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Feb 9, 2009
Temple Run

Any reason why temple run starts and then immediately closes? not extremely important but wondering why.
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    ★☆★|ROM|Nightly|◄●|Synergy 3Dvo|●►|2.3.4|SQLite Journal / MPD CPU1 TWEAK|ZEUSMODS|★☆★

    Synergy-3Dvo official nightly folder (click)

    SynergyROM Google Chat Room (click)

    For issues PLEASE report HERE to get fixed :)

    For the list of commits and changes look HERE

    **Show xRepinsSporx ads some love if you use the nightly download folder, I'm sure all the bandwidth were chewing is expensive**



    2.3.4 - rev 319 and higher
    My Quadrant Score @ 1.5 3446

    2.3.3- rev 318 and lower (see older download folder - http://android-kernels-roms.com/XxXViRuSXxX/synergy/evo3d/Official Builds by Team Virus/older/ / Synergy 3Dvo 2.3.3 Kernels)
    My Quadrant Scores @1.7 3611
    My RL Benchmarkrs

    Ziggy kernels include CIQ memory locations disabled in kernel, OC, tun, other ziggy hottness. Make sure to flash radio and other RUU parts or you might get random reboots.

    WE DO NOT OVERCLOCK THE CPU BY DEFAULT if you want to OC get setcpu or use the newly included Virtuous OC tools. ONLY USE ONE OR THE OTHER.

    Ziggys still getting everything perfect the guy doesnt even have a 3d so hes building kernels blind. Make sure to thank him!

    ****If you go to another kernel that does not extract our ramdisk you will break our services at least(dropbear/crond/inaydyn), and possibly the whole rom if it doesn't support pause before class start for init.d. please bug your kernel dev for a "universal" method that inserts ramdisk on flash for full compatibility! KERNELS WE HAVE MODIFIED ALREADY IN ABOVE LINK*******

    SLOW 3G SPEEDS/STUCK AT 1x? New PRL update seems to have borked 3g, rollback to 21081 by dialing ##775# and loading file here - http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=17186656&postcount=6542

    • Includes Synergy Updater and Theme Downloader!
    • DConfig App tune rom how you want, Why have 2 roms for sense/senseless, this one does it all! (see post2 for dconfig usage)
    • GETS YOUR PRIVACY BACK- CIQ disabled, Dropbox/Reportin/UsageStats/Tell HTC/HTCAppUsageStats checks FULLY DISABLED (see post 2)
    • All headphones are now HTC Beats headphones (looks like a new SRS processing option, see here)
    • Zeus StatusBar mods (see http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c683BLtIDW8 - HUGE thanks to ITHFP69 for the original smali)
    • Now testing dual CPU support (original logic shown by mike1986. Turn on in dconfig. You can also use MPD tweaks here http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=17456447&postcount=7630)
    • deodexed
    • rooted with superuser
    • automatic davlik cleaner (removes stale files from dalvik cache to keep it clean)
    • automatic zipalign of system and data
    • autorenice to give phone/mms/android highest priorities
    • cleans up after old fr3vo methods
    • cleans tmp stuff/dalvik-cache/APK intents in packages.xml on flash (always should have clean upgrades)
    • OpenVPN binary/bb & tun built in (ziggy kernel only see post 2 for setup)
    • CIFS to access windows shares (ziggy kernel only see post 2 for setup)
    • NFS/ext2/3/4 filesystems also enabled. (ziggy kernel only)
    • conservative/userspace/powersave/ondemand/performance governors (ziggy kernel only)
    • Apps2SD (EXT4 support only on STOCK HTC. Ziggy kernel should allow ext2/3! off by default see post2)
    • Swapping (off by default see post2)
    • unlocked hotspot (thanks leoisright)
    • unlocked HTCModem (USB tethering & internet sharing)
    • 5-in-1 reboot menu
    • HTC Arrive ringtones added (thanks ziggy)
    • CRT (THANKS CAPYCHIMP) & other full animations
    • text on battery meter
    • removed MMS compression (thanks SteelH)
    • removed SIP wifi limitation (thanks aramova)
    • native screenshot available in power menu & via button combo
    • RMK auto app install (will auto install anything in /sdcard/SynergyROM/user.app/)
    • Panoramic mode added to camera (thanks jolez)
    • AmazingSense/RosieSettings added
    • google apps/framework, all latest HTC software updates & other apps updated
    • unlimited tabs in browser (thanks team xron)
    • DSP manager (thanks cyanogen)
    • EPST that allows all ## codes
    • removed some bloat (look on sdcard if you want that stuff back)
    • gps lock speed fix
    • process/network/kernel/filesystem tweaks
    • ipv6 privacy enhancement (rfc4941)
    • perflock disabled by default (go buy setcpu to play)
    • busybox v1.18.4 (colors disabled by default)
    • full bash shell v4.1 (things like tab complete, color support, nano/vim are only available over dropbear)
    • powertop (see post 2 for usage)
    • crond support (see post 2 for usage)
    • dropbear ssh access (see post 2 for setup)
    • iwconfig/iwgetid/iwlist/iwpriv/iwspy for controlling wifi (see post 2 for usage)
    • inaydyn dyndns hostname support (see post 2 for setup)
    • system tools- rsync/netcat/nslookup
    • text editors- vim/nano
    • compression tools - 7zip / unrar
    • lostphone script (if you have bash/dyndns setup and loose your phone we have a script to find it again! currently WIP)

