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    MagMa NX - Release VX PCE [09.Apr.2018]

    MagMa NX - Release VX PCE XDA [09.Apr.2018]
    00:00 GMT+09 (KST)


    NXTeam Facebook Page


    Welcome to NXTeam thread.
    We decided to release our Note7 rom as we mentioned before.
    Thanks all devs, users, and our followers.
    These all things are up to you.
    Hope to enjoy MagmaNX rom which was prepared with passion by NX Team.​

    Galaxy Note7/8,S8 Port ROM

    Current NX Team members:

    Team Manager / Operator
    - @Patrick.H | XDA | Develoid | Korea

    Android Master / Technical Director
    - @Craftingmod | Develoid | XDA | Korea

    Assistant Manager / Operator
    - @Eleo | XDA | Planet Earth

    Member (Great Developers)
    - @gugu0das | XDA | Develoid | Korea
    - @AttoR | XDA | Indonesia
    - @Marcelo765 | XDA | Brazil

    Credit (Special Thanks to)

    - @Craftingmod NXTeam - Android Master / Great Developer
    (AOD touch , AOD Auto Brightness, Bluelight filter, latest AOD App, latest TochwizHome, others)
    (KOR Smart IT Community Develoid "AltAndF4")
    - @karkasss
    It was the first member of NX team.
    He has been very active in developing the NX team custom firmware.
    - @asc1977 , @DaOldMan (AOD manual brightness control App)
    - @Kamy (Sound Control MOD)
    - @darkera13
    - @lss1977 (lsskernel)
    - @lijianjunyonghu (Norma ROM Dev)
    - @Chainfire(SuperSU app)
    - @amarullz (aroma installer)
    - @topjohnwu (Magisk & Compatible phh's SuperUser)
    - @phhusson (Phh's SuperUser)
    - @IMRAN KHAN (Fixed UDS, Network manual searching, and more)
    - @jjjhitel (UX8 SamsungMusic, TouchwizHome, others)
    - @Subin khan (fixed Spen cursor misalignment,* SamsungCamera Pro lite Mode moding)
    - @Marcelo765 (UX8&UX8.5 S8 style SamsungContact , SamsungIncallUI&others)
    - @6h0st (Phantom Kernel Developer)
    Phantom Kernel Thread

    please let me know if I missed any credit.

    MagMa NX - Release UX9 Screenshot
    MagMa-NX UX9 Screenshot

    MagMa NX - Release UX8 & 8.5 Preview
    MagMa-NX UX8.5 Infinity Preview




    MagMa NX - Release VX PCE XDA [09.Apr.2018]
    00:00 GMT+09 (KST)
    MagMa PyeongChang2018 Edition

    Replaced AOD
    Replaced S-Note
    Added Magisk V16.3
    Updated Apps
    Added Facelock
    Replaced Animation
    Increased stability
    Replaced Aroma installer
    Modifing IMS Files


    ChangeLog (Previous Version)
    MagMa NX - Release VX1 XDA [10.Oct.2017]

    ** Updated & Modified Framework
    - Note8 Features
    - Decrease File Size
    ** Fixed Infinity Wallpaper FC(Large Contents Mode)
    ** Optimized Framework & SystemUI
    ** Fixed Lockscreen General Wallpaper loop
    ** Updated Apps
    ** Fixed Bluetooth Ringtone Problem
    ** Added Aroma Options
    - Galaxy S5 Test Patch Menu
    ** Google app added to debloatable apps in aroma
    ** Translated TouchwizMod Features (Korean)
    ** Others

    [01.May.2017] MagMa NX - UX8.5
    [01.May.2017] MagMa NX - UX8
    [04.Apr.2017] MagMa NX - UX7
    [03.Mar.2017] MagMa NX - UX3
    [04.Feb.2017] MagMa NX - UR3
    [04.Feb.2017] MagMa NX - UP3
    [10.Jan.2017] MagMa NX - UN3
    [01.Jan.2017] MagMa NX - UL
    [24.Dec.2016] MagMa NX - UJ2
    [20.Dec.2016] MagMa NX - UH
    [16.Dec.2016] MagMa NX - UD
    [11.Dec.2016] MagMa NX - UA
    [09.Dec.2016] MagMa NX - TW5
    [04.Dec.2016] MagMa NX - TU
    [30.Nov.2016] MagMa NX - TS


