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[ROM][OFFICIAL][11][lavender] EvolutionX 5.8

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Senior Member
Jul 30, 2015
I have an issues with the notifications.
Sometimes the notification header gets transparent. Can't find any option to disable it.
I seems that is in combination with the evolver settings - theme - quick settings color. When change the values to 0 it is the effect I get.


The effect looks like this: blue marked.
Sometimes the notification is total transparent.



I am on the latest June version but it was also in the May version

Thanks for help
Hans Werner
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New member
Jun 18, 2021
Would it be possible to add "disable MAC randomization" toggle or something like that? I cant connect to my Wi-Fi with this ROM because of a MAC filter.
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Jul 1, 2021
hola, tengo la rom DotOS, ¿tengo que instalar la rom MIUI global y luego instalar la Evolution X?
ENG: First of all, this is an english-only speaking forum. You have to write in english so everyone can understand you and help you out. You could use Google Translate, if you like it. Thank you.
Now, about your question, it depends on what MIUI firmware version you are. If you're on MIUI 12 just flash the rom.

ESP: Primero que todo, este es un foro de habla inglesa. Tienes que escribir en inglés para que todos puedan entenderte y ayudarte. Podrías usar Google Traductor, si quieres. Gracias.
Ahora, con respecto a tu pregunta, depende de la versión de firmware MIUI que estés usando. Si estás en MIUI 12 solo flashea la rom.


Senior Member
Jan 13, 2014
Is the latest 5.8 a good daily driver?
I am still on the 4.6. I tried some versions after this one but every other version had small little annoying bugs.

EDIT: flashed following the instructions. No bugs at all. Decent battery life. Stable release (5.8). No lags, no stuttering, no random reboots.
An overall solid rom for a daily driver.
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Jul 18, 2021
does anyone know if the sd card bug (phone reboots when you transfer large files to sd card) is still present in 5.8?
the rom is great but the bug is really annoying.


New member
Jul 18, 2021
all right everyone the sd card bug (phone reboots when you transfer large files to sd card) is finally fixed at last!!! in the new 5.9.1 update (dirty flashed it in orangefox recovery)
now this is the perfect rom for redmi note 7 thanks @MartinYTCZ


Senior Member
Feb 26, 2012
I have just updated to evolution_lavender-ota-rq3a.210805.001.a1-08111436-unsigned by flashing it from recovery (orangefox). I have also flashed Magisk v23 and rebooted. The rom seems ok, but magisk does not work. It fails granting root permissions. Even magisk itself does not get root permissions. Is there a way to fix this?...

I removed magisk by flashing uninstall.zip and reinstalled it. Now it is working!
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Youssef Mohameddd

New member
Sep 29, 2021
Does anybody know how to reset status bar customizations (header image) from recovery (like deleting its file) because the status bar is glitching my lock screen and I can't access phone.
I'm using orange fox

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    Evolution X 5.7 for the Redmi Note 7 [lavender]


    Living, Breaking, Keep Evolving.

    Evolution X is a flashable custom ROM to bring a true Pixel feel to your Android Device at first glance, with many additional configurations at your disposal. We aim to provide frequent builds with monthly security patches from the latest AOSP sources!

    - Team Evolution X -
    @joeyhuab (Founder & Lead Developer)
    @peaktogoo (Project Manager)

    - Design -
    @Hugwalk (Lead Designer)
    @ecnivtwelve (Designer)
    @MartonDev (Website Designer)


    Reach the EvoX team on Twitter! @EvolutionXROM


    Flash and check "The Evolver", this part of the thread is currently being worked on


    You tell me :p


    First Time Install / Clean Flash

    - Have MIUI 12 global firmware flashed!
    - Boot into OrangeFox
    - Format data
    - Wipe everything except SD/OTG
    - Reboot recovery
    - Flash BUILD.zip
    - Flash latest Magisk (optional)
    - Reboot to system & #KeepEvolving

    Update / Dirty Flash

    - Boot into OrangeFox
    - Flash BUILD.zip
    - Reboot to recovery (optional)
    - Flash latest Magisk (optional)
    - Wipe Cache
    - Reboot to system & #KeepEvolving


    - @letsmakecakes for the old device tree/vendor.
    - Xiaomi-SDM660 devs from the new device tree/vendor
    - @sohamsen from the amazing kernel :)
    - @McFy for letting me use his server as a mirror on Q.
    - EvolutionX team for the ROM.
    - If you like the ROM, don't forget to hit Thanks! or donate if you feel like it :D

    Light Screenshots / Dark Screenshots / Download / Official Chat / Device Support


    XDA:DevDB Information
    [ROM][OFFICIAL][11][lavender] EvolutionX 5.7, ROM for the Xiaomi Redmi Note 7

    Source Code: https://github.com/Evolution-X

    ROM OS Version: Android 11
    ROM Kernel: Linux 4.x
    ROM Firmware Required: MIUI 12 Global firmware recommended
    Based On: AOSP

    Version Information

    Created 2020-11-20
    Last Updated 2021-05-11
    Devs, please, literally work on the quick update to solve the problems mentioned above, and create a new long post about fixes and solutions, I know it's frustrating, but you want release a stable rom to the public

