[Rom] Newts One S *RLS 2.0.1* (Sense 4.1 ICS 4.0.4) 10/27/2012(Daily Driver)

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Oct 5, 2009
Is this ROM ideal for jb hboot 1.58.5858 or my current eng hboot? Excited about the new update and want to flash! :)


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Jan 12, 2006
Honolulu, Hawaii
oooooooh i thought it had the stock kernel, thanks ramjet :) how u liking it so far.?
It has the stock kernel, but the one for the VM build not the 2.89.651.2 Sprint build. :)

It's very smooth, which one would expect for a Sense 4.1 ROM. I'm still trying to verify that everything works.

Going to test WiFi Tether next since that works on the Evo 4G LTE and doesn't seem to work consistently on the other Sense 4.x ROM ports for the Evo 3D.

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    ok guys ive decided to update this rom ive got alot of extra time these days, so i figured this device should get alittle more attention... This new rom is based off of Evo LTE 2.13.651.1 710RD sense 4.1 and ICS 4.0.4 super smooth and loaded with features... hope you guys enjoy it

    Suite Tools
    Busybox support
    initd support
    batt calibration
    sd read ahead
    removed crosshairs
    Epst support
    Landscape rosie
    advanced power menu
    Ext 4 tweaks
    Lots of skins sense 4 and 4.5 (thanks to Mcluvndroid)
    Lots of Music settings Beats, dobly, SRS and EQ
    Sprint Visual Voicemail
    Extended Quick Settings
    Full Sprint UI
    set gpu rendering by default

    RLS to do list....
    1* add Wimax
    2* add 3D cam and gallery
    3* im sure ill think of something


    **RLS 2.0.1
    New Base 2.13.651.1 710RD (EVO LTE)
    Sense 4.1
    ICS 4.0.4
    3.0.16 kernel
    Extended Quick Settings
    Huge music EQ
    Suite Tools
    Smoothness tweaks by me
    Alot of features!!!

    Initial Release of new base

    **RC 3*
    Remomved some junk
    Fixed video playback
    Added Evo lte bootanimation/ and downanmation
    changed default settings to all sprint
    Added Evo lte Wallpapers
    Fixed Face unlock
    Added Bravia engine
    Added xloud
    Added 4EXT updater
    Added more build prop tweaks

    small update but worht the flash

    **RC2 + RC2.1**
    Added htc stock ICS kernel
    Fixed Stock Usb mount to PC
    Fixed data connection issues
    Fixed no Wifi on boot
    Fixed Camera
    Fixed video streaming
    Fixed issue with music player and gallery
    Fixed lag
    Fixed animations (Thanks to Joelz for this)
    Updated binaries from VM leak
    Upadted libs from VM leak
    Fixed sound cfg files
    Fixed build prop errors
    Enabled GPU acceleration by default
    Upped VM limits
    turned of checkin services
    Added custom media profiles
    Fixed ramdisc so it works with old firmaware

    im sure theres more im forgetting but its a start

    *Added my custom speed tweaks ( you will notice trust me )
    *switched to chads RLS4
    *Fixed errors in Ram
    *Fix USB mount to pc (thanks twisted for his advice)
    *Fixed adb on boot
    *Removed CM Brightness mod
    *Removed annoying 3 dot menu
    *rebuilt and repackaged all apks
    *Fixed Gps intermitten connection
    *partialy fixed camera(wip )
    *Fixed face unlock
    *Fixed bluetooth media(headset still dont work it hasnt been fixed for any of the ports even the ones with leaks)
    *Fixed all skins not changing images ( big thanks to mcluvn for his help)
    *Added custom Newtron skin by mcluvn
    *Fixed animations
    *Fixed Market issues
    *Fixed Epst (when the menu pops up itll be blank, but tap the top for "veiw mode" and the bottom for "edit mode"
    *Fixed Sprint Visual Voice Mail
    *Fixed voicemail config
    *Fixed MMS
    *Added dropbox in by default
    *Added Google Play
    *Added Added CM DSPManager
    *Added lower brightness values
    *Raised VM settings
    *Enabled auto install non market apps
    *Enabled all sound effects
    *Added all sprint servers by default
    *Removed all the extra keyboard langs
    *Added ultra smooth rosie tweak by default

    Tweaks are back!!!!! Big thanks to Sergio and coredroid for the app

    Suite Tools Features

    • The about page simply provides information about CDST as well as the ROM. Use the above build.prop entries to customize that page!