    We try to follow good open source practices, leaving all of our stuff open via SVN so everyone can see our changes and help us grow. we try to give props where props are due in code, commits and our official posts. If we missed anyone please let us know and ill make sure its fixed. We expect other devs to ask and do the same if they use part of our work, we wrote/build/modified most of our stuff custom so we know where its used - its upsetting to see our stuff elsewhere without the same respect back. If you like our work, click the thanks button, help contribute here, buy us a beer, whatever. We like to keep this fun but it does take time so appreciation is always welcome :D


    Virus: DONATE

    TrevE: DONATE

    Ziggy: DONATE
    SQLite WAL mode

    MPD CPU1 Governor Control

    This uses stock HTC functionality to change the default governor CPU1 turns on with. Read more at the post above

    as of SVN 450, /system ext4 format options are now optimized on upgrade. It will add some time. /data is not done by default, to get best performance NOW TESTING -
    Wipe Version - http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=17156289&postcount=6329
    NOWIPE version by smw6180 (THANKS MAN!) - http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=17212279&postcount=6784

    Changelog is always available here - https://code.google.com/p/synergy-evo3d/source/list
    Our SVN Checkout address is - http://synergy-evo3d.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/

    **sorry if there are any bugs, but please report whatever you see and thell make there way into tomorrows nightly if you want to wait for a signed zip. If you ever want a newer update than whats posted you can also just use a SVN client to check out our google code, zip up your own image and flash. SVN export, SVN update, and svn clean are your friends. Also you will need to convert linebreaks to linux format instead of CR+LF or youll break scripts. see SVN doc for more info.

    LiquidSolstice wrote an awesome guide for windows up here(THANKS) - http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1211234

    I wrote a real simple svn script based on svnkit (java cross platform no install svn client) its barley tested but should do the job. It should get our latest, update export and zip all for you. The batch script is written for windows, but you can open in a text editor and run the same type of commands on *nix or whatever. Post is here - http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=16345186&postcount=662

    SPYWARE INFO BEING MOVED - http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?p=17229020

    Written from 2.3.4 base
    Honeycomb sense 3d theme by mayfield103! - http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=17066577&postcount=5817

    Written from 2.3.3 base and lower (may work on 2.3.4)
    JsChiSurf & SteelH[MOD]Remove Bubbles From Lockscreen & Remove Clock From Taskbar (THANKS JsChiSurf)- http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=17012572&postcount=5179

    JsChiSurf [MOD]Remove Recent Apps Bar from Notifications Window (THANKS JsChiSurf)- http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=16372343&postcount=819

    JsChiSurf SystemUI.apk mods (recent apps bar disabled, GPS reticle off icon disabled, necessary .smali edits to support future implementation of transparent notification menu, and status bar clock removed.) -- http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=16393364&postcount=941

    JsChiSurf Transparency Pulldown http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=16468492&postcount=1384

    JsChiSurf Carrrier Text Mod: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=16524658&postcount=1687

    JsChiSurf HTC Lockscreen Custom Banner Mod http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=16588907&postcount=2247

    JsChiSurf [MOD] Dynamic Rosie Remap Modified to launch Personalize Screen by Default - http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=16710268&postcount=2811

    Steal25s RED*RED for Synergy (THANKS MAN) http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=16592364&postcount=2264

    SynergyROM Quadrant Hall of FAME!


    Dconfig lets you tune this rom exactly how you like it. instead of hardcoding tweaks we expose all of our settings and let you choose. there is never a "one size fits all" when it comes to performance settings so why not let each user customize how it runs?

    The default rom setting are contained in /system/etc/dc.conf these are updated to our liking which is usually a daily driver setting.

