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Jun 24, 2011
New Delhi
Re: [ROM] [S3 theme up @ 3 post] Simplicity v5 Last Edition ! FAST ! SMOOTH [22/03/20

Abhi, the gb pattern lock over writes most of d changes frm 5.2 mod. Anyway to avoid it?

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Jul 26, 2011
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Feb 15, 2013
Re: [ROM] [S3 theme up @ 3 post] Simplicity v5 Last Edition ! FAST ! SMOOTH [22/03/20

So i flashed this Rom over MindCr 2.8. I wiped everything etc. Followed the installation instructions. I flashed Simplicity V5 then V5.2 then S2 theme then Areebs S3 mod. So now i have a MindCr styled about page and calculator, Ace-i-sure crystal status bar and lockscreen mod (i had this on the MindCr Rom. Couldn't be bothered to take .png's and edit it etc.) and everything else is from Simplicity Rom. Da Fuq is going on?

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Mar 3, 2013
So i flashed this Rom over MindCr 2.8. I wiped everything etc. Followed the installation instructions. I flashed Simplicity V5 then V5.2 then S2 theme then Areebs S3 mod. So now i have a MindCr styled about page and calculator, Ace-i-sure crystal status bar and lockscreen mod (i had this on the MindCr Rom. Couldn't be bothered to take .png's and edit it etc.) and everything else is from Simplicity Rom. Da Fuq is going on?

Swyped By A 15 Year Old.

much better if you flash stock rom first then flash this rom . . RESULT 100% simplicity rom :good:


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Oct 18, 2012
Re: [ROM] [S3 theme up @ 3 post] Simplicity v5 Last Edition ! FAST ! SMOOTH [22/03/20

Why viper4a sound mod doesn't work in simplicity 5 ????:rolleyes:

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Mar 3, 2013
hi sir abhi/mod/dev

can i have a request please after flashing the s3 style theme the interface of messaging changed i like to interface of your orig simplicity v5. here i attach the image/screenshot. hope my request granted thanks


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Jul 28, 2012
hi sir abhi/mod/dev

can i have a request please after flashing the s3 style theme the interface of messaging changed i like to interface of your orig simplicity v5. here i attach the image/screenshot. hope my request granted thanks

please make ur question more clear and ask questions i general discussion thread!

copy the mms.apk of simplicity v5(from the zip file, go to system/app) to ur system/app...!


Re: [ROM] [S3 theme up @ 3 post] Simplicity v5 Last Edition ! FAST ! SMOOTH [22/03/20

Where is the odex script????
Is it in terms all patches mediafire link which is Abhi's my files
Can someone give me the direct link of it from Abhi my files cos I contact view that in Opera and dolphin browser


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Jul 29, 2012
Can u ask the video author to reupload it
It has been deleted

thanxx for notifying me........

added 2 videoes in OP......

sorry guys for not replying to ur queries bcoz i ve disconnected my broadband due to slow speed......
will take a new connection soon.......

so will start developing for our phone again.........
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    [ROM + No Kernel] Simplicity v5 | Cosmic v3 Updated | FAST | SMOOTH | WP8 | SGS3 | XPERIA |

    simplicity Edition---
    Update ---> Simplicity V5 + Cosmic V3 update available by Sniper Killer

    what is simplicity rom ???
    1.) simplicity rom is the simple but the advanced rom for our ace [gt-s5830i/c/m]
    2.) this rom is based on 2.3.6 stock rom [remember it is not ics/jelly bean] [ it is modded to a great extend ]
    3.) it has some themes which can be flashed via recovery .......[goto theme section @ 2/3 post ]
    4.) it is created by me using free apps [ as we all know warez r not allowed - fourm rulez ] [please follow them too]
    5.) all the apps used in development of rom r free and r opened sourced...
    6.) i m not copyrighting my rom ....... u can use any part of my rom but first take my permissions & then if u get permissions then the only thing left is credits.......
    7) do not mirror my roms & themes....[otherwise u know what i can do ]
    8.) i ve added credits to the people without them this rom was not possible........[refer the credit section ]
    9.) please if u found any warez in my rom - first post here or PM me then if i m not replying to ur PM's then only take the things to MOD'S.....
    10.) No kernel included in the Rom ...