    Support Device
    >> Samsung Galaxy Note3
    >> Samsung Galaxy S4 LTE-A (E330)
    >> Samsung Galaxy S4 Active (E470)
    >> Samsung Galaxy S4 (I9506)
    ** Qualcomm SnapDragon 800 Device

    General Fetures
    Note7 Ported based on N930KKKU1BPI8 Firmware
    Installer Features
    ** Aroma Installer 2.70rc2
    ** Kernel included
    - E330 / E470 / i9506 / N900SK / N9005 : @gugu0das kernel included @GitHub - gugu0das
    - Note3 Compatible Device : Lsskernel 3.8UX included
    ** Keep current kernel option supported (Be sure Kernel installed before ROM installation)
    ** 9 multi languages on Aroma installer
    - Germany - English - French - Japanese - Russian - Italian - Espanol - Indonesian - Korean
    ** Superuser & Xposed & Magisk Selection
    - Magisk V12, V13.3 , V14 & MagiskSU , SuperSU
    - Systemless V87.1 & Detour Xposed V84
    ** Camera ( Galaxy S7E , Note7, Note4 )
    ** Sound Alive / Viper4Android only / Beats+Viper4Android+Dolby Atmos
    ** SystemUI
    - Separated noti./ Grouped noti
    - White / Green battery icon

    System Features
    ** AOD Touch (Enable / Disable)
    ** Disable AOD Touch in the pocket
    ** AOD Auto/Manual Brightness control
    ** AOD position moving (to prevent Burn-in)
    ** Bluelight Filter

    ** Folder lock on the homescreen
    ** Fastest Perfomance
    ** Multi-languages supported
    ** 106 multi CSC
    ** Supports over 90 national system languages
    Sound Features
    ** Sound Alive
    ** Viper4Android only
    ** Beats+Viper4Android+Dolby Atmos (Sound Control App)
    Etc Features
    ** AOD/Bluelight is working on any kernel
    ** Lsskernel 3.8UX, thanks @lss1977
    ** Magisk V12, V13.3, V14 & MagiskSU
    ** SuperSu 2.79 SR3
    ** Systemless Xposed 87.1 topjohnwu
    ** Updated lastest system app

    Not working
    - Sidesync (black screen but presentation mode is working)
    - VoLTE
    - Video call
    - S-View is not supported
    - Bootloops with Jio Sim

    Root permission and Custom recovery
    PhilZ Touch / CWM / TWRP
    Make sure your phone is fully charged to 100%.*

    Download ROM
    Release VX PCE [09.Apr.2018 KST (GMT+09)]

    Google Drive
    MD5: c27804c1594ef8cee91711337e718b75

    Read this before flashing VX1 PCE.


    To install follow the steps below and complete the setup.

    Step01. Backup your data.

    Step02. Perform a factory reset on recovery.
    Step03. Recovery runs the ROM file.

    Aroma Installer
    Step04. Select the language you want to use for the installation.
    Step05. Select "MagMa-NX Custom Firmware Install".
    Step06. Select the device you are using.
    Step07. Select the kernel to use.
    If you installed the kernel before installing the ROM
    Select "[Kernel preinstalled] Do not install the kernel".
    Step08. Select the CSC of your carrier.
    Step09. Select the debloat App. (Keep default option if possible)
    Step10. SystemUI, UDS, and the color of the battery icon displayed in the status bar.
    Step11. Select the launcher you want to use. (Default: S8 Launcher)
    Step12. Select the Add user selection option.
    Step13. Select the type of camera app you want to use.
    Step14. Select the sound mode you want to use.
    Step15. Select the gps locale in your area.
    Step16. Select the type of rooting.
    Step17. Select the wipe method.
    Step18. Now click Next to install the ROM as you chose so far.
    Step19. When the installation is complete, click Next to reboot the system immediately.
    Step20. Wait approximately 15 ~ 20 minutes and the system will be booted and the first system setup screen will appear.

