[ROM][Oct 10]Jellybean 4.1.2 for Endeavoru AOSP Build [JZO54K]

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May 7, 2011
1. Search Forum for how to install - it is in ALOT of topics
2. Read information you have found multiple times
3. Use information to install rom

I wanted just to know if the instructions are the same of the other roms -.-"

However, cause now I've leedroid one xtreme, if I make a nandroid and don't like jb rom can I come back restoring nandroid? Or change something between 2 rom?
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May 16, 2007
I'm going to try the waiting for 3 minutes thing the stock ROM didn't take long to connect so I presume its a development thing that will be fixed in time

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May 7, 2011
Excuse me, now I have Arhd 7.2.2 with new base 2.05. I have a nandroid of this rom, if I want to restore this Aosp do I have to flash again the boot.img?


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Aug 15, 2009
Excuse me, now I have Arhd 7.2.2 with new base 2.05. I have a nandroid of this rom, if I want to restore this Aosp do I have to flash again the boot.img?

Yes. Every ROM will (generally) require you to have a seperate boot.img, so when you switch, you need to reflash the boot that's applicable to that specific ROM.


Nov 24, 2009
Could be, I can never get it to lock

Just wait, and wait, then when you decide it's not going to work, wait a bit longer. Bam, it gets a lock.

I use Copilot and the GPS status screen showed no activity whatsoever for several minutes. I was pretty convinced it was broken. Then suddenly it sprang to life.

As stated, it seems to lack AGPS, but the GPS will kick in eventually.

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    Visit the Jellybean 4.2 thread here

    Banner thanks to Sebianoti
    As I'm sure you know, the Jellybean 4.1.1 source code was uploaded to the AOSP repos a few hours ago. Following on from my Nexus 7 port, this is a build based off of the AOSP repositories, using the open source endeavoru tree started by intrepresentation. This is a pure AOSP build, the only changes I've applied are to add the Nexus 7 boot animation, APNs, and stuff that is required to get it working.

    • Wireless doesn't connect for a small handful of users
    • Radio also doesn't work for a small number of users in recent builds

    I'm also opening up the codebase, so if you think you can contribute then submit a pull request. Anyone can contribute by helping to submit bugs to the issue tracker. Remember to include as much detail as possible. Steps to replicate, logcats etc.
    If you've never tried developing for android before, then the best way to get started is to first get the source built (I'll post up a quick guide at some point), have a look through the code, read a page or two about AOSP, then see if you can pick off any bugs. Github makes it easy to find bugs, and submit your fixes back to me, so have a read up on that too if you're unfamiliar.
    I've set up a short guide that should help you get started with building android, check it out here.

    I've also set up #tg-endeavoru on Freenode irc for discussion, suggestions, development etc.

    Latest builds
    Jellybean Gapps

    Guide to installing - Thanks Chilling_Silence
    Repacked kernels

    Build #36
    Merge in latest JZO54K (Android 4.1.2_r1) changes

    Please flash this boot.img instead, and let us know if it resolves the screen flickering issue: http://www.blinkenlights.ch/static/a...35/boot_35.img

    It may take a day or two to take full effect

    Build #35
    Backport screen flickering fix into kernel (pab)
    Improve stability of pollyd, the incall volume fix (pab)

    Build #34
    Merge latest JRO03R (Android 4.1.1_r6) changes

    Build #33 (boot.img updated)
    Button backlights fixed
    A2DP pairing fixed (TeamNDVRu)
    Multitouch gaming fixed (TeamNDVRu)
    Better screen off power management (pab)
    Pinyin Chinese input fixed (Properly this time) (Myself, Lord Clockan, AOSP)
    Lockscreen widget alignment in lower DPI settings fixed (Properly this time)
    Incoming call widget alignment in lower DPI settings fixed

    Build #32
    Fix lockscreen unlock widget alignment under lower DPIs
    Fix Google Chinese Input
    Fix AGPS - GPS now locks a lot quicker

    Build #31
    Merge latest JRO03L (Android 4.1.1_r4) changes
    Update prebuilt binaries to 2.17 release
    Fix for slow USB Mass Storage transfer rates (seader @ github, kaltkaffe @ Cyanogenmod)
    Add potentially performance improving compile time flags