    F.A.Q ----------
    1. STATUSBAR GREPER.APK is not working ??? --- yes , it is of no use,dont delete it [essential for brightnessbar in statusbar ]
    2. kies not working ??? -- i know that .. use kies air......
    3. u r not supporting rom further after v5 [last edition] ??? -- yes....
    4. no sound tones ??? -- flash amzing sound flashable by - iamareebjamal
    5. gestures r not working in this rom???-- yes not working
    6. stuck at bootlogo after flashing??? --- try to flash stock rom using odin then install this rom agian.....
    7. kernel is not flashing ??? -- --- flash rom >kernel with e3 >modules without any reboot btw them.....
    8. headphones r not working ????? ---- flash kernel modules also with kernel..
    9. white line at top of statusbar ????? ---- its battery bar & u can customised it in settings>simplicity setings>battery bar..
    10. camera settings r small ????? ---- replace the camera app with this also this bug is in custom kernel......flash stock kernel [can be found above in mods/tweaks section]
    11. what is odex patch & how to flash ,etc... ????? ---- http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=38736833&postcount=1279

    I m presenting my Last Edition of simplicity Rom.....


    Changelog of simplicity rom --------->
    changelog of v5 --------
    1. added jelly bean layout
    2. added jelly bean statusbar
    3. added jelly bean usb mount/unmount
    4. added call recorder with settings
    5. added ics styled sony home modded by me..
    6. added extended power menu [6 options]
    7. removed unnecessary mods,apps
    8. added chrome [ ninesky browser modded by me ]
    9.added jelly bean styled phone calling mode
    10. battery charging bug removed [while switch off ]
    11. battery bug removed while charging[ when switch on]
    12. some ui changes + more smoothness.....
    13. s3 ripple lockscreen
    14. Arabic language support .....[no need for any patch ]
    15. crt animation on lockscreen on [ check all animations in display settings ]

    for old changelog click on "show content "

    changelog of v4 --------
    1. JELLY BEAN statusbar mod
    2. FULL JELLY BEAN UI + PROGRESSBAR + VOLUME BAR like in jelly bean
    3. jelly bean/ics animations
    4. Jelly Bean battery bar [ statusbar mod ]
    5. Jelly Bean easter egg with modded text
    6. Jelly Bean/ICS modded settings
    7. Jelly Bean theme with 50 % transparency
    8. Re-Odexed rom
    9. zipaligned on every boot
    10. domscript added
    11. modded phone.apk like ics/Jelly Bean
    12. modded ics/Jelly Bean dailer.apk with center call button
    13. ics/Jelly Bean on/off button
    14. ics/jelly bean 15 toggles
    15. 6 lockscreen themed
    16. simplicity settings
    17. edt statusbar tweaks
    18. domscript added
    19. init.d supported stock kernel
    20. added a test script which will run a boot & ensure u that init.d script is working with this rom
    ------check = data/local/tmp/ & open init.d_test.txt & if written =" init.d working " ....
    21. added Jelly Bean pattern lock
    22. added Network Mode in settings/more/network mode/ select ur network [ wcdma/gsm/etc..]
    23. beat audio with widget
    24. dolby options in simplicity settings
    25. uses only 3 mb out of 190 mb as internal memory
    26. u can install more than 70 apps without using any script [just awesome]
    27. smoothest rom ever for our gt-s5830i
    28. fastest experience ever on ur phone
    31. still many more , check urself......
    changelog of v3.5--------

    1. swipe to remove notifications added.........
    2. center clock in statusbar added........
    3. stock themed like SGS2....
    4. removed battery bar settings & bar [ u can use team bar app from market ]
    5. new touchwizz launcher modded by me
    a) 5 dock icons
    b) transparemt drawer background
    c) landscape mode enabled [ 4 icons dock]
    d) screen doesnt loop
    e) no page indicator text + page indicator moved near dock
    f) list view added in drawer
    g) new background in icons in drawer in listview mode
    h) some new animations in open close drawer
    6. SGS3 styled settings
    7. SGS3 lockscreen
    8. SGS2 stutdown animation
    9. SGS2 bootanimation
    10. SGS2 sounds....
    11. themed stausbar
    12. new touchscreen sensibility mod [make screen very smooth ]
    13. fresh build from stock xxli1
    14. Customize Google widget transparent
    15. ADDED SGS2/3 clock widget
    16. added edt tweaks
    18. ADDED SGS2 calculator app
    19. SGS3 styled icons......
    20. many more .....