    Step21. After the initialization is complete and the home screen is displayed after booting is completed, run the "Live wallpapers" app on the second home screen.
    Step22. Select "HOME AND LOCK SCREEN" and select the desired background.
    Step23. Press "SET AS WALLPAPER" to finish setting up Infinity wallpapers.
    Step24. Now, when you press the power button to turn off the screen, the AOD screen is displayed and the Infinity wallpapers are applied.

    Enjoy! ^^;

    Do not hesitate which options are best for me.
    Just choose.
    You can replace/install/uninstall via aroma installer whenever you want for any option.
    It'll take only a few minute for changing.
    Your system will be safe. No residue Remain.
    Believe us, just follow.

    Release VX1 [10.Oct.2017 KST (GMT+09)]

    Google Drive

    Release UX10 [27.August.2017 00:20 KST (GMT+09)]
    Screenshots of Changelog

    MD5: 839f4cad7b242127efc63a091f59424d

    Google Drive
    Release UX9.7 [01.August.2017 02:30 KST (GMT+09)]
    Some Info before we proceed with UX9.7

    Google Drive
    Release UX9.5 [23.July.2017 12:00 KST (GMT+09)]
    Google Drive
    mega link
    Release UX9 [07.July.2017 07:07 KST (UTC+09)]
    Google Drive
    Release UX8.5 [07.July.2017]
    Release UX8.1 [01.May.2017]
    Release UX7 [04.Apr.2017]
    Release UX3 [03.Mar.2017]
    Release UR3 [09.Feb.2017]
    Release UP3 [04.Feb.2017]
    Release UN3 [10.Jan.2017]
    Release UL [01.Jan.2017]
    Release UJ2 [24.Dec.2016]
    Release UH [20.Dec.2016]
    E330/E470/9506 patches :
    For non note 3 users, if your device is not booted or TouchWiz fc occurred after rom installation, flash this patch according your device.

    Download gugu0das Kernel
    gugu0das kernel
    gugu0das BLOG
    gugu0das GitHub
    Support Device
    Galaxy Note3 (N9005/N900S/N900K)
    Galaxy S4 LTE-A (I9506/E330S/E330K)
    Galaxy S4 Active (E470S)
    Galaxy S5 (G900F/G900S/G900K)

    Root type selection

    After booting up in settings wizard, Be sure uncheck diagnostic data


    Etc Download
    Phh's Superuser(Mgaisk Compatible) Download
    Systemless Xposed Download
    XDA Magisk OFFICIAL Thread Link
    Magisk uninstasller Download

    Mods & Fixed
    Below Mod/Fix files will never be added to the Rom even if new version releasesd.
    Please flash additionally if you want after installing new rom
    MagMa-NX MODs Thread
    MODs Thread

    [ Old MODs & Fixed ]
    S8 TouchWizHome
    Original post
    S8 Icon Pack
    Show thread
    Nougat Themed SystemUI
    Show Thread
    Fixed Max ringtone with headset during vibration/silent mode.
    : Download
    S-View : Download
    SoundAlive Color Change : Download
    No MTP pop up window : Download
    How to fix gallery white thumbnail bug.
    Show Thread
    System apps debloat script
    Show Thread

    Original Source
    Lss Kernel Thread
    Lss kernel GitHub
    gugu0das BLOG
    gugu0das kernel GitHub
    Phantom Kernel Thread

    NX Team PatrickH
    ROM OS Version: 6.0.x Marshmallow

    Version Information
    Status: Stable

    Created 2016-11-28
    Last Updated 2017-10-10
    ==[Continues from here]==


    Q1: Why there is no ambient display in ROM?
    Q2: When you will add ambient display to ROM?
    Q3: How can I add ambient display function to this ROM?
    A: Ambient display causes screen wake lag. We don't want apps/functions that cause lags or FC in ROM. Thus we may not ever add that function to ROM. You can use AcDisplay app in playstore that acts as ambient display.