    The above taskbar also allows you to run some quick commands such as:
    Hot Reboot
    Statusbar reboot (SystemUI)
    Sense Restart
    You will also find the themes button which will direct you to the themes section (see below theme items such as clocks, skins, fonts, etc...)

    **The Advanced tab gives you the following options:

    HTC Powersaver Options: These are power saving options that are hidden by default. They include a bunch of settings such as: Adjusting brightness when battery is low, or turning WIFI off, adjusting screen timeouts, disabling animations or vibrate feedback and much more...
    Phone Info: Here goes another screen that is hidden by default. This screen displays very detailed information about your device, such as IMEI number, phone number, current network, Signal strength, Roaming and GSM sevice and more. You are also able to run a ping test, turn off radio, turn on SMS over IMS and more. Please be careful when changing any values on this screen.
    Clean Cache: This does exactly as the name says, it allows you to clean cache
    Clean Dalvik: This cleans the dalvik cache. Please be advised that your device when this option is used
    Zip Align APKs: This will run a process to optimize and zip align your APKs.
    Force GPU Rendering on 2D operations: Basically forces hardware acceleration to make things smoother. Keep in mind that some apps do not perform as good when this is enabled.
    Enable Sony Bravia Engine: Allows you to use the Sony engine to enhance the photos and picture quality
    Swipe 2 Wake: Allows the user to sweep the hardware keeps from left to right to wake the device. Please remember that this option only works on supported custom kernels.
    The Lockscreen tab gives you the following options:

    Stock Android Lockscreen: Allows you to activate the vanila android lockscreen
    Disable Unlock Animation: Allows you to enable/disable unlock animation
    Hide Operator name: Hides lockscreen operator name
    Hide AM/PM: Hides lockscreen AM/PM indicators
    Hide Date: Hides lockscreen date
    Hide Time: Hides lockscreen time
    Lockscreen Caption: Customize the lockscreen caption
    Volume +/- to wake device: While the device is asleep, volume + or - will wake the device up
    Longpress Volume keys music controller: Allows you to use the volume keys to control the music. Options such as previous/next track or play/pause and next track
    Menu unlocks phone: Allows you to unlock the phone by simply clicking the menu button
    Back unlocks phone: Allows you to unlock the phone by clicking the Back button
    Home unlocks phone: Allows you to unlock the phone by simply clicking the home button
    Slide unlock phone: Unlock the phone by sliding your fingers across the hardware keys from left to right.
    The Sense tab allows you to customize the behavior of Sense with the following options:

    **Transparent Nav Bar: Makes your main navigation bar transparent!
    Landscape Sense: Enables landscape sense anywhere.
    Home scroll loop: Just like sense 3.6, this allows you to scroll loop through the screens
    Sense Smooth options: Gives you the option to use Smooth Rosie, ultra smooth rosie (which both will disable 3D effects in sense widgets) or normal
    Screen on SMS: Keeps the screen ON if SMS is received.
    Kill Rosie: Used when you make changes to rosie so they can be applied

    **The APM (Advanced Power Menu) tab gives you the following options to enable or disable some of the features shown on APM. The following can be added or removed at anytime:

    ScreenShot option
    Airplane mode option
    Network data option
    Sound options
    Reboot options

    **The Others tab gives you the following options:

    Recent Apps Style: Allows you to choose between Default (sense 4) and Android 4.0 style for recent apps
    Enable Boot Sound: Enables/Disables boot up sound
    Disable HTC KB arrows: Disables/Enables the arrows on HTC keyboard
    Enables 3 dots menu bar: Enables/Disables 3 dots menu
    Overscroll color: Allows you to customize the overscroll color. Choose from over 10 different colors!
    Autobacklight brightness: Sets the brightness strength of the autobacklight
    Capacitive button brightness: Defines when the backlight goes off on hardware buttons
    Volume Steps: Gives you the option to set the volume keys to fine, finest or default (normal)
    Disable SmartSync: Disables data and wifi from turning off!

