[ROM] [NIghtlies] Disarmed Toaster [CM10/PA/AOKP] - 0.2.0 (Unofficial)

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Jun 12, 2012
I'm running TrickDroid at the moment, but I'm not quite settled into a ROM yet.
Hey there @agrabren, how's it rumblin? Baby crying and keeping you awake the whole night? ;) I just reviewed your old post and forgot to mention: You should definately try AOKP on your smartphone. It is what I am using since selling my EVO 3D and haviong no DisarmedToaster any longer - the AOKP ROM is fresh, fun to use and quirks out the MAXIMUM of Android to be able to change style, UI. layout and all the things you'd like to modify. Very worthwile, stress-free and very smooth to use as a relaxed daily driver! With having the said, I wish you and your family a blessed new year 2014! Keep it tight.


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May 24, 2013
I want to flash it immediately.but I have some questions
Does it need to s-off or unlocking bootloader is enough?
Where is the kernel?I can't found any kernels download link.

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Apr 14, 2014
Do you mean swipe to unlock? Viper 1.6.3 has it!! ;) And you don't need to be s off for that rom!

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Apr 14, 2014
Ah ok!! I think that only JB rom and kitakat rom has it!! You need s-off with wire trick!

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May 24, 2013
difficult? => no, just read the instructions on the juopunutbear page
dangerous? => each step away from stock rom is "dangerous", no risk no fun;)

My hboot is 1.53.007
I can't use revolutionary method for s-off
I have to downgrade it to 1.49.007
But it requires s-off
That's funny
So is any way to downgrade without s-off?
I mean I want to downgrade my hboot first and then do s-off with revolutionary method

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Apr 14, 2014
No! First you must do s-off, and second downgrade.. I did it last year with the same hboot on ICS.. No problem!
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May 24, 2013
Hey guys I did it,S-off with wire trick method.
And I installed this Rom but it didn't boot completely .
My phone On cyanogen logo restarted,and again and again .
I think the problem is about kernel.
Anybody please give me a good kernel

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May 24, 2013
Yes, for other than ics sense roms you most likely need hboot 1.49.xxxx

Two beer or not two beer, that's the question

I did it,I did downgrade to 1.49.0007
And I installed miui Rom with android 4.2.2 version.
But I have another problem .
My WiFi doesn't work.
I think this Rom is AOKP and in my country it doesn't support this kind of Roms.
What can I do?
What's the meaning of " two beer"
I did s-off with beer method yeah.

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    CyanogenMod 10 - Disarmed Toaster - Rearmed

    Current version: 0.2.9


    This is an un-official ROM, and not directly supported by the CyanogenMod team.

    Background Information:
    While working on Devil Toast, it occurred to me that I enjoyed having "names" for the different ROMs, instead of just calling them "CM9", "CM10", etc... But then, what was I going to call Jelly Bean? And while I greatly appreciate all the help ToastCFH has given me in the Android community, it didn't make sense to continue naming my ROMs after him. Then it struck me, "Disarmed Toaster". The name originally came from Microsoft (I'm sure they're thrilled to have named an Android ROM) and their absolutely insane "Random Naming" scheme in the XBOX 360. My wife couldn't think up a nickname (if any of you can't guess what my nick is, you have a *serious* issue with pattern recognition) so the XBOX 360 suggested some for her. The one that caught her attention was "Disarmed Toaster". What exactly is an armed toaster? Do we need to start warning people of the dangers of armed toasters? Are they rising up against us? So after some mild chuckles, she selected it as her name. No, she doesn't play online. No, neither of us have a Gold account. We play "Ticket To Ride" on it, that's about it. So when I got Jelly Bean to boot for the first time and actually function, the first change I made was to name it "Disarmed Toaster", after the woman who really is the most important person in my life. When it became evident that I took Devil Toast as far as it was going to go without some serious code writing (for this unfamiliar, this is the act of writing source code. I don't do any smali hacking or binary swapping from other developers to make these ROMs), I decided it was time to cut over to Jelly Bean. So here it is, a pre-Alpha Jelly Bean ROM, named "Disarmed Toaster"

     * Your warranty is now likely void.
     * I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards,
     * spontaneous combustion, your wife/girlfriend wanting
     * to have my babies, or any other host of cosmic penalties
     * which may befall you, your family, or your phone.