    changelog of v3--------
    1.battery backup is awesome and barebone [not extreme ]
    2.modified Easter Egg image & TEXT
    3.Replaced cpu control with nofrills cpu
    4.Added calender app
    5.Added email app patch added
    6.Added stock gallery [ ics themed by me ]
    7.Removed quickpic gallery.....
    8.Added latest play store.
    9.Added stock music ics styled modified [by avijit gosh]
    10.removed google ics music app
    11.added latest File Manager
    12.BIG CALLER PHOTO MOD [check screenshot ]
    13.modified framework-res.apk,twframework,statusbar,lidroid-res.apk to look like jelly bean..
    14.added new holo dak background to all system
    15.modified new stock LockScreen [check screenshot ]
    16.added a lot of stock essential apps like sim toolkit,Live Wallpaperpicker,drm,google services,google framework,parter setup,etc.......
    17.now it is more stable and smoother rom Version.....
    18.1% accurate batterymod.....
    19.contains almost all features of previous version.......
    20.beat audio widget
    21.added cpuspy
    22.added dolby
    23.fix some force close issue on Spare Parts settings [ thanx to Germainz for reporting ]
    24.FULL JELLY BEAN UI + PROGRESSBAR + VOLUME BAR like in jelly bean...
    25.ADDED ICS TRANSITION [check it urself ]
    26.STOCK launcher modified [ semi transparent ]
    27.build.prop tweak added....
    28.included domscript
    29.ADDED STOCK WALLPAPER APP [modified by me ]
    # twwallpaper.apk---contains GB,ICS,JB wallpapers [ 26 wallpapers]
    30. uses only 46 mb.....
    31. added google boot animation.....
    32. lockscreen wallpaper supported [ bug in previous version-solved ]
    33. many more ...................

    simplicity v2.1---------
    .now u will get default stock recovery not rz recovery..........
    .no chances of bootloops.........
    .given fixes for ur problem in attachments.......
    .this version of rom is recommended to all who have installed previous one or not.........
    .minor bug fixes.....

    simplicity v2 ------
    -Latest firmware xxli1
    -simple but fully loaded with features & ics framework make it sleek and give glossy look
    -host file modified to remove ads from free apps
    -15 ics toogle and 6 ics lockscreen
    -int.d support
    -added domscript
    -added rafeal final edition kernel
    -added rz recovery as default
    -alot of tweaks added into build.prop
    -extremely barebone rom
    - 43 mb use only out of 189 mb
    -all apps are updated
    -latest playstore
    -ics keyboard added ( updated)
    -latest superuser added
    -ics wallpapers
    -ics settings
    -ics calculator
    -ics deskclock modded by me
    -opera mini as default browser
    -ics gallery (quicpic)
    -extended rom settings
    -jelly bean battery bar above status bar [ single blue line ] (check in screenshot)
    -google ics music
    -spareparts settings
    -cpu control settings
    -battery bar color,animation,etc setting
    -cyanogenmod settings (rom settings) intrgrated in system settings... [ not real cm settings only modded to look like ]
    -uses less ram ( ram optimised)
    -roboto fonts
    -system font color changed to ics
    -system summary font color changed to white
    -new file manager ( root explorer feature included)
    -new cm9 bootanimation ( cm9 cid )
    -removed battery icon from statusbar....

    simplicity v1--
    Based on latest firmware XXLF3
    Fully barebone
    Nexus bootanimation
    Battery & performance tweak(battery is jus awsum)
    % Battery icon
    Added latest kernel(rev-20120819-2249) by Rafael.Baugis
    Roboto fonts
    Red Overscroll glow
    Galaxy S3 like icons
    added Zeam launcher
    Latest Superuser.apk
    kies not working [use kies air ]

    Most Advanced & Customisable Rom For GT-S5830I

    Download Links ----------
    [all roms previous versions ] Download :-> http://www.mediafire.com/abhi922

    latest builds :--->

    Simplicity v5 Last Edition ------------- http://www.mediafire.com/?hz1saaovd0er6dd

