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[ROM][OFFICIAL][11] crDroid 7.x for Samsung Galaxy Note 3 (hlte*)

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Jan 16, 2021
How to connect wifi adapter in samsung note 3 hlte
Anyone have wifi adapter support kernel
Custom rom crdroid 7.10

raef_ osmani

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Dec 21, 2018
Two important bugs

microphone volume is very low in clubhouse app
in crdroid 7.7 is good work microphone in clubhouse app

in android 11 WiFi Direct in pdanet+ apk -netshare apk not work very problem -
in android 10 is good work

Why is WiFi Direct disabled in Android 11? problem in miracast -screen mirroring
Is this a problem with the ROM or can something be done to fix it?

The other issue is that miracast -screen mirroring with andriod srock 5 and andriod port 6 connects very fast and easily with my TV and receiver, but in Android 7,8,9,10
base aosp _lineageos gives connection error and doesn't connect at all !

me test stock rom android 11 mobail xiaomi poco x3 pro miracast -screen mirroring vrey fast connect

I have an Android receiver chip hicilicon 3798 vm200
I always check miracast -screen mirroring with Android 5 and 6 No problem
Connects quickly and easily
me Problem with all Android custom .11 ROMs
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Feb 24, 2018
Richmond Hill
Many thanks for another update! Not sure if this was an intended feature but some apps reset storage permissions on reboot and it's a bit frustrating to have to go into permissions manager to enable the permissions again every single time I reboot. There's also this bug where the face unlock gets disabled for no reason after a while and I have to input my password to get it working again (even tho I didn't reboot). Other than that, everything works as intended 😀:):D


Jan 16, 2011
Salut les amis , avez vous réussi a installer vos applications en autorisations ?car certaines applications ne s installe pas car impossible d autoriser les accords applications , onglets autorisé est inactif

Translated by GT: Hi friends, have you succeeded in installing your applications in permissions? Because some applications do not install because impossible to authorize the application agreements, authorized tabs is inactive.
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Nov 5, 2015
Thank you for keeping the phone alive.
I have to say that almost everything works expect for USB Audio routing. When I connect the phone to my Sony car radio and try to run Android Audio then I don't get any audio output.

It might not work with every car stereo ( my pioneer radio doesn't allow that) but connect the phone to radio via Bluetooth firs and then connect it to radio and after the radio disconnect you from BT connection, the audio starts working. I'll play with developer options and see if that fixes it.
However, this is just a small issue and doesn't need to be fixed ASAP. After all, not everyone adopted to an car radio with Android Auto support : P

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