    The first time you run dconfig it will load these settings into each screen. From here on after you save your settings are written to /data/data/com.damaged.DConfig/dc.conf and will stick with you every rom flash.

    Most settings are only triggered after a full reboot, not waking from hibernate. You need init.d to be triggered, if your unsure adb reboot will always work

    The most common settings people change I will explain here, there is also some text inside dconfig:

    Storage control

    Main Page (A2SD)-
    This has your typical a2sd options, but has been beefed up for synergy rom. move your apps to sd, move dalvik to cache partition or sd. dalvik-cache can get very big on this device, so be careful moving it to /cache if your going to install many apps!

    For a2sd to work, you _MUST_ have your sd partitioned with ext4 if you are on stock HTC kernel or ever plan to go back and have a2sd work. ext2/3 available as partition 2 in ziggy kernel. The layout should be as follows:

    partition 1 - vfat (regular sd card partition)
    partition 2 - ext4 for a2sd
    partition 3 (optional) - swap partition

    Banned App support (storage control pg2)-
    Make sure your sdcard is not mounted before opening this option. All APKS will be moved to /sdcard/SynergyROM/disabled/ and on each full flash will not be reinstalled. It will appear hung when file operations are going. Also there is no confirmation on unban, it just goes. Deal :p Ill fix it in a later revision.

    Theres two options, Automatic & Manual. Automatic is what comes up by default. Choose an operation and It will select all the default apks used to do what you chose, click to remove anything you dont want t remove then press menu save to save.

    For Manual Mode press menu, Choose option 1. Select APKs you never want to use. Press menu go to step 2 to confirm, then press menu and go to save.

    Basic Settings:
    Zipalign on boot: This will add a few seconds to each boot, but will run through your /system/app and /data/app for files that are not zipaligned and automatically do it. this is recommended to leave on, as not all market apps zipalign there stuff if it is written for older SDKs or whatever.

    Lowmemkiller: we have many preset lowmemkiller values. This is very important to the end user experience as everyone has different needs here. People run sense with a bunch of widgets, lots of syncs, like having stuff open should set this to a low number to keep things running. People that want dead apps to die right away and are looking for fast performance for what they are doing should set to a high number.

    High Mem/Lowmem * - The first 3 values in lowmemkiller are optimized for devices with large memory and vice versa.

    The number you choose after the highmem/low mem configures the next 3 values for lowmemkiller. these are things like empty processes, services that arent being used, etc. So if you choose 250mb, you will always have around that showing for free memory, but its going to be very aggressive killing applications off. If you use sense and kill things too aggressively you may notice stuff like widgets dying. Our automatic renice script tries to deal with this by setting them to high priorities, but your mileage will vary. I usually leave mine around a 100/150, i have alot of syncs and stuff always running.

    Dalvik Heap Size: this is the maximum amount of heap space a single application can have before garbage collection comes off and cleans stuff out. Some apps want more, and less GC == less cycles == better battery but the bigger you set this the less stuff can sit in memory before it gets killed off.

    Advanced Settings:
    Scheduler - basically controls how IO works. noop/cfq/deadline are the 3 choices, CFQ is default HTC setting. noop is first in first out and really basic, should be OK for device but id love to see benchmarks. you can read more on schedulers here & related pages - https://secure.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/wiki/Noop_scheduler

    ReadAhead - this setting is in KB, it should improve sequential reads from mmc. 1024/2048 is probably a sweetspot, but once again id like to see some benchmarks!

    our services are hardcoded in our ramdisk. if you go to another kernel you will likely break these.

    Dropbear - SSH shell
    Inaydyn - DYNDNS hostname support
    Arenice - Sets stuff like mms/phone/sense to highest "nice" priority. this should have lowmemkiller kill them off last.
    Perfkill- Loads setcpu perfkill module by default. If you go to another kernel disable this.


    Disk Info- Shows disk partition free space
    Net Info- Shows current IP address

    Mount Ro/RW - Obvious

    Other fun
    Open VPN/CIFS

    OpenVPN and CIFS combined is sickkk. You can do things like vpn to your home and have a symlink on your sdcard to all your home files. forget dropbox this is encrypted :)

    explained over here -

    this lets you set wifi transmit power. download "wifi tx power" from market or run the following commands

    adb shell iwconfig eth0 txpower X
    X == txpower(in dBm). 32/25/18/11/4

    to make sure it set run
    adb shell iwconfig

    and look at TX-Power (3rd row down)

    Nano/Vim These are command line text editors, useful for editing stuff quickly. they look ugly in adb shell but over dropbear look pretty :)

    Custom bash environment stuff
    you can set custom bash environment stuff in /system/etc/profile if you _never_ us adb shell (or dont care about ugly colorcodes) and want to exclusively use dropbear you can turn colors on universally here.