    What works:
    • Phone
    • Wifi
    • Camera
    • USB Mass Storage
    • Bluetooth
    • GPS
    • Car Dock
    • Google Now
    • Mutli-touch

    What doesn't work:
    • Anryl Kernel is missing (you can select it, but the actual boot image is missing from the package)
    • PDroid app is missing (you can download it from XDA). Framework is still properly installed.
    • Vanilla Kernel may or may not actually boot. It didn't boot for me, but mileage may vary?
    • Vanilla Kernel missing multi-touch patch
    • Random data drops
    • 3D
    • HDMI output

    ROM: http://goo.im/devs/agrabren/cm10/shooteru
    Mirror: http://dl.nemec.co/agrabren/cm10

    GAPPS: http://goo.im/gapps/gapps-jb-20120726-signed.zip

    Kernel: Vanilla Kernel
    Toolchain: GCC ARM version 4.6
    Source: https://github.com/agrabren/android_kernel_htc_shooter.git

    Kernel: CoolExe ShooterU Kernel
    Toolchain: Linaro
    Source: git://github.com/Coolexe/shooteru-ics-crc-3.0.16-e733189.git

    Kernel Flashing:
    This ROM uses extra information contained in the boot.img file which standard mkbootimg doesn't understand and discards. To change the kernel, please download the unpackbootimg and mkbookimg tools located on goo.im next to the ROM itself. These are linux-only tools for the moment, but should unblock people from creating boot.img files which are compatible with Disarmed Toaster.

    Special Thanks:
    First, and most importantly, my wife Courtney, who this build is named after
    CoolExe and MikeC84 for offering me the ability to prepackage their kernels in the installer
    ToastCFH, who helped me learn both Linux and Android, as well as contributed largely to all HTC product development in CM
    Anryl, who has helped me along in the GSM community
    Binux-Project, for the amazing 3D Boot Animation
    TeamWin, cause I still love those guys
    DigitalHigh, who got me back into this stuff
    And HTC, makers of a great phone that failed only because of marketing and software...

    Version History
    • Camera fixes
    • Bluetooth
    • AOKP added to ROM
    • Kernels included in AROMA Installer
    • Fixes in build process, switch to Anryl and MAC Kernels
    • Internal bugfixes, integration of latest codebases
    • Fixed WiFi
    • Fixed Phone Audio
    • Fixed Google Now
    • Broke Phone Audio (See a recurring trend?)
    • Broke WiFi
    • Fixed multi-touch
    • Fixed issue with phone audio
    • Verified USB Mass Storage and GPS
    • Broke Google Now / mic
    • Fixed mic issue when not in phone call
    • Fixed headset issue
    • Pre-alpha builds
    Bugfixes completed for next release
    • No video from YouTube or Gallery
    • PDroid 2.0 and V6 Supercharger patches for all three ROMs

    Bugs blocking next minor release

    Bugs blocking next major release
    • AOKP bootloops
    • Tile Rendering has corruption (visible in YouTube video playback)

    Planned Development: This list is subject to change
    • WiFi Tethering
    • 3D Camera and Gallery
    • YouTube 3D
    • Battery Improvements
    I'm actually working on the 3D camera at the moment. :) Why? Because I miss the 3D part of the EVO 3D. I'm not nearly as focused on my own "ROM" at the moment as I am creating the patches required to get all ROMs supported. I will, obviously, end up uploading my own ROMs for people to try and play with. But first, I want to get this feature working. :)

    It's a bit harder, Qualcomm took down some of the source code we used in the past. Good thing I'm stubborn. ;)
    Flash a sense Rom and see if that makes a difference. If it's Sprint (CDMA), update your PRL and profile while you're there.

    New development well be on 4.2.1, since that's the code I'm now most familiar with. I thought I knew android before I started on Thor. I was wrong. But I'm coming back with new abilities and more understanding. I program Java now too! So no part of the system is off limits to me!

    Sent from my Nexus 7 using xda premium
    Yes, still working on it. Work is, of course, still very hectic at the moment. But I'm also trying to get 4.2.2 fully building and functional. That's not a small task (sadly) but I'll get it working. Once we have something stable, I can put some nice touches on things like the LEDs. And I'm still in the process of learning more and more about the internals of Android and its architecture. That experience is invaluable for adding features like 3D support. So don't take my lack of updates as nothing happening, it's just nothing to release yet.