    Simplicity 5.2 patch --- http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=38666466&postcount=1248


    Simplicity cosmic AOSP 4+ patch --- http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=44379207&postcount=1861
    patches :-> http://www.mediafire.com/?g8x7k0rw47f6c

    How to install ROM: --------

    very important ---- if u stuck at boot logo then first flash stock rom using odin..............then flash this rom

    1) Download the rom . Place it on the sd card.
    2) Boot in Recovery. (HOME+VOLUME UP+POWER).
    3) Wipe data/reset, Wipe cache partition.
    4) Then go to advanced & wipe Dalvik cache , wipe battery stats...
    5) mount system/data in mount & storage menu of cwm [click here for refrence]
    6) Then choose zip from sdcard & Flash.
    7) reboot & u r done.

    u can also refer this video for installation instructions & review by FELIPE NDC.......[thanxx to him]

    u can also refer this video for review by Galaxy Ace Tutos......[thanxx to him]

    How to install custom kernel: --------

    1. first follow the above procedure to install rom carefully....
    2. then download kernel with 3e & modules from rafeal's thread....
    3. then goto recovery cwm temporary.....
    4) mount system/data in mount & storage menu of cwm [click here for refrence]
    5. then choose zip from sdcard & install kernel.zip....
    6. again choose zip from sdcard & install modules.zip... [donot reboot btw this two installation..]
    7. reboot .......&...enjoy.............

    [easiest & the definite working method for refael's kernel installation...]

    Rom Screenshots-------
    Mods & Tweaks -------

    I ve not added any mod and special tweaks except DOMSCRIPT [ but u can install at ur own ]

    1.GEEKY ENGINE - http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1952708
    2.ANDERLINE ENGINE - http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1579710
    3.SUPERCHARGE SCRIPT - http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=991276
    4. LOOPY SMOOTHNESS - http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1205744
    5. Supremacy Trilogy - http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1928200
    6. Netforks Tweaks -- http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1961353
    7. build.prop tweaks -- http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1697040
    8. cronmod scripts dataext --- http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1955422
    9. (MOD)Beats Audio --- http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1525226
    10. SlaidyBoost-V2.3 ---- http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1585774
    11. ThunderBolt! v2.9.0 ----- http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1556013
    12. Velocity Tweaks ------ http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1814227
    13. Collection of em all. ------- http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1227269
    14. Smurfed Out V 6.6 -------- http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1517724
    15. gps.conf files for all countries ------ http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1233359

    please dont PM me or POST here problems regarding these above MODs......
    go to the mods thread report problems....

    ############################################# KERNELS & MODS ############################################

    I HAVE ADDED STOCK kernel in rom but u can install at your own.........

    $$$$$ CUSTOM KERNEL $$$$$

    Rafeal's latest kernel ----- http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1818830
    Hells Fusion latest kernel ----- http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2022147
    other kernel on general section --- http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2026654

    $$$$$ Stock Kernel $$$$$

    LINK [STOCK KERNEL] ----- http://www.mediafire.com/?8amfqkqq28v1h9f
    stock kernel modules ---- http://www.mediafire.com/?7tckgiclaq80aoc

    how to install KERNEL -----
    1. download the both zips to sd card....
    2. goto recovery and install modules.zip
    3. then mount system
    4. flash stock kernel.zip
    5. reboot & done...

    $$ Limitation of Stock Kernel

    1. u cannot set governors for cpu control
    2. I/O schedulers are less
    3. cpuspy will not able to work on ur rom....
    4. init.d will not be supported...

    $$ Advantage of stock kernel ---- stable && sim reading....

    ############################# INIT.D ON STOCK KERNEL ###############################################

    JUST FOLLOW THE TUTORIAL ---------> http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1933849
    by Ryuinferno.....

