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[ROM][OFFICIAL][11] AOSPK - The Kraken Project [S10e/S10/S10+/S10 5G]

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Dec 26, 2017

Disable ZRAM with Franco Kernel Manager (or Ex Kernel Manager can do it too I think, not sure if Smart Pack is able to).

Franco Kernel Manager: Go to Memory Tab, Tab on the ZRAM (It will take some time O thinking until it is disabled) and then Activate the "Boot" Switch, so it disables it on boot.


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Aug 30, 2014
I tried official los 18.1 but am back on aoskp after soft bricking the device :) I was able to recover it with Odin and twrp.

Sry I can't donate 😦 I've tried multiple times but can't seem to proceed to pay through ops website.

Anyhoo. Good to be using twrp again.. lineage recovery sucks. 😝

Edit: if anyone gets into the same pickle, the red text at the boot screen is

couldn't do normal boot.  Invalid kernel length

The fix is to do the button combo to get into download mode. Keep holding bixby and down and ignore the above error. Should go to download mode. Flash the twrp.tar in the AP slot in Odin 3.13 or higher
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Sep 22, 2021
Has anyone been able to pass Safetycheck on this ROM? I can't pass ctsprofile. tried safetynetfix and props method, clearing play store data each time. nothing seems to work

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    I personally have no qualms with the battery life on aoskp 🙂 Working perfectly on my beyond1 w\magisk.

    I will endeavour to donate soon™ 👍
    thanks for your support ^^ .. I updated the donate link to Buy me a coffee, it's better there because paypal was blocking me for no reason. I will release update this month, wait for news :)
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    Project Proposals
    based on AOSP with improvements from many other projects! GApps included! The proposal is to provide the best experience in using a low Android with only basic customizations. Focused on battery stability and fluidity.

    Whats working?
    Mobile data
    Fingerprint reader

    Known issues
    VoLTE/VoWifi (due to Samsung's proprietary implementation)
    You tell me


    Liked my work? Give me a coffee

    Download (beyond0lte)
    Download (beyond1lte)
    Download (beyond2lte)
    Download (beyondx)

    XDA: DevDB Information
    Kraken Project, ROM for the Galaxy S10 Series

    ECr34T1v3, Linux4

    Build 2021/08/06:
    (beyond0lte - beyond1lte - beyond2lte - beyondx)
    GApps - Vanilla
    -Merged: August Security Patch (11.0.0_r40)
    -Merged: Kernel version 4.14.238
    -Updated: Blobs from G9XXFXXSBFUF3
    -Reworked: Device Tree Common
    -Added: Place volume panel on the left by default
    -Reverted: Front camera back to normal because of issues in some apps
    -Enabled: Call Recording
    -Fixed: ToF camera (beyondx)

    Build 2021/07/06:
    (beyond0lte - beyond1lte - beyond2lte - beyondx)
    GApps - Vanilla
    -Initial Build


    Link HERE

    Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q)

    Q: Which TWRP do I use?
    A: Use latest TWRP for BEYOND0LTE (Galaxy S10e) HERE
    A: Use latest TWRP for BEYOND1LTE (Galaxy S10) HERE
    A: Use latest TWRP for BEYOND2LTE (Galaxy S10+) HERE
    A: Use latest TWRP for BEYONDX (Galaxy S10 5G) HERE

    Q: Which GApps do I use?
    A: Only is necessary flash GApps in Vanilla version. Use NikGApps Core (recommended version). Link HERE

    Q: Is there a bug in ROM??
    A: No. It is stable. There is only the problem with VoLTE/VoWiFi that we can't fix, as the Samsung Framework doesn't allow, but it is stable for daily use.

    Q: Do I have to wipe data if coming from another ROM?
    A: Yes, I will not be providing help/support to users that haven't wiped data when coming from another ROM.

    Q: How often will I be getting updates?
    A: The plan is for monthly, if unavoidable circumstances come up, please don't spam the thread. I will release a build as soon as one is ready.

    Q: Is the ROM official?
    A: Yes, Official, and updates OTA available.

    Q: I use Telegram, where can I find help on that platform?
    A: Yep, support in AOSP Development for Exynos 9820 group, the link is HERE

    Q: Does SafetyNet pass on Magisk?
    A: Yes, SafetyNet passes with the fix, just flash on Magisk. Link HERE

    Special Thanks

    Tim Zimmermann (@Linux4) for tree's
    Derfelot (@derf elot) and modpunk (@modpunk) for the base of tree (What a Wurst!)
    Carlos Arriaga (@CarlosArriagaCM) and Caio Oliveira (@Caio99BR) for being my inspiration
    Stark(@devstark15) and StarLord (@dellschulz) for helping me get started
    Thanks too to the entire community of my old Redmi 4A, who made me continue with the development.

    Thanks to everyone for the support <3

    Tested on G970F. Stable and Good battery life. Good work on the ROM. Could add Live display option or Blue light filter but nevertheless fantastic ROM. View attachment 5361805
    The live display exists in the rom, but it's hidden
    Go to the search part of the settings and look for live display
    Do I flash it in Twrp? Thanks 😁 I love Google so this rom is perfect for me

    Edit: just renamed the magisk .apk to .zip and flash. Truly a thing of beauty 🍺

    FYI you need to enrol a fingerprint to add multiple Gmail accounts

    Yes, it's a feature of the ROM itself, anyway thanks for the feedback. I'll make improvements over time ^^
    Tested on G970F. Stable and Good battery life. Good work on the ROM. Could add Live display option or Blue light filter but nevertheless fantastic ROM. View attachment 5361805

    Heey, thanks for the feedback, I'll be releasing a new update in a few days so keep an eye out :)