[ROM] Official 2.2 (HTC 2.09 and 2.10): busybox, A2SD+, TUN, EXT4, Undervolt, SYSRW


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Apr 17, 2008
Hi all :)

I decided to give you an update for the apparently much-used 2.09 ROM :)

This is fully rooted, kept completely stock with the following small mods,
mostly for powersaving and ease-of-use.

The following additions were made:

- Busybox + Latest su and SuperUser.apk.

- Still has A2SD+, a bit cleaner implementation this time. (Fully depends on whether or not you create an EXT partition, which can be EXT2/3 or 4.)

- OpenVPN and TUN

- Wifi module edited to make sure it never goes into standby.

- Symlinked /data/local/bootanimation.zip for easy bootanimation replacements.

- Cpufreq_interactive governor as default. This is slightly better than ondemand.

- Default undervolting by 75mV-100mV -> Major powersaving.

- UnionFS-FUSE overlay filesystem for /system. This makes /system writeable, and therefore allows you to use stuff like MetaMorph.

Thanks to tgreer for hosting my stuff! ;)

Make sure you pick the correct radio to go with these two ROMs. It's a bad idea to use an older ROM with a newer radio, or vice-versa, seeing as these ROMs have updated RILs.

*updated* HTC 2.10 ROM radio (recommended for 2.10 - new RIL)

Older HTC 2.09 ROM radio (recommended for 2.09)
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