    ######################################### ADD-ONS ####################################################

    1.ICS STYLED 360 LAUNCHER + ICS THEMED LOCK [flash via recovery ] [modded by me ]

    link ------- http://www.mediafire.com/?d7n45iy1a1rom16

    2.ICS VIDEO PLAYER [install as normal apk ] [modded by me]

    link ----- http://www.mediafire.com/?40499vre9evcaca

    3. ADOBE flash player [flash via recovery ] [from rafeal's kernel thread]

    link ---- http://forum.xda-developers.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=1437349&stc=1&d=1351424695

    4. stock email app [flash vai recovery ]
    link ---- http://www.mediafire.com/?ajm0k3v755t800h

    5. holo launcher ---- https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.mobint.hololauncher&hl=en

    6. holo locker ------ https://play.google.com/store/apps/...251bGwsMSwxLDEwMiwiY29tLm1vYmludC5sb2NrZXIiXQ..

    7. my lock [we hate lock]---- http://code.google.com/p/mylockforandroid/

    8. Firefox on ace i ------------ http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?p=25855563

    9. cm9 bootanimation [ flash via recovery] -------- http://www.mediafire.com/?dbh7f47l9c1rmgd

    10. stock keyboard [flash via recovery ] ---------- http://www.mediafire.com/?ycbz8zudlh8c49l

    11. fm radio [flash via recovery ] --------- http://www.mediafire.com/?jdaeo451mcel4t4

    12. cm7.2 music player [flash via recovery] ------- http://www.mediafire.com/?zyrgowggjct66k1

    Credits ----------
    Rafael.Baugis && Hell fusion for kernel
    Alucard1989pl for 15 toggles and 6 lockscreen revision 4
    domnic79 for Multi Package firmwares , domscript , permission to make v2,v3,miui theme...
    pvyParts for jelly bean battery bar
    balamu96m for settings ics
    fuss132 for touchscreenmod
    space caker for s2 apps & mods
    Sniper Killer (Weather and Digital Clock & Cosmic V3 update..)
    Alioda -- for arabic translations
    Lalit Patil & mrappbrain - for giving me idea on making vibration key patch...
    puppet13th & ericwgarza1 -- for odexing script which i modded to work on our device.............
    me [ abhi922] for making this rom,some mods,modded apps, s3 lock screen guide....,ics task switcher guide....,etc...
    iamareebjamal - for making 1st patch for v5 + s3 theme v1,v2 & WP8 theme [ thanxx man]
    js2892 - for giving me camera app link.....
    Slayer321 - for xperia s styled theme

    note--please tell me if i forget to add ur name....

    Hit Thanks Button if u like my work...............
    Vote This Thread to 5 Stars && Click on Newsworthy thread button

    XDA:DevDB Information
    Simplicity Rom - Its Simple , Stylish & Smoother , a ROM for the Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830

    abhi922, iamareebjamal, domnic79
    ROM OS Version: 2.3.x Gingerbread
    ROM Kernel: Linux 2.6.x
    ROM Firmware Required: Stock Firmware needed before flashing this rom
    Based On: Stock Samsung based rom

    Version Information
    Status: Stable
    Current Stable Version: Version 5
    Current Beta Version: version 2 and 2.1

    Created 2013-10-06
    Last Updated 2014-03-27
    3. SGS2/3 THEME FOR SIMPLICITY V5 ........

    theme contents..........
    2. s3 STYLED MODDED APPS LIKE gallery,deskclock,phone,contacts,dailer,calculator,stock music,etc......
    4.s3 STATUSBAR
    5.s3 styled settings
    6. s3 modded twlauncher with new animation....

    link for theme ----------- http://www.mediafire.com/?nxg03ij21ecl1ar

    ripple mod s3 theme by iamareebjamal [v2]-- http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=39393840&postcount=1411

    dandelion mod s3 theme by iamareebjamal [v3] -- http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=40778765&postcount=1532

    how to :---
    1. goto cwm recovery
    2. then mount system
    3. then flash theme
    4. then reboot...

    screenshots--------- http://i.imgur.com/mHaZsKJ.png


    theme contents..........
    4.xperia widget pack
    6. cm7 music player themed
    7. track id
    8. xperia s fonts
    9. font color changed from blue to white + themed gallery...
    10. many more

    link for theme ----------- http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=42327086&postcount=1739

    xperia u theme v2 ---------------> http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=42580084&postcount=1774

    mms force close fix ------------> http://www.mediafire.com/download/w7s0806vgdij6ua/mms_fix.zip

    how to :---
    1. goto cwm recovery
    2. then mount system
    3. then flash theme
    4. then reboot...