    **The TaskBar tab gives you the following options:

    Clock Options: Allows you to change clock display and settings. Change the clock style to center or even hide it! Hide/display the AM/PM indicators and also allows you to change the color of the battery!
    Battery & MIUI Bar options: Plenty of battery options, including but not limited to: Battery text style, battery text color style, MIUI bar and color options and more...
    Hide Taskbar icons: Allows you to hide some of the taskbar icons such as alarm, wifi, GPS, bluetooth, volume, battery, signal and more..
    Quick-quick settings: Will automatically show quick settings when there are no notifications to clear
    Choose background color: Allows you to customize the background color of the notification drop down
    Choose background image: Allows you to customize the background image of the notification drop down
    Statusbar Caption: Customize the statusbar caption!
    Slide Brightness Taskbar: Allows you to slide the taskbar to adjust the brightness (autobrightness must be off)
    Hide Status bar date: Hides the date from the status bar
    Kill SystemUI: Kills systemUI (taskbar). This should be used when you make changes on that screen to activate the changes
    The Hardware Keys allows you to remap your hardware keys to your prefered settings. Here are the options which each key:

    **Recent Apps button (for right button) can be remapped to become a Menu button, launch HTC Speak or keep it as default Recent Apps behavior.
    LongPress Recent Apps button allows you to customize the recent apps button when longpressed (press and hold). You get the option to load APM (Advanced Power Menu), set it to show Recent apps, launch HTC Speak or even become launch the menu.
    LongPress Home button allows you the Home button when longpressed (press and hold). You get the option to launch the men, set it to show Recent apps or launch HTC Speak.
    LongPress Back button gives you the option to change the behavior of the back button when longpressed (press and hold). You get the options to Close the app (kill it), launch Recent Apps or launch HTC Speak.

    **The Xplore tab is our built-in file explorer with root read access.

    **The fonts tab allows you to change the default font on your device to one that suits you best! Please remember that in order for the process to install the fonts, a reboot will occur.

    **The Clocks tab gives you a number of custom Sense 4 clocks to choose from. Available in both 4x2 and 4x1!

    **The Skins tab gives you a number of custom CoreDroid Skins with different colors to choose from.

    **The WiFi tab allows the user to customize the wifi signal bars to their liking.

    **The Signals tab gives you a variety of signal bars to choose from.

    **The Batteries tab allows you to customize the battery indicator. Plenty of options to choose from.

    **The keyboards tab allows you to customize your keyboard with a number of different skins to choose from.

    **The Dialer tab is another tab that allows you to customize your dialer skin.


    1)"My script is setup to wipe everything so make a backup of anything on internal sd you dont want to lose

    2)I am not responsible for any loss or damage to your phone if you flash this rom

    3)the kernel im using does not work well with the animations in sense 4 tmartin says chad is working on another fix for this so it won be long hopefully... so until then when you first boot you need to go straight to settings and turn off animations or the screen will freeze constantly....

    4)if you are s off all you will have to do is wipe and install the rom... if your s on from htc-dev you will need to flash the boot.img after the rom... ill post it with the rom for those who need it

    5)this build was kinda rushed and by no means my best work but its a start i wanted you guys to be able to enjoy it alittle while we work on fixes and such, so post bugs here and preferably in my bug thread on the mikmik so i dont have to read a million pages to see one bug

    6)directions for flashing boot in fastboot for those who need them
    **Installation instructions for rom**
    -download rom
    -copy to sd
    -reboot to recovery
    -wipe data, system, and dalvik
    -Flash rom

    **Installation of boot.img**
    -download boot.img
    -copy to pc to your fastboot directory
    -cd to the directory
    -type these commands
    -"fastboot flash boot boot.img"

    also there are other ways to flash the bootimg its up to you how you do it

    reboot and enjoy

    Alright guys for the last couple months things around this site have really made posting here not enjoyable... dont get me wrong xda is great i have learned alot here,but there are certain groups of devs, and users that ruin the whole vibe of this place.. so im going to close this thread for awhile till i see things have calmed down around here... alot of great devs are leaving xda because of the kids and the devs that dont want to share their work, so anything that looks like their work they get their threads locked and accused of kanging code.. the point is xda went from a place to share and make better to thats mine you cant have it... like a little baby :(... im not going to go into details but if you look around you will see what i mean, so ill still be doing my thing, but im going to be lurking here till things get better. see you around
    damn! well this is one of the (if not thee) most popular threads on xda :D

    It's is number 1 and has been for days... My thanks meter should be full tho lol... I understand people can't donate but come on guys thanks button is free

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    I'll be working on rc4 today

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    Ok ill give you one hint of changlogI have camera about 75% working... Front face almost is perfect main cam still needs work... I'm sure I can fix them I just had to focus on other parts of the Rom so I can get the next update up then ill finish the fix for the next update...

    I know a lot of you think I have a big team helping me but that's not the case... Twisted helped with usb and chad is building a kernel the rest I did alone... Tmartin will help eventually but he's busy with life right now so ill continue to do what I can until he has time to help. doing things alone takes more time, but that's the way I've always done my roms updates take longer but ill get them up

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