    Q1: How can I have/remove small picture in notification bar with my image?
    Q2: How can I add/remove user picture from top part of notification bar?
    A: There are three choices:
    1. Flash ROM in MODs update - select "MultiUser Icon" option in aroma installer
    2. Open /system/build.prop, edit "fw.show_multiuserui=" value to "0" (to remove icon) or "1" (to enable icon)
    3. Use flashable zip present as 8th MOD of Other MODs in MODs thread​


    Q1: How can I remap keys?
    Q2: How can I have custom long press and double press behaviour for hardware/software keys?
    A: It depends whether you have xposed or not:
    1. If you have xposed, you can use "xposed additions" module. To know how to use this module, you can check my posts #1, #2 or just check its own thread.
    2. If you don't have xposed, you can use button mapper app by @flar2 (playstore link and development thread).​


    Q: Next question
    A: Next answer

    Thanks to
    @mark manning - for giving me idea to post a Q&A post for frequently asked questions.
    @IronTechmonkey @Wood Man - for being a good example of contributors and their FAQ posts in threads I follow.
    @grumpycoder100 - for his contributions in this Q&A post
    Dear Users:

    New version of MagMa NX - VX1 PyeonChang Edition (P.C.E.) will be uploaded in next 24 hours.
    Please dont refresh the thread continuously until you see the download link. There is no prize for a user who downloaded it first. Please be calm and wait until we announce that it is shared and ready to download.

    Some points before you go further:

    To make ROM.zip lighter, we had to remove kernels from ROM.zip. What we ask from you is, to install a kernel of your choice before flashing ROM. You will still have gugu0das kernel for s4/note3/s5, and LSS kernel for N9002 & Galaxy J. It means even if you forget it or unable to read this post, you will still be able to have a kernel.
    About note3 users:
    One more remark on kernel point. Upon testing, we found out that phantom kernel 1.2x causes issues when flashed before booting to ROM. The issues it causes are related to IO schedulers on boot. We discussed it with 6h0st and he is currently testing 1.2y version of his kernel with fixed IO scheduler. On older 1.2t version, there is no such issue, but it was brought up on latest 1.2x version (the issue also is not present with previous VX1 ROM, but only with 1.2x and VX1 P.C.E.).

    You still can flash phantom kernel 1.2x version after booting to ROM (i.e. after first boot), but please do not flash it before first boot. The issues I observed were:
    - Inability to install any apps on first boot.
    - All app sizes were marked as 0.0kB
    on first boot.
    - Green screen before second reboot, showing "Optimizing apps. 19/19" (depending on your app choice number in aroma), "Starting Apps". "Starting Devicetest" and lastly "Boot Complete" texts.
    - After second boot, app sizes were normal, apps could be installed.
    - After second boot, all images from gallery are not visible (but no problem when viewing those images on 3rd party apps).​

    If you flashed with 1.2x and you didnt observe those issues, then no problem. But our test group was very small and we had limited number of devices to try it on. So these are my remarks on it. If you meet any user with those issues shown above, please forward him this post and ask him to reflash ROM using other kernel (my choice would be phantom kernel 1.2t version, link of which is here: https://androidfilehost.com/?w=files&flid=242119). Codes are:

    And so on...​

    For users who would like to pass safetynet with phantom kernel, please flash kernel logging zip after flashing ROM:
    Phantom Kernel Logging


    For any users who would like to choose phantom kernel 1.2x, please flash 1.2t before flashing ROM, flash ROM (choosing "do not install kernel" in recovery), boot to ROM, then again go to recovery, flash phantom kernel 1.2x, then flash ROM again, but in "MODs update" mode, and re-set your rooting method.
    For your convenience, Patrick.H will put up links for you to download a kernel if you would like to flash it before flashing ROM.​

    This version of ROM includes updated apps, some framework fixes, update of magisk version to v16.3, updated bootanimation, bootanimationloop and shutdown animation.​

    For users who would like to have xposed systemless, magisk v16.3 have changed the setup, so older modules are no longer working unless they get updated by dev themselves. If you need to have xposed systemless, you will have total of 3 options for magisk in aroma: 16.3, 13.3 and 12.0. You can choose either 13.3 or 12.0 if you want to have xposed systemless. After that you can update magisk inside magisk manager app. But note that on latest 16.3 version it will still not work​

    In this version, we have optimized ROM apk files, so that you can install more apps from aroma installer. I checked it, and I could install nearly all apps (90% of them) on my system (2.2-2.3GB). I would like to see your results too. Still, all apps cannot fit into normal not-repartitioned system, but it is still a good thing to have as more apps as possible​

    Other than boot/shutdown animations, VX1 PCE version will come with its own theme (PyeongChang Edition theme). It will have slighlty themed sms/phone app and round one-line icons in app drawer. If you feel it is not what you like, you can install any other theme from samsung themes app for now (or from XDA themers, like _envy). I will make a MOD with previous icons as soon as I am available.​

    As with all other versions of MagMa NX, if you meet any issue, please address it to us as it is asked from you on F.A.Q. post 16th question. Those are the basic information that we need to know to start troubleshooting your issue.​

    Users who have photoeditor FC please flash this:
    Photoeditor FC lib fix

    If you dont like new circular icons, read this:
    Squirclization MOD

    If you want to revert back, read this:
    Circlization MOD

    SystemUI MODs by Rohan1996 shared on 7th MOD of this post:
    SystemUI MODs by Rohan1996

    My systemUI MOD is shared here:
    SystemUI MOD by Eleo

    Power Menu MOD is shared here:
    Power Menu MOD

    If you want to revert phone/contacts/messages to stovk Note8/S8 theme, flash this zip:
    REVERT Phone-Contacts-Messages to VX1 theme

    I see there is facelock in changelog but I cant find it. Where is it? Read these two posts:
    Facelock post1
    Facelock post2


    Thanks for all of you!

    Enjoy the ROM!
    Galaxy Note7, Note8, S8 Multi Ported ROM
    Made by NXTeam

    Current Members:

    MagMa NX VX1 Changelog [10.Oct.2017]
    Updated & Modified Framework
    - Note8 Features
    - Decrease File Size
    Optimized Framework & SystemUI
    Fixed Lockscreen General Wallpaper loop
    Updated Apps
    Fixed Bluetooth Ringtone Problem
    Updated TouchwizMod V4 (thanks to AleR95 and DaOldMan)
    Added Aroma Options
    - Galaxy S5 Test Patch Menu
    Google app added to debloatable apps in aroma
    Translated TouchwizMod Features (Korean)

    Please wait and dont ask for download link. It will be added till the end of October 10
    Hi all,
    It'll be better to say than keep silence.
    I'm gonna leave this modding life then back to my ordinary life due to my private reason.
    It's not easy to decide for me, because XDA and all of you are a part of my life.

    It doesn't mean that this is the end, but I'm not sure when I can be back.
    As you know, S4 is not my daily driver. Moreover I cannot root my current device S6 due to Samsung pay, That's why I cannot sure. Maybe S4 will be the last device that I could mod.

    This thread (including Darklord reborn) will be updated by Patrick.
    But I cannot support him anymore.

    Darklord reborn new version(v4) was uploaded, and MagMa UX7 is uploading, this is all I can do with NXTEAM at this moment.
    (@Szcar, If you solve the Mobile data for sprint for Reborn, please share with separated zip
    Thanks again for your great support)

    It's hard to say thank for each one, because too many.
    Thank you all who have met via this thread, and sorry to all if you unsatisfied by my behaviour sometimes.
    All you guys are my good friends, all things with you are good memory for me.
    I wish you have a happy life, good health, all the best in your future.