    Build #30 (boot.img updated)
    Merged latest JRO03H (Android 4.1.1_r3) changes
    Wifi Hotspot fixed (Lord Clockan, tbalden)
    pollyd no longer survives airplane mode, sets initial call volume correctly (pab)
    Switch the build server to using 'squisher' (optimizes zip file output)
    Add custom power HAL to control cpu frequencies better (mdeejay)

    Build #29 (boot.img updated)
    Update kernel + modules to 1.29.401.7
    Update prebuilt binaries to 1.29.401.11
    Enhanced in call noise suppression (Mike Grissom, Cyanogenmod)
    Finished pollyd, in call volume now working correctly (pab)
    Kernel crash when placing a call with headset is now resolved
    Replace Superuser with SuperSU

    Build #28
    Phone: In call echo fixed (Mostly, there's still a faint echo, but very manageable)

    Build #27
    Framework: Fixed Unity games touch input (Without patching kernel - You're safe to flash whatever custom kernel you want without breaking stuff)
    Radio: Some experimental stuff that may improve signal, or fix radio for those with issues
    Experimental fix for this issue

    Build #26
    Camera: Added support for up to 8MP
    Fixed front facing camera
    Fixed video recording format
    Radio: Corrected network status indicator
    Vendor: Added Stk package
    Sebianoti (who also designed the awesome banner at the top) has been kind enough to make us an image to put in our signatures.

    URL: http://i.imgur.com/mPX3k.png
    More here and here

    Thanks to..
    pabx, rogro82, and chris-p - These guys are far more knowledgeable than I and have been incredible. Send some love their way.
    Lord Clockan
    BMutsaards for pointing us to the working gapps, and helping to debug/test
    MashineGun, entropin, and everyone else in IRC who's been helping to debug and find solutions
    Everyone who contributed to intrepresentation's Cyanogenmod tree
    Everyone who's tested, offered help and support
    @TGascoigne ( and other developers ):

    Here is the audio policy source... ( once again one mod to audioflinger, because i cant figure out which file is used to set the flags on the output device.. and dont have any more time to search ).

    Sound tested:

    All basic sounds.
    Recorded using a free sound recorder
    Outgoing call to voice mail

    Mic tested using:

    Sound recorder
    Google voice
    No i did not try to call anyone at 4am :)

    You will have to add audio_policy.tegra.so in system/lib/hw as audio_policy_legacy.endeavoru.so

    Source code has not been cleaned as i dont have anymore time and ill leave that up to you... :)

    Structs in the .h file should be overwritten with the ones in the .c file ( marked in code ) and then you can just include them, but it was a lot easier this way... but f*gly as hell * shrugs *

    And make sure to disable debugging as soon as everything is stable.

    Will see if i can also upload some precompiled .so files before im of.

    @everyone else:



    Your libwvm.so file ( or one of the related drm files ) seems to be wrong ( as can be seen in logcat ).. i would suggest using the files i posted earlier
    Sadly my git is failing tonight ( ehhrrm morning ) so no way to make a patch so ive just included all changes in a zip file ( should be fairly straight forward with a diff )


    New audio library ( wrapper )
    Sadly one needed change to audioflinger which i will fix later on. ( comments why added )


    Besides the source i have added all files needed to get audio working:
    new JB .xml files for codecs / profiles ( copied from grouper so might need changes )
    All DRM ( wvm ) related files
    Compiled version of HAL wrapper ( audio.primary.endeavoru.so ) and libaudioflinger.so
    audio.legacy.endeavoru.so which used to be audio.primary.tegra.so


    Fix audio input streams the same way as done for output streams... so input is not yet working

    Edit: Added input stream handling to the wrapper so this might work when setup correctly, but most probably asound.conf needs editing as no profiles are found
    W/AudioPolicyManagerBase(  164): getInput() could not find profile for device 40
    000, samplingRate 44100, format 1,channelMask 0010

    Fix audio policies as volume control does not works like it should ( call volume for instance ), because its still using default policy.
    Probably a lot more :)


    System sounds
    Call ( no input audio yet only output )

    If ive forgot to mention something then thats because i might be a bit tired :)


    Im not responsible for any damage to your phone or ears because of this ;)
    I've got data working. More info + build soon.
    And here are the compiled .so files including the renamed old tegra policy which is needed. :victory:

    I have done a quick test with the lastest rom and atleast the mic was working...

    Installing only these files might cause issues so if you want to be sure wait for @TGascoigne to build a new rom.

    Once again:
    Im am not responsible for any damage to your phone or ears
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