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Sep 1, 2008
Testing out build 44 (and 43), and I'm finding that the tablet won't go into Deep Sleep. Also it seems to be running at the max freq according to CPU spy, but it seems sluggish and almost non-responsive to touch. Flashing back to 42 fixes the problem.

Is anyone else seeing this problem?

B50 32GB

I have the same issues with 43, and the current 44. Tablet will not ever go into Deep Sleep. If I was to try out guervos, which one is for this?

I have the sane symptoms, you find my message few posts above yours... I'm using guevor's 22.6for aokp right now and everything works fine

Does wifi work for you at all?

Did you also have these problems after a full wipe?


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Sep 14, 2009
Been using build 44 since this morning. I'm getting constant 'freeze' on my ICS+ browser after browsing several websites. The only solution I found is to kill the app using Asus Task manager, then the pages would load again. I've seen this happening on all AOSP based roms like CM9, Gummy, Megatron and Steel Droid.
Went back to ARHD and I'm not seeing this.
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Christian Troy

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Sep 25, 2008
Venice (IT)
yes wifi works perfectly, i have the same issue with guevor's 1.1 that is pretty similar to the one you are compiling so I guess it should be something from asus' code
it happens even after a full wipe... i just complete the wizard and if I turn off the display after almost 10 secs of deep sleep it goes up to the maximum defined frequency in scaling_max_freq and stays at that frequency forever.
nothing weird is logged in logcat or dmesg so it's something really odd


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Apr 13, 2011
Thanks. I'm not looking for guaranteed performance, just an indication of where things stand and an informed recommendation.

I've been using the cornerstone version for a few weeks as my daily rom, and I'm very happy with it. :)
Many thanks to the team eos team and Roach for bringing us the rom :)

I know that cornerstone is not supported, but if it can be of help, I'm also experiencing the sluggyness in version #34 which should corresponds to version #44 of the non cornerstone branch.
I went directly from #32 to #34 so I can't really tell if the lag has been introduced in version #33 or #34.

I've tried guevor's kernel with #34 and the lag was still there, so I don't think it's kernel related.
Maybe related to the LMK changes introduced ?

Going back to #32 with either Roach's kernel or guevor's kernel 22.6 AOKP is working very well, the tablet is very very fast and responsive with that version. :)
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Jun 13, 2011
Is the non updating clock issue fixed in the cornerstone builds now?

That was one of the things that made me switch away from it.


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Apr 13, 2011
Is the non updating clock issue fixed in the cornerstone builds now?

That was one of the things that made me switch away from it.

Unfortunately it's still happening.
It seems to happen less often than in the earlier versions though.
But it's quite variable, I can stay hours without the issue sometime, and sometime it stops updating right after booting.


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Jan 3, 2010
I just saw that only 11 channels are available, with no option to change in the settings. So.. this works:

sqlite3 /data/data/com.android.providers.settings/databases/settings.db "INSERT INTO secure (name, value) VALUES ('wifi_country_code', 'EU');"
This is correct. Peculiar though. I'm pretty sure Roach pushed a commit to enable all wireless channels. Ill look into it.

Just to note that only 11 channels are still available in b44. This really ought to be fixed.

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    EOS is an AOSP based rom. It is developed and maintained by Team EOS and is the culmination of our own in house development efforts.

    Team EOS TF101 Nightly builds: http://goo-inside.me/devs/teameos/roms/nightlies/tf101/

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    *Note - You will need to re-flash G-Apps after you flash an updated nightly build. You can do this before you reboot after the installation of a new nightly.
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    Welcome to the TF101 evolved. Welcome to Team EOS.

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    Cornerstone Builds
    Oh, I should probably mention there are cornerstone builds at http://goo-inside.me/devs/teameos/roms/cornerstone/nightlies/tf101
    Newest nightly (non cornerstone) very smooth. Wifi connection seems quicker for me, though I haven't seen connection at length. Will report back. Thanks roach!!

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    I've hopefully fixed the wifi disconnect issue. Badfrog had the bug bad and was able to use his logcat to help identify a small problem. With that fixed and with some other changes I made I'm hoping wifi will be stronger and more stable.

    Also new as of tonight is USB Ethernet support. This works great including with most of the apps that complain about having no wifi connection. While I was tweaking the framework I found a setting for bluetooth tethering so you can now connect other devices to the internet via your Transformer's wifi.

    I'm going to have a look at the power options tomorrows so watch this space.
    What I have been up to tonight...

    Coming soon to a nightly near you...