    use xperia icons pack inbuild in xperia launcher [check prefrences ]

    music player xperia styled -- http://www.mediafire.com/?2rjmt2w0a9f25xs
    music player xperia styled -- http://www.mediafire.com/?jj6rmspvr72me11
    [install as normal apks ]

    hit thanxx button if u like my work.............
    --------------------------------THEMES SECTION--------------------------------

    COSMIC V2 EDITION ........

    theme contents..........
    1. framework
    2. apps.....
    3. settings modded........
    5. more.....

    link for theme ----------- http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=44379207&postcount=1861

    FOR BETTER RESULTS --------> U SHOULD BE ON Simplicity 5.2 ROM

    hit thanxx button if u like my work.............
    Cosmic Mods

    So guys, the wait is over

    In happiness my 700 posts, I present to you

    Cosmic Mod​

    I am not responsible for your device being dead, you flashing stock ROM, you using your device as a brick, or the decrease in love of your Girlfriend because you use your mobile so much

    This mod consists of three parts:-

    Galactic Intervention
    Visual Tweaks

    Consists of:-

    Full Jelly Bean Look

    Intensive png editing

    Percentage battery mod
    JB Battery
    JB Network Scale
    JB Net Connection icons and several,
    JB statusbar icons
    JB 15 Toggles
    JB Scrollbar
    JB Overscroll Glow
    JB Status Bar Close On
    JB Easter Egg
    JB Task Manager Background
    JB Status Bar touch colour
    New Sliding Tab lockscreen
    And lots of more tweaks I forgot, look for them yourself :p


    LightSpeed Intervention
    Smoothness and script Tweak

    I don't know why but when I installed Simplicity, RAM consumption was very high even after opening 2 apps. (More than 200)
    So, I included loopy smoothness, adrenaline script and simplicity is simply like a RED BULL

    RAM consumption is great and also device is very snappy

    Consists of :-

    ZRam Tweak
    Adrenaline Tweak
    Loopy Smoothness Tweak
    Kuro Tweak 1
    Kuro Tweak 2
    Sysctl Tweak
    Droidwall Modules​


    Stellar Robotic Intervention

    What's in it?
    Sounds Great?

    Just Roboto Font, yeah, just it :(



    Thanks kewkie for the idea of name of the mod

    Galactic Intervention​

    Note:- Icons here represent modded ones, not the ones already present in the ROM
    60% icons from Miscellaneous Google and XDA Posts (Thanks)
    20 % icons from JellyBlast(Upgraded by me) [Thanks AvijitGhosh82, hope you come back soon]
    10% icons from RazoDroid(Thanks rajrocks, hope you rejoin soon too)
    10% icons from Simplicity v5 (they were unused so I used them, Thanks Abhi922)

    Lightspeed Intervention:-​

    ImbaWind for Adrenaline script
    lpy for loopysmoothness
    kurotsugi for kuro Tweak
    Sysctl and Droidwall devs for them :p (Too lazy me and too laggy net to search)

    Stellar Robotic Intervention:-​
    Google for Roboto font

    They are at last because very less people read them

    Though all the mods are tested both on stock and CWM recovery, you have the choice to use any one of them

    These all mods mount and unmount partition and set the permissions automatically, so no no need tod o it, but these steps shown in instructions are shown to be done if everything else fails

    1. Download desired mod
    2. Place it in the root of your sdcard(Preferred)
    3. Reboot into recovery
    4. Mount /system(Do if installation fails)
    5. Install zip from sdcard
    6. Read what appears on screen
    7. Reboot
    8. Enjoy








    TOTAL TIME TAKEN = Making of mod + Making flashable zips + Uploading + Writing and decorating = 8 hours 43 min
    Abhi, please let it remain here for sometime so I get some Thanks
    Thanks for your support
    Metrosphere v1



    So here we go guys. Metrosphere v1

    A theme that I can call being fully made by me(except for the people in credits section Ofcourse :p)

    Every bit of UI was tried to be themed. It was themed so much that you couldn't be able to realise. Small things human eye can't notice were not left out. But yes, there can never be 100 %

    This theme approaches a combined venture to make android look like Windows Phone 8 or metro. Let me explain where from it's taken

    UI bar, progress bars, seek thumb- Windows Phone 8
    Dialer - Windows Phone 8
    System Icons - Windows Phone 8
    Status Bar - Windows Phone 8
    Popup Windows, menu - Windows Phone 8
    Notification Panel - Windows Phone 8
    Bootanimation - Windows Metro
    Task Panel Background - Windows Metro
    Contacts(Custom App) - Windows Phone 8
    Messanging(Custom app) - Windows Phone 8
    Buttons - Windows Phone 8
    Text Field- Windows Phone 8
    Rings, Sliding Tab - Windows Phone 8
    Waves lockscreen - My innovation
    Shutter Lockscreen - Windows Metro
    Icons - Windows Metro
    Settings - Windows Metro
    Bootanimation - Windows Metro
    Task Panel Background - Windows Metro

    For now, it's only available in One color scheme (Black, White, Blue)

    I will soon make accents with Red, Purple, Blue, Pink and Green colour

    I hold no responsibility of use, misuse, no use, unuse:)p) of this theme and can't be held responsible of whatever that happens OR DO NOT happens with your phone. Whether it damages or improves:)p) in any kind, However, constructive criticism is always welcome, appreciated and needed.

    If you say it is bad and change it. Provide a reason why it is bad and also suggestion that what should be done to improve it. I try my best. Let's make it easy for me to improve it for you :)

    Terms of Use
    You are free to modify it as you like but MUST seek my permission for sharing something from it publicly and credit me properly. After 30 days of release, this project will be Open Sourced and you are able to use it wherever you want WITHOUT seeking for my permission. BUT, proper credits are required then too.
    Lockscreen icons, notification icons from iamareebjamal's Metrosphere theme

    Plus, see in my credits section and you must seek permission from the people mentioned there to use the things made by them that are used in this project

    This will be my general policy for all upcoming projects

    I know this is ridiculous to mention but This is no real Windows Phone. You won't have anything else from it other than a look similar to Windows Phone.

    What's new?

    It means what is new feature in Simplicity v5 Metrosphere other than it's themed


    Revamped Simplicity Settings with fixing of some typos and new lockscreens


    Full User Interface changed to Windows style
    Monochromatic Black and White color UI
    Windows Phone 8 Dialler
    Windows Phone 8 Notification Panel
    Windows Phone 8 Status Bar
    Windows Phone 8 UI bars, progress bars, Seek thumb
    Windows Phone 8 Platlogo
    Windows Phone 8 Shutter Lock
    Windows Phone 8 Dial Screen
    New SAMSUNG lockscreen
    Lense -> Shutter, Samsung -> Waves
    Revamped Simplicity Settings
    Task Manager themed
    One one png themed to give a unique UI not similar to something else in whle world
    Many more things that I forgot (I am building it for 1 month)

    How much time did it take you?
    Adding all the hours I have worked on it in one month, excluding other things I did except theming. Approximately 192 tireless hours

    Oh Yeah One feature:

    You have a Holo Launcher icon pack to metrofy your App Drawer too

    This apk is not made by me. I have just themed this
    I hold no rights of it whatsoever



    For Contacts:


    Go here

    For Messaging:

    Go here

    For Calculator:

    Go here

    Download Theme


    Though the mod is tested on CWM recovery, you can try e3 too
    These all mods mount and unmount partition and set the permissions automatically, so no no need to do it, but these steps shown in instructions are shown to be done if everything else fails

    As I have not modded the things which were already provided as apps on Play Store as Contacts, Calculator, Messanging, etc

    1. Download desired mod
    2. Place it in the root of your sdcard(Preferred)
    3. Reboot into recovery
    4. Mount /system(Do if installation fails)
    5. Install zip from sdcard
    6. Choose what you want
    7. Read what appears on screen
    8. Reboot
    9. Enjoy


    jobayer for Battery pngs, Signal bars, status bar close on
    arter97 for bootanimation
    D.O.C for Smoothspinner mod
    Alioda for Blue Header fix
    deathnotice01 for tips
    Google for searching some pngs
    Amarullz for Aroma Installer

    Special thanks to
    ChelebiTech for troubling so much for me so much and providing me sources which will be used in v2
    srt99 to test it for me :good:

    I anyone is left, please PM me
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