    I saw in the Whyred's changelogs that the have brought back Smart Charging and I was hoping to see it in this update for our device as well but sadly it's not.
    It's coming in the next update, don't worry :)
    Might give y'all a Xmas update (read gift)
    Telegram group
    Join here! :)

    The heart of the community (donators)


    - 20210510
    • EvolutionX 5.7 - Daylight
    • Fixed Mi Sound preferences
    • Updated kernel to 4.4.267 - Predator-Strombreaker X4.5
    • Imported AdaptLaunch to speed up app launches
    • ZRAM is now 50% of RAM size instead of being always 2.5GB
    • Updated WFD and Time service blobs from LA.UM.9.2.r1-01800-SDMxx0.0
    • Fixed borked WiFi config to fix random disconnects on some WiFi routers
    • Switched back to Audio HAL v6
    • Added missing audio routes to fix various mic/sound issues
    • Updated GPS configs to speed up 3D lock
    • Merged May 2021 security patches
    • Imported some changes from Android 12 DP3
    • Evolver: Added back lock screen visualizer feature
    • Settings: Allow user to block individual apps from resuming
    • Evolver: Lockscreen Clocks: Added more designs
    • Many smaller improvements, check the full changelog on GitHub to see more.

    - 20210322
    • Loosen up thermal throttling thresholds to fix thermal issues
    • Switched to AIDL Power HAL from Pixels for better battery life
    • Fixed sensors logspam and general issues with sensors
    • WLAN driver now gets called from kernel instead of init
    • Added Face Unlock
    • Added PA's AppLocker
    • Settings: Introduced Android 12 style search bar
    • Brought back OnePlus screen recorder
    • Implemented some theme changes from Android 12 DP2
    • Updated Pixel launcher to add double-tap-to-sleep functionality
    • Evolver: Added Switch styles
    • Evolver: Updated default font styles
    • Switched to AOSP Files app from Google's Files app
    • Switched to AOSP SurfaceFlinger
    • Many smaller improvements :).

    - 20210304
    • March security patches
    • Fixed Google recorder
    • Dropped broken soundtrigger to fix "Ok Google" hotword
    • Updated rootdir and init stuff from CAF
    • Retuned media_codecs_perfomance
    • DeviceSettings: Fixed null object reference in thermal
    • Updated Telephony overlays from LA.UM.9.2.1.r1-05500-sdm660.0
    • Updated WFD blobs from LA.UM.9.6.2.r1-03300-89xx.0
    • Updated GPS blobs from LA.UM.9.6.2.r1-03600-89xx.0
    • Updated GPS HAL from LA.UM.9.6.2.r1-03300-89xx.0
    • Updated various other blobs from LA.UM.9.6.2.r1-03600-89xx.0
    • You can now set phone rigtone properly on multisim devices
    • Brought back StitchImage (Scrolling screenshot feature)
    • pixelstyle: audio: Added more Pixel Sounds
    • SystemUI: Introduced dynamic VoLTE & VoWiFi icon
    • Many smaller improvements, check the full changelog on GitHub to see more.

    - 20210202

    • February security patches
    • Updated kernel to Predator-Stormbreaker X4.3 - 4.4.252
    • Updated Telephony from LA.QSSI.11.0.r1-09400-qssi.0 to fix crashing after hanging up VoLTE-enabled call
    • Updated GPS blobs from LA.UM.9.12.r1-09500-SMxx50.0 to improve GPS accuracy
    • Updated GPS HAL from LA.UM.9.2.r1-01800-SDMxx0.0 to improve GPS accuracy
    • Updated thermal and Widevine blobs from jasmine V11.0.19.0 QDIMIXM
    • Migrated to Health 2.1 HAL
    • Changed USB autosusupend delay to 7s in order to fix USB audio device connection issues
    • Configured SQLite to operate in MEMORY mode for a nice SQL perfomance boost
    • Allow edition of APNs and APN types
    • Blocked key attestation from GMS to pass SafetyNet
    • Added more custom clocks
    • Fixed the mystery of disappearing battery % :)
    • Many smaller improvements, check the full changelog on GitHub to see more.

    - 20201219
    • December security patches
    • Many many bug fixes source-side since 5.1
    • Revamped network traffic
    • Added back Gaming mode, partial screenshots, per app network isolation and much more
    • Updated kernel to Predator-Stormbreaker X4.2
    • Switched back to AOSP BT stack
    • Fixed advanced reboot, Netflix crashes, PowerHAL init for kernels that accept powerhints and a few more tiny things
    • Updated perfd from taimen - RP1A.201005.004
    • Removed unnecessary GApps to make .zip smaller

    - 20201120

    • Initial Android 11 build
    • XiaomiParts have been overhauled and renamed to DeviceSettings
    • Countless stability improvements and tiny changes
    • Now uses Energy-aware scheduling (EAS)
    • Updated kernel to Predator-Stormbreaker X4.1
    • SELinux Permissive (hopefully we'll be back to Enforcing in the next build)
    • Source has been completely redone, so expect some features to be still missing
    NOTE: Huge props to @OdSazib and @sohamsen for helping out along the way :)
    @ MartinYTCZ
    Just sent you a donation! Very good ROM. Please continue updating EvolutionX ROM!