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[ROM] Official 2.2 (HTC 2.09 and 2.10): busybox, A2SD+, TUN, EXT4, Undervolt, SYSRW

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Jun 23, 2010
Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra
... I'm not too sure if it is actually working or not since the internal memory on the phone decreased after i installed a few applications or is that normal?

Even with all apps installing to SD, a small part of each app still has to be stored on internal phone memory. Therefore so the free-memory counter still goes down with each install.

If you have over 70MB free after installing a dozen apps or so, you are most definitly using A2SD+ on EXT.
Not only your apps are on SD partition with A2SD+, but also the Davlik cache, which saves another 30-40MB


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May 4, 2010
havent had this happen, have you tried a third party uninstaller? try Estrong file browser, it has an uninstaller built in and is free, if youre lucky, it may work without retstarting and then you could uninstall the last few things you installed which could fix it. failing that, what I would do is titanium backup my settings and the most earliest installed apps, then format phone via recovery, download and re-import my apps and settings.

Ik Desire

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Jun 24, 2010
What app did you try to remove? If I try to remove system apps, my phone reboots, but i think that's normal.

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Jan 1, 2005
Haha, I use my Desire to browse the internet via 3G, update facebook&twitter and make quite some calls with a few sms texts and after 24 hours I am at 71%.

The only power hungry feature I found is BT and that is why I keep it disabled when not using it.
I can't get near that.With 3G OFF,Data OFF,GPS OFF,no live wallpaper in standby during night after 7h. i was at 86%


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Jun 23, 2010
Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra
I can't get near that.With 3G OFF,Data OFF,GPS OFF,no live wallpaper in standby during night after 7h. i was at 86%

Lets get this topic (battery consumption) into perspective...

Question: Can you get 18 hours use out of a fully charged Desire battery, then re-charge the battery while you sleep?

If the answer is YES, then you don't actually have a problem. Ignore manufacturer 300+ hour quotes on battery life.
If your Desire lasts a whole day after a full charge each night, then what's the problem?

If the answer is NO, then read on...

Numerous forum readers with high battery drain fall into one of the following categories:-

1. Did not perform a FULL WIPE, including all caches + Davlik, whilst in recovery mode, either before or after flashing the new ROM.
It may even be advantageous to wipe the battery stats history area, if your recovery program supports this.

2. Did not flash the latest Radio ROM.

3. Restored a full Titanium (or other utility) backup file - it's only really safe to restore apps, not data or settings. Personally I think the safest option of all is to restore NOTHING after a ROM upgrade and instead re-install all apps from the market then configure app settings manually. When you restore data/settings written in a different ROM, you are asking for trouble. Yes, manual setup takes longer, but as this ROM is the best (IMO) 2.2 Sense ROM available, you probably won't flash another ROM for 6-12 months (HTC are unlikely to release another one anytime soon).

4. Flash patch/add-on (ZIP) ROM files which may not have been written with HTC 2.2 in mind (status bar mods, themes, etc.). There's something called the 'framework' which gets modified by most of these ROM-patch files, and it's widely accepted that the framework can have major impact on battery life and overall system stability. I am not saying don't flash any ROM-patches... just be very very careful you only install ROM patches specifically designed and tested by the author with HTC 2.2's OTA ROM.

5. Network provider, 2G/3G reception, signal-strength (especially poor/intermittent reception) and of course your own usage patterns all affect battery life, and that's why so many of us have a widely different drain rates.

Personally, I get a drop of 2 or 3% per hour when in idle (with screen sleeping).
This is with wi-fi enabled, BT disabled, 4 email accounts sync every 60 mins, FB and weather sync enabled.
I hope this info puts things into perspective, but in closing...

...If your battery drain is less than 5% per hour in sleep mode, you can get around 20hrs use between charges and therefore don't actually have a problem.
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Aug 8, 2010
i downloaded to stock froyo email app so i can have 2 exchange accounts running

but the push doesnt seem to be working

any one tried this? or got any ideas



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Feb 19, 2009
Hi all, got a problem that I haven't heard mentioned before, rom works fine all day no probs, but every morning when I get up, and wake the phone, although it functions correctly, the icons in the taskbar say I have no data connction and no network coverage, if I switch to flight mode & back, or reboot everything returns to normal, it looks to me like at some point during the night, the network service goes off or something, & when it comes back the icons are not refreshing, I'm on T-Mobile UK, anyone else experienced this ?

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Nov 17, 2006
Been using this since HTC's Froyo OTA update came out. I hope somebody can come up with update zips for disabling perflock and for the latest Superuser app. Thanks!


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Mar 9, 2008
OpenVPN working

I'm successfully using OpenVPN/TAP now in HTC Froyo with the app "OpenVPN Settings". Special thanks to "luboz" here who has led me to the solution. I made a little "update.zip" which needs of course to be flashed to the HTC Froyo ROM. This update.zip has two executable files. One is a wrapper which will be called by the other updated file: openvpn. The latter had to be replaced because the original ones spreading in the cooked ROMs don't understand the "iproute" option in the configuration file.
After applying this update, you need to edit the configuration file of your openvpn connection. This is the new line to be appended:
iproute /system/xbin/iproute-wrapper.sh

Still thankful for the posts which finally made it working. And of course you are the responsible one when making changes to your device's ROM.


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    Hi all :)

    I decided to give you an update for the apparently much-used 2.09 ROM :)

    This is fully rooted, kept completely stock with the following small mods,
    mostly for powersaving and ease-of-use.

    The following additions were made:

    - Busybox + Latest su and SuperUser.apk.

    - Still has A2SD+, a bit cleaner implementation this time. (Fully depends on whether or not you create an EXT partition, which can be EXT2/3 or 4.)

    - OpenVPN and TUN

    - Wifi module edited to make sure it never goes into standby.

    - Symlinked /data/local/bootanimation.zip for easy bootanimation replacements.

    - Cpufreq_interactive governor as default. This is slightly better than ondemand.

    - Default undervolting by 75mV-100mV -> Major powersaving.

    - UnionFS-FUSE overlay filesystem for /system. This makes /system writeable, and therefore allows you to use stuff like MetaMorph.

    Thanks to tgreer for hosting my stuff! ;)

    Make sure you pick the correct radio to go with these two ROMs. It's a bad idea to use an older ROM with a newer radio, or vice-versa, seeing as these ROMs have updated RILs.

    *updated* HTC 2.10 ROM radio (recommended for 2.10 - new RIL)

    Older HTC 2.09 ROM radio (recommended for 2.09)