Development [ROM][OFFICIAL][12.L] DerpFest Shinju for Redmi Note 11 [SPES|SPESN]

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Feb 20, 2018
Redmi Note 11
Bro, the rom is fkin amazing, the battery backup, the display, the speakers really impressed by the use of all three speakers for audio playback, charging speed is great, the launcher is smooth, the animations and gestures work no problem. Everything works flawlessly but the mic. The mic works normally but doesn't when earphones plugged in. Checked in WhatsApp calls and audio recording apps. Also, inclusion of a audio recorder would be cool along with some more tweaking option in launcher like disabling the zoom when app drawer opened. Also, zoom shows green lines but good thing, it doesn't crash the os. All in all, pretty happy. Mic thing is kind of a bummer but you win some you lose some. Haha, hope atleast the mic gets fixed. Will update if found something else.
Thanks for the rom😃
Edit: Mic issue is gone somehow by it's own, So yea, I'm loving the rom.
Also, the addition of the Mi stock camera will definitely be a game changer. Cuz you know gcam is fine and all but the video recording doesn't really work that well.
Also dude, the music player doesn't based on the cover art change from white text to black or vice versa. It just stays black the whole time thus making it impossible to see what the controls are for music playing. Even the name ain't visible. (For songs having a dark cover art).
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    *** Disclaimer
    I am not responsible for any damage you made to your device.
    You have been warned.

    DerpFest Shinju | OFFICIAL | Android 12.1

    Build date: 07/06/22

    Device: Redmi Note 11 (spes/spesn)

    Download ROM 07/06/2022

    Changelogs :
    - Fixed overlay
    - Fixed long boot
    - Fixed mic
    - Added refresh rate
    - Lag fix
    - Launcher fix
    - Fixed some more bugs
    - Fixed offline charging
    - No bugs.
    - More Changes

    Flashing steps :

    Download TWRP (first time needed)

    • Formate data
    • Reboot to recovery
    • Flash rom (ignore red lines)
    • Wipe data , cache & dalvik , metadata
    • Open avdance menu install twrp in install ramdisk option
    • Reboot to system

    Bugs none for now, feel free to report if you find any in the comments below.

    Kernel source Link
    Support Group
    Redmi note 11 Spes/Spesn Group
    Before flashing the rom, here's some bugs I've faced (will update as they come up, could be because of the kernel and not the rom itself):
    • Restoring from a backup on Google results in fingerprint not working for screen unlock. Restore at the setup on first startup or after continuing setup from the notification, same result. Fingerprint does work for payment apps.
    • Really jumpy adaptive brightness.
    • Cannot file transfer in USB, in ROM and recovery. USB controlled by setting stuck to "this device", won't switch. Only way to flash for me was to adb sideload. SD card or OTG might be easier.
    • Unable to flash twrp to ramdisk as of now, system/data partition is only available after format data in twrp.
    And for the not bug but annoying during flashing, there's no recovery partition. Recovery is loaded into the boot partition. And there's two fricking slots. It's nice that we can have two recoveries, TWRP and crdroid, but annoying nonetheless.

    Ported over from MIUI Global, I'd stay with MIUI and wait for the kernel to be released if I knew the drawbacks beforehand.

    Same bugs as above, including:
    • Stock camera app broken
    • Personal pet peeve, derpfest recovery doesn't allow switching slots
    • Can't get SD card to work. I setup the SD card in SPES as portable storage, format, move it to another Android (RN3), copy a file from pc to RN3 through file transfer mode, shows up in files app, SD card back to SPES and asks for a format to use the SD card. (It sucks that there's no file transfer nor a way to send files from PC to SPES using an SD card. Don't have a type c OTG lying around)
    Plus points:
    • Great idle battery management so far, attached a pic below. Haven't seen deep sleep after setting up all of my apps, hope disabling a few wakelocks will increase idle time further (faq about wakelocks in this, there's a guide linked in that post)
    • Unlimited photos storage, toggle to show device as pixel by default
    • Change ambient display notification style to that of AOD, it's really clean if you don't want notifications filling the lockscreen
    • Turn off volte icons
    • Refresh rate toggle in quick settings
    The process for 4/128 variant is the same as 4/64, right?
    The process for 4/128 variant is the same as 4/64, right?
    yes the same