    Dconfig Process Info - This is the first thing ill ask for troubleshooting battery. After you have flashed and gone through a full power charge/discharge cycle, before you reboot your phone click dconfig process info and paste it here. It must be from when you were running through for a long period of time to make any sense.

    Powertop - From adb shell with your phone screen off run "powertop" This shows number of wakes per second so you can see if you have rogue processes chewing wakeups causing your phone not to sleep

    logcat - adb logcat with screen off will show you if you have runaway apps doing stuff they shouldnt.

    Battery Stats - android battery stats can sometimes get whacky especially if you wipe data often (battery stats are in /data/system/batterystats.bin) Calibrating your battery with android is always recommended-

    We try to follow good open source practices, leaving all of our stuff open via SVN so everyone can see our changes and help us grow. we try to give props where props are due in code, commits and our official posts. If we missed anyone please let us know and ill make sure its fixed. We expect other devs to ask and do the same if they use part of our work, we wrote/build/modified most of our stuff custom so we know where its used - its upsetting to see our stuff elsewhere without the same respect back. If you like our work, click the thanks button, help contribute here, buy us a beer, whatever. We like to keep this fun but it does take time so appreciation is always welcome :D


    Virus: DONATE

    TrevE: DONATE

    Ziggy: DONATE
    Also wanted to chime in here. I've been out sick for the past week but news along the dev wire travels fast. I heard about the drama that was going on over in the 3D forums and wanted to give my 2 cents.

    I've talked to all parties involved and all of them are iconic devs. They all have contributed so much to the bigger community we have. And we wouldn't have the great mods we have today without these talented folks.

    Things got a little out of hand when folks started pointing fingers. True or not, lets get over it.

    SteelH closes his thread :( Treve, Deck and Virus are all pissed at each other.

    This is not what this community is about.

    Arguably guys we all share each others stuff. Every rom out has a piece of this and a piece of that and really as long as we share , help improve it and give credit, who cares.

    Regardless of the situation, if you do a mod and you want to use that mod in your ROM, ask the originator and give them credit. If you alter it or make it better, great share it and let everyone know about it.

    It sickens me even more seeing all this fighting between devs. We are a very small group of folks here and we need to stick together. Put this stupid thing aside and lets look forward in a positive spirit.

    For anyone that cares, I was finally able to kill all bits of HTCs spyware - https://code.google.com/p/synergy-evo3d/source/detail?r=461

    This shows how impossible it is to Opt-Out of HTC's App Usage Stats. Literally the service to start HTCAppUsageStats is embedded in EVERYTHING, and starts it without any sort of check/flag (its not suppose to ever be disabled).

    Long story short there is no opt out, atleast nothing that could ever possibly disable all of this crap fully, So I wrote my own :) All Services should now FULLY be disabled.

    Ok, here it is. Sorry it took so long to get this done, but I ran into quite a few challenges.

    This is TrevE's EXT4 optimization, but with a twist: After it wipes out all your data it's polite enough to put it all back for you. :)

    This is going to need some serious testing but it seems to work fine. Been beating up on my phone for the last hour and I haven't had any issues with any of my installed applications. The only two things I've had to restore have been wifi access points and bluetooth pairings. All settings (wallpaper/lockscreen/homescreen/etc) have been perfectly fine.

    Standard disclaimer: If you piss off your phone and it never speaks to you again I refuse to be held responsible. While *I* have had no problems with this I won't guarantee it will work for you. Use at your own risk.

    1. I strongly suggest a nandroid before this. While *I* haven't had any problems I can't say YOU won't.

    2. You have to be at least on nightly 458 due to the fix_permissions script being busted. If you don't want to update to 458, I can GUARANTEE you will have a TON of FC's after you reboot.

    3. Make sure you have at least 1gb free on your SD card. If you're an app-whore make it 2gb free.

    4. This might/might not work with a2sd (sd-ext). I don't use it so I didn't test it. Someone else will no doubt figure this out. :)


    Flash Synergy_Format_Data_EXT4_Optimized_apps_autorestored.zip
    Flash nightly 458 or later.

    You don't have to clear cache or dalvik. Just flash in that order and reboot.

    This is going to take QUITE a bit of time. For me it's 10 minutes for the backups and another 5-10 for the /data format. The time is going to depend on how many apps you have. Fewer apps makes it run faster, more apps makes it run longer.

    Good luck and let me know how it works out for you.