[ROM][non-GSI] Unofficial Pixel Experience P

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Woo hoo! Where can I get it? This means I can stop battling with GitHub!
Should be out in some days , twrp is having problems with decryption with lastest security patch in all ROMs , so I'm waiting for that to be released , so all of you just need to sit tight , I'm using my own tree and stuff so all bugs from andro are gone, once fixed twrp is released I'll also release

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Sep 17, 2009
Should be out in some days , twrp is having problems with decryption with lastest security patch in all ROMs , so I'm waiting for that to be released , so all of you just need to sit tight , I'm using my own tree and stuff so all bugs from andro are gone, once fixed twrp is released I'll also release

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All versions of TWRP? This sounds like bad news!


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Oct 24, 2007


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May 27, 2019
*Very* new, any advice appreciated.

Hey! I'll keep this as short as I can, haha.
I want this, but I'm extremely new to this whole ROM/root/etc thing, so I'm a bit confused.
A) What does the "Non-GSI" mean?
B) What's the whole chinese developer download thing about?
C) I thought it'd be as simple as unlock bootloader, reset(?), get TWRP, paste the .img file, boot in fastboot, load that .img? It seems like it might not be the case because several people seem to have had some struggles with bootloops.

I guess what I'm asking is if anyone could throw out an absolute noob-friendly step-by-step guide (even include when to factory reset device etc) that I could just follow, like the obvious man-child I am. It seems to matter, so I'll mention that I reckon I've the global device as I bought it from a Swedish retailer.

Sorry for "repeating" questions already answered, but as people struggled I got a bit paranoid and don't want to be in that seat myself... Cheers :)


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Nov 2, 2017
Hey could anyone build this for the mi mix 3 5g because I mean it's not fair that we have no ROMs, lol , also if there is a telegram group chat can someone send me the link I wanna join
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    I built non-GSI Unofficial Pixel Experience P;)


    Changelog is too big for xda, so it's included in download folder.

    If you are using Global /China Stable or third party rom (Xiaomi.eu), please download China Developer from here (search for "小米MIX3最新 开发版 线刷Fastboot完整包点击下载") and flash it, then flash PE system.img.
    It seems current stable rom has some bugs in vendor or firmware (e.g. Google Camera is laggy).

    Please note this rom is not maintained as my daily driver is FlokoROM GSI.

    Camera (including 4K video)
    Bluetooth (audio, in-call audio)
    Dual SIM, Dual 4G standby
    USB PD
    Wireless Charge
    Sensors including proximity

    Not working:
    Slider (actually it's working, but no app to handle)
    OK Google detection in any screen
    Bluetooth call for some users/devices
    Android Auto (display flickering)

    Google Pay should work if you use MagiskHide Props Config, but I can't test since my country (Japan) uses hardware level security (exclusive for Japanese models) for payment via Google Pay.

    Currently generating ZIP is broken, so you have to install images one by one.
    1. Flash the latest *Official* China Developer ROM (xiaomi.eu rom is not supported)
    (If you are using other roms before, please wipe data)
    2. Download and flash system.img
    3. Download vbmeta.img and flash it with this command:
    fastboot --disable-verity --disable-verification flash vbmeta vbmeta.img
    4. Flash Magisk

    Pixel Experience team and other developers


    I'm also building custom kernel for Mi MIX 3.

    To enable tap to wake, flash kernel and open display settings.
    You can use this magisk module to replace AI button to camera key, then use Button Mapper to remap.
    I contacted flar2 to support remapping AI key but it's not possible because of Google Assistant's behavior...
    I'm planning to switch to Pixel Dust since it has a lot of features.
    If there is no big issues, I'll continue to build Pixel Dust and stop build for Pixel Experience.

    The test build is here:
    You don't need to wipe data (if some crash happens, wipe data)
    Hey guys had a lot of trouble with these ROMs so just wanted share my experience for those who are also running into trouble.

    Coming from global phone running xiaomi.eu weekly the only steps that allowed me to get to boot are as follows:

    In twrp: factory reset then format data (hit yes to accept).
    Reboot phone and reenter twrp.
    Connect to computer and transfer xiaomi.eu rom onto root of device (I suspect any would work but I happen to have used which is believe was xiaomi.eu stable release), pixel experience ROM zip and magisk-v17.3mod4mimix3

    Flash the xiaomi.eu rom first then without rebooting or any formatting or factory resetting immediately flash the PE ROM zip and then magisk 17.3.

    Once those three files are flashed via twrp go to wipe and the factory reset then format data again.

    This last part is very counter intuitive to me but believe it or not, it was what finally got me out of bootloop.

    Now of note, with this process I do have the memory leak issue. I understand that some users have stated that I may not if I used a different base ROM first instead of the one I used. However, doing this same process with cn ROMs always led to a boot loop on my device, no matter how I flashed them or which ones.

    That being said, I'd like to be able to get to the root cause of the memory leak if it's at all possible.

    Boost+ by htc doesn't appear to help but actually demonstrates the problem.

    Going to sleep last night the phone had 59% memory usage according to boost +. This morning the phone now shows 79% and climbing. A reboot resets the memory usage back down to 55%.

    Furthermore there has definitely been a noticable slowing for me within about 12 hours of reboot regardless of usage. Within 24 hours the phone becomes virtually unusable without a reboot.

    Now does anyone know what tool I can use to potentially diagnose this memory leak issue? Most usage analysis tools out there only show that system is using up X amount of ram without any further granularity as to what process or system app is using how much ram.
    I uploaded 190103 build and now BT in-call audio, mobile data icon and VoLTE is all working!:good: