit GParted
    15) Unmount your SD Card
    16) Reboot your phone

    changing the power control widget icons:

    In system/cutomize/ are two files to find, widget.txt(what for widgets to show) and notification_config.txt (what functions to show)
    edit them with notepad.

    Power Widget for Notification Menu
    Available values for widget.txt (max 6x):
    • toggleWimax
    • toggleAirplane
    • toggleAutoRotate
    • toggleBluetooth
    • toggleBrightness
    • toggleFlashlight
    • toggleGPS
    • toggleLockScreen
    • toggleMobileData
    • toggleScreenTimeout
    • toggleSleepMode
    • toggleSound
    • toggleSync
    • toggleWifi
    Change the txt file like this: toggleWifi|toggleBluetooth|toggleGPS|toggleBrightness|toggleAutoRotate|toggleFlashlight

    Notification Menu
    Available values for notification_config.txt:
    • enablePowerControl
    • enableRecentApps

    Change the txt file like this: enablePowerControl|enableRecentApps
    Changelog and download links for older versions

    - - - Changelog and download links for older versions - - -
    • Changes in updater-script, hopefully no bootloops
    • Updated D2Ext script to v8.8 feels real nice now
    • Host from 13 jan

    • Totaly new base 1.84.661.1 TELIUS WWE (as normal WWE)
    • RCMixHD kernel #38, Coutts souces, Neos config.
    • All bugfixes included, everything should work!
    • Final rom layout, hopefully... ;) that may mean more no wipe updates ;)
    • Cyanogens A2SD+, Melethrons Data2Whatever or Ownheres Data2Ext versions available.
    • Lightning quick

    • First final version ;)
    • Updated with all available fixes, everything should work

    • newest base 1.72.405.3
    • deodexed
    • Coutts non havs CFS Kernel
    • power menu (gonna check the new Power Control and make it as update)
    • gingerbread IME
    • lots of internal changes
    • ...

    v0.14 A2SD
    v0.14b D2EXT
    • Changed to [email protected] #12 Kernel (all modules are in the kernel, no need to insmod anything)
    • Updated the script to the updated original by ownhere, so it is formating your EXT partition to what it needs... this is for now, let see if that works for us better.
    • Moved Bootnimation/downanimation and possibility to add android_audio.mp3 (bootsound) to data/local
    • Moved host to data (test please if the adfree or adblock is finaly working..)
    • Added handwriting to chineese keyboard
    • Removed:
    • Adobereader, Facebook, Quickoffice, SoundHound, AmazonMp3
    • Updated Vending (Market)
    • Reverted to Z IME, dont like those arrows then the FC in editing personal dictionary ;)
    • HD IME available as update... *work in progress
    • Moved the host file back to system for now, but updated it to the latest from 4-th dec.
    • Added the fix for laggy 720p playback. thanks m-deejay ;)


    • Added fixed camera :) THX to SNQ-
    • Added DSP Manager
    • Reverted to HD IME due the FC in editing personal dictonary in Z IME
    • Added some requested languages (slovenian, chroatian and some more)
    • Moved bootanimation/downanimation and bootsound to sd-ext/local for easier customization (if you want bootsound you have to add it by your self ;))
    • Moved hosts from system, so people without s-off should be able to use AdBlock (need to be tested, i have s-off)
    • Fixed so Rom Manager can fix permissions now
    • Changed screen on governour to smartass (need to be tested little more to say if it is a better choice)
    • Updated to RCKernel b46 (the same as in RCTouch v03), will check with capy if he has time to compile something new with the GPU fix.


    • New Base - WWE 1.32.405.6
    • Updated some apps
    • Removed Gallery 3d


    • New Base - WWE 1.28.405.1 patched with OTA_Ace_HTC_WWE_1_32_405_3
    • New kernel, again ;) - Steppable real OC @128-1305.6MHz
    • Automatic ZipAlign by Wes Garner.
    • Small inside cleanups

    • New kernel - Steppable OC @128-1305.6MHz
    • Desire Z IME, The same features as HD IME(Keyboard) but without arrows and with bigger keys

    • New base, RUU_Ace_O2_DE_1.32.207.1
    • Deodexed, thanx Pyr0x64 for that ;)
    • Undervolted Kernel - Speed @128-1300MHz Default speed 128-1000 MHz. Thanx Capychimp for that *New
    • Cyanogen A2SD script, moves both apps and dalvik to ext
    • Modded Lock Screen, first press wake up, second press unlock. Thanx snq- for that
    • Removed O2 german navigation.
    • All features as in previous version.

    • Fixed Cyanogen A2SD script (moves apps and dalvik to sd)
    • New base, RUU_Ace_O2_DE_1.31.207.1
    • Deodexed, thanx Pyr0x64 for that ;)
    • New Custom RCKernel v1 OC @1213MHz
    • Modded Lock Screen, first press wake up, second press unlock. Thanx snq- for that
    • Removed O2 german navigation.
    • All features as in previous version.

    • New base, RUU_Ace_HTC_WWE_1.28.405.1
    • Deodexed, thanx Pyr0x64 for that ;)
    • All features as in previous version.
    • Cleaned up a bit.

    • Smaller boot.img, should install for those with boot.img write error.
    • New OC kernel, thanx richardtrip for that. i got almost 1800 in quadrant :) nice.
    • Fixed LEDs and Market, thanks ephumuris for that.

    RCMixHD v0.6
    • Fixed market, showing protected apps.
    • Back to cyanogen A2SD script, which move both apps and dalvik to ext.
    • Modified semitransparent notification area... again ;)
    • Market and LED fix for v06

    • Deodexed, thanx Pyr0x64 for that ;)
    • Darktremor Apps2SD
    • Zipaligning new apps every reboot
    • Modded Power Menu Thanx again snq-
    • Custom Semitransparent Notification area
    • Updated Rom Manager
    • removed HTC Camera, (probably battery drainer)

    • New Base, official Final Desire HD rom 1.24.405.1
      Almost as stock, only things added/changed are
    • su, Superuser, busybox
    • Screenstate scaling
      - screen on - ondemand
      - screen off - powersave
    • Undervolt
    • ext4, tun, cif, etc...
    • Host file
    • Rom Manager
    • Gallery 3d
    • Updated languages list
    • Removed boot sound

    • Screenstate scaling
      - screen on - interactive
      - screen off - powersave
    • Undervolt
    • Readded all disabled modules (ext4, tun, cif, etc...)
    • Modified Power menu, thanks snq- for that :)
    • Working Youtube HD (no laggs), thanks Frozen-GPU for finding the right libs
    • Phone withot FC in settings (as a extra package), thanks xangma for finding this for me and thanks NeoPhyTe.x360 as it comes from his rom :)
    • Gallery 3d
    • Jbed
    • Updated language list

    • Moved system/app to ext and everything else back to system
    • Added semitransparent notification area. Thanx to MacCarron for that
    • Opened other languages, languages need to be verificated.
    • Added myTouch Music, some streamed top 100 music (free)
    • GenieWidget with sense weather icons (nicer look in a sense rom)

    v0.1 - Thanks to zexbig for the mirror
    • Maked ownheres rom as flashable zip
    • Readded all removed apps and scenes
    • Changed ownheres modified market to original
    • Added Rom Manager


    Usermodded version: