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Nov 7, 2021
1--If the phone turns off automatically after 15 sec of display timeout - and if i turn on screen immediately then there is weird display color occuring (full screen) --If i turn off and turn on screen again then the color disappear---- you can notice the color when you turn off the screen.....

2---Automatic brightness sensitivity is higher -- always i lower the setting.....

other than this (i did not find an bugs till now -- if anything occurs i will post here)-- this room is buttery smooth --- thans akshay for this wonderful rom

Yup I found the auto brightness to be higher than needed


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Nov 7, 2021
I can't answer all of them, but contactless payments do not work, there's no face unlock in A12 yet, and haptics are about half as strong as compared to oos
Hi, I have some queries regarding this ROM before I finally make up my mind to flash:

  • Does contactless payment work on this rom yet?
  • Does face unlock work decently?
  • Also, what are the audio customization options on PE12 compared to the stock ROM of OnePlus Nord? Do I still have the system wide EQ?
  • Are there any display customization options like we get in Oxygen OS? Such as the screen calibration option that gave us "Color Options" like AMOLED Wide Gamut, sRGB, Display P3?
  • Are the haptics better or worse on this rom compared to Oxygen OS 11?
  • Is there any way to lock the bootloader after flashing, so that I can get back the Widevine L1 certification?
  • Using magisk, can I install some oneplus apps like OnePlus camera (The oxygen OS 11 version or the OnePlus 9 Hassleblad variant)?
  • How is the battery life compared to Oxygen OS 11?
  • What are the existing bugs of this ROM? Where can I find a bug tracking list for the latest build?

Thanking y'all in advance.
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Aug 19, 2018
For anyone wondering, I got Magisk 23 to work fine with this rom. I just did the following:
  • Installed PE recovery.
  • Sideloaded the rom using adb.
  • Rebooted back into recovery.
  • Sideloaded Magisk 23 (renamed the apk extension to zip first).
  • Booted into the rom.
Magisk should appear in the app drawer and will allow you to complete the setup. I could then use Magisk Hide and get my banking app working.

Great rom, thanks!


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Nov 7, 2021
Can we get rid of the "until time" thingy on the top right corner ?


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Nov 7, 2021
There's this volume slider animation bug in light mode


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Dec 4, 2017
Don's know man! I have not noticed the time it takes but for sure it does not feel like fast charging as on OOS.
Let's find out in the future updates
Weird because that's an issue no one else had, exact same fast charging speeds for me, battery life is sooo much better than OOS
but rn I think that PE 11+ had better battery in my opinion, or it's about the same


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Aug 22, 2017
OnePlus Nord
Absolutely love this ROM but these are the few issues I have noticed so far:
1. The video framerate drops when using youtube and google maps navigation in PIP mode. Haven't tried it with anything else.
2. When AOD is on, the devices' screen goes all over the place when locking the after using it a little. if you lock it instantly after unlocking, it locks just fine.
3. Fingerprint sensor sometimes works from AOD lockscreen, sometimes doesn't.
4. Random framerate drops in UI.
Thats all ive noticed so far. Again, thanks for this ROM

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